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Chapter 1: An Angelic Beginning Part 2


It has been five months since Shinji was angelized and became the newest Angel in Heaven and things have been good for Shinji who was truly enjoying his new life as an angel. Since she was responsible for making Shinji an Angel, Gabriel personally trained and educated Shinji in the ways of the angels. She told her beloved she was going to train him into the ground; destroying him to his foundations and rebuilding him into a true tower of strength. She cited that because she loves him that she will be hard on him because she wanted to make sure he can survive the challenges that awaited him in this world.

Shinji had no problem with this as he already had intensive training before so he always ready to improve himself as both a warrior and a person.

Gabriel trained Shinji in mastering his powers; properly using his Seiki (聖気; Holy Energy), angelic combat, Angel Magic and flight. She showed him how to make light-based weapons other than the common spear; swords, staves, knives and daggers, war hammers, shields, etc. Though given that he wields the "Holy Lance" the True Longinus there would be more focus Sojutsu (spear techniques). And since the "light spear" was the commonly used weapon for angels, that was easy to do.

He showed a surprising amount of aptitude with his light based powers, startling her at how easily and fast he learned the basics. He showed the most surprising ability that he would later dub his Twilight (夕闇; Yuuyami); the unique ability to use both Light (also known as Holy) and Darkness separately and even mix them into a perfect union Twilight.

This had caused an uproar when Gabriel gave her report on Shinji's progress to the Divine Council. No angel of Heaven should be able to do such a thing since Light and Darkness were extreme opposites; having the ability to use both and even combine them together into a perfect singular energy source didn't sit well with the other angels. God had tried to experiment in creating an angel who could use the Darkness element and it was disastrous; both Bezaliel and Leliel became powerful fallen angels with the latter being part of the group of fallen angels responsible for Second Impact and the 'Fallen' Angel Wars and who ended up being killed by Shinji.

Gabriel had immediately gone on the 'attack' to defend her beloved, citing that with God and the Original Satans dead the balance between light and dark (along with the world's balance) was disrupted allowing for the possibility of Holy-Demonic beings such as Shinji. She managed to convince them that Shinji having this ability was a true blessing since as an angel, he could and would use this for Heaven instead of Hell if the devils at Kuoh had succeeded in devilizing him and discovered his unique talents.

The council had grimaced at that and agreed with Gabriel that while unprecedented, Shinji's ability being used for the light was better than him using it for the darkness.

As Shinji's training continued, another surprise was revealed; Shinji's power-level and combat prowess. Shinji showed that his power level was already in the Ultimate-Class range. While initially surprised at her beloved's power-level, Gabriel merely saw it as Shinji being more capable of protecting himself which is what she cares about most. For Shinji's combat ability he proved to be a certified genius in combat. He grasped the basics and concepts of each technique and lesson at an advanced pace compared to some angels and he even surprised her when he revealed the improvements to the Angel Sword techniques. Throughout the training Gabriel could see that Shinji had high-level training in the past given how advanced in he was in combat and his rapid growth in her training.

When she asked about this, Shinji revealed that he had been taken in by Cardinal Priest Vasco Strada. Vasco, who had been doing some missionary work in Japan, had actually witnessed his abandonment by Gendo and took Shinji with him back to Europe and adopted Shinji as his son. Vasco then personally trained Shinji as an exorcist where Shinji (under the alias of The Executioner (刑吏, Keiri)) rose through the ranks to become a Top-class exorcist and displaced Dulio as the 'Strongest Exorcist' due to his insane combat and magical skills, mastery of the legendary holy sword Almace (and gaining the title the Second Coming of the Original Turpin because he was actually on par with the legendary swordsman himself, similar to how his father Vasco is for Roland) and his Longinus the True Longinus (which he awakened a few months after being adopted and two years later gained his Balance Breaker).

When asked why he didn't return to the Church and his adopted family, Shinji countered with how could he. When he rejected Third Impact and rejuvenated the earth, everything was changed to the degree that he had effectively created a new timeline where Second Impact never happened. Thus everything that happened after that one critical event never happened (which included his adoption) and no human (which included those in the Church who didn't have a way to protect themselves from the mind wipe) remembered anything from the original timeline. So why go back to people who no longer remembered him and he had no way of restoring their memories of him?

So Shinji tried to move in his life, doing mercenary work to make ends meet and keep his skills sharp.

Gabriel merely took the explanation in stride since it meant that Shinji could protect himself which as she told him before was all she really cared about. She also arranged a family reunion between Shinji and the Vasco, which was an emotional event between father and son, and Shinji once again was adopted by Vasco becoming Shinji Strada once again.

Curious to see Shinji's skills out in the field, Gabriel gave him several B-, A- and S-rank missions where she had been shocked by Shinji's brutal efficiency on each mission; each and every target he was sent after never survived the encounter. It didn't matter if they were creatures, stray exorcists, fallen angels or even High-class devils… no one ever survived against Shinji Strada. Within the five months of being an angel Shinji had quickly established himself as one of the top fighters in Heaven with Dulio relinquishing the title of 'Strongest Exorcist' to Shinji since he IS the 'Strongest Exorcist' ever produced by the Church. But Shinji refused to take the title unless he earned it and to this Shinji challenged Dulio for the title and getting everyone to make bets on who would win the battle. Michael even ordered Dulio to use his full strength (which included the use of his Balance Breaker) as he wanted to see exactly who would win in a fair fight.

The battle (that lasted for four and a half hours) ended in a narrow victory for Shinji, a portion of Heaven still under reconstruction and Shinji being banned from using his Balance Breaker except for emergencies (which was the same for Dulio) due to the sheer devastation its activation alone caused. And then there was the literal titanic level of power Shinji wielded when in said Balance Breaker which still left several angels shivering in fear from thinking about it (though for Gabriel there was another emotion she felt when thinking of Shinji's power but that's another topic for later). Thusly Shinji was now once again the Strongest Exorcist which the Church capitalized on by revealing Shinji's past and now current affiliation with them.

Michael even gave Shinji the title of Trump Card of Heaven (決め手の天堂; Kimete no Tendou) due to Shinji's immense skills.

As Shinji went on with his new angelic life, there were many that questioned exactly how Shinji has such immense powers despite being so young and many had their own theories, Gabriel included.

Gabriel claimed that Shinji's power level is due in part to the fighting 15 (Asuka and Rei killed one fallen angel each) Ultimate-class Fallen Angels. Those Fallen Angels were of Ultimate-class powers before they used the 3½ billion lives lost during Second Impact to enhance their already immense powers. That is part of the reason why Shinji has the moniker "The World's Strongest Human" because he was able to fight and defeat those overwhelmingly powerful angels. She cited that humans are able to gain immense levels of power in short periods of time from intensive training and battles because they have faster rates of growth since they lacked the numerous advantages all supernatural creatures have and have shorter lives. Shinji's past training combined with all of his battles pushed Shinji to and beyond his limits time and again. Since he's now an Angel, his progression rate will slow down to a degree.

She also theorized that Shinji's constant exposure to Dark Holy Energy (暗い聖気, Kurai Seiki) from the Fallen Angels caused his body to adapt it, absorbing it as it accumulated into the core of his soul. It is because of this exposure that Shinji's body was already attuned to it and when she angelized him, the Kurai Seiki was converted into pure Seiki and possibly opened the doorway for Shinji's Yuuyami ability.

Thus his high growth rate toward the angel ways.

Raphael, on the other hand, revealed that Gabriel was both right and wrong; right in her first theory about Shinji's development but wrong about her second theory concerning Shinji's Twilight ability. The truth of the matter was that Shinji was a natural born Nephilim; an Angel/Human hybrid. Raphael discovered that Shinji's birth father was not Gendo Rokobungi as many believed but the missing angel Cassiel. While making a complete medical file on Shinji, Raphael had discovered that Shinji shared no DNA with Gendo and so investigated why.

This investigation led Raphael to learning that Gendo was sterile which led Yui to seek another man to help her get pregnant so she could have a child. How Yui met Cassiel and convinced him to impregnate her was the question everyone wanted answered, especially Shinji. Raphael went on to explain that when Gabriel angelized Shinji, it only strengthened his angelic side to the point of assimilating his human half and made him a "true" angel.

Which explained why Gabriel had her Boss Joker card back; with a Shinji being a "true" angel like herself, he was removed from the Brave Saint system because he registers as a true angel not a reincarnated one. Nanael, the creator of the Brave Saint System, revealed she never accounted for hybrids like Shinji to be reincarnated since Nephilim are rare amongst angels and fallen angels. It was something she would take into account when she upgrades the system again.

This explained why Shinji is such a powerhouse along with his twilight ability as it was something he was born with, and there was no telling how powerful he'll become when he fully realizes his full potential.

Michael had decided to finally rank Shinji a Seraphim, along with making him the fifth Archangel.

"Shinji Strada by the power invested in me as the God of Heaven, I Michael, hereby promote you to the ranks of the Seraphim, the highest class of angels and give you the right to lead your own Brave Saint. You shall join Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and myself by becoming the Fifth Archangel. From hence forth I dub thee Shinji Strada - the Seraph and the Archangel of: Twilight, Force and Combat." Michael had decreed to all in the Great Hall witnessing Shinji's ascension.

