She should probably go apologise, work with him to solve the crisis happening around them, save as much as she could of Hippocratus 4 and agree to forget about the Doctor's booked appointments if he forgot about the punch to the face. Maybe. That deal felt despicably raw on her end, so she decided to continue walking until she could think of a way to both apologise and get the Doctor to go to his checkups as well. It was for his own good.

As River rounded a corner she was made very aware of the other reason she was wondering around the abandoned halls alone. The machine stood at the end of the hall, one of those strange clamp-handed ones with the blank expression; it appeared not to have noticed her as she ducked back behind a corner. If she did this alone, she could do this her way. She recollected the time she'd made a Dalek beg for mercy before, surely one little medical droid wouldn't be an issue? She carefully pulled a gun from her shoulder holster, checked the safety was off and rounded the corner again.

The moment she rounded the corner then machine lunged. Damn it had moved quietly, managing to sneak up on River in the few seconds she'd taken to check her weapon. She'd underestimated the damn machine, and she would have paid the price for it if her reactions hadn't been so finely tuned. It was almost comical in the way the machine's legs were whipped out from under it, one spiraling off into the distance as it slammed impassive face first into the floor. River smiled to herself as she watched the droid wriggle on the floor, trying to figure out at what point it had lost a limb.

"Now..." River said calmly, standing above the prone figure "We are going to have a little talk."

"Customer satisfaction is our priority, how many I assist you?" replied the machine at her feet, the stumped leg giving a twitch as it tested its functionality.

Right, this might not be too difficult then. They might be going against programming, but they still acted like robots. "I want to talk to a human." River said firmly, the gun still aimed downwards.

"We here on Hippocratus 4 hire many different species and nationalities from across the galaxy with no discrimination between colour, creed, or number of limbs." the stump sparked dramatically as the machine wriggled it, "If there is a medical reason why you can only be seen by a human doctor, please give a valid response."

The machine lunched again, snapping one of its clamped hands towards River's left leg. The offending claw joined the other disembodied limb across the other end of the hallway and River took a slight step back.

"Fine! Take me to a doctor. Tell me where one is!" River said testily, wishing she could put a concentrated energy beam through the thing's damn head already and move on.

"There are no doctors available at this time."

"It's an emergency." River said, her voice getting ice cold as she watched the robot twitch. It was going to lunge again, she knew it.

"If it is an emergency please attempt to take a shuttle to Hippocratus 1 for our local accident and emergency branch. Hippocratus 4 is strictly by appointment only." It didn't move. Yet.

"I can't get there! Get me a doctor. A nurse. Whatever." River was growing impatient, she might just take all the limbs off to see if it would make her feel better about this whole situation. The Doctor would have probably just hacked into its memory banks by now and have the answer highlighted on that damn map she left behind.

"All doctors and nurses are unavailable. Robotic assistance will be along shortly to attend to your emergency." the machine said in that placid voice.

"No!" River said, trying to recover this before it all spiralled out of control "Humans! Or at least someone who isn't a machine."

"Due to the cyborg equal opportunities act-"

"Quiet." River's temper was acting up but her gun was steady "Get me... get me a midwife!"

There was a pause, a small chirping noise came from the robot at River's feet. It seemed to be processing something.

"A midwife?" it repeated back to her.

"Yes. Midwife. I'm... pregnant. About to give birth, having contractions, emotionally unstable, all that." River was just rolling with it. She was very glad that the Doctor wasn't around for this, he'd probably be flipping his lid at this point. Or laughing. River wasn't sure which would be a worse result.

"You do not appear to be preg-"

"I'm holding a gun to you robot does that sound like something an emotionally unstable pregnant woman would do?" River snapped quickly. As she heard a sound from further down the hall she remembered distinctly the robot telling her that it had summoned others to come help with her emergency. She only took her eyes off the machine at her feet for a second, but that was all it needed.

River's shot missed as the robot lunged, shattering its stupid blank face with her next shot rather than severing its remaining clamp from its body. With a heavy, dead robot attached to left leg there was no way to run, and getting it off completely would take too long. She had to fight. She twisted around, releasing the first couple of shots before even fully seeing what was approaching. Three robots fell, but the moment River set eyes on the advancing force, she knew it was hopeless. The corridor behind her was filled with machines, expressionless faces staring into the distance as they advanced on her. Fighting felt like less of an option by the second.

River knew what she had to do. It wasn't nice, wasn't fancy, but it might save her life. Turning the gun downwards, she closed one eye and concentrated hard on her target. The base of the clamp was so near her leg it was going to be a difficult shot to pull off, but River couldn't drag around half a ton of robot as she ran. She took a breath and squeezed the trigger. Immediately a white hot gash of pain roared down her left leg, a scream of agony erupting from River as she felt the shot graze her; but she was free, the clamp came off the robot, still attached to her leg but it was better than nothing. She began to run.

Five steps into the run, as the adrenaline from the pain wore off, River felt the leg give. It was damage, scorched down one side, and from the flowering of pain in her foot she guessed she might have just blown off her own pinky toe. She grit her teeth, but she was going down. Ten steps in and River was on her knees, her gun dropped, her arms against the wall as she tried to force herself back onto her feet. As she just managed to scratch her way back upright, she felt several large clamps seize her arms and leg. She let out another scream as she was lifted into the air, the clamps tight around her burnt leg, showing no mercy as they held her tight.

"Contractions confirmed." said a soft robotic voice beneath her "Transporting patient to closest midwife."

It had worked. It had actually worked. River almost laughed, but whenever she opened her mouth her leg reminded her she was still in extreme pain. As she was carried away by the vile machines, she couldn't help but question if she should count this as a success or not.