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The rustle of chairs and excited chatter filled their corner of the donut shop.

"Ok, ok! So what's the big news Anna? Why did you call all of us out here? It must be something important since you sounded so excited over the phone!" Ariel was practically bouncing in her seat, her enthusiasm matched by the brunette next to her.

"Yeah and when you called me the only other time you sounded so excited was when you found out a chocolate shop opened just a couple of blocks from our dorm," Rapunzel said, hands clasped tightly together and big, green eyes shining.

"I think I already know why she called us here," Jasmine said, munching on a glazed donut. Her knowing grin confused the two next to her.

"Did ya finally managed to give Sir-Sideburns th' slip?" Merida asked, also munching on a donut, but mouth covered in crumbs.

Anna grinned, all white teeth and dimpled cheeks. "No, this is even better."

"Better?!" Ariel gasped, cupping her hands over her mouth in surprise, eyes wide.

"What? What could be better than ditching ol' Sideburns?"

Anna put down her coffee mug, lest her frantic hands spill it.

"Okay, okay, I know this is out of nowhere and so sudden even for someone like me because you guys know me right-"

"Aye, next time call us during daylight! Not in th' middle of the night when normal people are tryin' to sleep ya hear?"

Anna glared at the Scottish redhead next to her.

"What I'm trying to say is that this is really important! Like super important! In fact, I can't believe I actually worked up the courage to do it. I mean you girls should have seen me! I thought I was going to drown my shirt in sweat because of how nervous I was- which thankfully didn't happen, dear god, or else I would have died of embarrassment right then and there! I mean, how awful would I have smelled?! Then she probably wouldn't have even wanted to be near a nervous, smelly, sweaty wreck like me-"

"She?" Rapunzel interrupted, eyes widening.

"She!" Ariel squealed, pearly white teeth flashing. Then she frowned, confused. "Wait, she? Who's this she?"

Jasmine and Merida stopped eating their respective donuts and turned to stare at Anna, equally curious.

Anna's grin, if possible, grew larger. Her hands balled into fists and shook excitedly.

"I have a date!"

The resulting squeals possibly deafened the other table occupants nearby.

x x x

In contrast, their corner of the café was peaceful, quieter, but no less excited.

"Normally, we're the ones who arrange a get-together Elsa. So for you to arrange a sudden meeting, and without telling us what it's about-" Belle shared a curious look with the other three ladies seated with her and Elsa "-well, it really must be something."

"It isn't anything life-threatening, is it dear?" Aurora asked over a steaming cup of tea, brows furrowed in worry.

"If it was life-threatening, I don't think a café would be the place she'd want to tell us," Meg said sarcastically.

"Has anyone given you any trouble at your university?" Tiana, ever responsible, fixed her with a searching look.

Elsa sighed, hands cradling her hot chocolate.

"No, it isn't anything like that." She glanced up at them, biting her lip.

"Actually, it's quite the opposite." A small smile worked its way up her lips.

The four women shared looks before inching closer.

"Well, then tell us, we're all ears." Belle smiled encouragingly.

The platinum blonde took a shuddering breath.

"I have a date."


x x x

Rapunzel was jumping up and down in her seat besides Anna, fervently excited for her cousin. "When you said 'she,' were you talking about the girl you kept telling me all about over the phone?"

Anna's ear-bursting grin turned into a shy smile and that was all the confirmation the brunette needed. She squealed, "Yay!"

"Wait, what girl? Who?" Ariel looked between them, still confused. "What does she mean Anna?"

Merida quirked an eyebrow at them, confused. "Oi! Wait a second, why 'ave Jasmine and I not heard about this o' so mysterious and wonderful lass?"

"Oh ho ho! You've been holding back on us you two!" Jasmine grinned slyly at them, "What's the story here?"

"You two?! What about me?!" Ariel huffed. "I live closer to them!" She pouted at Anna, lower lip quivering. "Anna, what's going on?"

Suddenly embarrassed, Anna coughed into her fist and mumbled something.


"…girl in my class…"

"There's plenty of lassies in your class Anna, be more specific."

Rapunzel reached over and grabbed Anna's hand, squeezing it reassuringly. "Tell them what you told me."

Anna grinned shyly and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.

"Well, she's this girl from my class that I've been dying to ask out for like, over a year."

"And we're hearing about this only just now?! I thought you would have told us sooner. What are we, chopped liver?" Merida complained.

Jasmine smacked her upside the head ("Ow!") and gestured for Anna to continue.

She fidgeted in her seat and re-tucked her hair. "I didn't tell you because I didn't think I had a chance. It took ages for Punzie to get me to open up about her."

Her cousin squeezed her hand again and the redhead smiled gratefully at her.

Jasmine smirked and leaned back. "Well, obviously you have a bigger chance than you thought so…" Her eyes flashed in excitement. "Tell us! Tell us what she's like!"