Shinji accepted his new statuses and titles with great humility as his fellow angels chanted his name and cheered for him. The young Seraph was surprised he had to go through a ritual to become an Archangel, Michael citing the ritual was created by God when he created the Archangel title/class. The ritual would make his wing color gold, give him a power boost as Archangels are the most powerful angels of the ten classes, and give him several abilities unique to Archangels. Several hours and one Archangel Ritual later, Shinji now had twelve gold wings like his beloved Gabriel.

Speaking of Gabriel, she was overjoyed for her beloved for gaining Seraph and Archangel Statuses, but she had also been curious about what her brother was planning for Shinji. She knew that Michael was gravely displeased with her actions, given the argument they had shortly after Shinji's first party ended.


Flashback: Gabriel's POV

"Why did you disobey my orders Gabriel?" Michael asked me in a harsh tone that he rarely took. Even though he was angry at me, his perpetually sad eyes made him look even sadder. I stared at him with my arms crossed unflinchingly before answering.

"You should know why I did it Michael." I said evenly. "After everything he suffered for humanity to give them a second chance, he deserved a second chance himself but you denied me the chance to help him!" I told him in an equally harsh tone.

"Because Gabriel he isn't a true believer." He countered evenly. "I couldn't risk the system by allowing him to be angelized. Now I too am saddened at what he went through; having to fight those fallen angels and dealing with those around him trying to use him for their own gains while showing false acceptance. But as I said I couldn't risk further deterioration to the system with a non-believer." He went on folding his arms and showing me he was getting even more serious with this.

"And do you not think that maybe, in time, we could have convinced Shinji-kun accept our father's teachings." I countered refusing to back down. "Yes he would be hesitant but I'm sure, given time, we could have warmed him up and get him to accept the Almighty's teachings."

"Even if he had time, Shinji would have never fully accepted them." Michael tried to counter. "Given what he experienced, he would have constantly doubted them and probably even try to 'fall'."

"Even with that possibility we still should have taken the chance." I persisted. "Our world marked him in ways no human could truly understand; it would have dragged him back into it sooner or later."

"But the mandate..."

"You're being foolish brother!" I snapped at him. "The Fallen Angels would have never let Shinji-kun live in peace; seeking vengeance against him for denying them their wretched plans! And given how the devils recruit beings for their peerages and with Shinji-kun's vast accomplishments he would have been forced into devildom and I refuse to let that happen!" I shouted at him.

"Why are you so adamant about this Gabriel?" he asked getting frustrated. "Why are you fighting so hard for Shinji?"

"You want to know why. It's simple Michael... I love him that's why." I revealed shocking my brother. "In all my longs years of living, I've never seen a man like Shinji-kun." I said placing a hand over my heart knowing I was blushing. "Michael, you have not seen his soul the way I do; it so pure despite the hell he went through. Most would lose their purity but he somehow maintained his. His soul is so warm it is like the sun; I cannot help but want to bask in its warmth." I said thinking over all the things that caused me to fall in love with Shinji.

"Despite the pain and suffering, Shinji found it within himself to forgive those that tried harmed and use him where others would seek vengeance. Despite being forced into a bleak darkness, Shinji found enough light to illuminate his life as to live on and avert Third Impact." I said staring my brother in the eyes. "That is why I did what I did. You can call me selfish but I don't care. I decided that I would help Shinji-kun even if I had to 'fall' to do so! Why because I love him!" I said resolutely before leaving my stunned brother.

Flashback ends


Shinji's Promotion Party was a grand affair as he humbly accepted his new roles in Heaven. There was food and non-alcoholic drinks, lively music, party games and other party things. Since it was his party, the spot light was on Shinji the entire time, something he still disliked even after three years of being semi-normal. As such, he had to make rounds throughout the party talking to his fellow angels and dance with every female angel in Heaven. Which didn't sit well with Gabriel as she did not like the feelings welling up in her breast at seeing Shinji in the arms of another woman even if they were just dancing. Pushing down the feelings, Gabriel sought out her brother/leader Michael to get some answers.

"Brother may I have a word with you." Gabriel said in a neutral tone once she found Michael which wasn't hard as she could find him anywhere. Michael sighed before nodding and leading his sister to a private booth; it was far enough so as to not be disturbed but still allow the two to watch the party. Sitting down, the two angelic legends looked at each other with a fairly tense atmosphere around them. "What are you planning with Shinji-kun brother?" Gabriel said getting to the point.

Michael sighed again before he answered. "I'm not going to lie to you sister. I do not like what you have done; going behind my back, disobeying my orders and making Shinji into a true angel. But your actions have brought Heaven a great asset to use against our enemies." Michael said looking at his sister. "As for your question, I have nothing planned for Shinji." he said getting Gabriel to give him a questioning look.

"I have no plans for Shinji because I want him to make his own path as an angel. Shinji has already dealt with people trying to control him and I don't want him to think I'll do the same. This is indeed his rightfully earned/deserved second chance and so he WILL BE the one make the decisions and choose the paths he want to traverse." Michael told his sister. "As long as he does not endanger Heaven, Shinji may do whatever he pleases." He added.

Gabriel looked at her brother for several tense moments before she released her tension and nodded. "I believe you brother and I'm sorry for suspecting something."

"It is alright Gabriel. You're a woman in love so it's not surprising you want to make sure Shinji is okay." Michael said giving his sister a look of understanding. "Also there is one more thing to discuss." Michael said getting Gabriel's attention. "Metatron and his spy network have recently come across information concerning a group that calls themselves the Khaos Brigade. As of now, we have little information on this group besides them being mercenaries but I get the feeling they're exactly their namesake; an army of disaster." He explained getting a grim look from Gabriel.

"I see. I was planning on upping Shinji-kun's training anyway but this news is worrisome. If this Khaos Brigade tries something then we'll be ready." Gabriel said simply as she stood and walked away. If this Khaos Brigade was indeed a threat, then she'll be fighting side-by-side with her beloved when the 'war' came.


One month has passed since Shinji's ascension to Seraphim and Archangel Statuses and he has been busy. Firstly his training was intensified because since he already mastered his basic angel abilities, he now had to master his new Archangel abilities. One such ability was one that only the Archangels and God could use; Smiting (強打; Kyouda) the power to completely destroy a person/object with a just a mere touch or in God's case with a mere glance.

On the mission where he learned Smiting, he and Gabriel had to hunt down a group of rogue priests terrorizing a small European town. After rounding up the group of seven, Gabriel showed him how to smite.

"Watch carefully Shinji-kun. To smite, you must focus your Seiki into the target. There it interacts with the sinner's internal energies. Humans possess two types of energies that are eternally intertwined; Light Attribute and Dark Attribute. Like Yin and Yang, there is a balance of these two within all humans but that balance can be 'disrupted' with the actions of the human." Gabriel began her explanation. "Those that live righteous lives strengthen their Light Attribute while those that live in sin strengthen the Dark Attribute. When smiting, there is a chain reaction when our Seiki interacts with the more dominant attribute; should that person have strong LA, then they are spared. But should the DA be dominant then our Seiki will react violently, destroying them from the inside out." She told him as he listened intently.

"How do we know when a person is guilty or innocent?" Shinji questioned.

"Simple Shinji-kun. All angels possess the ability known as Soul Sight (れいおめ; Rei Ome). This allows angels of any rank/class to look within a person's soul to see if they are righteous or not. We can see all of their being; the good and the bad, every action and choice made, every word spoken, and see if they tell the truth of not. This is part of the recruitment process when finding Brave Saint recruits." She explained. "When you look into their souls, the souls are colored either white, black or gray. White represents purity, black impurity, and gray neutrality meaning they have the chance to become pure or impure when spared."

Gabriel then demonstrated on her chosen target, her sapphire eyes glowing with a silvery light as she searched the soul of the fallen priest ignoring his cries of repentance. "Brother Maxwell, your sins deem you worthy of the judgment of death." Gabriel intoned as she smited him. Brother Maxwell screamed as Gabriel's vast Seiki violently met his dark attribute, the man screaming in pain as he was forced to spontaneously combust, leaving only scorch mark where he once existed.

Gabriel had him chose his target and he chose the only female of the group. When he called upon his Soul Sight, he didn't even bat an eyebrow at the sheer blackness of the woman's soul and the amount of evil she did in her life as he looked through her soul.

"Sister Cromwell, your sins deem you worthy of the judgment of death." He intoned ignoring the woman's pleas she could repent. His immense Seiki flooded the woman's body and like with Gabriel's target, it reacted violently with Sister Cromwell's dominate DA, killing the woman instantly and leaving only a scorch mark. After smiting the remaining priests, he and Gabriel helped the towns people recover and hopefully move on.

As his training continued, Shinji got his Brave Saint up and running. Since it is based on card games like Poker, Black Jack, etc. Michael (being a playing card fanatic) had done heavy research on the history of the Suits in cards so as to make the Brave Saint system as effective as possible. The Suits used by the Brave Saint system are: Club, Spade, Heart, Diamond, Crown (aka the Royal), Castle, Cross, Bullet, Oracle, Star and Rose. Each Seraph could choose their suit and even change it later on but the Four Archangels had a fixed suit due to them being the four most powerful angels in Heaven and they would set the standard for the Brave Saint use. As the Fifth Archangel, whatever suit Shinji chose would become his fixed suit.

