Author's Note:

Hey, guys! Sorry if this is terrible; this is my first fanfic on here. Hope you guys like it.

Ciel awoke to the slight squeak of the curtains being drawn back to reveal the bright, blinding sunlight. He covered his face as Sebastian bowed and said, "Good morning, my lord." Ciel grunted sleepily in reply, slowly uncovering his face and squinting through the light. He pulled the covers back, sliding his feet around to the side of the bed. Sebastian walked over to his young master and knelt before him. "Shall we get you bathed, young master?" He asked politely, and Ciel huffed. "I suppose so." He replied quietly, standing. Sebastian led him across the large room and opened the door to Ciel's bathroom. "I have already prepared your bath, my lord." He said, bowing slightly. Ciel nodded, walking over to the steaming tub and letting Sebastian slip off his nightgown. He shivered a little as it slid onto the floor, then stepped into the porcelain tub and sat down in the warm, bubbly water. Sebastian washed him, and when he finished, Ciel stood. Sebastian wrapped a creamy white towel around the boy, a little slower than usual. Ciel glared up at him. "Sebastian, why were you so slow to cover me?" He demanded. Sebastian blushed, bowing. "I apologize, my lord, I wasn't paying full attention." He lied. In truth, he had been paying full attention to the boy, but it wasn't to prepare to wrap his towel around his small frame. He had been scanning his crimson eyes over the boy's pale, muscular body. Ciel raised an eyebrow. "That is unusual for you, Sebastian." He noted, a hint of suspicion in his voice. Sebastian bowed once more. "My apologies, young master." He replied quietly. Ciel huffed, but allowed Sebastian to dress him. After that was done, Sebastian led Ciel to the dining hall, where a warm cup of tea and breakfast was waiting. Ciel glanced at his butler. "Where did you find the time to do this? I know that Bardo, Finny, or Mey-rin didn't do this; it isn't charred in the least bit." He said quietly. Sebastian allowed himself a small half smile to appear on his face. "I'm simply one hell of a butler." He responded, pulling out Ciel's chair. The boy sat, picking up his fork and beginning his meal, occasionally sipping at his tea. Sebastian stood to the side and slightly behind his master, watching over him. Ciel eventually finished his meal and stood. Sebastian collected the dishes and disappeared into the kitchen, reappearing a few moments later. "Now, my lord, it is time for you to hear your schedule for today..."