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Chapter 1: An Angelic Beginning Part 1



Stories of fantastical beings of great power ranging from Gods to Demons, Angels to Devils to monsters and humans. These beings have played instrumental roles in the factions they fought for, actions being recorded so future generations can know and learn important lessons from these mighty legends. Many of these beings were recorded as heroes; champions of the light who fought for justice and to banish the darkness. Some were villains who fought for the dark side, caring only for themselves and abusing their power for personal gain. Some were antiheroes who fought for vengeance and retribution where justice failed them and to make sure others didn't suffer as they did.

It did not matter what cause they fought for or even the very reason that spurred them to take the paths they did, in the end they all became legends.

But one question has stumped many throughout the centuries with no answer in sight; how does one become a legend?

Are you born a legend?

Or are you fated to become a legend later on in your life?

For one, special young man it was a combination of the two as due to his divine lineage from his father and the events that transpired in his life. He rose to legendary status early in his life when he became the Angel Slayer, killing the group of Fallen Angels responsible for the terrible events known as Second Impact and the Angel Wars. He became the Messiah when he rejected Third Impact, denying SEELE the Red Earth Ceremony and the Fallen Angels the White Earth Ceremony by activating the Green Earth Ceremony that allowed him to rejuvenate the Earth to its Pre-Second Impact state.

But this wasn't the end of his legend for fate had greater plans for him. His already great legend would become even greater when through the actions of the Archangel Gabriel, he joined the Angels of Heaven and became the greatest angelic legend ever.

The Angel Slayer (てんしのスレイヤー; Tenshi no Sureiyaa). The Messiah (きゅうせいしゅ; Kyuuseishu). The Heavenly Commandant (在天司令官; Zaiten Shireikan). The King of Oracles (王者のお告げ; Ouja no Otuge). The Heavenly Infinity (天無限大; Ten Mugendai). The Hero of Heaven (勇者の天堂; Yusha no Tendou). The Trump Card of Heaven (決め手の天堂; Kimete no Tendou). The Left hand of God (ひだりハンドのてんてい; Hidari Hando no Tentei). The Angel of Elements (天使の風雲; Tenshi no Fuuun). The Avatar of Twilight (具現の夕闇; Gugen no Yuuyami). The Ultimate Angel (究極の天使; Tenshi no Kyuukyoku). The Legend of Legends (しんわのしんわ; Shinwa no Shinwa).

This is the legend of Shinji Strada – the Archangel of Twilight!


Three years.

It's been three years since I prevented Third Impact. Shinji Ikari thought as he walked through the gates of Kuoh Academy. Kuoh Academy is a prestigious high school within the Tokyo Kuoh prefecture, having been established 50 years ago, originally as an all-girls academy so young Japanese women could gain a top-quality education. Many of Japan's female politicians, industrialists, high-class doctors, etc. all once attended Kuoh Academy. Five years ago the academy became a unisex academy, meaning boys are now allowed to come to Kuoh Academy but they are in the minority as the student body is still predominately female.

As the hidden Messiah walked the grounds of the academy, he felt a smile come to his face as he saw the teenagers enjoying their lives without worry of giant monsters trying to eradicate them for whatever reason. It made Shinji smile even brighter knowing he was successful in making sure they didn't live like they used to in the original timeline; in fear and wondering when the end would finally come. They would be able to continue to live blissfully in ignorance of the true dangers hidden from them.

As he walked, Shinji's smile faded a bit when he saw a few of the couples along his normal route. Even though the school had been coed for five years now, only a handful of girls actually had their own boyfriends. Most of the girls here thought of boys as perverted and wanted little or nothing to do with them. Shinji himself was somewhat envious of those boys who had managed to get themselves a girlfriend.

At least they have someone in this world. Shinji thought with sad smile as he looked at the happy couples.

Even being the guy who saved the world had its trade-offs.

He was Shinji Ikari – the Third Child of NERV, pilot of the Evangelion Unit 01, Angel Slayer, Berserker and the Messiah. Together with fellow pilots Rei Ayanami, Mari Makinami Illustrious and Asuka Langley Sohryu, Shinji had risked life and limb in order to defend mankind from the Angels. But his greatest trauma came from the schemes and manipulations of his own (step) father, Gendo Ikari.

His estranged (step) father, an utterly ruthless bastard, had conspired with a group of men known as SEELE to trigger what was known as Third Impact, using him and his Eva to initiate what they referred to as Instrumentality. Essentially, it was the forced evolution of mankind, which would have wiped out everyone on the entire planet and given them the "Power of God".

However, their years of scheming and planning had one flaw.

Shinji Ikari himself.

It was at the peak of the Instrumentality ceremony, when everyone and everything was wrapped in the aura and power of the Red Earth Ceremony, that Shinji, while still inside Unit-01, momentarily gained control of the ceremony and rejected everything they were trying to do.

However, in doing this, Shinji had changed everything.

Gendo and SEELE were wiped out. NERV was wiped out. The Evangelions were wiped out. All traces of the Angels were wiped out. Everyone employed with NERV never worked for NERV. And all knowledge of Shinji Ikari being an Eva pilot was wiped from the memories of everyone who knew him.

Shinji had basically rewritten the history of the world for the last 16 years.

However, in doing so, it was only after everything had changed that Shinji realized what he had done. He had saved everyone on the planet... and left himself alone.

His mother and '(step) father' were gone. His adoptive father didn't remember him and he could no longer proudly call himself a Strada. Asia and Melpha were happily back in the Vatican and living on without him. His commanding officer Misato was alive but didn't remember him. His fellow pilot Asuka was back living in Germany. Mari was back in either the states or Great Britain. Rei didn't exist because she was created by NERV. It was the same for his friends Toji and Kensuke; alive and well but no memory of Shinji Ikari.

While he couldn't bring back 3½ billion people, the world itself had been rejuvenated to its Pre-Second Impact state.

He was still Shinji Ikari (Strada), but in this new world his parents had died years ago and essentially left him as a ward of the state. His adoption from the original timeline was gone and so he couldn't even be with his new family. He also couldn't even ask for help from his old comrades who like everyone else don't remember him. The only up-side, and it was a somewhat shallow one, is that Shinji found out he had a good-sized trust fund left by his biological parents before they died, so as to provide for his food and shelter. He also found out that his mother had registered him for Kuoh Academy since he was a baby. Apparently Yui had been expecting a girl; not that she didn't love Shinji for being a boy but it did explain where the name Rei came from. It was to Shinji's good fortune that the school had changed its policy to go co-ed, making his presence here to be somewhat easier.

Now 18 years old and into his second year in the co-ed school's college division, Shinji wondered what was in store for him in this new world.

