Web of Dimension - Part 1 Hello. Me again, back with YET another FF series. I'm still working on the second part of 'The Psychic Menace'.

I didn't make this fic. A friend of mine online did, and he gave me permission. This is a Sailor Moon/Pokemon/Digimon fic. I'm only posting it here. Why? Because it explains a few upcoming fics.

'AniMan: The Series'

Yes. You people will love hearing about my boring life. But, sadly, as much as you hate it, this fic is not about me. Rather, a character that can turn into someone called AniMan. AniMan is the new chosen one, and the WebMaster gives him special powers. It will involve a bunch of the big Animes, such as SM, Digimon, Pokemon, Tenchi Muyo, Gundam (W), and DBZ. This won't be started for a while, but this helps to explain about the WebMaster.

But the main reason I am posting this is because of a more recent fic, called 'Dimensions, Ash to Z' in which the Ash we know travels to alternate realities (and some dimensions). (If you've read the Sonic comic titled 'Night of 1000 Sonics', you'll get a slight idea) The Webmaster plays a slight role in that story, as well.

Now for the part that concerns all you Pokemon FF authors.

I won't have Ash traveling to Realities very similar to his own. That would be boring.
"Hey, Misty! That Pikachu likes Ketchup the same as mine!"
Boring, ne? Rather, I want them traveling to alternate realities which are modeled after Fics on ff.net. There are many good fics I want to use, but I want the persons permission, first. When I mention a version of Ash from your fic, I will post a link to it. If you will let me link to you, please just say so in a review, or e-mail me at cosmoswd@trxinc.com and tell me the name of your fic, your name, that sort of thing. The more fics I have, the longer and better 'Dimensions' is.

So, on to out story. My e-mail: cosmoswd@trxinc.com
My site: Fanime Real Author: PsyWeedle/FicMaster And please, write a review.............

Our hero, Ash, is travelling around the Orange Islands to earn badges for the Orange League. He is with his trusty Pikachu, Misty, and Tracey Sketchit.

Ash: I'm sooooooo hungry!

Tracey: There should be an island nearby.

Misty: Let's hurry! Togepi's getting hungry!

All of a sudden, a splash was heard behind them! Lapras turned around. There, gasping for breath and floating in the water, was the Webmaster.

Ash: Is that who I think it is?!?!

Tracey: Yes! It's the Grand Pokemon Master!!

Webmaster: Um, yes! Please could you help me up there, Ketchum?

Ash helped the Webmaster up to Lapras who coughed for breath a little more.

Ash: It's nice to see you again, Lewis!

Tracey: Ash, do you know him?!?!

Ash: Yeah! I met him at the Pokemon League Tournament! He said he was, "Investigating a cheater within the ranks."

The Webmaster, AKA Grand Pokemon Master Lewis, remembered it quite clearly. The "cheater" in question was a temporal distorionist, who was there to plant a bomb and disrupt the flow of time so Ash Ketchum wouldnt someday rise to be the Grand Pokemon Master.

Misty: But why are you here? I mean, people don't just fly out to the ocean and drop there!

Pikachu: Pika.

Lewis: Well, I'm investigating another disturbance. None of you would happen to know anything about any strange people coming around, or strange natural disasters happening?

Ash: No, nothing like that.

The Webmaster sat down and sighed. He looked transfixed at the water.

Lewis: Lapras might want to turn left right now.

Ash: Why?

All of a sudden, a whirlpool opened up in front of them!

Lewis: That's why.

Ash: Lapras, ice beam, try to freeze it!

Lapras fired its ice beam into the whirlpool, freezing the water pressure from going around any further.

Lewis: There's a tornado coming at us North-Northeast rather quickly. If you do not get us out of here immediately, we will be sucked in.

Ash: How did you-?

Lewis: NOW!

True to his word, a tornado was coming at them at high speeds, with no chance of stopping.

Misty: We have to do something!!!

Lewis: Indeed. Hold on!

Everyone grabbed hold of Lapras's shell, and Lewis's eyes glowed bright. Lapras teleported with everyone on board it to a nearby island.

Two hours later...

Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Pikachu awoke.

Ash: Ugh... Is everyone alright?

Pikachu: Chu...

Tracey: Yeah, I'm okay. Hey wait, where's Lewis?

Misty: Look out!!!

Everyone turned their faces to see three mechanical robots floating in the air. They were round, with a visual lense in its center, and two short arms with three fingered claws.

Robot 1: This is Drudger unit 1. Surrender all weaponry and identify yourselves.

Ash: Um... We don't have any weapons! I'm Ash, this is Pikachu, that's Misty, and this is Tracey!

Robot 2: Engage mind scan.

Ash: Mind scan?

Suddenly, a wave of blue energy hit our heroes, causing them to scream in pain...

Man in shadows: Young man, are you all right?

Ash slowly woke up. He looked around. Pikachu, Misty, and Tracey were nowhere to be found.

Ash: I think so... Where are my friends? Ah, my pokeballs are gone!

Man: Yes. The old bat must've taken them to another section of the mansion. The drudgers must've brought you here.

Ash: Drudgers?

Man: The uh, robots.

Ash: What are they trying to keep out? They looked pretty serious.

Man: It's not really what they're trying to keep out, but what they're trying to keep out. Hehehe.

Ash: Yeah.

Man: You... You're not frightened of me?

Ash: No... Should I be?

Man: No... No. Anyway, my name is Sancroft. Could you help me back onto my bed? The old bat'll come sniffing soon.

Ash: Old bat? Who's that?

Man: Ugh. She's the one who's supposed to be my caretaker. You see, my legs don't work.

Suddenly, the doors swing open and an old woman stood there, laughing.

Woman: Hehehehe... So, trying to escape, are you? It's too late, Sancroft! I've already told them you're here. No need for them to find you. I go show them where you are!!

Man: What have you done you insane bat?!?!

The woman cackles and walks off. All of a sudden, the room shakes!

Man: Young man, you must leave! They won't want any witnesses...

Ash: What are you talking about?!?! Who was that woman talking about?!? What has she done?!?

Man: She's done a deal. You must leave! They want me, not you, but they'll kill you if they find you here!

Ash: I'm not going anywhere without my friends, and you're coming with me!

Ash helps Sancroft onto his wheelchair, and the two scurry off, and manage to find the old woman's room. The two enter and find Misty, Tracey, and Pikachu gagged and tied up! Ash goes over and helps them escape, and he explains the situation.

Sancroft: Quickly, you must leave! These security monitors already show that they're here!!!

The monitor showed the old woman laughing at a group of soldiers!

Woman: Hahahaha! You see? I told you I'd bring you here! Welcome to the house of Sancroft, infamous First Knight of Valeisha!

Soldier: There. Must. Be. No. Witnesses.

The soldiers fire their guns, as our heroes turn away from the site.

Ash: Close the doors! Pikachu, electrify the door so they can't get in!

Pikachu: Pika-chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

Suddenly, a pounding was heard at the doors!

Soldier: Sancroft, First Knight of Valeisha. Hear this decree recorded into this tape recorder.

Decree: Sancroft. Although it was the decision of the courts for you to have life imprisonment, the citizens of Kalfador have always found your continued existence a moral appall! We do this secretly, without witnesses, for our allies must not know it is we who strike you down in the name of all that is good in the universe.

Misty: Sancroft, you're some kind of-

Sancroft: War Criminal. A long time ago. A lifetime ago.

Tracey: There must be some way we can- Here, um, hello! We are here by accident! If you could just-

Soldier: The citizens of Kalfador have no quarrel with you. But, we regret, there must be no witnesses.

Suddenly, the doors burst open and gunshots fire.