"Damn right they'll be avenged. And what's more…" Mongrelle fought for control once again. "Lets go."

Damien grabbed his bag and waited in the car while Mongrelle settled the bill. He jumped when his cell phone rang in his pocket.

"Talk to me."

The voice on the other end was dry and raspy, "be at the show boy or you will never see your mistresses child again."

"My mistress?" Damien said.

"Yes your mistress. I'm watching her now."

Damien's brow furrowed, "I think you've got the wrong number. I don't have a mistress. Or a wife for that matter."

The voice called into the background, "are you sure this was his number…what a dumb ass."

The voice cleared up into a normal male voice, "Damien, look I'm only going to say this once…are you listening?"

"Yes I am. Intently."

Mongrelle got in the driver's seat. "Who are you talking to?" she chirped.

"I don't know."

"What? Is she there?" the voice got slightly higher, now it sounded worried.

"Who Mongrelle? Yeah she's here do you want to speak to her?" Damien was confused now.

"No I don't. But when I said mistress before I was referring to Mongrelle. O.K.? Do you understand now?"

Damien nodded, "yeah, now that makes complete sense."

"Good," the voice became croaky again, " be at the show boy or you will never see your mistresses child again."

The person on the other end hung up. Damien hung up and put his phone in his pocket.

"Who was it? By the look on your face it had to have been someone good." Mongrelle poked him.

Damien swallowed hard, "he said we have to be at the show or we'll never see him again."



Mongrelle reached over and took Damien's phone out of his pocket she looked at the number. It was a cell phone, she didn't recognize it. Damien looked back at the manager's office where Mongrelle had been.

Mongrelle noticed that, "what are you looking for?"

"Go and stand in the office where you were before. Don't ask. I just have a hunch."

Mongrelle shrugged and got out, she went and stood next to the desk. She turned and looked out the window at him.

Damien had gotten out of the car and was marching around the parking lot like a thing possessed. He walked up and down until he was out of her line of sight and then again, doing the same on the other side.

"What's he doing?" asked the manager.

Mongrelle turned around to face him, "I don't know he just told me to stand back here. He wouldn't say why."

The instant she turned her back, Damien's cell phone rang again. It was the same number.


The voice was clear again, "what are you looking for? Don't look so surprised, I can see both of you better now than I could before."

Damien spun looking at the skyline and the surrounding buildings but he couldn't see anyone. There was no one walking down the street and he couldn't see anyone anywhere else. He backed up to the car next to his and sat on the trunk.

"GET OFF MY CAR, damien! you should know better than that!" The voice roared and laughed with the same breath.

The car 's engine roared and the car flew backward almost knocking Damien to the ground. The car screeched away. Damien ran after it but he was mortal and couldn't keep up after a block or two.

Damien walked slowly back to the hotel. Mongrelle was standing next to the manager and they were just standing next to the car.

"I'm sorry. I…I couldn't catch him." Damien wheezed.

Mongrelle pronounced it slowly so he could understand in his frazzled state, "are you insane? What were you doing? NO what were you thinking?"

Damien turned and pointed in the direction the car sped away in. "that was him. The guy who knows where Demon is."


Damien didn't argue…for long. "It's not my fault… I'm sorry." He dove into the back and lay there until they pulled over for lunch at a roadside diner.

"Hey guys! Come join us." Vixen called.

The whole posse was there eating their lunch.

(Not From Madame: The amazon/hardy/hurricane and brother of destruction group have for simplicity's sake been labeled the posse.)

Mongrelle sat next to Jeff and sent him scurrying under the table to Lore for protection.

"Useless bastard." She joked.

"You're in a much better mood today." Matt noted loudly.

Jeff looked at Damien and motioned toward Mongrelle, Damien nodded and held up six fingers. Jeff's jaw hit the table. Damien smiled and made 'and now I'm tired' motions. Jeff sulked when Damien looked at lore. He shook his head and mouthed, "not with the kids around."

Mongrelle took Damien's hand and dislocated one of his fingers.

He took his hand back and held it to his chest to protect what was left of it.

She looked at him and Jeff, "don't think I don't know what you're doing."

Both Damien and Jeff paled considerably.

"How is the search going?" Kane pulled his chair closer.

Mongrelle shook her head.

"You haven't found them yet?" the undertaker pulled his chair closer.

Damien was frantically making 'don't ask' and 'shut up' gestures.

"Oh no I found two of them and I know the third will be at tonight's show." She answered quietly.

"So… where are the little tykes?" asked the hurricane.

Damien ducked under the table, "oh no. Now you've done it."

"Well gabe was staked through the heart and placed in the back of the rental car and this morning I found out that luci was tortured with razor blades and then burned to death and swept up nicely into a jar for my convenience. And I have yet to see what shape Demon is in."

The diner went quiet. Everyone around them shifted and vacated the area as quickly as possible.

"Nasty." Said Jeff before fists flew on him from all sides.

"No, don't it's not his fault! He simply knows no better." Damien resurfaced from under the table.

"Are you really hungry?" Mongrelle asked.

Damien nodded, "I haven't eaten since last night."