As he walked along, he noticed five things that had become the norm at this school.

The first thing he noticed was that he was in the middle of a harem of very cute girls. He wasn't really surprised when he really thought about it; being a true gentleman and treating the girls of Kuoh as actual people and not sex objects caused the girls to just love him. And with him constantly thwarting the Perverted Trio's attempts to peek on the girls here and allowing the Girls' Kendo Club to punish said trio, he had the upmost respect from the girls. Especially from the Girls' Kendo club since he managed to join the club after impressing the co-presidents Murayama and Katase with his sword skills. (He needed a way to keep his skills sharp and so joined the Kendo and Karate clubs.)

The second thing he saw was a handsome young man with short blond hair and blue eyes, dressed in the typical dark-gray school uniform, neatly pressed and tied, with polished brown shoes, standing in the center of a small harem of very cute girls. This was Yuuto Kiba, the school prince; a nice enough guy, which is something that all the girls seemed to appreciate.

He then saw three scowling boys whom he knew thanks in part to their less than reputable reputations.

The first was Matsuda, the tallest of the group who had very-short light grey hair, who reminded Shinji of Toji; both being jocks. Nowadays, however, he spent his time peeping on the girls, and Shinji had once heard him say things like 'Shut up or I will rape you in my mind.' There was Motohama, often called a glasses-wearing pervert, who had short, shaggy black hair, and joked that his glasses had the ability to measure a girls three sizes. This guy reminded Shinji of Kensuke. And lastly was Issei Hyoudou, a somewhat dim-witted hentai who wanted to build himself a harem, which was the scuttlebutt amongst several of the girls who detest hentais.

They loathed both Kiba and himself because they was more popular with the ladies than they [the Perverted Trio] were. Not that Shinji could blame the girls' actions towards the Perverted Trio; he found they disrespected men like him and Kiba.

Suddenly he saw the boys' heads turn towards the gates, as three very important people walked in.

The first was Rias Gremory, an extremely gorgeous bishoujo and object of every guy's fantasy. With her cyan colored eyes and very long, crimson-red hair, not to mention her voluptuous figure with a pair of breasts most teenage girls dreamed off, made her the most noticeable and sought after young woman in the entire school. She wore the Kuoh Academy girls' uniform; a white long-sleeved, button-down shirt that seemed a size too small due to how tight it looked on her and doing nothing to hide the large shape of her ample breasts, with a black ribbon worn as a tie, a black shoulder cape and matching waistcoat, a magenta skirt with white accents, and brown dress shoes over white crew-length socks. In a lot of ways, this girl reminded Shinji of Asuka.

After Rias was Akeno Himejima and the former's BFF (and possible lesbian love interest due to the rumors spread thanks in part to the Perverted Trio). With her extremely long raven hair in a ponytail that reached her ankles, an athletic and shapely body that would put most super models to shame, a warm and gentle smile and purple eyes, not to mention her cheerful and outgoing personality, she was the idol of many girls, and the fantasy of many boys. In a way, she reminded him of Misato.

Trailing behind her was Koneko Toujou (formerly known as Shirone), the school mascot. A first year student, she had short silver-white hair and gold eyes, a petite figure and seemed to be carrying herself as if walking on a cloud. All the girls thought she was uber-cute and all the boys looked at her like she was some loli-girl, wanting to do ecchi things to her. She didn't smile, unlike the other two girls, and just seemed to stare out across the sea of students, as if looking all through them. Wearing a uniform much like the others, except that it didn't have a shoulder cape, this girl reminded Shinji of Rei.

Then she walked in.

Every head, male and female, turned to look at the goddess who blessed this school with her presence.

Gabriella D'Angelo.

She was a statuesque young woman of 6'3", with a level of beauty that caused her to be seen as an otherworldly beauty. She had a body that made both Rias and Akeno's pale in comparison to her own, the very definition of an hour-glass figure; her voluminous breasts were perfectly round and perky that they there were coined by the boys of Kuoh Academy as "The finest pair of breasts in the world!", an impossibly thin waist led to wide, flaring and curvy hips that led to long, toned and shapely legs which led to perfect dainty feet.

The shirt of her uniform looked like it was painted due to how tight it is, doing nothing to hide the perfect shape her voluminous breasts and how they defied gravity by not sagging a bit. The waistcoat showed off a toned stomach, so Gabriella clearly took good care of herself. The tantalizingly short skirt was nice and tight, showing off her plump, tight and firm yet supple heart-shaped rear end and made her already long legs look even longer and one couldn't help but fantasize about having those perfect legs wrapped around them.

Her shoulder-length blonde hair shone in the morning sun like spun gold, eyes the purest of sapphire that anyone has ever seen, a face that made the Mona Lisa look pathetic and made one want to make a portrait to her instead.

She wasn't just physically beautiful beyond compare on the outside, but also beautiful on the inside. She's polite and humble, calm, soft-spoken and amiable. She is also kind and gentle and one couldn't help but love her. One couldn't dislike her no matter how hard they tried (despite the fact the girls tried because how bloody beautiful she is).

As she walked, it was if some instinct made one take notice and gives her the respect she deserved, as if her mere presence commanded it. Even the hidden devils of Kuoh gave her their begrudging respect, their minds unable to comprehend how a mere human could cause such a reaction within them. Other humans yes, but them… proud devils of the Underworld… there were more to her than meets the eye.

She ignored the whispers, the stares and glares, the requests from boys (even a few girls) to go out with them, as she headed towards the main building. It was always the same thing for the past year since she came here, and today was no different. Along the way she turned towards him, Shinji Ikari, her sapphire eyes piercing him as she gazed upon him. Slowly a radiant smile lite her face, sending butterflies to Shinji stomach as he blushed healthily that this… goddess of feminine perfection would even give him the time of day to smile at him. Yet she does, ever since she came to Kuoh.

The boys glowered at him, jealous that he had Gabriella's attention. The girls wondered if the two of them were secretly lovers.

And Shinji?

He wondered what did he do get such attention from Gabriella.


Lunch break found Shinji in his usual spot by the old school building; far enough for some privacy but still close enough to make it back in time for the rest of his classes. As he was about take a bite from his lunch, he felt a presence next to him. Turning, he stiffened slightly when he saw Gabriella take a seat next to him.

"Shinji-kun." Gabriella said in her usual harmonious voice and giving him her usual radiant smile. "How are you today?" she asked. Shinji managed to play it cool despite his nervousness at being in Gabriella's presence. He could fight and kill monsters, demons, devils and other supernatural creatures with the greatest of ease but an overly beautiful women like Gabriella left him nervous.

