It was the next day she had a small moment of genius. Or, at least what she'd consider genius. She was quick to talk to Ms. Shishido, who happily gave her the paperwork and helped her find a room. Normally Ayumi wasn't a fan of any of the teachers, but she found herself warming up to the nice English teacher as she showed no judgement to the idea of her club. Of course, she didn't give away all the information, but with confirmation there would be at least four members, she was allowed to create it.

So, when the bell rang and the students were let out, Ayumi forced her Centurions to meet her at room 3-B. It was admittedly a seemingly abandoned, somewhat dusty room, but Ayumi was just happy they manage to find a classroom, given the fact September would be over soon enough and most clubs were already formed and in control of the better rooms.

Naomi had showed up to the room, this time walking with Satoshi. Yoshiki had been quick to join them too, which was strange to her. He was being strangely punctual for all this... She gave her attention to Ayumi, though, because she really didn't like finding herself caring what that guy did with his life. She looked around the room curiously, figuring this had something to do with their supernatural stuff, but didn't quite know what Ayumi's whole idea was. "So... what is this club for, exactly?" she asked with a puzzled expression, her eyes glancing curiously around the musty room. Eh, beggars couldn't be choosers.

"Paranormal investigation!" Ayumi answered without missing a beat. She was positively beaming, weirdly excited about the entire idea. It was nice to have a private classroom they could discuss such things and the entire organization and establishing the club had given her such a joyful rush. "This way if people are interested in joining, we can have them do a lot of the legwork with finding the closed spaces," she explained as she walked over to a window and pushed it open to let the room clear out a little bit. "And, if anybody has a weird finding or suspicion, they can tell us and we may be able to help," she said, pushing the curtain aside. With the light shining in, the amount of dust was pretty obviously built up. Ahh, they'd have to give the room a good cleanup at some point.

Naomi jumped slightly at her unexpected quick, and joyful sounding answer. Though, after she explained it more in depth, she was a little relieved they would be secretly having students do their searching work. That'd make things easier, especially since combined, the school had thousands of eyes, whereas they only had eight. She was surprised Ayumi had thought up with such a useful idea in a matter of a day. "Oh, I see!" she replied, gaining a small smile that at least that was something that could be checked off her list... Well, at least majority of the work. "That is a pretty efficient way to find the closed spaces," she commented, feeling Ayumi deserved at least a little compliment. She was saving her the work of searching for them, so she really didn't plan on being snappy just yet.

Ayumi didn't really expect any type of compliment, so she was a little thrown off by it. "Yep," she answered, "I figured it's really the only way to do this, if we want to find the closed spaces quicker." She really did want to clean as many closed spaces as possible before the year was up, since she knew she wasn't going to keep the pacts and continue on with Centurions. She had much different dreams than dealing with ghosts for the rest of her life.

"Ahhh... can I ask something?" Satoshi asked, even though it wasn't in his nature to be cynical, he had to ask something. Ayumi gave a small nod, allowing him to ask. "Where are we going to get members?" He could hardly imagine a rush of people coming to join.

"Well, we'll keep an open door policy, first of all," Ayumi explained, not upset by the question at all. "Two, we can always ask friends. The investigation part is safe. As long as they don't go wandering into potential closed space zones, they'll be fine." She was planning on asking Mayu and Sakutaro about it. She wasn't so sure they'd be willing to join, but they were her only friends to speak of.

Naomi considered Ayumi's answer, finding it pretty easy to agree with. "Speaking of friends... I'm sure Seiko would join if I told her about it. She's always looking for new things to do," she spoke, easily imagining this being something Seiko could find enjoyment in. While she always sided with her when she ranted about Ayumi, she doubted she held any real ill will for her, so she probably wouldn't be against joining if she knew she was already in the club. Though, that part would be confusing, and she wouldn't be able to explain why she was in a paranormal club with Ayumi... But that was the least of her concerns, especially when Seiko didn't seem to bug her too much if she didn't answer the first time.

Yoshiki was quiet as he took this information in, since he had no friends to speak of, or tell to join. He was certain the others could pull enough people together though, and even if people didn't join, they could still report strange sightings. He was impressed by this idea... it was a pretty convenient thing for them.

Ayumi didn't particularly have an opinion on Seiko, other than she seemed a bit shrill. It was hard not to hear her, even when across the room. Still, more members and more manpower were always a good thing. Even if Seiko was on Naomi's side, such a detail wasn't really too important. It wasn't like they were fighting over Satoshi, they just conflicted. "Alright, then, why don't we call it quits early today so we can try to talk some people into joining," Ayumi suggested. She would probably be able to catch Mayu and Sakutaro before they left school property if she left now. "We'll bring whoever we can to tomorrow's meeting and figure things out from there."