When it came to his Brave Saint Suit, Shinji chose the Oracle. The suit's symbol was a coin with a horizontal yin-yang like infinity symbol in the middle of it. The Oracle is connected to duality which fits since Shinji commanded equal and opposing forces in his Twilight ability. And little Ophis especially liked his choice as she represented infinity.

With his suit chosen and bound to him, Shinji needed to find worthy recruits for his Brave Saint. Angels recruited differently from devils; where devils choose their servants based on strength and talent alone, the angels choose and reincarnate talented humans who are strong followers and have a "pure heart". As such only members of the church and other followers were reincarnated into angels. Gabriel had made things a bit easier for her beloved by giving him a large binder filled with the files of trustworthy church members and other followers. After looking, Shinji found five promising recruits.

The first was his sister-figure Melpha, the only female Archbishop in the clergy. She was one of the few in the church he could truly trust and honestly call a friend. Having met Melpha through his father Vasco, he had hit off quite well with Melpha. Despite possessing average combat skill, Melpha possessed advanced magical talent comparable to a magician and thus was one of the strongest Aria in the church. Though she primarily used White Magic thanks to its various holy applications, she also excelled in Elemental Magic, Fairy Magic and Spirit Magic. It was Melpha who helped him unlock his own magical talent and become the master-level magic user he is today. There was no doubt that Shinji could trust Melpha to watch his back.

The second was Asia Argento, who'll be the healer of the team thanks in part to her Sacred Gear Twilight Healing. Also he could help one of the few people in the Church he could call a friend because really Asia was a person you just wanted to be friends with. Like with Melpha, Shinji had met Asia through his father and had taken an instant liking to Asia, seeing her as another sister-figure. Shinji didn't think it was right for most of the Church to isolate her and see her as some kind of freak due to her Twilight Healing. Besides his father Vasco and his sister-figure Melpha, Shinji was the only person that saw and treated Asia as an actual person. Being a member of his Brave Saint would help Asia greatly in many ways.

The third was Xenovia Quarta, the ward and student of Griselda Quarta and proved to be a prodigy becoming an exorcist at age 11 and a High-class exorcist two years later at age 13; becoming the Second Ranking Female Exorcist when she killed a Phenex Clan member. She wielded two legendary Holy Swords; the Peerless Sword Durandal of Roland the Ultimate Paladin and the Holy Sword of Destruction Excalibur Destruction of the Excalibur fragments. Having done a few missions with her, Shinji knew just how skilled she was and he was interested in seeing just how far she'll go in wielding Durandal.

The fourth was Irina Shidou of the Protestant Church in England. She, like Xenovia, is a prodigy but unlike Xenovia took her time in rising through the ranks, having only just recently become a Top-class exorcist. Irina gained her rank after killing the Cyclops Polyphemus of Greek legends. She was trained by his godfather the Second Coming of the Original Arthur Pendragon Ewald Cristaldi who masterfully wields the True Excalibur replica and the only person to master the powers of the Excalibur fragments. Like Xenovia, Irina wielded two legendary holy swords; Hauteclere the Great Sword of Purification and Excalibur Mimic the Holy Sword of Mimicry.

Then there was his fifth who was perfect for the position he wanted her. Shinji had to smile because really who else was to stand by his side not just in battle but in all things. She was the only one truly worthy of being his Queen for every King needs his Queen. With his members chosen Shinji decided to go on and recruit them now. Shinji left the office-study first checking up on little Ophis who was happily playing her video games while eating her sweets before teleporting to Gabriel's favorite spot in the gardens of their shared palace. Despite having the right to have his own palace as a Seraph and Archangel, he had chosen to stay with Gabriel. Her palace was more than large enough for two people and even Gabriel admitted how lonely it was before she had Shinji (and Ophis) staying with her.

"Gabriel-chan." Shinji said as he entered the gazebo his girlfriend was lounging in.

"Yes Shinji-kun." Gabriel said looking up from her book to look at her beloved.

The beautiful Archangel was dressed in a tight open-chest sweater-dress that reached mid-thigh with short-shorts underneath. The sweater dress and short-shorts was crème in color and looked pretty much painted on due to how tight it was; showing off her huge breasts, her buxom body and showed off her long and shapely legs. In order to procure even more of her beloved's attention, Gabriel had taken to wear more Earth-based clothing when alone in their palace; clothes that would show off her natural sex appeal but in a tasteful way. She just couldn't get enough of seeing Shinji's eyes roam her body with both love and lust intermingled together.

As he was now, which got a sly smile from Gabriel.

Drinking in the sight of his sexy Archangel, Shinji spoke. "I am going to recruit the five members for my Brave Saint."

"Who are your potential recruits Shinji-kun?" Gabriel asked as Shinji handed her the files on his five possible recruits. Gabriel bit back a grimace when she saw the first four files; they were four young women… four beautiful young women. Those feelings were coming back even stronger now but she managed to push them down as she read the files. She would admit at being somewhat impressed by the girls Melpha, Asia, Xenovia and Irina but that may have been the negative feelings making her biased.

"I can see why you want the four of them. Xenovia trained under my Queen Griselda with Irina being trained by the Second Coming of the Original Arthur Pendragon, Melpha's magical skill will be helpful against other magic users and the Holy Maiden will handle the healer aspect for your team." she said a bit dismissively. "I'm sure the four would gladly accept to serve you on your Brave Saint." she said with a strained smile. She then looked at the final file, her eyes widening when she saw the file was about her. Looking at Shinji for an explanation, Gabriel saw the sly smile on his face.

"Out of all the possible recruits, you were always my first choice." Shinji revealed still smiling even as he took out a specific card from his deck. "Because really who else could I so easily trust to watch my back than the woman I love. Every King needs his Queen and you Gabriel-chan are my Queen, the one worthy of standing by my side through everything." Shinji said revealing the Queen of Oracles card. "So you will do me the honor of being my Queen?" Shinji asked holding the Queen card out to Gabriel.

The beautiful Archangel let a tear fall as she heard Shinji's reasoning for asking her to be his Queen. He found her, only her, worthy of being his Queen. The one who would stand as his equal, stand by him through all the good and the bad. Because of their love, he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would always have his back and vice versa.

Shinji suddenly found himself on his back with Gabriel on top of him, hugging and snuggling him tightly as she chanted 'YES!' over and over. Shinji gave a soft chuckle before managing to free his arm enough in order to bind Gabriel to him as his Queen of Oracles. Feeling herself even more connected to her beloved, Gabriel took her love's lips for a kiss, which was readily returned as they made out. By the time they were done making out, it was the time of evening prayer so Shinji, giving his beautiful Queen another kiss, teleported to Earth to get his other recruits.


(Vatican City; the Vatican)

The Vatican, the base of operations of the most powerful religious organization in the world's history for the past two thousand years since ancient Rome. Comprised of the Catholic Church Headquarter Vatican, Protestant Church, and Eastern Orthodox Church the Vatican was the central religious power of the western world and was led by the Grand Pope. Here men and women from around of the world and of the Christian faith are trained to become exorcists; holy warriors of God in order fight against the forces of darkness and protect humanity.

Here the Christians were in their daily ritual of evening prayer when a golden, angelic light suddenly appeared before them. The nuns, priests and exorcists looked up at the altar as the golden light descended towards the floor. They all noticed the humanoid figure in the light and excitement rushed through the gathered people at seeing a holy angel appear before them. It was quite rare for angels to appear for whatever reason and so the holy people wondered which angel had decided to grace them.

When the figure finally landed, the light it produced died down revealing the figure's twelve gold wings and gold halo. An Archangel?! The only Archangels that came before them were Lords Michael and Raphael.

Xenovia, the Second Strongest Female Exorcist, saw the figure was a handsome bishōnen of a young man in his late teens to early twenties dressed in white and black priest vestments. He wore an armored gold shoulder-dress with a high-collar to protect his neck from decapitation strikes, had chestplate-like armor, and trimmed with white-gold. (Think of Michael's outfit from the anime but white and black instead of red.)

She gasped when she recognized him. "You! You're Shinji Strada; the Executioner, Angel Slayer and Messiah!" Xenovia gasped at seeing the living legend himself and in person. All the others gasped as well when they recognized Shinji, the feeling of excitement becoming stronger. Shinji raised an eyebrow at the feeling of excitement wondering about it until he remembered that Gabriel told him that Michael and Raphael returned the memories of the Church two years ago.

He then sighed as he realized why these people were so damn excited at seeing him; he's a legend throughout the supernatural world and the only humans who remember him are those of the church. Shinji felt his eyebrow twitch when he noticed several of the priests, nuns and exorcists get over their surprise at seeing him and hastily bow to him. Something that the others noticed and realized they were in the presence of a holy angel.