"I'm fine Gabriella-san." He answered getting a nod from the girl. He used to call her 'D'Angelo-san', but she quickly ended that by asking him to call her Gabriella-san instead. He couldn't tell her no. "How are you today?"

"I am fine Shinji-kun." Gabriella said with a smile. "If you don't mind I'd like to discuss the project Kozuki-sensei assigned us." Shinji nodded his head, remembering the school-wide, all division project was about finances and how to properly manage them. Since having good financial skills was vitally important, the school decided that the students needed to develop this skill so they wouldn't screw themselves over by ruining their finances. "I would like to have you as my partner Shinji-kun." She said reaching over and gently taking his hand into her own.

Shinji felt his face heat up, knowing he was blushing faintly. There were multiple parts to the project, including having a partner of the opposite gender to simulate a couple sharing their finances. After that was revealed, Gabriella was swarmed by the guys in their college class, literally begging her to be their partner. Many of the girls snorted, trying to control their anger and jealously at the scene. Several of the girls around the school had asked him to be partners with but he politely declined saying he didn't want to the hurt the other girls' feelings by trying to choose one of them over the others.

Of course the girls swooned at how he taking into account the feelings of others not hurt someone and so agreed to back off.

He could tell her no since he decided to work alone, but something told him to agree. Here was this goddess in human form asking him to be her partner, him – Shinji Ikari, out of all the boys at Kuoh who literally dropped to their hands and knees and begged her to be their partner. He looked into her sapphire eyes, so beautiful and radiant he couldn't help but get lost in them that the words came spilling from his mouth.

"I'd like that Gabriella-san."

She beamed at him, leaning in and giving Shinji a kiss that was dangerously close to his mouth. Leaning back with a faint blush dusting her cheeks, Gabriella fought the urge to lean in again and French kiss Shinji.

"Thank you Shinji-kun. I want you to meet me by the gate when school lets out so we can head to my place and discuss the project more." Gabriella said getting up and leaving. Shinji unashamedly stared at Gabriella's pert rear end, watching the sensual sway of her shapely hips and the way that booty bounced.


"I don't like this." Akeno Himejima, VP of the Occult Research Club and Queen of Rias Gremory said with clear agitation in her voice. She was looking out the window of her classroom, watching jealously as Shinji ate with that whore Gabriella. Ever since Gabriella D'Angelo came to Kuoh, she [Akeno] and Rias were bumped down as the most popular and beautiful girls in Kuoh, replaced by the 'Goddess of Kuoh' as Gabriella had been named. Another strike against Gabriella was her closeness to Shinji Ikari, Akeno's man even if Shinji didn't know he belonged to her and she had yet to make her claim on him.

A few feet away, sitting at her desk, Rias shook her head at her Queen's possessive nature when concerning Shinji Ikari. It wasn't that Rias wasn't as possessive as Akeno, desiring the Angel Slayer in more ways than one, but there were times Akeno's possessiveness grated on her nerves. "You know you cannot harm her Akeno." The crimson-haired beauty said noticing the electricity sparking in her Queen's hand. Said Queen relaxed her hands, the electricity disappearing.

"He is so close yet so far away." Akeno whispered as she gazed lovingly at Shinji, ignoring the whore beside him. Rias nodded in agreement. After Shinji rejected Third Impact and restored the world to its pre-Second Impact state, the leaders of all the supernatural factions came together and put a man-date on Shinji to leave him alone and let him live his life without any more supernatural interference. It was the least they could do for him after all he suffered and sacrificed for during the wars.

"I know Akeno-chan." Rias said her voice longing as she envisioned Shinji as her servant and her pampering him. The sexual and naughty kind of pampering. "But with my plan, he'll be ours, yours and mine, to have our wicked ways with as we please."

"How kinky of you Buchou." Akeno teased appearing behind her King and groping her large breasts. Rias moaned as her Queen massaged her breasts, liking the way her Queen stimulated her nipples with slight electric shocks. "You, me and Shinji-kun; in a hot, sweaty, passionate and kinky three-way. Our bodies slicked with sweat, the sheets stained with our juices, his large cock pumping in and out of our bodies… I'm nearly drenched thinking about it." Akeno moaned, slipping her hand into her skirt and lace panties, two fingers slipping in and out of her core.

"Fuck! Shinji-kun yes!" Rias moaned as she fingered herself to the delicious image her Queen placed in her head. She could see it; Shinji on top her, ravaging her generous breasts as he impressively didn't break his stride of making love to her. She saw his long and hard cock, moving in and out of her tight pussy, filling her up long and wide, and hitting her womb with each thrust. Akeno straddling her face as she [Rias] at her [Akeno] out.

Akeno straddled her King, still fingering herself as she kissed the masturbating redhead. The raven-haired Queen saw the same scene as her King but it was reversed; it was Shinji making love to her as she ate out Rias. The two devils continued to self-pleasure themselves and making out until they finally came, screaming their release into the other's mouth. Calming down and checking the time, the two she-devils cleaned themselves up and left for their next class, plotting to make Shinji theirs.


When school ended, Shinji walked through the sea of students as they left school to do whatever they do. As he walked, he fought down his nervousness at being partnered to Gabriella. He had texted little Ophis that he would be late and told her where the sweets were and to help herself. He didn't get a reply back, already knowing the little glutton was gorging herself on cookies and donuts. As he approached the school's gate, he saw that she was there surrounded by her usual harem of boys.

"Gabriella-san." He called out over the boys, all sound stopped when he did. Like the red sea, the boys parted to show him Gabriella who looked unperturbed at having so many boys throwing themselves at her. She smiled her usual radiant smile before walking towards him, taking his hand in her own and gently guided him away from her fans, the rest of the stunned students and Kuoh Academy. Shinji was almost beet red as Gabriella intertwined their arms, resting her head on his shoulder as they walked the path to her home. They could easily pass as a young couple in love to passer byers.

As they walked, a figure approached them from the opposite direction.

Shinji noticed that the figure was a young woman about his age. A beautiful girl with big, oval eyes, thin eyebrows arching upwards, and thick eyelashes. She possessed a mildly round nose and thin lips. She kept her hair loose falling down below her neck and a bang covering partial parts of her large forehead: with two much longer strands elongating to her shoulders. Her uniform was different from the girl's Kuoh uniform; it was a black blazer worn over a grayish dress shirt and black bow tie, a black pleated skirt adorned her lower half with knee-high socks and polished dress shoes. On her left wrist was a silver chain bracelet with a stylized wing charm attached.

She stopped right in front of them, forcing him and Gabriella to stop and getting the blonde to narrow her eyes.

"Excuse me Ikari-kun." The girl spoke cheerfully. Shinji raised an eyebrow at how this girl knew his name and was wary of her. She felt off to him but he couldn't sense anything that would give him such a feeling.