Ayumi's organization was pretty admirable. Admittedly, Satoshi had no plan to ask any friend specifically to join. He wasn't really close enough to anyone that he'd think they'd join just because he was asking. Plus, he didn't feel like being bothered with why he was in a club with his ex... which they'd likely bother him about later, but at least he could postpone the nosy questions. "Sounds good to me," Satoshi said with a light shrug, as if he had people in mind.

Naomi nodded, a little happy to have Seiko around, which would make their tense atmosphere much lighter. Seiko wasn't afraid to say anything to anyone, so that could be interesting, especially with the delinquent around. "Alright. See you tomorrow," she said before leaving, quickly going to find Seiko, since she had told her to wait up a little so they could walk home together.

After Satoshi left, Yoshiki still stood in his normal pose, with his hands in his pockets. He looked to the side, slightly embarrassed to admit such a thing. "I don't... really have anyone to tell." He didn't look back at her after he spoke, feeling it was a little weird to hang around her, but he... wanted to. "I can... help you find people to join, if you want," he added, even though his help may not be wanted. After all, people may be turned away with someone like him in it... Aah, on second thought, maybe he shouldn't help, and just go back home. He'd probably be bad advertising.

Ayumi was a little surprised that Yoshiki wasn't quick to leave, but then he gave his explanation and her heart went out to him. It was an awful thing, to not have any friends to speak of. She'd be in the same situation if Mayu hadn't taken an interest in her. Which still surprised her, considering Mayu was easily one of the most popular people in their grade. "Sure, though there are really only two people I have in mind," she explained with a light smile. "Suzumoto Mayu and Morishige Sakutaro. Do you know them at all?" she inquired as she grabbed her school bag and slung it over her shoulder.

Yoshiki's eyes drifted back over to her, as she seemed to not mind having him around. He was somewhat relieved, that she didn't find it weird and unappealing that he wanted to help her. He considered the names, and while they did ring a bell, he didn't know them. "Uhh... they're in our class, right? That's all I know," he admitted with a small shrug, and that was just from Ayumi calling roll. He didn't know their faces, or how they generally acted. He didn't really need to though... Since they were friends of Ayumi's, he guessed, he didn't need to do any of the talking. He more or less just wanted to tag along, but he couldn't say that out loud. It sounded too strange.

Ayumi wasn't surprised by his lack of knowledge on the two. It would be remedied soon enough. "Yep! They're 2-9ers too," she confirmed as she left the club classroom, locking the door behind her. "They're big into the drama club, so they normally hang out in the auditorium after school," she explained as she headed in said direction. "I'm not really so sure if they'll be willing to join, honestly. Though, if I get Mayu to join, Morishige will definitely follow her," she commented with a small chuckle. He would follow Mayu off the ends of the earth if he could. Though whether that was romantically driven or driven by brotherly feelings, she had no clue. She pushed the doors of the auditorium open, glancing around the large room in search of the two.

Almost as soon as she had walked in the door, Mayu approached with an excited hug, seemingly not noticing Yoshiki came in shortly after her. "Hi Ayu-chan! It's a surprise to see you here!" she commented happily as she freed Ayumi from her embrace, obviously glad her friend had come to see her. Though, usually she didn't come to find her unless she had some sort of boring business to talk about. "So, what do you need?" she asked, eyeing her like she knew something was up.

Ayumi smiled at Mayu, the enthusiastic greeting met with a similar vibe from her. "Hey, Mayu," she greeted with a smile. Ahaha, she already knew Ayumi had a request... she really didn't miss a beat, did she? "Oh, well, uh," Ayumi began to stutter a bit. There were always a few different responses she got when she pulled her occult interest into a conversation. They were rarely any good. "I've started a paranormal investigators club..." she explained, her face going red. "And, ha, I was sorta wondering if you two would have any interest."

Sakutaro came up behind Mayu, looking at Ayumi curiously as she mentioned why she was there. His hand in his pocket gripped his phone a little tighter, but he was going to wait for Mayu's response. His eyes went past the girls temporarily to observe Yoshiki. He was a bit surprised, but he really didn't care why the so-called delinquent was with Ayumi.

Mayu watched Ayumi curiously, holding in a giggle at her red face. True, she wasn't a member of the occult group, but ghosts were interesting! Plus, it was a group with her friend! It couldn't be boring! "Oh, Ayu-chan made a club?" she asked with a smile, laughing lightly, "Heehee, okay! As long as it doesn't conflict with drama club!" Really, that's the only qualm she had with joining Ayumi's club. As long as the schedule was flexible, she would totally try it out! You never knew if something was going to be fun or not if you didn't try!

