Anime Club's Fanfiction

It was a hot day. Grey wasn't doing so well that day, so he decided to sit in the shade. Then Maka walked up and smiled. She handed Grey some potatoes, and he frowned.

"What are these for?"

"For your rash." She smiled evilly, "Your eyes need the potatoes."

Grey screamed "NAAAAAAARRRRR!" beautifully, and she swooned so fangirlishly, she fainted right onto the potatoes. Suddenly Grey's clothes disappeared. He then took the potatoes out from Maka's Invisible Backpack of DOOM! Quickly, he dropped them because they were German. He suddenly remembered that Natsu was coming over, and was relieved. Never again! NEVER AGAIN!

Suddenly out of nowhere RAINBOWS RAINBOWS are EVERYWHERE… THEN Nippon blew up. And that was the end.