"St. Shinji it is a great honor to finally be graced with your holy presence." Xenovia spoke to the legend from her kneeling position. His father Vasco had revealed that after the return of the memories of the Church members, there were calls to have him [Shinji] rewarded and so the Grand Pope had sanctified him; officially making him a canonized saint within the Christian religion. "Is there anything we, your humble servants, can help you with?" she brought him from his thoughts with that question.

"First off, all of you may rise. I dislike it when people bow and it's hard to talk when one is kneeling with their head down." Shinji said getting the group slowly stand. Now that he could see her face, Shinji noted her beauty was more exceptional in real life than on paper; her blue hair with a green fringe along with her dark yellow eyes gave her a very striking look. She was dressed plainly in a simple nun's shirt and skirt.

"There much better. Now would you Xenovia, Archbishop Melpha and the Holy Maiden Asia Argento step forward." he asked getting the three come forward. Melpha and Asia, unable to contain themselves at seeing Shinji again, ran forward, nearly tackling the Archangel to the ground as they hugged him tightly. Shinji smiled as he returned the hug, happy to see Melpha and Asia again after so long and apologizing for not being able to visit them after finding out their memories of him were restored. The two blondes easily forgave him under the promise of visiting them more from now on. Seeing that the people around them was staring (especially since Melpha is an Archbishop), the two blushed before breaking the hug and moving to stand by Xenovia who didn't seem phased by what just happened.

Shinji saw that Melpha hadn't changed much still being the same relatively tall and buxom woman with ridiculous curves and ridiculously large breasts with golden hair reaching past her waist, pale blue eyes behind slime glasses. Her outfit was the only real difference; a blue cap on her head with a white, metal piece in the front, with the cross seal stylishly engraved into it. She wore a white, tight, bodysuit underneath a long blue dress, with a purple cloth wrap on the left side of her body and a long white ribbon with a yellow detailed design upon it. There was a beige corset around her waist, and the outfit was finished with brown calf high-heel boots.

"The reason I asked the three of you to step forward is because I wish to give you an offer." Shinji said getting curious looks from the girls. "I have come to offer you three a spot on my Brave Saint." he said shocking the three and everyone else. "I have recently obtained Seraphim and Archangel Status, thus giving me the right to lead a Brave Saint. After looking over the files of potential recruits, your files are the only ones that really caught my eyes and so I am to recruit you if you agree." he explained.

"Excuse me St. Shinji." a grandfatherly voice rang out. The mass split revealing the current Grand Pope, Grand Pope Francis. Dressed in his Papal robes, the elderly man steadily made his way to the young Seraph. Giving a deep and reverent bow, Francis spoke; "It is indeed the greatest of honors to be graced with your presence St. Shinji. But I must ask you to reconsider your choice of Brave Saint members. While I do not doubt the skills of Xenovia and the contributions of Asia, they are still young. And Melpha is an Archbishop so she can't possibly join. If you like I can help you pick out other possible members for your Brave Saint."

Melpha, Xenovia and Asia frowned at the Grand Pope's attempt to persuade Shinji to change his mind on wanting them for his Brave Saint.

"That may be true but I am the one who chooses who shall join my Brave Saint, not you Grand Pope Francis." Shinji said in a kind tone that also had a hard edge to it. "I specifically chose three because of their skills. I've done a few missions with Xenovia and know firsthand her skills so why not her. Asia's Twilight Healing will be helpful so she'll be the healer. That and she's one of the few people I truly call a friend. Then there is Melpha, another person I can truly call a friend and trust without fear. Her magical skills will be helpful against other magic users."

The Grand Pope frowned at the failed attempt to influence the Archangel and possibly gain a way to control him. He had hoped to convince him to take an exorcist that was in his [Francis] pocket. Preferably a female exorcist like Sigui and with said woman on Shinji's Brave Saint, the Grand Pope could use her to control Shinji since he wouldn't be able to resist the wiles of an older woman and believing that Shinji was the typical Japanese teenager who are known to have a fascination with older women.

Melpha smiled at Shinji for not only wanting her on his Brave Saint but also defending his choice to have her. She had greatly missed him over these two years and he was the driving force for her to actually become an Archbishop in the hope her position of power could help her find him and bring him back to her. She could remember when she first meet him; she was twelve and he was six when Vasco had approached her asking to help teach his son magic. For her it was an instant connection/attraction to Shinji, something she tried to hide but it only grew over time. During those two years, she pushed herself hard to become Archbishop all the while praying Shinji was alright. And now he returns to her wanting her as part of his Brave Saint.

Asia looked at Shinji gratefully for defending her. Ever since she met him through his father Cardinal Priest Strada, she had quickly come to see Shinji as her most trusted friend. Well he was her only real friend in the Vatican besides his father and Melpha. In fact, besides his father and Melpha, she was the only one who knew his identity when he went by his alias Executioner when he was an exorcist. As time went on, her feelings towards him had changed; at first being sisterly affection that soon changed to a romantic interest. There were a few times she imagined them happily married, living in a country side villa with their five children. Asia blushed faintly as that fantasy came to the forefront of her mind before she managed to beat it back.

She couldn't have such thoughts at a time like this!

Xenovia looked at Shinji with her usual calm and solemn gaze. Truthfully she felt flattered that Shinji wanted her to serve on his Brave Saint. Xenovia held no illusions about joining a Brave Saint and had no problem with not being chosen as she's a warrior of God no matter if she was angel or human. Despite her meteoric rise through the Church ranks, the Seraphs wouldn't chose her because of her age even with her prodigious skills. Yet here was St. Shinji, who is now a Seraph and believed she was indeed worthy of joining a Brave Saint despite being young.

"My St. Shinji, I, Archbishop Melpha, shall join you." Melpha said kneeling.

"I too shall join you St. Shinji." Asia said kneeling before him alongside Melpha.

"St. Shinji, I, Xenovia Quarta, agree to become a member of your Brave Saint." Xenovia said kneeling before the Archangel.

Shinji nodded before motioning the three to stand as he pulled out his Brave Saint deck and chose three cards; the Jack of Oracles, the Ten of Oracles and the Nine of Oracles. Shinji turned to a softly beaming Melpha before speaking; "Melpha you are a kind soul and one many should look up. Your skills with magic are exceptional and one of the reasons I chose you. You shall be my Jack of Oracles." Shinji pressed the card to her overly ample breasts to bind her to him. A silvery-white flash appeared and covered Melpha in a cocoon as she was reincarnated into an angel. The light dispersed revealing the newly angelized Melpha with ten bright white wings and white halo.

Impressive! She's an Ophan-level angel. Shinji thought taking in Melpha's five sets of wings.

Melpha smiled serenely before happily hugged Shinji, burying his face in her prodigious bosom as she thanked him for this opportunity. She pulled Shinji back and gave him a kiss on the cheek, getting the young man to blush and Asia to glare cutely at the action. Xenovia just titled her head but otherwise didn't show any other reaction to Melpha's act. Leaving Melpha's embrace, Shinji – still faintly blushing – turned to Xenovia who stood straighter.

"Xenovia your skills as a Top-class Exorcist at such young age have showed you are worthy of becoming my Ten." Shinji said getting the girl to nod as she looked at the card. "Henceforth you shall be known as the Ten of Oracles." Shinji said as he pressed the card to her large breasts and bound her to him. Like with Melpha, Xenovia was covered in a cocoon of silvery-white light as she was reincarnated into an angel. The light dispersed revealing the newly angelized Xenovia with eight bright white angel wings sprouting form her back and a white halo over her head.

So she's on the level of a Virtue huh? Shinji mused as his Ten opened her dark yellow eyes and bowed before him.

"I am yours to command St. Shinji. I am your shield and your sword to wield as you see fit." she intoned getting a nod from her King.

Turning to Asia, the blonde nun smiled kindly at Shinji. "Asia your kindness and desire to help all no matter who they are shows just how pure your heart and soul really are. As such from henceforth you shall be known as the Nine of Oracles." Shinji intoned as he bound the girl to him. Just like with Xenovia and Melpha, Asia was wrapped in a cocoon of silvery-white light that dispersed a few moments later revealing the angelized Asia with her six bright white angel wings and white halo over her head.

My Jack is Ophan-level, my Ten is Virtue-level, and my Nine is Ruler-level. Shinji mused looking over his Saint members.

Asia smiled serenely as she moved and hugged Shinji again as she profusely thanked him, who returned the hug with a smile, which prompted a smile from Melpha and Xenovia merely looked on unfazed. After a few moments Asia broke the hug and bowed before her King. "Thank you for choosing me and giving this chance St. Shinji. I promise not to let you down."

"I know you won't Asia-chan." Shinji said kindly getting the nun to blush faintly. "Now let's go as there is one more person I wish to recruit." Shinji said getting nods from his teammates. "Thank you for your time Grand Pope Francis." Shinji said inclining his head to the Church leader before teleporting himself and his Brave Saint members to the Protestant Church of England.


(England; Protestant Church)

At the Protestant Church of England, Irina Shidou was on her way to her room after finishing her evening prayer. The young woman had a spring in her step since she had just recently gained her Top-class exorcist status, something she was quite proud of. After all it meant that she could finally show her father that she could indeed take care of herself.

