Chapter 1: In the Beginning.

Kevin stood on the ottoman his mother had given him for a place to sit while he read. He watched the house across the street, a large truck sat in the drive way. He wanted to ask his mother is she would take across the street so he could check it out. He liked knowing how different automobiles worked.

A small car pulled up next to the truck, a couple left the car and opened one of the back doors. Kevin found his attention was pulled to a small ravenette that climbed out of the car. He stretched up onto his tip-toes to try and get a glimpse of the boy as he walked calmly around the front of the car.

When at last the child across the street came into view, Kevin pressed his nose against the glass. The boy across the street had walked to the middle of his front yard; he sank down to his knees and stared at the grass.

Kevin could only stare for what seemed like an eternity. He knew his mother would scold him for smudging the window, but he deemed it okay; especially when the boy across the street looked over at him. Kevin was met with a gapped grin and a small wave. In return, Kevin smiled widely and waved back.

They did this, waving back and forth game for a full five minutes before the boy across the lane's attention was pulled away from the redhead in the window. He cast one final glance out at Kevin before lowering his head, and following the tall woman into the house.

It was almost a full week before Kevin saw the boy outside again. Almost a full week of playing hopscotch and jumping jacks with the other kids of the Cul De Sac, but at last the raven haired boy had made an appearance. Kevin watched the boy attempt to carry a large basket cross his lawn.

Slowly the other children had stopped what they were doing, and followed suit in watching the small boy. The group continued their on looking as the ravenette began to set up a blanket. Once he seemed to be satisfied with his positioning under a large oak tree, the boy settled himself down and took an oversized book out of the basket.

At seeing this, the spell over the other children broke, boredom had set in and they continued with their playing. Kevin, on the other hand, hovered with his interest in the boy. He looked around before running around the circular sidewalk; he did not notice that the boy whom held his attention had also noticed Kevin and was intently watching him from behind the large book in his small hands. When Kevin was close enough, the ravenette closed his book and folded his hands across his lap.

Kevin scratched the back of his head nervously before holding out his hand. "Kevin." The overly simple introduction was greeted with that same gapped smile as before. The other boy rubbed his hand over his shorts before taking hold of Kevin's hand.

"E-Eddward St Vincent." The soft sound of his voice caused Kevin's cheeks to redden.

"W-would you like to come play with us?"

Edd tilted his head slightly, contemplating and calculating the benefits of engaging in play with the other children. When at last his deduction told him that making friends with as many of the children surrounding him as he could would prove beneficial, he opened his mouth to provide an answer but was immediately interrupted by his mother's voice.

"Eddward, dear it's time to come inside." Edd's smile disappeared, he gathered up his items carefully placing the book and blanket into the basket.

"My apologies. Perhaps next time I can join in? If it would is not too much of a request…" Kevin could not help the light blush that crossed his cheeks as he listened to the way Edd spoke. Edd offered Kevin the smallest of sad smiles before trotting across the yard. "Farewell Kevin." The ravenette waved gently before disappearing into his home.

Kevin shoved his hands into his pockets and pouted. As he made his way back around the Cul De Sac, kicking small pebbles here and there, a new sense of determination set in. He would play with Eddward St. Vincent the very next time the kid came out of his house.

It was another week before Kevin saw the little boy across the street. Edd was once again carrying that oversized basket. He returned to the same spot as before under the oak tree. This time however, it seemed that Edd was setting up a picnic rather than settling in to read whatever book he had with him last time. In a matter of minutes Kevin was in the kitchen with his mother, asking her to help him make a lunch to take across the street with him.

"Here Kev, take this with you and give it to Eddward as a present okay?" His mother smiled warmly handing over a bag of mini jawbreakers. Kevin took the bag, carefully tucking it into his pocket for safe keeping.

"Okay. Thanks mama!" He raced out of the house, lunch bag in hand. Kevin made his way across the lane waving a hand to Edd as he went. "Hey!" he smiled when Edd raised his head and offered a smile. Kevin stopped short of the blanket that was neatly placed on the lawn.