Ayumi visibly relaxed as Mayu responded cheerfully. She felt a little silly for working herself up. It was't like Mayu had a mean or even slightly rude bone in her body. Ayumi let out a nervous, relieved laugh. "You guys can come around whenever you can," she told them with a smile. She knew the times right before performances would be too hectic for them to probably show up much, but their club wasn't really going to have any strict rules. She glanced over at Sakutaro curiously. "What do you say, Morishige?"

Sakutaro appreciated her asking him, even though they both knew he was a goner for anything Mayu agreed to. "Sure, I suppose," he answered with a small shrug. It wasn't like he was going to be getting any leads in the plays, so he wouldn't mind adding another club onto his list. "Actually, if this is about paranormal occurrences..." he began to say as he pulled his phone out and flicked it open. He took a second to get to the picture, but once he found it, he held it out for Ayumi to see.

Ayumi's eyes widened at the picture. It seemed to be in a food court or restaurant of some sort, but that detail took second seat to the blue figure of a ghost. She could hardly make out any physical appearances, though the size told her instantly it wasn't a child ghost. Her mind was buzzing as she realized they may have found their next closed space.

Mayu made a small noise of happiness as Sakutaro agreed to join too, but was quickly distracted by the picture on his phone. "Uwah, Shige-nii caught a ghost!" she said excitedly, shocked he was already contributing to the club. He was so good at everything! She looked over slightly, just now noticing Yoshiki was also around. She looked to Ayumi, her interest piqued. She leaned in super close, unable to help but change the topic as an interesting question popped into her head. "Did you bring the rebel with you?" she asked with a smile in a whisper, careful not to let anyone else, but maybe Sakutaro if he cared to listen, hear her. "Are you two dating?" she asked with a gleeful tone, hoping she had taken her advice on getting her mind off of Satoshi... even if Yoshiki wasn't the type she thought Ayumi would choose.

Ayumi blinked in confusion as Mayu got really close. Then she asked the question and she wasn't surprised about the curiosity. She nodded lightly that she was why he was there. The next question caught her off guard, her heart lurching at the assumption. She quickly bit down a very loud no, because she didn't want to make a scene. Gah, she was blushing again and she couldn't make it go away. "N-no, it's nothing like that,"she answered quickly and quietly. It may just be easier to explain the actual situation to Mayu and Sakutaro, because once they learned about Naomi and Satoshi in the group, they were really going to start questioning her sanity. She looked at Sakutaro, who was looking at her with a raised eyebrow. Did he not believe her? She wasn't dating Yoshiki! She wasn't dating unless it was someone out of their school so that she wouldn't have to deal with him if they broke up. "Ah, can you send me that picture, along with the name of the place?" Ayumi asked Sakutaro. He just nodded and began tinkering with his phone to fulfill her request.

Mayu pouted at Ayumi's answer, finding her stutter and blush a little unconvincing. That, and Yoshiki was a loner. She had never really seen him hang around anybody. So why was he with Ayumi? She was about to ask her if she could explain why he was here, not in a rude way, but she was super curious. However, they went on about ghost business. She made a small huff, crossing her arms and giving Ayumi a stern look. "We'll girl talk later!" she said, as if the plans were already set. She was very interested in this sudden development.

Ayumi just nodded lightly at Mayu, because arguing would be futile. It would be easier to set her straight on the matter when they were alone and he wasn't around anyway. She took out her phone, which was buzzing by Sakutaro's text. She opened it and took a good look at the picture. She held it closer to her face, eyes narrowing as she tried to make out the ghost. "So, where is this?"

"A restaurant a few blocks from here. It's called Mikado," Sakutaro answered simply.

"Huh..." Ayumi said thoughtfully, eyes still on the picture. It was pretty hard to catch a ghost in a photo, but she could tell it definitely was one. It was too bad she couldn't make out much beyond the form's outline. She shut her phone, figuring she could search about it online that night. "Well, that's really all I wanted to bother you with. We're having our first official meeting tomorrow, can you two make it?"

"That shouldn't be a problem," Sakutaro answered as he put his own phone away. He was tempted to ask the other members of the group, but he couldn't really bring himself to care enough to pose the question. As long as Mayu was there, he'd be fine.

Mayu smiled at Ayumi, giving a small nod. Tomorrow wasn't a day for drama club, so it should be fine. "Be ready for me to come over later, okay?" she asked with a smile, really impatient to get the details. And if they weren't dating, what her thoughts were about him. The blush had to at least mean she was interested, right? Ooo, she couldn't wait! She loved girl talk... But it'd have to come after drama club, which was going to start pretty soon. "Mm, we gotta go now, though. They're making the announcements for what projects we're doing this year!" she mentioned, giggling, "See ya!" She grabbed Sakutaro's arm and dragged him away, back to the group of the other club members.