After finding out she was chosen to receive the blessing that would allow her to become an Artificial Holy Sword wielder, Irina's father Touji Shidou had been hesitant in letting his only child walk the path of the exorcist like he used to but the elder Shidou couldn't go against an order from the Grand Pope. So Touji packed his family up and moved to England where his daughter received her blessing and thus her training to be a warrior of God began. Irina found herself under the tutelage of the Second Coming of the Original Arthur Pendragon himself and after ten long years of training and missions she finally became a Top-class exorcist.

She knew that her father had used his position to slow down her progress as best he could but Irina was a determined young woman and when she puts her mind to something she doesn't stop until she succeeds.

Finally Otou-san, you'll finally see that I can stand on my own two feet and be an exorcist like you were! Irina thought determined to prove to her father she could handle this life. Upon reaching her room which only had a bed, a bedside table, a small desk, connecting bathroom and a clothes cabinet Irina was about to get ready for bed when a powerful holy presence appeared in her a room. An angel?! Irina mentally gasped, shocked that an angel would visit her of all people.

The presence revealed itself to be a handsome young man in his late teens to early twenties dressed in an armored shoulder dress and white and black priest clothes. What really got Irina's attention were the twelve, bright gold wings that shown with such radiance it was like there were miniature suns in each wing.

"Good evening Irina-san. I am Shinji Strada." Shinji introduced himself getting the girl to gasp out loud.

"THE ANGEL SLAYER, MESSIAH AND SAINT OF SAINTS?!" Irina shouted and getting Shinji to wince at the volume. Thankfully he had the forethought to soundproof the room with a barrier just in case. "AND YOU'RE AN ARCHANGEL ALSO?!" She further shouted. Quickly composing herself, Irina kneeled before the legendary Archangel. "What can I do for you St. Shinji-sama?" the girl asked wanting to be a gracious host.

"You may rise Irina-san." Shinji said simply getting the girl to stand. Shinji saw that Irina is a beautiful young woman with long, light brown hair styled into twin side ponytails, each held with a blue scrunchy and violet eyes. She was dressed plainly in a simple white long sleeved shirt and ankle-length skirt. "The reason I'm here is to recruit you to my Brave Saint Irina-san." He said shocking the girl once again.

He wanted her as part of his Brave Saint? Irina felt overwhelmed at the thought of joining a Brave Saint as it was something she never really thought about. She just wanted to prove herself to her father since he seemed to doubt her but this could be what she needed. Joining a Brave Saint would most definitely get her father to see she is capable at being an exorcist. Even moreso since it was the legend himself asking her to join his Brave Saint.

"St. Shinji-sama I'll gladly join your Brave Saint!" Irina said excitedly getting Shinji to chuckle.

"Then I welcome you to the Oracle Brave Saint as my Ace of Oracles." Shinji said taking the Ace card out of his deck and using it to bind Irina to him. Like his other four recruits, Irina was wrapped in a cocoon of silver-white light that dispersed a few moments later revealing the angelized Irina with her eight bright white angel wings and white halo over her head.

Ah. Another Virtue-level angel on my Brave Saint. Shinji mused as Irina took in her beautiful white wings.

"Well let's head out Irina-san. You have to meet your other teammates and get settled in the Oracle Brave Saint dormitory where you'll be staying at from now on." Shinji said getting an excited nod from Irina as he teleported the two of them to Heaven.


It has been three weeks since Shinji recruited, Melpha, Xenovia, Asia and Irina to his Brave Saint and began their training. After getting them settled in, he introduced the four to his girlfriend/Queen Gabriel, shocking the three that he had the most beautiful woman in universe as his girlfriend and Queen. Gabriel with her usual serene smile welcomed the four while subtly making sure they knew their places and that Shinji was hers and hers alone. (Though Melpha and Asia conveyed through their eyes the message they wouldn't be giving up on Shinji just because Gabriel was his 'girlfriend'.) The next day, Shinji had immediately started their training; Xenovia and Irina proved to be very well rounded in all areas thanks in part to Griselda and Ewald respectively.

Melpha was easily a high-level, expert fighter, but in terms of physical combat she had reached her peak in this area. She really couldn't go any further in that area so the only thing Shinji could do was keep her combat skills refined. But in terms of magical skill she was exceptionally gifted so Shinji asked for Nuriel – the angel of spellbinding power to teach Melpha. Nuriel happily agreed in helping Melpha increase her magical skills.

Since Asia was a healer, Shinji taught her defensive techniques so she could protect herself until she can find a way to escape or weather the storm until back up arrives. Asia learned about the two styles of defensive techniques; hard-style: shields and blocking; and soft-style: wards and deflection. She also learned that one's personality affected which style they could use. Since Asia wasn't one to seek out direct confrontation, she was more of a soft-style user. Shinji had reached out to Raphael teach Asia since he too is a healer with the Archangel Healing agreeing. So Asia's time was split between being trained by Shinji and Raphael.

Also news of Gabriel becoming Shinji's Queen on his Brave Saint had spread like wildfire and had many angels wondering what in the seven heavens was going on. They thought that the Brave Saints could only reincarnate humans so they could not be faulted by the apparent fact pure-blooded angels can be made angel 'servants'. Nanael stated that because she modeled the Brave Saints after the Evil Piece set she managed to get her hands on, the Brave Saint had the same reincarnation abilities of the Evil Piece. This meant that pure-blooded angels could in fact become members of a Brave Saint if they chose to do so. She cited that pure-blooded devils can become members of an Evil Piece, the most famously known being Grayfia Lucifuge, the wife of the Crimson Satan Sirzechs Lucifer.

Shinji was the only exception to the reincarnation rule due to the fact that the Brave Saints and Evil Pieces didn't take into account for hybrids being reincarnated. Nanael claimed the latest upgrade to the Brave Saint would fix this 'glitch' in the reincarnation process of the Brave Saints system. While the Nephilim would become a true angel, he/she would still be part of the Brave Saint they were recruited to.

As this was happening, there were a series of events taking place that would truly test Shinji since his angelization.


Shinji sat next to his girlfriend/Queen Gabriel as they waited for the weekly meeting of the Divine Council to begin. Being a Seraphim gave him a seat on the Divine Council, so he attended every weekly meeting to receive updates about Earth and what was happening in the supernatural world. The council was composed of the Seraphs and the chief angels that ruled over the angel classes. Seraphiel was the chief angel of the Seraphim. Kerubiel ruled the Cherubim. Phanuel ruled the Ophaniam. Aker ruled the Dominions. Hamaliel ruled the Virtues. Camuel ruled the Powers. Cerviel ruled the Rulers. Zebuleon ruled the Hashmallim. Pravuil ruled the angels. Michael himself ruled the Archangels.

The door to the Great Hall opened, Michael entering with a frown on his face yet to Shinji it looked like a sad frown due to the shape of Michael's eyes that gave him a perpetual sad look no matter his expression. Taking his throne, Michael started the meeting.

"I thank you for coming," Michael began as every angel focused on him. "There is a grave situation on earth that our informants have discovered. The Fallen Angel Kokabiel has stolen the remaining Excalibur pieces under the Church's protection. We believe, given his mind set, that he intends to instigate another Great War." He explained getting uproar from some of the angels.

Shinji knew that another Great War would be devastating, since even with both the Underworld and Heaven were steadily regaining their strength, a war now would bring both to the brink of destruction. It would also invite other factions to get involved since some wanted to topple the Big Three, as the Three Factions are called, and become the dominate superpower.

"Enough!" Michael said and… silence. That was thing about Michael, he didn't have to shout, yell or roar. He carried enough power and authority that a single word was all he needed to silence a crowd of unruly angels. "Thank you. I have already chosen the ones who will handle this mission to stop our former brother and retrieve the swords. Shinji Strada!" Michael said getting Shinji's attention. "You are to either retrieve or destroy the Excalibur pieces and also capture Kokabiel alive so we may interrogate him. We need to know if all of the Grigori are behind this act or if he is solo in this endeavor. If you can't, then you are to kill him." He said getting Shinji to raise an eyebrow and a grimace from Gabriel.

Kokabiel was a former Ophan, one of the most powerful, before he fell from Heaven and one of the few ancient Fallen Angels to survive the Great War. Despite Shinji's own vast powers, he wasn't ready to take on such a challenge. Especially given Kokabiel's sadistic attitude in battle and his brutality towards his enemies; several female angels were forced to fall after the bastard had raped them and given that Shinji stopped the Grigori's plans... Gabriel feared for the life of her beloved Shinji.

"Hai Michael-sama." Shinji said simply. Michael summoned the files Shinji needed for the mission. Taking the manila folder in front of him, Shinji and Gabriel left so they could prepare for the mission. Teleporting to their shared palace, Shinji and Gabriel headed to their office as the former called out for his Brave Saint members as Gabriel called for her Queen of Hearts Griselda Quarta.

"You called for us St. Shinji." Xenovia asked as she, Melpha, Asia and Irina along with Ophis entered the office. Shinji blushed faintly when he saw his Ten; the reason was that Xenovia was drying her damp hair with a towel while another rested on her shoulders covering the top-half of her large breasts while another towel was wrapped tightly around her shapely hips. The bright red, gold-outlined 10 (Ten) on the back of her left hand was proudly displayed on her bare flesh.