"Yes." He answered on guard.

"I'm Layla, and I'd like to ask if you'd go without me." She said smiling and ignoring the frowning blonde bombshell hanging off his arm.

Before he could answer, Gabriella spoke in a harsh tone that surprised him; "I'm afraid Shinji-kun must decline Layla-san. Shinji-kun and I already have plans seeing as we are boyfriend and girlfriend."

Shinji felt his brain freeze as Gabriella basically claimed that they were now official; that they were a couple. Layla frowned, her plan of getting Shinji alone thrown off due to him having a supposed girlfriend. Plus there was something off about this girl but she couldn't put her finger on it. Gabriella and Shinji moved passed Layla, continuing on to her place of residence as Layla glared at them, specifically Gabriella.

Unknown to the three, a figure with golden eyes and eating a pudding pop had seen the entire scene and vanished in a red mandala to report to her King.


(Occult Research Clubroom; One hour later)

Kiba had never been as afraid of his King and Queen as he was now. Their yoki (demonic energy) was flaring wildly as Koneko went on with her report undisturbed at the maelstrom of devil energies smothering them like a miasma. How in the fuck is she staying so Lucifer-damned calm when Buchou and Akeno are ready to kill something?! Kiba thought incredulously at the unflappable Nekomata Rook.

Rias' eyes were literally red, glowing with her immense yoki as she went over the information her Rook had given her. His girlfriend?! That whore has the right to claim MY Shinji; my future servant and lover as her boyfriend! Rias thought angrily. Argh! I should have realized those little things she did around Shinji-kun were signs she was interested in him. Damn it! She was scouting him! I'll have to step up my plans for him now! Rias thought as she stood and paced the room. "We'll be moving our plans for Shinji-kun up as well as dealing with this Gabriella."

"Buchou you can't mean…" Kiba left the sentence floating in the air. Would his kind Buchou really kill this young maiden simply for claiming herself Shinji's girlfriend?

"Hush Kiba-kun." Rias said softly to her Knight. "I'm not talking about having her killed. No I'll have her as a servant like Shinji-kun, but she won't enjoy him, that I promise." She said darkly getting Kiba to shake his head.

"Ufufufu. I can't wait to use my new 20 inch strap-on dildo to take her as my bitch." Akeno giggled with a sadistic edge and getting Kiba to edge away from her. There was only so much of Akeno he could take in a day and he's reached today's limit. Hell he reached it before the day even started!

Xuelan, Isabela, Mihae, Siris, Ni and Li, Marion and Bürent were excited at finally being able to have Shinji to themselves. With him as a devil and part of the Gremory peerage they could finally make him their lover. Unlike the others, these eight had talked things over and agreed to share Shinji. Besides who wouldn't want to have an orgy with these eight beauties.

Koneko merely sat, eating her youkan, while smirking internally. With Shinji as a fellow peerage mate, she could finally get her claws in him. She knew that Rias, Akeno and the other Shinji Chasers wanted him also, so they would have some competition over him, but Koneko was confident that she would have Shinji for herself. Who needed such large breasts when petite ones were easier to handle and were much cuter.


Shinji thought he was in the twilight zone given the events of yesterday. Gabriella had asked him to be her partner for a school project, after school they walked to her house, only to be stopped by a cute girl along the way who asked him to go out with her, only for Gabriella to answer for him and claim they were a couple. After getting to her house; a fairly large terrace house with four stories with modern amenities, six bed rooms (which included the master suite), a large multi-purpose bathroom, and a large basement. After getting settled, Shinji asked Gabriella if they really were a couple as she claimed to Layla.

She merely smiled before leaning forward and capturing his lips in a deep yet chaste kiss. Pulling back she answered; "I wanted you for a long time Shinji-kun and now that I have you, I won't let you go." And with that, she kissed him again, this time licking his lips and in his shock, opened his mouth and allowed her to explore his mouth with her tongue. It took a few moments for Shinji to respond before he kissed back. He fell backwards on the couch, allowing Gabriella to lie on top of him as they made out, his arms wrapping around her waist as her hands found his hair. Nearly twenty minutes later, they broke apart and stared lovingly in each other's eyes.

Then she said the three most powerful words you can say to a person; "I love you."

It made his heart swell with happiness as he did have romantic feelings for her but he kept them under lock and key. He hugged her tighter, burying his face in the crook of her neck as she gently held him in her embrace, stroking his hair as they laid there. They stayed like that for a few more moments before reluctantly breaking apart and talked about the project. For the first time since the Angel Wars ended, Shinji truly felt relaxed. They talked, laughed, and joked like regular teenagers do, and Shinji enjoyed it, as a he never had a normal childhood like others as he raised as a warrior of God. She cooked him dinner, wanting him to sample her cuisine, and delighted by her excellent skill. When they saw the time, she asked him to stay the night, and of course he agreed.

The following morning, he awoke to her cuddling him, dressed only in a simple dress shirt gaped open to reveal her huge cleavage and breasts. She was on top of him, her head and hands resting his chest, his arms wrapped around her in a tight embrace. He would have normally freaked out, yet he all felt was this sense of love and peace. He had to admit that she was cute sleeping; her blonde hair splayed out, her mouth slightly open and how her brow would twitch before she got comfortable again. He held her tighter, basking in her presence until she finally woke up, releasing a cute yawn as she blinked the sleep out of her eyes.

When her eyes met him, they brightened like the sun as she leaned in and kissed him. He eagerly returned the kiss, enjoying the taste of her as she tasted him. In his heart, he could feel his love for her growing. He wanted to love her back and that lead to a new problem.

Could he open up with her?

Would she believe him when he told her of how the world used to be; a dystopian wasteland being besieged by 'Angels' who wanted nothing more than to wipe mankind off the map? Would she believe him when he told her about his times as an exorcist, NERV, the Evangelions, his battles with the 'angels', all of his personal trials… basically everything? No she would claim he was crazy and needed help, and probably leave for a more 'normal' boyfriend.

He didn't know what to do as he sat in class, half focused on the lesson and half focused on his dilemma. He thought about it all throughout the day, hardly giving the text that Ophis sent him about him needing to get more sweets for her a second thought (as he always needed to buy her more sweets), even as school ended and he met up with Gabriella again by the gates. They walked arm in arm out of the gates, following the same path they took yesterday, walking through the same park before they were stopped again by Layla. She was dressed in a slinky one-piece mini-dress that was a couple of inches from being obscene and was night-black in color. There was a medium-sized oval hole in the chest area, giving a generous view to her rather large breasts. Matching thigh-highs adorned her legs along with calf high boots. Shinji thought she was pretty but he has a woman a lot better than her.