"I'll bet." Jeff muttered.

"Me too. I'll be back." Mongrelle said following a healthy looking young man out to the parking lot.

When Mongrelle came back looking radiant, half of Damien's burger and fries had disappeared from his second plateful.

"What did you do to him?" lore asked Mongrelle, watching Damien wolfing down his food and pulling the third and final plate closer to his face.

"Nothing I don't usually do. Maybe a little more often but apart from that…what's wrong?" Mongrelle looked at Jeff who was watching Damien eat.

"I'm in awe, he inhaled it. It's all gone." The sight of his cousin eating captivated Jeff. "He's worse than Matt."

"At least Matt uses a fork…sometimes." Vixen defended him while wiping ketchup off his face.

"Finished?" Mongrelle glanced in Damien's direction.

"Almost." Damien bolted for the bathroom.

A couple of minutes later he emerged and they left the posse to finish their food.

After arriving at the arena that night Damien set off to explain their presence to Linda McMahon, who still had everyone on standby "just in case." Mongrelle was more intent on who was at the taping the night her brood disappeared and who was there now. She waited in the 'posse' locker room crossing off names with a pen and a small "no, I killed her/him." She went through the list towards the bottom was a pair of names that caught her eye. Gangrel and Luna Vachon. Strange she thought to herself. She hadn't remembered seeing her parents there. And she was sure she'd searched the entire arena. 'Oh well, must have missed a spot.' She took the pen and wrote on her forearm to go and see her parents at some point.

Damien walked down the corridor looking for his dressing room. The sign was on the door crooked and it looked strange. Oh well Mongrelle must have slammed the door on her way in. he opened the door and walked straight into Gangrel.

"Sorry. Dude I…" Damien leaned to the side to look past Gangrel. "Isn't that…?"

Gangrel's hand came down and Damien's world went black.

Mongrelle scoured the arena but she couldn't find any trace of Demon or Damien now that she thought about it. As she walked past the boiler room she felt the compulsion to search it again. She flung opened the door and heard the dull *thunk* of door hitting hollow flesh. Something on the ground crawled towards her like a nightmarishly large leech. Stepping back into the light to see it better she decided that the hunch on it's back really made it look more like a snail. It crawled towards the light. Now it looked more like Damien had been jumped and then dumped on the floor and sitting on his back, now the size of a regular three-year-old was…

"DEMON! My baby!" Mongrelle squealed and scooped him up. His black hair had dust through it but the gleam of his eyes and roundness of his tummy told her that he had been well fed. Whoever his kidnapper was, he was now sporting a killer hickey.

"Damien, did you see who took him?"

Damien shook his head and coughed. He fell back to the ground with a thud, "please don't let me swallow my tongue."

Demon began to cry. Mongrelle kicked Damien in the gut, "get up! You're upsetting him."

"God forbid." Damien pulled himself to his feet slowly and trudged after his girlfriend, the mother.

Mongrelle knocked on Linda McMahon's door. Which was promptly opened for her. "You wanted to see them, when I found them." Mongrelle smiled presenting her baby to Linda. "He's the only one left. The others are dead."

Linda cooed over Demon for a while. Mongrelle glowed with pride. Damien lay on the floor trying to realign his own ribs (you know the ones Mongrelle's kick misplaced.)

"Have you seen my parents?" Mongrelle asked laughing as Demon attacked a nearby pot plant.

"Sure I have." Linda smiled "they're right next door."

Gathering up her infant and kicking her boyfriend in the previously cut up back, Mongrelle proudly walked next door to her parents locker room.

She opened the door and…

"Wait" Linda ran up behind her, "sorry your parent's were here at the beginning of the show but they went home after Gangrel's match."

"Thanks a bunch." Mongrelle put Demon on her hip and walked to the parking lot. Damien crawled after her.

In the parking lot Mongrelle strapped Demon into the front seat next to her. She put the bags in the trunk so that Damien could lie down again. Damien slithered into the back of the car and fixed the seat belts around him.

About half an hour into the journey Damien got up the courage to ask where they were going.

"Where are we going?"

(told ya so)

"To my parent's estate."

Damien much to the protest of his ribs and back sat up, "they have an estate?"

She shrugged, "it's not that good."

Two hours later she pulled up outside this freaky old castle. The metal writing above the gate read, "VACHON." There was a light in one of the towers and when it went out Damien got back into the car.

Mongrelle turned around to him, "what are you doing?"

"You can't make me go in there." He said putting on all the seat belts at once.

"You don't think so." Mongrelle stared deep into his eyes. Damien found himself unbuckling the seat belts and walking towards the house through the creepy metal gates. Mongrelle and Demon in tow

Shortly after Mongrelle drove away from the arena. Linda remembered the awful scene outside the locker room of Gangrel and Luna Vachon. The torrents of blood gushing from under the door. Damien's cell phone was out of range. She called the posse.

Matt hardy was the only one that bothered to return the call. When Linda told him that Luna and Gangrel were alive and probably the kidnappers of Mongrelle's children. Matt jumped into his car and drove until his phone was in range.