Shinji realized she must have been in the shower when he called. Gabriel glared darkly at the (in her mind) harlot that was trying to seduce her man. Melpha gave her usual kind smile though there was an edge and tightness to her smile. Asia pouted cutely at Xenovia's courage to show her body like that to their leader. Irina just face palmed at seeing Xenovia just parading around naked in front of their leader. Ophis was seemingly unaffected by what happened, though her eyes narrowed slightly and she moved so she could hug herself against Shinji's leg getting him to absently pet her head.

"Uh... Xenovia-chan can you get dressed... please." Shinji said turning his head from his scantily clad Ten. Even though he's in a relationship with Gabriel, he's still a red-blooded male and seeing a bodacious beauty like Xenovia pretty much naked with only two towels covering her modesty did cause his mind to wander a bit... picturing that it was Gabriel dressed like that instead of Xenovia before he forced the image away.

Xenovia blinked before looking down at herself. "Huh. I had forgotten I just got of the shower when you called for me St. Shinji." she said without a hint of shame at her King seeing her like this. Calling on her angelic powers, a white orb encompassed her for a few short moments before it vanished revealing she was in a blue/green belly top with "Angel Mode" written on the front and a golden oracle symbol on the back with Capri jeans on her legs. A few minutes later a silver-white mandala appeared and deposited Griselda Quarta.

"Lady Gabriel you have summoned me." Griselda said in her usual sensual voice; hinting to her Spanish heritage.

Gabriel nodded to her Queen. "Yes. My beloved Shinji has been given the most severe of missions." Griselda nodded having met Shinji after his angelization; having had the honor to dance with him at his ascension party a month ago. So of course she knew of Gabriel's relationship with Shinji which left the holy swordswoman mixed. A person's age had no real bearing on their relationship with another if they truly loved that person but there were limits. Gabriel is several centuries old despite her youthful appearance and Shinji isn't even twenty yet so how could Gabriel justify having a relationship with a person so many centuries younger than her.

Talk about robbing the cradle. Griselda mused before focusing on Shinji.

"Alright! Here's what is happening. The remaining Excalibur fragments have been stolen by the Fallen Angel Kokabiel." he said getting wide eyes from the others. "There is more. Kokabiel is planning to use the fragments to instigate another Great War." Shinji said getting gasps from the other women. "As you can realize, we have a lot riding on us to succeed and keep the fragile peace we have now." Shinji said grimly.

"Objectives St. Shinji." Xenovia said.

"For the Excalibur fragments, we are to either retrieve or destroy them. For Kokabiel we have to capture him alive as to ascertain if the Grigori organization is behind this act or if he's alone." he said getting grimaces from the other women. "From the information, Kokabiel is headed towards Japan, Kuoh Town specifically. Thankfully there is already a safe-house there for use to use as a base of operations. Get your LTR packs ready and head out!" Shinji said getting 'Yes sirs!' from the saint members. Several moments later, the group (plus Ophis) teleported to the safe-house.

When they arrived at the safe house; a fairly four-story terrace house with all the modern amenities to live comfortably, Gabriel and Shinji had given the girls a tour of the house before they got settled in for the night; Melpha and Asia would share a room, Xenovia and Griselda took the third while Irina and Ophis took the fourth.

The following morning, the saint members awoke the smell of a delicious breakfast, making their stomachs growl like a bear. Xenovia, Asia, Irina, Melpha and Ophis had immediately rushed to the bathroom to get their morning rituals done so they could once again taste the divine food their King made. Griselda followed after, surprised at her fellow sisters' actions.

The bathroom was large in size: in the front of the room were four sinks, two on both sides with a low-standing cabinet and floating mirror, next were two medium-sized cabinets on either side for cleaning supplies and toiletries, six shower stalls lined the walls, three on each side and evenly spaced. Near the back was a large Jacuzzi-styled tub able to fit six full grown adults in it easily. Further back in the corners were two smart toilets two on either side. Getting over her surprise at the large bathroom clearly meant to accommodate a fairly large family, Griselda went about her morning routines thankful for the bathroom's design since they weren't cramped together.

Once done, she made her way to the kitchen where they found Shinji making a breakfast buffet of eastern and western foods with Gabriel helping him, the Oracle Brave Saint and Ophis were patiently awaiting the food. For Griselda, it was a bit surreal see two Archangels dressed in aprons and regular human clothing, cooking breakfast together with one humming a jaunty tune while the other merely enjoyed helping her beloved. She noted that Shinji and Gabriel looked like a happy married couple. Getting over the weirdness of the situation, she sat down at the table and waited. Gabriel came over setting the table before going back to Shinji.

In few moments the food was done and Gabriel led them in grace before they all dug in. The flavor of food exploded in the mouth of Griselda like a fireworks display, the angelic exorcist tearing into her food, but made sure to savor the delicious tastes. Griselda didn't know such food existed and knew that she would be coming by her King's palace more often just for the masterpieces of culinary art Shinji made. She also now understood why the others ran to get some of Shinji's food. Gabriel also enjoyed her beloved's cooking, once again thanking her Father's spirit for allowing her to get to Shinji first and not the devils.

Shinji just smiled as he ate his own food, his mind wondering over the mission. It had been little over six months since he had been back on Earth, and he didn't know what would happen. Of course he had known all along that Kuoh Town was secretly run by two high-ranking devils as it was all part of his plan to use them to shield himself from other forces in this new timeline. They were Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri, the heiresses of the high-ranking devil clans Gremory and Sitri respectively. They are also the younger siblings of two of the current Satans; Sirzechs Lucifer and Serafall Leviathan; Sirzechs being the older brother of Rias and Serafall being the older sister of Sona. The only reason they didn't approach him yet was the mandate the leaders of the supernatural factions to leave him alone so he could live his life without supernatural interference anymore.

Now that he's an angel due to both Layla and Gabriel's actions, that mandate was now rescinded and the devils may target him like the Fallen Angels have.

Looks like I'll be transferring just so I finish my education. Shinji mused with a sigh. Just because he was an angel didn't mean he was going to neglect his schooling. In the original timeline he had graduated from St. Peters International School as valedictorian at 14 which thankfully transferred over in this new timeline due to some convoluted BS about him getting into an international school exchange program and when he came to Kuoh he started in its college division. He snapped out of his thoughts when Gabriel suggested a 'war council' to discuss their next moves. Agreeing, the six finished up breakfast, Irina volunteering to help Shinji clean up while the others got ready for the council.


"Okay," Shinji began with an air of authority. "You need to know that the city is currently under the control of two powerful High-class devils, who have split the city between them." Shinji said explaining about Rias and Sona.

The saint members took in the information, slightly alarmed that they might run into the younger siblings of the current Satans. Shinji reassured them that they'll stay out of their way, as despite being devils they won't attack unless provoked.

"Alright we know that Fallen Angels take over churches and manipulate fallen priests," Shinji said as Gabriel summoned a map of the city for him. "Kokabiel wants to start another Great War, so he'll come to this city due to Rias and Sona."

"They're high-profile targets." Xenovia realized. "If he can take them out, their older siblings might be willing to wage another war to gain revenge, fitting his plans for war."

Shinji nodded grim faced like the others. "Yes and he plans to frame Heaven to instigate this war." he said getting wide eyes from the women.

"What makes you say that Shinji-kun?" Gabriel asked her beloved.

"The theft of the Excaliburs." Shinji answered simply. "The devils know that the Church has possession several legendary Holy Swords, the Excaliburs being the most famously known. Kokabiel plans to leave the Excaliburs behind at the 'scene of the crime' in order to make the devils believe that Heaven was the ones who sent the assassins to kill Rias and Sona. With such overwhelming evidence, the Underworld will have more than enough justification to wage war against us." he explained.

"Even if we deny such actions, the evidence would claim otherwise as such we'll be forced to fight and give Kokabiel his perverse desire for war!" Gabriel said with a frown.

"The only good news is that he won't strike right away. He'll lay low for a while, using this time to study them. Find their routines and patterns in their daily lives. That way he can plan accordingly to make it look like Heaven killed the heiresses." Shinji said as he studied the map. With a wave of his hand, one building was circled red. "This is the only known church in Kuoh Town. It was recently abandoned so its perfect for Kokabiel, but knowing of his desire for war he wouldn't be so obvious." Shinji mused looking over the map.

"He may have a secret base already established in order throw off his pursuers who would naturally believe he's at an abandoned church." Gabriel theorized getting a nod from Shinji. "From the information Metatron managed to gather, there has been an influx of fallen priests in this area." Gabriel added. "About more than a dozen have been sighted in heading here so this shows that Kokabiel is serious about his intentions for a new war. This is the beginnings of his army."

"What will we do now?" Xenovia asked her King.

"As of now nothing." Shinji said standing. "This is now the waiting game. Kokabiel knows that Heaven already has been notified of his actions. He knows that Heaven will not let this slide and send someone after him to take him out and keep the other factions from getting involved." He began explaining. "He'll be keeping a look out for anything he dubs suspicious to make sure this goes off without a hitch."

"So we'll have to be incognito so not to tip off Kokabiel and gather what information we can in order to find him." Griselda said tapping her chin.

