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The light shining out of the house and from the car illuminates Carrie's face. Frank can tell he shares more than just an illness with his daughter. He is as conflicted about letting her go as she is about going. It will destabilise everything she has put back together over the last few months.

Frank stands on the porch watching as the Depute Director introduces Carrie to someone. He can hear their murmurs of conversation, but not the words they are saying. Maggie is right. They all know it. Part of Carrie wants to go even as she knows it is not good for her. It's why he told Maggie to let her go because if Carrie wants to go she's going regardless of the risks. To force her to stay would only make it worse on all of them.

Frank can hear Maggie banging around inside. It reminded him of when they were children and Maggie would accuse him of taking Carrie's side and stomp about in the huff for hours afterward. How he wished it were a childish argument now.

Carrie looks round at him and nods her head slightly at him. He can see how nervous and unsure she is, but the next second she is in the car.

"She gone then?", Maggie asks crossly as she pokes her head out the front door.


"She'll always leave us for them", Maggie says her words laced with anger and disgust. Frank does not reply or turn round. It is the same argument he has been having with both of them for years. One he cannot win with either of them.

"I'll make the dinner then!", Maggie says angrily. Though he does not turn round to look, Frank knows Maggie has gone back inside. He watches the car get farther away from the house until the lights are a speck in the distance and then there is just darkness.

"You are grounded", Jess says throwing her bag and keys down on the kitchen counter, turning to her daughter with her eyes full of fury.

"Whatever", Dana shrugs her shoulders.

"Don't talk to me like that, Dana? You wait until your father gets home!"

Dana isn't the slightest bit intimidated by her mother's angry routine, but she bites her tongue resisting the urge to throw it in her mother's face that she knew about dad being a Muslim and her mom didn't. She held back for her dad's sake only.

"I mean what are you trying to do to us? Finn Walden, the Vice President's son for goodness sake."

Dana wants to scream in frustration. That is all she is worried about. Disgusted, Dana retreats towards the comfort of her room.

"We're not done here, Dana", her mother shouts angrily after her.

Turning round, her own eyes now blazing every bit as much as her mother's, "since you are about as interested in me expressing my opinion as they are and only seem to be able to miss the point, yes, we are!"

Jess jumps slightly as Dana bangs her room door. She contemplates going after her, but decides against it given how angry both of them are. She's just down the hall, but Dana seems a million miles from her at this point.

He'd squeezed the arm of the chair tightly hoping to direct his anger there and keep it from showing on his face. It wouldn't do to look suspicious in front of the Depute Director of the CIA so he had schooled his features as best as he could, but he wouldn't have been surprised if his eyes were popping out of his head.

He had made his mind up earlier that he wouldn't do it, but here he is doing it. Roya had taken Estes out of the room and he'd pretended to battle with himself about it. The truth is the second Estes revealed himself as a player in Walden's Drone programme and had been so nonchalant about how many drones they had his mind had been made up for him. The second Estes made the mistake of insinuating those kids did not matter, however, indirectly and unaware of what the person sitting in front of him knew, Brody knew he was going to get that target list. He could hate himself for being weak and a puppet, but he'd always hate anyone involved in that Drone attack more.

He straightens himself back up as Estes walks back into his office. He could say goodbye to the relative peace and comfort of the last couple of months.