Foreword: Since leaping out of a fifth story window Mongrelle has not been seen by the amazons. Not unusual I know but, considering that Damien has not seen her either and neither have her parents it is very likely that something is wrong.

**Story starts here**

 "What do you mean you didn't notice? She's been gone for three months, maybe more!!"

Tye shrugged, "I honestly didn't notice that she wasn't here. Just cos you're not getting any."

 Damien walked into the corridor and began to sob. He heard Vix and Lore chastise Tye for her uncalled for outburst. Matt, Jeff and Shane were chasing their kids around the corridors and dressing rooms to his left and Luna was standing directly to his right.

"Aaaargh!" Damien leapt away from his girlfriend's mother shaking, she hadn't been next to him a minute ago. Cold hands grabbed at his throat from behind, he spun to face Mongrelle's father, Gangrel. "Sorry De-man… force of habit."

Luna took this opportunity to set up three chairs in the corridor behind Damien, momentarily enjoying the shock on his face as she wrenched him down beside her by his waistband.

"Where's Mongrelle?"

 Damien fell to the floor, " I swear I don't know."

Gangrel picked Damien up, punched him square in the face then sat him down between himself and his partner in crime again. "No really, where is she?"

Damien threw himself upon their mercy and wrapped himself around Luna's legs. "I swear I don't know where she is . all I do know is that she's been gone for about three months. You have to believe me!"

Luna laughed, "three months? We're the least of your problems if she's been gone three months." she kicked him hard in the ribs and walked away laughing.

Gangrel ran a hand through his hair and his tongue over his fangs while he thought of an easy way to tell Damien what was going on. He couldn't find one. Damien got to his knees in front of the vampire warrior.

"did she leave me?"

 Gangrel stood, he picked up Damien by the seat of his pants open the Amazon/Hardy boyz locker room and effortlessly threw him in. "CONGRATULATIONS!" he yelled as Damien flew through the air and landed in Vix and Matt's laps.

Matt and Vix were previously in the middle of an incredibly important passionate embrace and they were now incredibly pissed off.

 Matt pushed Damien to the floor and tried to cover up his embarrassment. "So . what's for dinner? "

Vix gave him an unamused glare, "I hope you're joking."

"No really," Matt nudged her, "and presuming you want to live to see another day."

Vix put her hand on the front of Matt's trousers and squeezed.

Matt went a funny color then he squeaked "uh, hunny dearest. What are you doing?"

 Vix smiled sweetly. "I'm waiting for you to finish your threat and I would advise you to choose your next few words…very…carefully."

"I'll cook?"

Vix nodded and let go.

 Matt lay on the ground very still while everyone else laughed. Lore looked at her watch. Jeff painted his fingernails and the children played on the floor quietly. Damien was sitting on the floor poking Matt, He (Damien) looked puzzled. Then he looked at Lore, Vix and Tye.

 "Lore, Tye, Vix. If a guy that you don't know very well throws you into a room without breaking a sweat and says congratulations while his wife laughs evilly. What does that mean?"

 All three Amazons looked at each other and shrugged.

Tye looked at him funny. "Why?"

Mongrelle burst in carrying a black bundle, a red bundle and a green bundle. She dumped them on Damien and attempted to leave without explanation. Matt and Jeff blocked her way. She turned back to Damien without striking either of the Hardys. Damien looked up with dark puzzled eyes. Eyes that shot open when the red bundle began to cry.

 Mongrelle bowed her head and adjusted her mirrored sunglasses. "Silence, demon." She said quietly.

The bundle stopped immediately

Tye laughed loudly, everyone else was in severe shock. "This is a joke right?" Tye laughed picking up the green bundle carelessly. "Is it voice activated?" She gasped when a week-old baby fell out and landed in Damien's lap.

The amazons looked at Elle trying to see her eyes through her reflective glasses.

"What are their names?" Damien picked up the tiny infant and carefully re- wrapped it. Mongrelle looked really guilty. She looked Damien square in the eyes although she knew he couldn't tell.

She sighed and picked up the green bundle. "This is Lucifer, you first born son." She handed the child to Damien, he had hair the color of fire and eye's like emeralds. Damien embraced the child to his chest.

"Careful he bites!" Mongrelle warned a little too late.

"Ow, son of a…" Damien passed the child to Vix quickly.

 Elle retrieved the black bundle from Damien's lap. "This is Gabriel. I already apologized to the child, It was the pain at the time. " She explained handing Damien the golden haired, blue eyed child. "He is your second born son."

