I couldn't resist writing this after the idea occurred to me while at yoga class. I know I'm supposed to be all ommmm and meditate-y, but mostly I just have a ton of CS scenarios running through my head!

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One For The Road

Chapter One - Twist of Fate

March 2013

Two blue lines. Emma was sat on the side of her bathtub, staring at the small white stick, her hands shaking and her mind completely blank. She had absolutely no explanation as to how the pregnancy test she was holding could possibly be positive.


She whispered into the silence, her voice void of emotion. Verbalizing it, she'd hoped, would bring some kind of realization crashing down. But there was no epiphany. Emma Swan had no recollection of sleeping with anyone in almost two years. Yet she was pregnant. And it had to be someone's baby.

Tossing the test stick carelessly into the trash, she assured herself it was a faulty test and she'd just simply go buy another one. When that came back negative, it would settle the anxiety that had taken up residence in the pit of her stomach. Grabbing her jacket, she left for the store.

For the past three weeks, Emma hadn't been feeling great. At first she'd figured it was just a viral thing, perhaps a sickness bug Henry had brought home from school. But when the nausea stuck around and she couldn't fit into her bra anymore, she warily remembered being gifted with the same symptoms early in her pregnancy with Henry. And she hadn't gotten her period either.

She'd knocked back the idea, scoffing at herself for thinking up such a ridiculous explanation. After Neal had broken her heart in the most horrible way he could possibly have done it, Emma had sworn she'd never let another man close enough to hurt her the way he had. And upon deciding to keep Henry, her distrust of men had caused her walls to rise up so high that very few men, if any, would ever be able to scale it. Putting her trust in a man enough to let him into her life was one thing, but to let him into Henry's was a whole other thing.

She'd had a few one-night stands in her time, because that was as much as she could ever open up. But the last time she'd slept with anyone - and she had a very good memory - was over eighteen months earlier. If she was pregnant, then she was carrying a very small toddler at this point.

Taking four pregnancy tests off the shelf and hurriedly making for the counter, Emma avoided the cashier's careful glance and threw a pack of gum down too, clearing her throat awkwardly. She wasn't going to risk getting another 'false positive' and having to come back down to buy more tests. Now that would be awkward.

The young girl said nothing and simply took her payment and wished her a pleasant day. She shot the kid a look and a sarcastic smile before making her way back to her apartment as fast as was possible down the busy New York streets.

"You did five pregnancy tests?"

The clinic doctor was looking at her in disbelief and Emma could feel the heat rising on her cheeks. She felt like that tragic, hopeless seventeen year old girl again. And she thought she'd left that behind her long ago.

"It's just not possible that I'm pregnant. I haven't…slept with anyone for almost two years. If I do have a kid in there, I'm carrying the next baby Jesus and you'll be seeing me on Good Morning America pretty soon."

The doctor laughed a little and shook his head, directing Emma to lift her shirt and lay back on the bed as he dragged an ultrasound monitor over to her side.

"False positives on tests are pretty rare, especially if you do five and they're all saying the same thing. But if there's no physical way you could have gotten pregnant, we'll have to run a few blood tests. There's a couple things that'll make a pregnancy home kit show up as positive. Are you on any medication?"

Emma shook her head and sighed, her heart fluttering as she watched the young doctor switch on the ultrasound machine and squeeze the cold gel onto her still-flat stomach.

There was a few seconds of silence, but then Emma heard the distinct sound of a heartbeat as the doctor pressed the ultrasound probe to her stomach. Her heart dropped and she strained to see the monitor, disbelief and confusion all over her face.

The doctor turned the screen to face her and pointed to a tiny kidney bean shaped image at the center of the monitor.

"That's your baby. You are pregnant, Ms. Swan. Around eight weeks."

"I…I don't…this doesn't make sense."

She lay back again, in complete shock. Her voice was barely more than a whisper and the young man gently wiped the gel off her stomach as she lay there with her hands over her face, trying to take it all in.

"I'm pregnant with the next Jesus. That is literally the only explanation. And I'm not even religious."

"It's not really recommended, but we can do a prenatal paternity test, if that's something you'd want to consider?"

Emma sat up and pulled down her shirt, frowning as she met the doctor's gaze.

"You'd need some kind of DNA sample from the father though, right? And how would I go about getting that considering it's been nearly two years since anyone could have possibly knocked me up?"

Her voice was much higher than normal and there were tears stinging her eyes. The young doctor clearly wasn't experienced in dealing with hysterical young women with surprise (and impossible) pregnancies, but he was sympathetic enough and awkwardly handed her a tissue as tears of frustration slipped from her eyes.

"There's, um…counseling here at the hospital…if you wanna talk to someone?"

Emma wiped her eyes and quickly stood up, shaking her head and trying to regain her composure.

"No. I'll figure something out. Thanks. Sorry for crying."

With that, Emma made for the door, leaving a stunned and somewhat confused doctor behind her. She had to go home and figure out how her life could possibly be spinning out of control when it had been nothing but ordinary just days ago. She had to lock herself away and figure out exactly how there could be a baby growing inside her when she had no memory of who had helped put it there. It was going to be a long nine months.