"Layla-san." Shinji said being polite.

"Shinji-kun." Layla said happily while ignoring the glare from Gabriella. "I was hoping to have a minute of your time."

Raising an eyebrow, Shinji answered; "I must decline Layla-san. It would be poor of me to cheat on my girlfriend with another woman."

Layla frowned minutely before a dark, vicious smile nearly bisected her face. "The hard way it is then." she said maliciously before transforming; her clothes literally exploded off her and exposing her nude form to the world. She aged about a decade, her body becoming fuller and more buxom. Then night-black leather resembling pink trimmed lingerie formed around her. The top she wore exposed the bottom half of her now larger breasts. On her arms she wore evening-style gloves, thin, sheer panties with stockings and simple pink high heels adorned her lower half. Six, night-black wings sprouted from her back as she stood proudly before the two.

Well this is some shit! Shinji deadpanned but was also worried. He would have to have Gabriella run so he properly take care of Layla and possibly explain this to Gabriella. That would be a bitch to deal with it as he didn't really focus on memory altering magic given how desperately most humans denied things. That and the Church would send an Aria to deal with any people remembering things they shouldn't.

"I am Layla, daughter of Leliel the Angel of Night." Layla formally introduced with a mocking bow and getting Shinji to raise the eyebrow. "I am here to get revenge for my mother's murder that you Shinji Ikari committed three years ago." Layla said darkly before rushing towards Shinji.

Shinji tried to push Gabriella away but she stood between him and Layla, catching the light spear in her right hand and crushed it before decking the fallen angel with her left which sent the winged woman flying backward several feet. It was this scene that Rias and her peerage came onto, the Gremory Team widening their eyes as they saw Gabriella deck the fallen and leave her flat on her back.

Layla laid there dazed, confused and the right side of her face stinging in pain. A human shouldn't have the ability to grab a light spear unharmed, crush it and physically harm a fallen. Standing up, she glared at the girl, vowing to make her death extra painful. "I don't know how you did that but you're dead because of it!"

Gabriella snorted. "A wretched being such as yourself is no match for an angel of my standing!" With that said, Gabriella started glowing. Unlike 'Layla's' transformation, Gabriella did not destroy her clothes, instead they changed along with her. Her school uniform changed into a beautiful yet somewhat revealing take on a nun's outfit, sans the traditional headpiece and neckpiece: she has a form fitting, open white frilled dress that reached her mid-thigh, with an equally form fitting white jacket on top of it with gold elegant designs and metal armbands. The dress and jacket are cut to show off her voluminous cleavage and breasts. On her lower body, she wore white thigh-high stockings attached to the garter belt she wore underneath her skirt. Worn over her stockings were armored, heeled boots that stopped a little past her knees.

(*Note: Gabriel's outfit is Sigui's outfit from the Queen's Blade series, but how I described.*)

Gabriella herself then changed: like Layla she aged about a decade, making her appear in her early-to-mid-twenties though she stayed at the same height, her hair which was short was now long (reaching her mid-back), curly and very luminescence like the sun itself. Her figure which very few women could ever hope to match was now on level that was unrivaled and was truly the definition of perfection. She was more buxom with ridiculous curves; her physique is most pronounced by her humongous breasts as they are in the high K-cup range. Her face, well there was no word capable of describing it except divine. Twelve wings, each six feet long, gold in color and each shining with a bright light rivaling the sun itself, sprouted from her back as a brilliantly bright golden halo appeared above her head.

Shinji fell to his knees as he looked upon Gabriella stunned by her divine beauty and the aura she wielded. Even the devils were on their knees, captivated by her beauty but afraid due to the tremendous holy aura she was producing. It was beyond anything they felt; not even Sirzechs in his base form could actually compare to the tremendous power this being wielded so easily.

Layla was currently scared shitless; her eyes wide, her knees shaking, her body trembling in fear of the superior being before her. "It… it can't be… you can't be here…" she stuttered.

"There is no mistaking it." 'Gabriella' said to the scared fallen angel in a sultry timbre tone. "It is I, Gabriel – the Great Seraph, Archangel of Power & Revelations and the Strongest Woman in Heaven!" she exclaimed getting the devils to pale. "You, you wretched Fallen shall not harm Shinji-kun!" she shouted as she summoned her trusted blade the Divine Sword that cuts Fate itself – the Sword of Fate. It was a Flamberge sword with a Kriss-styled blade that was double-edged and 50 inches in length, with a white leather wrapped handle and basket-shaped guard to protect her hand.

"This sword has slain many enemies; devils, fallen angels, monsters and demons." Gabriel said as she held her blade up in front of her. "With this blade I slew the Underworld Queen Lilith. This blade ended the lives of the Original Leviathan and her daughter Kazarina. This blade rent the Fallen Angels Ezeqeel and Asbeel asunder. And now, one more fallen angel shall fall to it." Gabriel intoned swiping her down blade in a diagonal slash before turning and walking to Shinji, desummoning her sword in the process.

The devils raised their eyebrows, only to drop their jaws as Layla was bisected in two; from her right shoulder to her left hip. Her upper body fell with a thud, her lower body following a few seconds later.

She killed the Fallen Angel with a simple diagonal slash! Was the general thought of the devils. She is one of the Seraphim and a legendary Archangel; she fought during the Great War, fought and killed Lilith-sama along with the 1st and 2nd generation Leviathans! She killed two of the Grigori leaders of whom were part of the Five Great Evil Gods! What chance do we have against her if we try to stop her from taking Shinji? The devils thought in unadulterated fear.

Shinji looked up at Gabriel, still in shock at what has just happen. Gabriel gently grasped his shoulders and brought him to his feet. He tried to work his mouth to say something but he couldn't form any words.

"I know you have many questions Shinji-kun and I promise to answer them all in time." Gabriel promised to the stunned boy. "But this information will endanger you Shinji-kun and with the enemies you unknowingly made, you'll need the power and ability to protect yourself." She said summoning a playing card, white with gold designs; the Joker face in the middle and the Hearts in the four corners.

"The Brave Saint…" Rias whispered in panic. No, this wasn't good. Shinji can't become a blasted angel. He's meant to be a devil. But she couldn't move due to Gabriel's massive aura keeping her rooted to her spot.

"I can give you that power but if you agree then there is no turning back." Gabriel warned the young man as he looked between her and the card. "If you agree then your old life will end, and a new one will begin. It will be filled challenges and the enemies you have made will likely increase. But you'll gain powers beyond comprehension; allies that you can count on to have your back, the pure friendships you were denied, and the chance to finally move on." She said getting Shinji to stare intently at the card.