"That is correct Griselda-san and I have the perfect cover for us." Shinji said with slight smirk that was mimicked by Gabriel before getting up to make the necessary calls.

"And that is St. Shinji?" Asia asked her King reverently.

"How do you feel about going to school?" he asked slyly.

"Eh?!" the other women asked confused.


Three days later, Shinji, Gabriel and their saint members were registered for Kuoh Academy. It was agreed upon that their current plan of secretly watching over the devils was dangerous, since Kuoh is run by them, but it made sense to secretly watch over the two prime targets of Kokabiel; Rias and Sona. Shinji had used some angel magic to make it look like he was out taking care of family business (as it had been two years seeing his adopted father and he was now going by Strada again). The 'official' story was that his father was suffering from cancer and was going through treatment as they caught it early.

Irina, Xenovia and Asia would be third year students like Shinji and Gabriel and be in all of his classes to keep them together. Griselda would be the new History teacher since she did have an interest in history while Melpha would be in charge of the school's infirmary. Shinji had told them all he could about Kuoh Academy, warning them specifically of the Perverted Trio – Matsuda, Motohama and Issei, the most perverted males in the entire school. The girls were less than pleased to hear about the acts of the trio and made mental notes to teach them a lesson if they [the Perverted Trio] tried that on them.

Shinji, Gabriel back in her Gabriella persona, Asia, Irina and Xenovia walked through the gates of Kuoh getting everyone's attention, the devils included (since they could feel the holy energies radiating off them). While Gabriel as Gabriella wore the complete Kuoh Academy girls' uniform and Xenovia wore the uniform sans cloak, Asia wore a black sweater-vest instead of the waistcoat and shoulder cloak, and Irina wore black bike shorts underneath her skirt and white and blue tennis shoes.

The student body took note of Gabriella and Shinji's intertwined arms, clearing showing that they are indeed a couple. Nearly all the boys were crying, pitifully crying that Gabriella was forever out their reach, with a man as 'average' as Shinji Ikari. The Shinji Chasers glowered at Gabriella, angry that the incognito Archangel had taken the Angel Slayer away from them.


The day had gone be relatively quick for the angels. After Asia, Irina and Xenovia introduced themselves, it had been the usual day at Kuoh for Shinji. The boys tried to hit on the newest beauties of Kuoh who in turn ignored them. The girls approached Gabriella asking questions about her relationship with Shinji. A few of his classmates had asked about his father's health with Shinji saying he was pulling through as Vasco was a fighter and wouldn't let something like cancer stop him.

It had been peaceful until the end of the school day when he and his entourage were confronted by the devils. Well not confronted per say, Tsubaki Shinra had approached Shinji and Gabriella with an invitation to meet with both Sona and Rias at the Occult Research Club HQ.

While the sisters were nervous, Shinji and Gabriella figured they might as well get this over with.


(Occult Research Club HQ)

To say the situation was tense was an understatement. On one side were the devils: Rias Gremory and her peerage consisting of Akeno Himejima (Queen), Yuuto Kiba (Knight), Karlamine (Knight; Traded), Siris (Knight; Transferred thru Mutation Piece), Koneko Toujou (Rook), Xuelan (Rook; Traded), Isabela (Rook; Transferred thru Mutation Piece), Ravel Phenex (Bishop; Traded), Mihae (Bishop; Traded), Ni & Li (Pawns; Traded), Ile & Nel (Pawns; Traded), Shuriya (Pawn; Traded), Marion (Pawn; Traded), Bürent (Pawn; Traded) and Mira (Pawn; Traded), and the pervert Issei Hyoudou (Pawn; Mutation Piece).

Then there was Sona Sitri and her peerage consisting of Tsubaki Shinra (Queen), Reya Kusaka (Bishop), Momo Hanakai (Bishop), Tsubasa Yura (Rook), Loup Garou (Rook), Meguri Tomoe (Knight), Bennia (Knight), Ruruko Nimura (Pawn), and Genshiro Saji (Pawn x4).

On the other side of the large room was Shinji, his girlfriend/Queen Gabriella aka Gabriel and their Brave Saint members Melpha, Xenovia, Asia, Irina and Griselda. Irina glared at Issei, ashamed and disappointed that he's now a devil and a raging pervert with a breasts fetish.

"Shall we parley then?" Shinji said taking control of the situation. "I will you tell this right now, yes I am an angel having accepted Gabriel-chan's offer." He said revealing a bit of his holy aura, getting the devils to grit their teeth at how it felt wrong to them due to being creatures of darkness. They also had to be careful here given Shinji's SSS-Class threat ranking he managed to gain after killing several High- and Ultimate-class devils (which included Stray Devils). This was originally a SS-Class ranking but after Shinji's past affiliation to the Church was revealed and that he was the dreaded Executioner it was upgraded to SSS-Class.

"I presume you wish to know why I have returned with several more angels in a 'devil hot spot'." He stated.

"That would be nice." Saji muttered but shut up when Sona glared darkly at him.

Shinji began explaining the current situation with Kokabiel; his stealing of the Excalibur pieces in his plot to start another war. He explained Kokabiel's possible targeting of Rias and Sona which would in his mind incite their older siblings into waging war to gain vengeance.

"This is serious then." Sona muttered, her tactical mind quickly mind going over the information in just a few seconds. She focused on Shinji, staring him right in the eyes. "Will we be able to form a temporary alliance to stop this Kokabiel and his plots?" The Sitri heiress asked the angel.

"I see no problem with that." Shinji answered. "His actions affect everyone and if he succeeds then it may bring us to the brink of destruction if the other factions got involved. Would you and Rias-sempai mind we use Kuoh as a staging ground of sorts?" he asked. The two devil heiresses looked at each other, having a silent conversation before turning back to Shinji. But it was Kiba who answered, an answer that shocked everyone.

"No." Kiba said with his eyes shadowed and getting everyone to look at him.

"No?" Griselda parroted. "Look I understand that with you being devils and us being angels, there will be some hesitance in forming an alliance, but if Kokabiel succeeds in killing these two (gesturing to Rias and Sona) then he'll win and get the war he wants." She reasoned to the blonde devil.

"I care not about our species as devils and angels." Kiba retorted, glaring balefully at Xenovia and Irina. "What I care about is finally gaining vengeance on the Excaliburs!"

"Vengeance on the Excaliburs?" Shinji asked curious about what Kiba meant.

"Before I became a servant of Rias, I was a human experiment for the Church." Kiba began. "The Vatican was trying to find a way to create artificial Holy Sword users…"

"You're talking about the Holy Sword Project." Xenovia realized looking at Kiba with a more critical eye. Shinji, Gabriel, Griselda and Melpha grimaced at that. Due to being former a Top-class exorcist, Shinji already knew about that damned project. In fact he was the one who exposed it after discovering some discrepancies in several of the reports on the said projects. Unfortunately he had been unable to save the remaining test subjects before they were killed and the one responsible escaped judgment. Though it was clear now that one had managed to escape and became a devil in the process.

Gabriel had demanded that the project be stopped since the price was too high but Michael insisted that alternatives be sought using the current data they had. Xenovia had learned about it after becoming a Top-class Exorcist and was quite shocked at what happened and disagreed with the project. Griselda and Melpha had long since known about the project but finding out what they were really doing left them disgusted and mistrustful of the clergy.

"What is this Holy Sword Project?" Sona asked curiously as Rias frowned knowing how sensitive the topic was for her Knight.

"The Holy Sword Project was a way to create artificial Holy Sword users. Natural Holy Sword users are extremely rare. Because of it, the Church wanted to find a way to create more Holy Sword users because they have several Holy Swords in their possession besides the Excaliburs." Kiba began. "A brilliant but secretly deranged scientist in the Church's R&D sector discovered that to be a Holy Sword user, one needs a large amount of what he dubbed 'Light Attribute'." he went on.

"Basically Light Attribute is the human equivalent of Seiki used by angels." Gabriel answered the question before it could be asked. She got nods from the devils which allowed Kiba to continue.

"The scientist took this to the Grand Pope and explained he may be able to create artificial Holy Swords users. The Grand Pope, elated, gave him full power, authority and all the funds he would need to make his project into reality. Thus the Holy Sword Project was born." Kiba said starting to lose himself in his memories.

"And the scientist behind the project?" Sona asked.

"Valper Galilei." Kiba hissed. The sheer hatred he held for the man was palpable to such a degree that everyone shivered. "He 'kidnapped' up to 300 children. Most were from orphanages from around the world, who happily gave the children over to him since because he was a high-ranking member of the clergy, they did not suspect the dark intentions he had for them. Some, like myself, volunteered not knowing the truth behind the project." He explained getting shocked looks from everyone but his fellow Gremory servants.

"You were a servant of the light?" Irina asked curiously though shaken to find out that the church employed such a man like Valper and allowed him to do such things. She was only a Top-class Exorcist for three weeks now so she hadn't really looked over such information.

Kiba nodded, his glare weakening a bit. "Hai. I was adopted by an Archbishop and later showed an affinity for swordsmanship. I wanted prove myself and saw this as my chance to do so and do some real good in the world but that didn't happen." He snarled as he clenched his fists.