"Knock, knock~!" Seiko said cheerfully before entering Naomi's room. She had been a bit surprised to get a text asking her to come over, but she would never deny her sweet Naomi! "So, what's happening?" she asked curiously, looking over Naomi as if trying to figure out what may have changed between the end of school and then. "Ohmygosh, did Satoshi finally ask you out!?" Seiko quickly asked excitably. That boy really needed to make a move, since it was so painfully obvious he was interested in her busty best friend.

Naomi brightened as Seiko came into her room, swinging her legs over the side of her bed to completely face her. She gave her a flat look at her guess. Ugh, that's all she ever talked about, wasn't it? "No... I was wondering if you wanted to try out a club with me," she corrected, hoping Seiko would agree, since she didn't want to be stuck in there with Ayumi without her best friend. Yeah, she had Satoshi, her friend since seventh grade, but he was so submissive to Ayumi. He wouldn't stop her from verbally battering her, so it would be nice to have some back up at least half of the time.

Seiko wasn't surprised to hear Satoshi still hadn't made a move. He really was hopeless. She perked at the mention of joining a club, tilting her head. "Sure! I've always wanted to join a club!" Seiko agreed without hesitation. If Naomi was there and interested, surely it was going to be fun. "What's it about?" she asked as she came over to Naomi and sat next to her on her bed. Even if it was a sports club, Seiko would happily participate. She loved seeing Naomi in gym, after all!

Naomi smiled at her answer, but grew a little worried as she asked for what it was about. She would think it was so weird that she 'joined' such a club... And she couldn't just tell her the truth, about all this Centurion nonsense... Ugh, all she could do was hope it didn't deter her from joining. "Paranormal... investigation..," she said with an innocent smile, her fingers intertwining nervously. Any club she joined, though, Seiko would most likely get into just because she was there, but still, she couldn't help but feel anxious at her judgments. She didn't blame her. She had never been interested in ghosts, and she'd be even more confused if she knew that Ayumi was the club president.

"Eh?" Seiko stared at Naomi in confusion. Out of all the clubs she was imagining, she could honestly say that nothing along those lines entered her mind. Naomi never seemed interested in supernatural junk. Honestly, the only person Seiko could think of that was interested is Ayumi... "You're not... trying to attract Satoshi to you by acting like the class rep, are you?" she asked in genuine concern because that would be a terrible idea. Especially considering Ayumi and Satoshi's relationship seemed to have crashed and burned. "Because you really don't need to," Seiko assured her.

Naomi panicked at Seiko's response, shaking her head. "No no! Nothing like that!" she said, waving her hands. Who wanted to be like Ayumi? Besides, Satoshi didn't like her anymore... or so, she assumed. Ayumi was technically the one to break things off, but she had guessed Satoshi didn't like her anymore either. She better be right, or she'd be pissed. She also thought it was a bad idea to mention that Satoshi was also in the club, which would make it look like she was just joining because he was in it. "Trust me, it's not that," she repeated, making sure her answer was taken seriously.

Seiko nodded lightly, figuring Naomi was being honest. After all, the two had had many talks over the negatives of Ayumi and why the hell Satoshi would even be interested in her. Not that Seiko had much ill-will towards her personally, but she unknowingly resulted in a few awful months for Naomi, so Seiko couldn't say she much liked the girl. "Alright... then... mind explaining to me the sudden interest in the paranormal?" Seiko asked curiously. She'd follow Naomi into the club with or without a good explanation, but if she could get one, she wasn't going to deny herself that.

Naomi was glad Seiko believed her, but found her next question puzzling. She assumed Ayumi didn't want her spouting out all that supernatural stuff, so she'd just have to be vague, and make... a little white lie. "Err, well... I thought it could be... fun...?" she said with an unsure smile, her answer sounding more like a question, since she didn't really know her real reply, or rather, couldn't come up with a convincing one. She'd just have to seem like she was going into it to try something new, but that explanation would be soon destroyed when she learned who the rest of the members were.

Seiko couldn't find herself completely satisfied with that answer, but if Naomi was hiding something, it would probably be revealed soon enough. She really wasn't one to press such things. "Hehe, alrightie! It sounds like it may be fun!" Seiko said with a grin. Ghost stories and such were probably going to be a foundation, and she loved seeing other people scared! Plus, being scared yourself could always be fun too. Either way, with Naomi there, she knew she'd have a good time as a paranormal investigator!

Naomi smiled, thankful she didn't reconsider. "Good!" she said, her relief evident in her tone. Why she was relieved was unknown to Seiko, but she didn't care. She wouldn't have to be around Ayumi so long without back up! She was so glad, because she really hadn't liked the scolding she had received from her the day before. She had been so harsh to her, even though she wasn't used to all this closed space thing. How was she not supposed to be scared stiff? Ayumi was used to this, because she had been training for it, but she was thrown into it all of the sudden. Of course she was no help yet! Ugh, thinking about it was only getting her agitated, so she decided to leave the thought alone.