He slowly reached forward towards the card, gently grasping Gabriel's hand and getting her to blush faintly. "Did you mean it… when you told me you loved me as Gabriella?"

Gabriel stared into his eyes, piercing him with her sapphire orbs before saying; "Yes. I truly and honestly love you Shinji-kun."

The Shinji Chasers were in shock at Gabriel's words, even more to see her lean in and kiss Shinji and to see Shinji kiss her back. A golden-white flash happened and blinded the devils. When it died down, the Archangel and Angel Slayer were gone.

"SATAN-DAMN IT!" Rias roared in anger, an enraged snarl on her beautiful face. She couldn't believe it! She was this close to getting Shinji to herself, only for a damned angel, a fucking Archangel, to come in and snatch him away from her. Snarling like an animal, Rias summoned her yoki at full power and launched a devastating Power of Destruction at the fallen angel's dead body.


When the dust cleared, there was a massive crater where the fallen angel's body used to be. Breathing raggedly, the red haired beauty stomped off, muttering curses to the angel as her peerage followed.


"Was that a dream?" Shinji asked himself. Yesterday seemed almost surreal to him; Layla transforming into a fallen angel, her trying to kill him, Gabriella saving him by transforming into a twelve gold winged angel and introducing herself as the legendary Archangel Gabriel, her killing Layla, and what happened afterward.

He tried to move only to freeze when he realized three things. One, he was naked. Two, he couldn't move due to being wrapped up in someone's arms. Three, said person was a woman given the large, soft and round objects pressing up against him as well as being naked as he was. Turning, Shinji saw a mop of golden blonde hair, its owner resting her head on his shoulder, her face buried in the crook of his neck. The woman yawned, her warm breath blasting into his neck as she lifted her head and blinked the sleep out of her eyes. Shinji gasped as he recognized Gabriel, the events of the previous day coming back to him again.

The two just looked at each other, Shinji trying and failing to form a sentence while Gabriel was content in holding the handsome young man in her embrace. A few more moments Shinji finally asked; "So it wasn't a dream?"

Gabriel smiled, snuggling him even more as she answered; "No Shinji-kun, it wasn't a dream. What happened was real, and so is your new life as an Angel."

Shinji's eyes widened at that. "A… I'm… an Angel?!"

"Yes Shinji-kun an Angel." Gabriel said as she let go and laid next to him on his left side. Shinji's eyes, for a few seconds, dipped to her huge jiggling breasts as well as seeing her hardened nipples through the thin material of the sheet but quickly brought his eyes up. Gabriel mentally smirked at his actions as she noticed his quick glance at her chest. "We, myself and now you, are different from the 'Angels' you fought during the Angel Wars." She explained getting Shinji's eyes to widen even more that she knew about his past life. "As I promised Shinji-kun, you will get the answers to your questions." She reminded as she turned on her right side to look at him better. Once again, her deliciously jiggly breasts caught his eyes before he managed to tear his eyes away so as to not be called a pervert.

Sighing, Shinji relaxed into the cool white silk sheets before another question popped into his head. "Gabriel-san where are we?"

Gabriel smiled before answering; "We are in Heaven, specifically the 6th Heaven Zebel and in my palace. I brought us here after you agreed to become an angel and I angelized you."

Shinji sat up and looked around the immense room and had to whistle because this had to be the master retreat of master retreats; from floor to ceiling the room was made of a pearl-white marble with gold border trim with Christian designs etched into them. A diamond chandelier hung from the ceiling, at the far end of the room was an entertainment area with an overly large traditional-styled sectional sofa, foot rest and vintage love seat in front of the fire place/entertainment center.

There were two 'doorways' on either side of the fire place/entertainment center. Large windows on the eastern wall let in a lot of light and allowed views of the beautiful European gardens outside in the back of the palace. Two large French-styled glass doors led to a large balcony overlooking said gardens. The bed they were in was far larger he thought a bed could be (it was a California King-sized bed that also had built-in drawers), being a four poster canopy bed with a white silk canopy that matched the sheets and comforter of the bed.

"I see, so what now?"

"Come we shall shower. Afterwards and some breakfast, I'll give you a brief tour of Heaven while explaining everything you need to know." Gabriel said taking Shinji's hand in her own, guiding the two of them from her spacious bed and to her bathroom, with Shinji blushing deeply as he tried and failed not to stare at the sensual sway of Gabriel's shapely hips along with the movement of her pert rear end.

Her bathroom, which was large and spacious, was equipped with his and her sinks with pearl counters (that was directly behind the fire place/entertainment center), an ornate circular-shaped bath tub that was the size of a mid-sized swimming pool, a shower that was encased on two sides by white marble that had a glass door leading in to it. It had a marble seat inside it and a non-slippery bath mat on the floor. There was a towel/linen closet off to the side of the shower, and of course a toilet.

Forty-five minutes later they were cleaned, ate breakfast and then dressed in the white clothes of Heaven. Gabriel wore her usual dress while Shinji wore white priestly robes; also gold trimmed and made him quite handsome given the deep blush Gabriel sported when Shinji appeared in it. Taking his hand in hers, Gabriel led him from her palace and into Heaven, getting him to gasp at the sheer beauty of it. It truly is a Utopian paradise with all the buildings being made of silver-white Corian marble that glittered in the holy light shining throughout the realm and designed in the Italian Renaissance design. The streets were paved with gold and the sidewalks paved with silver. The grass couldn't be called grass is it was a puffy and soft white, cotton candy-like substance that he quickly realized was clouds.

As they walked, Gabriel told Shinji everything. How the Fallen angels were the true masterminds of Second Impact, using SEELE to take the blame, how they used the 3 ½ lives lost as an energy source to 'upgrade' their bodies with overwhelming power making them 'Super Angels'. She explained the Great War; a 9,000 year long war between Heaven, Underworld and the Grigori (the Fallen Angel organization), the deaths of God and the Seven Satans 1000 years ago, The Divine Council taking over Heaven, the development of the Brave Saints system to help rebuild their forces 300 years ago.

She explained about the Sacred Gears and that he was attacked by Layla not just for denying the Fallen their goal (and Leliel's murder by his hand), but also because he has a powerful Sacred Gear that made them fear him. She covered the power and abilities of Angels (powers he now has as her Joker) and Devils, explaining that somehow Fallen Angels retain their Light Powers when they fall.

She explained the various classes of Angels; that they are divided into what is known as the Three Spheres. The First Sphere are angels that serve as the heavenly counselors and consists of the: Seraphim – the highest angelic class and which Gabriel is a member of and who guard the Throne of God; Cherubim the guardians of the way to the tree of life in the Garden of Eden; Ophanim (sometimes called Wheels or Thrones) who are the carriers of the Throne of God.