Damien also embraced this child.

 "By the way he bites too!"

 Damien passed the child to Lore, while holding his bleeding neck. The proud though slightly bloodied father picked up the red bundle. "What about the one you called Demon?"

Mongrelle shook her head at him, Damien just seemed to get dumber.

"That would be Demon."

"Oh." Damien almost hugged to ebony haired child. "Hey he's got your eyes." Damien passed a finger over the child's gums. "Ow! . And fangs." Demon's red eyes were almost hypnotic and Damien felt his eyes growing heavy.

Mongrelle snatched the baby away and slapped Damien upside the head.

"I fear Demon may possess hypnotic and predatory powers," said Mongrelle while scooping up the remainder of her unholy trio, "that he is not yet ready to harness."

Lore stood, "gentleman will you leave us?"

Damien, Matt and Jeff looked at her funny.

 "You heard me move your fat, dumb asses in the direction of away!"

The guys shrugged and left, they had a six-man tag to get to anyway.

Vix shooed Brian, Jessica, Hallie and Luke in the direction of the locker room of the Baby-sitters of Destruction, while Lore wrote a note telling Taker and Kane to watch the kids. She pinned it to Tamsin's shirt and sent her after them.

 Tye cornered Mongrelle who had just sat down to organize her children.

 "So…Who'd you steal 'em from?" Tye inquired while poking Lucifer until he latched onto her hand and bit into it.

Mongrelle detached Lucifer from Tye and held him close.

"If you must know, I'll use small words to explain it to your dumb ass. Okay?"

Tye nodded. Lore and Vix sat with her opposite Mongrelle and waited.

"You saw me and Damien jump out of the window right?" the Amazons nodded collectively. "Well, when Damien got back to the hotel he was still pumped on adrenaline and we couldn't help but…"

 Tye stopped her, "no! Please don't go into detail . it sickens me."

Mongrelle looked away from her infants to meet Tye's gaze. She smiled showing her fangs.

 "Very well… Anyway I knew that I was carrying these three as soon as we." she looked at Tye "finished up!"

Tye got up and left, "that's' really fucked up, dude. I didn't need to know that!" she said before exiting and slamming the door.

This caused the babies to cry. Elle glare at the door, she held each child up to her throat. The children knew instinctively to feed. Vix watched in horror, Lore in fascination. Elle's babies fell asleep after feeding, all of them making soft gurgling noises.

She continued, "I left Damien that night. Didn't he tell you that I wasn't there when he woke up?" answered by shaking heads, Elle put her children down on the couch and rose to her feet. "Come on, I need to walk around. My ass is killing me."

The amazons minus Tye strode through the corridors.

 "So you left Damien. why?" Lore asked.

"I didn't want him to get hurt. When you're pregnant as you guys know you have severe mood swings. When you're pregnant and you're a vampire, you destroy cars, buildings. You maim people cos you have to feed almost constantly."

Mongrelle stopped talking as Stephanie McMahon and Stacey Keibler walked past suspiciously.

 Vix stopped walking and stared them into the ground, "they're up to something." But not feeling threatened, the amazons again started walking.

"Being a vampire you heal faster than mortals. Sometimes up to 3 times faster and while that is good….okay. Imagine the first three months of your pregnancy for me. Imagine having to go through all the nausea, dizziness and mood swings in one month. Basically what you guys went through in nine months, I went through in three."

Vix and Lore stopped and looked at Mongrelle in shock.

"And I had three little angels, 10lbs and 2oz each."

Elle suddenly took off her sunnies, the poor thing was exhausted, her red eyes were sunken and her skin was hanging off her bones.

 "Oh hunny." Vix hugged Elle to the point of almost breaking her. But Lore was thinking of other things.

"Hey! Why is our locker room open?!" Lore exclaimed.

 Mongrelle pushed Vix to the ground and sped into the locker room knocking over Lore on the way. "De? Gabe? Luci (pronounced lukie)?. ARRRGHH!!!" Mongrelle screamed, rushing out of the locker room, again knocking over Vix and Lore. Now there would be hell to pay. The bitch was back!

Stacey and Stephanie were in the ring addressing Stacey's 'totally not cool' title loss when Mongrelle rushed out. This confused everyone in the building except Lore and Vix. possibly Tye. Mongrelle did everything but rip their throats out. She had to be dragged off by twelve ("count 'em 12 JR.") officials including Sgt. Slaughter.