Ariel leaned forward in her seat, shooting Merida a smirk at the redhead rubbing her forehead. "Yes, tell us. Share!"

Anna's ear-bursting grin returned in full force.

"She's a bit taller than me, slender, blonde hair, light blonde, like really, really light! Big, beautiful blue eyes, cute nose, pale, but in a good way, you know? Not like in a pasty ghost way, but like an angel kind of way. She has a really sweet voice and she was super polite even when I was making a total joke of myself and those hips- gah!" Anna clamped her hands over her mouth, cheeks turning furiously red.

Jasmine whistled appreciatively, "Well, I have to say you sure know how to pick them Anna." She winked at her.

Merida made a face. "Anything else you'd like to add? She sounds like a twiggy blonde to me. Anna, what'd she do that's gotten you all dreamy-eyed?"

This time Ariel smacked Merida upside the head ("Ow, seriously! Stop that!").

"Oh, oh!" Rapunzel started jumping up in her seat again. "The first time they met, she-"

Anna quickly clamped her hand over her cousin's mouth.


"It's nothing, I mean c'mon! People ask other people out all the time based on physical appearances! I just finally worked up the courage to ask a cute blonde that I've been crushing on for over a year. I mean, it's not like she's completely graceful and smart and top of the class and so, so hardworking. I mean, she's pretty much guaranteed valedictorian and she's always so considerate even when she talks to me of all people and-"

"Oi, no wonder you thought she was out of your league…"

"-and she comes from a really wealthy family I think-"

Jasmine slapped a hand over Anna's mouth. "We get it Anna, she's special." She grinned and released the redhead's mouth.

"Yudunundertand!" Rapunzel said, her own mouth still muffled.

Jasmine and Merida exchanged glances again, but the glare Anna sent her cousin made them rethink asking the two to clarify. Ariel decided to keep quiet, but she snickered at their chastised faces.

Rapunzel grabbed Anna's hand away from her mouth and said, "Well at least tell them what you told me last week!"

Anna grinned and smiled nervously. "Did I mention she has the tiniest, cutest freckles ever?"

x x x

"I'm guessing she was the one to ask you?" Belle swirled her spoon in her cup, taking note of the way Elsa's cheeks had blushed slightly.

The platinum blonde drew up her shoulders and nodded; a slight smile on her face. "We share a couple of classes and the other day she came up to me and, well you can figure out the rest."

Aurora giggled and put down her tea. "Well, don't keep us in the dark dear! Tell us about her."

"Yeah, c'mon girl, give us all the details. What's she like?" Tiana reached over and gripped Elsa's hands and her warm fingers ignited the spark in Elsa's chest.

The blonde couldn't stop herself from grinning.

"Rambunctious. I don't think she could keep still if you paid her. She doesn't always pay attention in class and I've seen her sleeping in her seat a couple of times. But from the few times we've talked, she was always very sweet."

"She sounds like the opposite of you," Tiana said.

Elsa's grin turned into a soft smile. "She's clumsy too."

"Definitely the opposite," Meg said.

"It sounds like opposites attract to me, how lovely," Aurora sighed dreamily. "What does she look like Elsa?"

The platinum blonde glanced down at her hot chocolate, losing herself in her thoughts. The smile on her face was as sweet as her drink.

"She's a little shorter than I am, red hair, but more like strawberry blonde than orange. She's tanned and I think she always has her hair done up in two braids. She has freckles and blue-green eyes, not really turquoise and not really teal, but they're lovely and-"

"Is she a person or a painting?" Meg asked.


"Ouch!" The brunette glared at Tiana who merely returned it with an arch of her eyebrow.

Aurora rolled her eyes and leaned closer to Elsa, noting the way the blonde had hunched her shoulders.

"Don't mind those two Elsa, she sounds lovely. Go on, tell us more about her. Despite whatsome people say-"she gave Meg a pointed look "-we're all eager to hear more about this young woman who has captured your fancy."

"Yeah girl, go on, tell us." Tiana laid a comforting hand on her arm.

Elsa grinned shyly.

"And she has the most adorable smile I've ever seen."

x x x

"She's majoring in archeticture I think. She's like, this huge prodigy!"

x x x

"She's a theatre major I believe. She mentioned something about performing once."

x x x

"She's always on time. I mean, the few times I actually get to classes on time-which isn't often I know, but whenever I do get there, she's already taking notes and being super productive-"

x x x

"She's not always punctual, but she's always been helpful to everyone else. I saw her slip the answer to her friend once when Professor Kai was giving him a difficult time and-"

x x x

"We've haven't talked much. I mean I sit in the middle and she sits in the back-I don't think she likes being disturbed during class-, but it's mostly 'cause I'm such a nervous wreck around her and she's always so calm and cool and-"

x x x

"We only talked a few times, but I've seen her around before. Normally, I keep to myself, but once she let me borrow her umbrella when it was raining. It was such a sweet gesture, but she left before I could say anything and-"

x x x

"But you know the other day I just said to myself, 'You know what Anna? Today's the day! You have to go out there and go for it!'"

x x x

"Then, just the other day she came up to me after class and she was so nervous and kept fiddling with this piece of paper. She ended up dropping it and kind of screaming at me actually…I don't think she meant to scream. Either way, she asked if I wanted to have lunch sometime."

x x x

"I made a total FOOL of myself, but she was so considerate and nice! S-she did laugh a little, but she said yes! She said yes! Oh and when she laughed she was-"

x x x

"She made the cutest noise when I said I'd like to go and her smile was positively-"

x x x


x x x


x x x

"Just don't rush it," Merida and Jasmine said at once after the long winded tirade.