The Second Sphere are the heavenly governors and consists of the: Dominions – the regulators of lower-level Angels and the angels who preside over nations; The Virtues/Strongholds lie beyond the Ophanim (Wheels), their primary duty being to supervise the movements of the heavenly bodies in order to ensure that the cosmos remains in order; Powers/Authorities are warrior Angels who are the bearers of conscience and the keepers of history and oversee the distribution of power among humankind.

The Third Sphere are the heavenly messengers and soldiers: Principalities/Rulers carry out the orders given to them by the Dominions and bequeath blessings to the material world, their task(s) is to oversee groups of people and are the educators and guardians of the realm of earth; the Hashmallim (singular Hashmal) known as the "Glowing/Amber Ones" are the lieutenants to higher ranking angels and bring forth the light and brilliance of the Holy Spirit; the Angels are the average every day beings humans talk about and the foot soldiers of Heaven's Army.

Gabriel then told him about the 'tenth' angelic class; the Archangels. The Archangels are a special class/rank/title of Angels with unique powers and abilities even among angel-kind and are given the title of "Archangel" according to those powers and abilities along with their specific duties. She used herself as an example; as the "Archangel of Power and Revelations" she is the divine personification of physical might, strength and power and she carries divine messages to various prophets, citing Muhammad as one of the many she visited.

She told him that he is an Angel and that in time and with a lot of hard work he could 'ascend' in rank and class; meaning he could become a Hashmal, Principalities/Rulers, Powers/Authorities, a Virtue, Dominion, Ophanim, Cherubim, or like her a Seraph and Archangel. By the time she was done, it was almost evening so she led Shinji to the Great Hall to introduce him to her contemporaries and Lord Michael.


(Seventh Heaven: Great Hall of Heaven; the Throne of God)

Michael, the "Lesser YHVH" and new the 'God', sat on his throne as the Divine Council trickled in for the monthly meeting. The only one that didn't show up was Gabriel which was odd given how punctual the woman is as she's usually the first to show up. Metatron, Raphael, Uriel and the others also noted the odd occurrence and wondered if something wrong happened to Gabriel. The door opened and the object of their thoughts appeared, holding hands with another figure. As the two came closer, Michael and the other Angelic beings got a good look of the second figure; 6'4" tall, soft brown hair, dark blue eyes, Bishōnen-type beauty… wait a minute!

"Shinji Ikari!" Michael shouted getting wide eyes looks from the gathered angels. It wasn't every day you get to see the legend responsible for stopping the plots of the Fallen Angels; killing 17 absurdly overpowered 'Super Angels' and restored the earth. Gabriel secretly enjoyed the looks of shock her fellow angels were giving her Joker, knowing that several of the female angels wanted Shinji for themselves given the 'Shinji Ikari Fanclub' they made.

Shinji looked at the one that shouted his name and correctly deduced that the person was Michael, the new God and the Lesser YHVH. Michael is a handsome-looking man with long blonde hair and green eyes shaped in a perpetually sad manner. He has twelve wings sprouting from his back, like Gabriel's they were solid and shone with the brilliance of the sun; as if God had taken twelve suns and placed one in each of Michael's wings.

"You angelized him?!" Michael asked Gabriel with narrowed eyes. Why had she, his most trusted sibling/subordinate, disobey his order?

"Yes brother. I anticipated the fallen angels targeting Shinji-kun in retribution, and secretly watched over him by attending Kuoh Academy with him." She began getting odd looks from the others as they didn't realize the rudeness when she said 'brother'. It did explain why she wasn't in Heaven for a year now as Gabriel hardly left Heaven unless for a mission. "The fallen Angel boldly attacked him in public and in my presence but I terminated her and offered him angelhood and he accepted. He is now my Joker." She explained to her audience.

"Cool another Joker like me." A cool voice said as its owner came into view. Shinji quickly recognized the person he displaced as the "Strongest Exorcist". The man is handsome in his mid-to-late twenties with blond hair, green eyes, wearing priest cloths, and ten pure white wings sprouting from his back. He approached the two with a lackadaisical smile on his face. "I'm Dulio Gesualdo, Michael's Joker and the "Strongest Exorcist"." He said in a lazy drawl as he extended his hand for a handshake. Shinji returned the gesture before noticing everyone was looking at him, making him a bit nervous. "You know it's pretty funny that you, Shinji Ikari, known far and wide as the 'Angel Slayer' and 'Messiah' would become an Angel." Dulio chuckled.

"The title 'Angel Slayer' is arguably the greatest misnomer ever." Raguel muttered to Sariel who nodded. The beautiful seraph (Sariel) gazed upon Shinji lustfully, a blush adorning her cheeks as her wings flickered between silver and jet-black for several seconds before she got a hold of herself and her wings stayed silver.

"I really don't know what this is." Shinji muttered but everyone still heard him. "So what happens now?" he asked.

"Now we'll see how powerful you are Shinji-kun." Gabriel said. "An Angel's power is denoted by the number of wings he/she has which also effects their rank. Dulio here has ten wings, making him as strong as an Ophanim and is thusly ranked as an Ophan. I, as a Seraph, have twelve wings and due to being an Archangel they are gold in color." She explained revealing her twelve gold wings to him once again.

She snapped her fingers; Shinji felt his back pulse and wiggle a bit until his wings popped out, getting gasps from the other Angels. Shinji looked behind him to see twelve wings like the Seraphim with the same silver color. Gabriel looked at her joker's wings in awe, seeing as Shinji was the only reincarnated angel to be on the level of a Seraph.

"Uh… I take it I just broke the norm around here?" Shinji asked feeling awkward.

Dulio chuckled uneasily. "…Yeah. Most reincarnated angels are usually two to four winged angels with a selective few having five to eleven, such as myself and Griselda, both of us having ten after our reincarnation. Those who possess five or more wings are the ones who'll be officially ranked." the blonde Ophan explained to Shinji. "Though with hard work and training one can increase his/hers wing number and rank by one or two. You having the same number of wings as the Seraphs... I really don't know what to say."

It means that my Shinji-kun is meant for great things and since he's already on the level of a Seraph there is no telling how strong he'll become when he realizes his full potential. Gabriel thought to herself admiring the wings of her beloved.

"There… is something else… another power…" Michael said looking at Shinji with a critical eye. "Can you summon your Sacred Gear?"

"Sure." Shinji said as his body glowed with tremendous force before fading and in his right hand was long elegant silver spear.