Mongrelle was about to pull the door bell cord when Damien's phone rang. The ringing broke Damien's trance.

"You can't answer that. They'll call you back if it's important." Mongrelle said looking into Damien's eyes again. She pulled the bell cord and a resounding boom filled the air.

Gangrel opened the door. Mongrelle brought her family inside. Damien snapped out of his trance when he looked at Gangrel's face.

"You beat me up. I knew that particular ass kicking felt familiar."

Mongrelle looked at Gangrel, "explanation?"

"He barged in on your Dame when she was changing. I felt it my duty to beat him unconscious. You can hardly talk. What did you do to his back petal?" Gangrel stood tall.

"I don't think it's important." Luna walked down the stairs straight to Demon and snatched him off Mongrelle. "Good evening, childer. You have finally brought your own childer for my inspection."

Demon took one look at her and burst into tears.

Luna practically threw Demon to Damien, "make it stop."

Damien walked into another room with Demon to calm him down.

"How have you been cupcake?" Gangrel gathered his favorite childer into his arms.

"Mongrelle. Why did you keep that childer? He simply will not be quiet, not like the other two." Luna interrupted wrenching Mongrelle out of her Sire's arms and into the space in front of her.

Mongrelle stepped out of her Dame's grasp, "what did you say?"

Luna stepped closer, "why did you keep this one, the loud one."

"How did you know there were two others." Mongrelle snarled.

"Don't you dare take that tone of voice with me child. We saw them when you went for a walk." Luna raised her hand to strike Mongrelle then she stopped, "where are the others?"

"as if you don't know!" Mongrelle yelled driving her Dame back with an icy stare. "YOU MURDERED THEM. I KNOW YOU DID, THERE'S NO ONE ELSE IT COULD BE. YOU WERE THERE THAT NIGHT. YOU WERE THERE LAST NIGHT AND YOU'RE HERE NOW."

Luna turned her back to Mongrelle, "last night you say. I was here all night but I can tell you who wasn't."

Both of them looked at Gangrel.

"I wanted to purge the family of weakness. The only one with my powers and yours cupcake was Demon. The other's had to be sacrificed for him." Gangrel said picking up a Polaroid camera and taking her picture.

"You murderous OLD BASTARD." Mongrelle seized her Sire by the throat and drained him right then and there.

"NO!" Luna shrieked, "how could you child. You were his favorite and you always knew it. If it must be this way kill me too. Take the estate as payment for the pain he caused you and your childer."

Mongrelle sighed, "let it be done." She drained her dame with a lesser ferocity than her sire but in the end both crumbled to dust.

Damien walked in with demon, "I think I got him calmed I… what happened here?"

Mongrelle smiled, "I killed them. The estate is ours…well mine." She took demon off Damien and held him to her jugular, "hungry my pet?"

After informing the vampiric authorities of the proceedings, the house was blessed and legally conveyed to Mongrelle and her childer.

After a feast of coke and pizza, Damien volunteered to take demon up to bed.

"Sure, third room on the left up the stairs."

"How will I know which one?" Damien whined.

"The first is a linen cupboard and the second is a bathroom. You are going to find it." Mongrelle reassured him with a friendly nip.

Damien opened the door of the bedroom. It looked really creepy. It had a black crib covered by a black mosquito net. Damien gently placed demon down and tucked him in. he looked at the door Mongrelle wasn't there. Damien stood over the crib doing body builder poses complete with little grunts as he tensed his muscles.

"You dooshbag."

"Argh!" Damien shrieked. "How long have you been standing there?"

Mongrelle laughed, "not long."

Feeling a little sheepish Damien walked out to her. "So where's my bedroom?"

"Here," Mongrelle pulled him into another bedroom.

"Aw but pet." Damien whined, "I'm so sore. I got bruises on my torso, glass in my feet and cuts on my back. I can't…"

"That sounds like a challenge that you'll just have to deal with. Doesn't it, my love."

***Six months later. ***

Damien walked up the pathway slowly after 5 months on the road he was finally home with his girlfriend and their son and whatever child she had been pregnant with when he had left. When she had met him at an arena two months ago she had refused to talk about it.

"BEATRICE, ABIGAIL, TABITHA. DEMON! DINNERTIME." Mongrelle called from the dining room window.

"What the hell?" Damien mouthed as he looked towards the woods that bordered the estate.

A young boy that looked about 10years old ran out of the woods pulling behind him three identical triplets. The three girls all looked like Mongrelle must of when she was five or six. Blonde hair, red eyes and the palest skin he had ever seen. Demon looked at the man on the path and his red eyes lit up, "daddy, daddy guess what! Guess what!"

Damien hugged all of the children, "I guess your gonna tell me that the one baby your mom had was these three. Right?"

Demon laughed and shook his head, "nope."

Mongrelle stepped out of the door. Damien looked up, wow Mongrelle had actually put on a little weight.

Demon pulled on Damien's pants. "That's not it. Guess again."

Damien gave up, Mongrelle looked kind of cute a little rounded. "I don't know you'd better tell me."

Demon counted to three and the triplets sang along with him,


Damien fainted.

Not to be continued.