"Why would he kidnap them?" Asia asked still shocked about this.

"Because humans naturally produce small amounts of both light and dark attributes." Gabriel said with a sigh. "I'm sure you know of the concept of Yin and Yang?" she asked getting nods. "Well it is true to a degree. Humans produce equal amounts of light attribute, which as I said earlier is the human equivalent to Seiki, and dark attribute the human equivalent to Yoki which is used by devils and yokai." She explained getting looks of understanding.

"Valper discovered this and created a way to harvest the light attribute from the children he kidnapped." Kiba continued with his story. "But doing so killed the recipients, and those who were infused with the taken light attribute weren't able to handle such an influx of such large amounts light attribute and died as well."

"He forcibly disrupted the equilibrium between the light and dark attributes." Gabriel grimaced. "As I said earlier, humans produce equal light and dark attributes in small amounts. Depending on the actions of the human, their LA or DA will be strengthened, making one of the two more dominate but that is a gradual process. When the balance is forcibly disrupted then the body is forced to adapt or die." She explained with a grimace.

Kiba nodded tersely at that. "This continued on for three years; three torturous years of hell. Those who didn't meet his requirements or rebelled in some form were killed, brutally in front of us as a way to break our wills. To see if his experiment worked, he had the surviving 'test subjects' practice with the Excalibur pieces. Those who were unable to 'synchronize' with the swords were killed as an example for his zero-tolerance for failure. When he ran low on numbers, he would send agents out to gather more from the orphanages he visited before, who merely thought he was doing an excellent job of finding the children a home." He explained and Shinji could see just how haunted Kiba was because of that experience.

"Out of the five hundred, only I managed to survive and show a high synch ratio with each Excalibur I practiced with. But Valper decreed that I was no longer useful and tried to kill me. I barely manage to survive and this is when Buchou happened upon me, taking pity she resurrected me as her Knight and I've served her faithfully for the past three years." He said looking gratefully at Rias who smiled happy he held her in such regard.

"Your hatred for the Excaliburs is almost pathological." Shinji muttered looking at Kiba. He could also see that Kiba was transferring his hatred of Valper to the Excaliburs for a simple reason. Being so young when the experiment happened, Kiba must have come to believed it was due to the allure of the Excaliburs' immense powers that led to the HSP being done thus the death of so many innocents with one lone survivor haunted by the experience.

Irina was pale because she now she realized the 'blessing' she received to become a Holy Sword user was no 'blessing' but a sick perversion of it. Exactly how many had the Church allowed to be killed in order for them create artificial holy sword users like her? How many of the others like her had the souls of hundreds inside them giving them the ability to wield holy swords? Oh God she felt sick.

"Because of this, the Excaliburs forever hold my enmity along with those who wield them!" Kiba declared balefully glaring at Xenovia and Irina.

"You can sense we wield two Excalibur pieces and thus you wish to fight us." Xenovia mused standing up and staring down Kiba unflinchingly. "If you really wish to learn the true power of the light," she said holding out her right hand and summoning her Excalibur piece Excalibur Destruction. "Then who I am to deny you your wish." She finished leveling the Holy Sword at Kiba who merely sneered.

"Oh boy." Shinji groaned face palming.

And cut! Chapter 2 of Archangel is done and ready. Now I already had chapter done but I made serious changes to it as I did more research on angels and Heaven so to make this a true epic. I've received many reviews about how original this story is as it is the first story where the main character becomes an Angel instead of a devil. I've learned much from my intensive research and I've incorporated that information in this story.

Shinji's unique ability as an angel is called Twilight manipulation; the mixed essence between light and darkness and the fusion of light and darkness manipulation. Shinji can use Twilight in the various ways: Photo-Umbrakinesis, Dark Energy Manipulation, Twilight Effect Field, Twilight Energy Manipulation (Twilight Energy Absorption; Twilight Energy Amplification; Twilight Energy Assimilation; Twilight Energy Attacks and Twilight Infusion; Twilight Energy Aura; Twilight Energy Concentration; Twilight Energy Constructs; Twilight Energy Conversion; Twilight Energy-Field Manipulation; Twilight Energy Generation; Twilight Energy Metabolization; Twilight Energy Negation; Twilight Energy Perception; Twilight Energy Sensing; Twilight Energy State and Twilight Energy Transferal.

*Twilight is not some made up power I created; it is in fact a real power. In order to learn more go to the website Powerlisting dot wikia dot com and search for Twilight Manipulation. This website literally has everything on various powers and abilities seen in comics, anime and manga, movies, books, etc. It gives you the capabilities and applications on each power and even sub-powers connected to the main power.*

For making him the Archangel of Force is to make him more compatible with Gabriel. In chapter 1, I said Gabriel is the Archangel of Power due to me coming across information on the Greek God of Strength and Power Kratos. Kratos has a sister named Bia the Goddess of Force and Raw Energy. From some legends, Kratos and Bia are always together given their similar personifications.

Shinji having his own Holy Sword was not part of my original plan but a reviewer suggested giving him one. Now originally he had Excalibur Ruler but I decided to change this as the sword does not fit Shinji at all. Shinji is not the type to try and control others and a sword that gives him the ability to subjugate another living being will likely remind him of his times during the Angel Wars where NERV tried to control him. So I will give Shinji another sword that will fit him. It will probably be seen in chapter 3 or 4.

Another thing is Shinji's relationship with Gabriel. The reviewer Tyrant's Bane cited Heaven's laws about love and sex. The pairing is one of the reasons why so many like it; it is the challenge of the pairing itself. Will Shinji and Gabriel be able to have the relationship they want or will they fall from Heaven to have it? That is the beauty of this story.

For the argument between Gabriel and Michael, Michael did not know of Shinji's past affiliation with the Church so he didn't know about Shinji being a Christian. But after finding out about Shinji's past, Michael admits to his mistake. He also doesn't want to control Shinji since people (NERV) tried to do so and he doesn't want to alienate Shinji who is indeed a powerful asset to Heaven.

For Shinji's Brave Saint, I did research into the card suits since the Brave Saint is based on the French Card Suit and I learned there were expansions with different suits. The expansions ranged from five to six to eight. The historical fifth suits were the blue Royals with the suit symbol being the crown, an American version had Eagles as the fifth suit. The historical sixth suits were the red Crosses and/or black Bullets. While the commercial eighth suits included Moons, black Stars, red four-leaved Clovers and black Tears. Another version of the eight suits had red Roses, black Axes, black Tridents and red Doves. While another version had Club, Spade, Heart and Diamond suits, it adds the Cross, Oracle, Castle and Shield suits.

In this story there are ten suits for the Brave Saints: Club, Spade, Heart, Diamond, Crown (aka the Royal), Castle, Cross, Bullet, Oracle, Star and Rose. The reason is that in HSDxD there are ten Seraphs but since in this story two of the Seraphs had become fallen angels it fist the whole Michael wanting to restore the Seraphim since they lost two. Shinji is the ninth Seraph so they need one more to make it ten.

The OC Nanael is an actual angel in Christianity and Theology. Nanael is the angel of the sciences and philosophy. So who better to be the creator of the Brave Saint system than this angel? As I've explained in chapter one, this will be a small harem because of the fact that angels are seen as genderless with some cases stating the angels are a "he". So this means I have find angel names that sound feminine, make them female for this story and from there.

I also changed the membership of Shinji's Brave Saint up, wanting to do something like in Golden Satan by having Gabriel as his Queen. Since they are in a relationship it would make sense for Gabriel to be part of his Brave Saint so she can always be with Shinji; loving him, sharing the good and bad, protecting him as he protects her. Also I want them to become the power couple of Heaven, like how Sirzechs and Grayfia are for the Underworld.

For Melpha, please remember in the author's note in chapter 1 that this is now a harem and I will add characters that I think would be a good match for Shinji in his angelic harem. Melpha is one of them thanks to the story Wandering Pilot by the author Mercaba. I will add Tomoe to his harem later since she is a spiritual woman in Queen's Blade.

Another point is Xenovia and Asia. They were meant to join Shinji's Brave Saint as I further developed this. I increased Xenoiva's overall skills and abilities since I like her character a lot and so made her the Ten of Shinji's Brave Saint. I dislike the fact that she's pretty much a power idiot in the series so I changed her to be more well-rounded and tactical instead of powering through everything because really that doesn't work very well. Kokabiel pretty much owned the Gremory group along with Irina and Xenovia since they only used power and no tactics.

I also like Asia and believed it was bullshit with what happened to her. She was obviously tricked since devils look like humans with the exception of the bat-like devil wings. Since she was clearly tricked that should have been taken into account since from what I've been able to gather Asia WAS NOT TRAINED TO DETECT DEVIL ENERGIES LIKE EXORCISTS! Michael can make all the excuses he wants about protecting the system but even he knows that banishing Asia was wrong but I digress. In this story Shinji got to Asia first before Diodora could ruin Asia's life like he did all those other nuns and holy maidens.

Also I changed Irina's Brave Saint rank; instead of being the Ace of Clubs she's now the Ace of Oracles. Griselda is still the Queen of Hearts in this.

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