"Oh, c'mon you guys! Have I ever rushed into anything and been wrong before?" Anna asked, rolling her eyes.

Ariel whistled innocently under her breath, twiddling her thumbs.

"Well you are really lucky," Rapunzel said after a short pause, chewing on her lip. After witnessing her cousin's excited chatter, she couldn't help, but feel happy for Anna. However, a part of her still worried. She had only seen Anna excited this once before.

"Godly lucky," Jasmine said, sipping her drink. "None of your other relationships ended badly."

"Well, except for Sidebu-"

And just like that, Rapunzel internally winced when she saw Anna's expression fall.

Jasmine promptly smacked Merida upside the head. Again.

"Ow, are ye daft woman?! You don't have to have to go choppin' my head off! You were thinking it too."

"There's this thing called tact Merida, your mother is always reminding you about it."

The two glared at each other.

"She is right you know," Ariel quipped, swirling her coffee around. "You don't know when to hold your tongue."

"Excuse me-!"


When the three of them glanced at Rapunzel, the brunette tilted her head in Anna's direction.

Anna's initial excitement had died away to a small, sheepish smile.

They shrunk back into their seats guiltily.

"Sorry Anna," they all said.

"No, no it's fine. I know you guys are just worried about me." Anna looked down at her hot chocolate, brow furrowed slightly. "And I know what happened last time was, well…" She trailed off, wincing. The redhead glanced back up at her friends, seeing the same worried expression on each of their faces. Biting her lip, she said, "I just have a good feeling about her."

Rapunzel reached over and took her hands, green eyes shining like the sun. "You have our full support."

Ariel's shoulders dropped and she gripped her coffee cup tightly, expression downcast. Jasmine and Merida exchanged looks once again before nodding.

"Aye, so what's the lass's name?"

Anna sighed, relaxing. A dreamy smile wormed its way on her face.


x x x


"Wow, you got it bad."

Tiana smacked Meg's arm again.

"Ouch! What?! It's true!"

"Be nice Meg, you know Elsa rarely gets asked out on dates."

"More like never."



Elsa chuckled softly.

"It's alright Tiana, she's right; which is why I called you all here today."

Tiana, Belle, Aurora, and Meg scooted closer to the table again, sensing the change in tone.

Elsa shifted in her chair, wringing her hands nervously.

"I need your help. I have no idea how these things work. What should I wear? Should I dress formally or casually? S-should I bring her a gift? Flowers? Chocolates? Oh heaven's sakes, I don't even know if she likes either of those! M-maybe I should call her and ask? Oh no, but that would seem inexperienced on my part. Perhaps I shouldn't bring a gift after all…But then that would be rude of me if she brings me one on our first date. Do people even bring gifts to each other on first dates?! Oh this was a terrible idea in the first place! Maybe I should call her and tell her I can't go-"


Elsa jumped at the resounding word from her friends, blue eyes wide with shock.

"Elsa, this is a good thing! A really good thing! This could be a great experience to help you break out of your shell-"

Elsa winced.

"Er, to try out something new and exciting."

"…architecture is exciting…"

Tiana sighed, before squeezing her shoulder. "What I mean is, give it a chance. Maybe everything will turn out better than you think." She gave the blonde an encouraging smile.

Elsa gripped her mug tighter, staring down into the sugary mixture. "I'm not sure…"

Aurora sipped her tea again, humming thoughtfully. "Love can find you in mysterious ways. Philip and I met in a park singing to the birds remember? Who knows what could happen between you and this girl."

Meg shot up from her seat. "Whoa whoa whoa! If we're already talking about how Elsa's going to be in a serious relationship with this girl then I want to meet her!" She glared at Elsa, jabbing her finger into the blonde's face. "I want to make sure you're not dating some pompous asshole that'll run off as soon as she finds another pretty girl to swoon over."

That said, the brunette sat back down and crossed her arms, smirking. "But yeah, give it a shot, one date won't kill you."

Reassured, and emboldened by her friends' support, Elsa sat up straighter with a small smile on her face. Her eyes shone with newly energized excitement. "Alright."


"Hey, what's her name anyway?"

Elsa laughed, elegant and rich.

"Anna. It's Anna."