"S-salutation Kevin. To what d-do I owe this p-pleasure?" Kevin held up his lunch bag in response.

"Can I join your picnic?" Edd smiled widely, showing off his gap.

"Th-that would be m-most enjoyable!"

Kevin grinned, plopping down on the blanket. He took note of how carefully Edd had everything laid out in front of him. With a sense of determination to impress his new friend, Kevin set each item from his bag carefully on the blanket. Once everything was out of the bag, the two boys shared a look and began to trade food.

At the end of the picnic both agreed to do it again the next day. Kevin made off around the Cul De Sac as the voice of his mother called to him. However, before he stepped into his home he turned and called out to Edd.

"Tomorrow lets play together before lunch!" With a gapped smile and a nod from the other Kevin puffed out his chest and proudly skipped into his home.

For two weeks the two boys played together. By the end of the first week, Edd had been introduced to all the other children of the Cul De Sac; with the exception of three; Ed, his younger sister, and Eddy. Kevin was more than happy to not have to share Edd with the dorks and the tiny brat. And though he had to share his friend with other friends, he was always by Edd's side. He had even gone so far as to name himself Edd's best friend.


It was towards the beginning of the third week that the accident happened.

They were all playing kickball in Kevin's yard. It was Edd's turn to toss the ball to Nazz; a pretty girl lived next door to Kevin. She had a good kick to her; it went right past Kevin on the first base and continued into the street. All of the children watched as the ball stopped in the middle of the street.

Before anyone could react Edd calmly ran out into the road and took hold of the ball. He held the ball up and turned to smile at his new friends. He did not see the car come into the roundabout at much to fast a speed until Nazz screamed out to him. For just a moment, everything slowed down as Edd turned toward the car.

Kevin saw black as the sound of shrieking brakes and a heart shattering scream reached his ears. It was not until he smelled his mother's perfume that he realized she was covering his eyes, telling him not to look. More adult voices were heard, a frantic woman calling out Eddwards name and several shouts about hospitals. He peeked once, when the sound of sirens echoed into the neighborhood. His eyes were met with Edd being placed in the ambulance. His last thought, before his mother ushered him inside, was hoping he would get to play with Edd the next day.

Kevin snapped his eyes open. He immediately reached out and took a hold of Edd's hand. The sound of the machine ticking alongside his heart gave him a small sense of calm. He was barely aware of the hospital door opening.

"Hey, Kev your mom wanted me to let you know she was gonna take Kelsey and Jim home." Eddy, the last person Kevin ever thought he would be happy to see stood in the cracked doorway. Kevin turned just enough to offer a smile.

"Thanks man." Eddy nodded as he turned to leave; instead he walked into the room and leaned against the door.

"How is he? There hasn't been any change has there?" Eddy's questions were greeted by a sigh. A heart wrenching half sob sigh. "I'm sorry man. Look I know it's hard but maybe you should go home. Just for a few hours, shower change your clothes. We both know Double D would hate to wake up to seeing you this way."

A sigh. Kevin ran a hand through his hair and down his face. When was the last time he'd taken a shower? Or shaved? "Yeah. Will you stay until I get back? I just don't want him to be alone." A hand squeezed Kevins shoulder.

"Of course man."

"I had another dream about the accident. From when we were kids." He blurted out as he stood. "I know it's stupid but, after he got out I promised myself that I'd never let him go back into a hospital like that again.

"That's not stupid." Kevin gave Eddy a look. "I don't… I don't remember a whole lot from that day. Mainly because my old man wouldn't let me outta that damn car. But when my mom took me and Ed to visit, I remember thinking how fragile he looked. I wanted to protect him like a little brother. So I get it." Eddy walked to the other side of Edd's bed. "He's too special to let go." Tears were rolling off Eddy's cheeks. He gave a small sniffle and ran a hand over his face. "Don't tell anyone you saw me cry okay? Just hurry back shovel chin. I ain't an unpaid babysitter."

Kevin cracked a smile as he headed out the door. As the door closed he caught a few final words from Eddy.

"He loves you too much to blame you Kevin. It isn't your fault man."


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