"The True Longinus!" Michael gasped in shock/awe at seeing the ABSOLUTE STRONGEST and MOST POWERFUL of the 13 Longinus before his eyes. Gabriel smiled, happy she was able to get Shinji to join the side of light. She dreaded to think what would happen if those wretched devils at Kuoh had managed to sink their claws into him. This also gave Heaven another Longinus user and the two most powerful of the 13 on the side of light.

"This is truly a momentous occasion!" Michael said getting everyone's attention. "This calls for a celebration as we have gained a tremendously powerful ally thanks to Gabriel's actions. Come let us feast and celebrate!" he said getting cheers from her Angels. Gabriel gently grabbed Shinji's hand, guided him out of the Great Hall to the auditorium that had been quickly converted for the party thanks to Angelic magic. The party was festive and pretty tames given that their angels. They can't get too wild now can they?

And cut! The first chapter of Angel Warrior: Archangel is up and running. Now a few of the reviewers asked for me make my Angel Shinji omake into an actual story hence the reason for naming it Angel Warrior: Archangel. I have done some changes to Angel Warrior which involve the story being a harem, the first ever ANGELIC harem in HSDxD and even changing Shinji's background in this story along with adding some characters from anime/manga into.

Now for the harem, that is a bit of a challenge as the only known female angels in HSDxD are Gabriel, Griselda and Irina (with Xenovia and Asia being angels in this story). To make this work, I would have to feminize some of the angels I've learned about from my research as most angels are seen as genderless and a few are considered "he". That and I have no idea if Ichiei will introduce any more female angel characters. I would have find angels with feminine sounding names and make them actually female and have them go after Shinji.

So here is the list of Shinji's harem: Gabriel (main girl), Melpha, Asia Argento, Irina Shidou, Xenovia and Griselda Quarta, Jeanne (will be explained), Ariel (whose name at times means the Lioness of God, therefore Ariel will be a "she" in this story), Lady (aka Mary from the original Devil May Cry series; will be explained) Sariel, and Rachiel (whose name means "Sexuality of God" an Ophan who rules over Venus and governs sexuality (basically think of an angelic version of Aphrodite)).

As I've said, Shinji will mainly be paired with female angels so no devils getting him in this one.

I've done heavy research into Jewish/Christian theology and the numerous Christian myths and legends, I will add some accurate real-life info in this story. You guys can look up the Three Spheres if you want to know more about it. There will be more angels than just the Seraphim.

I did to a major change to the Three Spheres. Archangel is in the Third Sphere but it is seen as the highest and most powerful class of angel in many Christian legends. So I switched out the Archangel with the angel class known as the Hashmallim from Jewish angelic hierarchy. Hashmallim are called the "Glowing or Amber Ones" because from some sources they shine with the brilliance of the Holy Spirit/Ghost. The Hashmallim will replace the Archangel class in my stories while the Archangel will be the 'tenth' angel class.

The Archangel class, the now 'tenth' angel class is far different from the real-life Archangel. The word "archangel" is from the Greek words "arche" (ruler) and "angelos" (messenger) and is most often translated to "Chief Angel", signifying archangels' dual duties. Archangels rule over the universe's daily operation on missions from God, while also delivering messages from God to human beings. Despite being in the Third Sphere, Archangels are higher up in rank and authority in Heaven. In my stories, the Archangel is a special class/rank/title bestowed upon specific angels with powers and abilities unique even amongst angel-kind.

These angels are the known Archangels besides Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael: Arael - Archangel of Animals and Nature (Fallen Angel, KIA by Rei during the Angel War); Azrael - Archangel of Death, Chamuel - Archangel of Farsight; Haniel - Archangel of Grace; Jeremiel - Archangel of Prophetic Dreams/Visions; Jophiel - Archangel of Beauty and Artisans; Metatron - Archangel of Guidance and "Ninja" (in HSDxD he is seen as a Ninja otaku); Raguel - Archangel of Harmony; Raziel - Archangel of Secrets, Law and Order; Sandalphon - Archangel of Music (Twin of Metatron, Fallen Angel, KIA by Asuka during the Angel War); Zadkiel - Archangel of Benevolence, Mercy and Forgiveness. These angels will be seen/mentioned in this story.

Most of the archangels' names end with the suffix "el" ("in God"). Beyond that, each archangel's name has a meaning that signifies the unique type of work that he or she does in the world. For example, archangel Raphael's name means "God heals," because God often uses Raphael to deliver healing to people who are suffering spiritually, physically, emotionally, or mentally. Another example is the archangel Uriel's name, which means "God is my fire/light." God charges Uriel with shining the light of divine truth on the darkness of people's confusion, helping them seek wisdom because Uriel is the angel of Wisdom.

Gabriel is the "Archangel of Revelations", basically the messenger for God and his chosen humans. In my stories, Gabriel is the "Archangel of Power and Revelations" since her names translates to "God is my strength". The reason for the change in religious title is due to Gabriel's title "The Strongest Woman in Heaven" as she is the most powerful female angel in Heaven. And since her name means "God is my strength", the title "Archangel of Power" fits her to a T while keeping her natural title she's known for (Gabriel is normally seen as female). Also I was inspired by the Greek God of Strength and Might Kratos and no not the main character from God of War no matter how badass he is.

Also there will be different colors for angel wings. Normal angels, with a wing number of two to eleven, will have the classic white wings. Seraphim will silver wings. The Archangels will gold wings. Also Michael's title as the "Lesser YHVH" comes from Judaism where Metatron is called the "Lesser YHVH" because he is seen as the second power in Heaven. Well given Michael's status in Highschool DxD and Metatron simply being a regular Seraph, it is Michael who is the second power in Heaven, meaning he rivals God's power and has now equaled it which will be explained later. Plus this makes more sense because Michael's name means "He who is like God".

For the Angel wing numbers, the numbers are from 1-12. Seraphs have 12; Cherubs have 11, Ophan have 10, Dominions have 9, Virtues/Strongholds have 8, Powers/Authorities have 7, Principalities/Rulers have 6, Hashmallim have five and normal angels have between either two to four.

I have removed the whole Great Seraph bit because really there is no information on why Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael are named such so they will just be Seraphim and Archangels in this story. After doing some research, I've discovered that besides the principal Seven Archangels, there are several more Archangels but in this story there will only be seven as the Seven Archangels are the counterpoint to the Seven Princes of Hell.

Other information I'll address is the name Gabriella D'Angelo. D'Angelo is Italian for "Of the angels" while Gabriella is a more feminine version of Gabriel. The Vorpal Sword is a sword from used by Lewis Carroll in his nonsense poem "Jabberwocky". And for Gabriel's appearance, use the Head Angel from the Queen's Blade anime but more buxom. For her Gabriella persona/form it is a short-haired, version of Shizuka Marikawa.

You know the deal; read and review. Flames will be ignored.