 Keibler and McMahon were rushed to hospital and stuck in I.C.U (intensive care unit). After realizing that Stacey and Stephanie were innocent Mongrelle decided, then and there, that it was the other divas that had stolen her children.

She threw the officials aside and stalked her way to the women's locker room.

**At the amazon locker room**

 Inside the amazon dressing room Lore and Vix were trying to explain to Tye, Damien, the hardy boyz and Vince why their friend was going on a near- homicidal rampage. It wasn't going down well.

 "Maybe it's just more mood swings?" Damien hoped out loud.

"Mr. McMahon!" a frightened stagehand rushed in.

Vince closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. "Yep?"

"It's Mongrelle! She's hit the women's locker room sir! And hit hard. There's blood and thong's everywhere!" he adjusted his head set and raced off.

Vince scowled. "She's destroying everything that I've ever worked for. We have to put that bitch down!"

 "Now just a minute!" Linda McMahon walked in and took charge, "all she's doing is trying to find her babies the only way she knows how. And I'll be damned Vincent if I let you try to stop her."

 Vince went home defeated and humiliated while Linda tried to help the amazons.

**The women's locker room**

At the women's locker room it wasn't pretty although Lore pointed out repeatedly that the divas weren't pretty way before Mongrelle got there. Blood coated the walls, bloodied clumps of peroxided hair stuck out of the lockers showed where Mongrelle had snapped and tried to decapitate Torrie Wilson in the lockers. In a mangled heap lay Terri, Jackie, Debra and Trish. They were covered in bruises and blood. Bones protruded from shins and forearms. Shoulders and hips were dislocated and twisted out of sockets but they were still alive. The lucky ones were the four that had ceased to breathe. Jazz's injured knee had been severed cruelly from her body, she appeared to have been beaten to death with it. With her superhero sidekick cape wrapped savagely around her neck mighty molly no longer looked very mighty. Lillian Garcia had walked backstage to check on Stephanie and Stacey when she had been caught in the crossfire. Mongrelle had viscously embedded the microphone in Lillian's throat and watched her turn blue. Nidia was twitching on the floor her women's title brutally wedged in her stomach.

"Shit!" said Linda, "she's not playing anymore is she?"

The guys were rapt at being allowed into the women's locker room but now they huddled behind Vix and Lore for protection.

 Tye it seemed had taken a detour and was now enjoying someone else's company.

There was an awkward silence in the room when Damien coughed. The amazons plus the hardyz plus Linda McMahon looked at him waiting.

"Linda, if your daughter had just had triplets wouldn't you want to see your grandkids?" Linda nodded, Jeff and Matt exchanged worried glances. Vix and Lore looked at each other.

 "HER PARENTS!" they yelled simultaneously.

Damien took off followed by Vix and Matt with Lore and Jeff closing fast and Linda McMahon and her cronies bringing up the rear. The posse got to the locker room of Luna and Gangrel and paused.

"How do we know that Mongrelle even considered that her parents had the kids?" Jeff asked after five minutes of silence.

Lore smacked him across his multicolored head. "Maybe Jeff, just maybe because of the silence in the locker room and the blood pouring out of the locker room."

Blood was gushing from under the door. Not even Vixen was game to open it.

 Linda looked disappointed, "I'm sorry I couldn't help you find her. Why don't you go back to your own kids and…"

Linda was still talking but that's all the amazon's heard. Not even Mongrelle could accuse taker and Kane . could she? As if in response to the question everyone was afraid to ask both sets of Hardy twins and Tamsin came stampeding down the corridor bawling their eyes out.

"What happened? What's wrong?" asked Damien afraid of the answer but already knowing what it was.

"Mongrelle attacked grand daddy deadman and great uncle Kane" Hallie wailed.

Although Vix and Lore knew that their friend was in considerable pain this was unforgiveable. How could they possibly stand by her now?

Damien torn between relations of blood and the mother of his sons got the hell out of the corridor and headed for the carpark, there he found her.

She was sitting on the roof of his black hire car her hair was messed up and soaked in blood and she had blood red scratches up her arms, the way she was sitting you could see that they were self-inflicted. On the bonnet in front of her were the three pieces of linen one black, one green and one red. Damien climbed up behind her and put his arms around his waist. Mongrelle struck out hitting him again and again, blood poured from his face but he refsed to let her go through this alone. When she saw he would not leave her she accepted his company.

"Will I ever see them again?" she asked looking up at the stars.

"I don't know," Damien said climbing to sit beside her, "I really don't know."