In the Foster family following weekend was supposed to be about happiness and finally becoming a family. Jude's and Callie's adoption papers were ready and Steff and Lena just had to sign it. Jude was so happy. He and Mariana spent days thinking about their outfits for the court house and the party. On the other hand, Callie was feeling like all this is wrong. In a few days hers and Brandon's chances to ever be together were coming to their end. On Friday afternoon, they are becoming siblings. She was so sad. In the night, when everyone was asleep, she would sneak to his old room and cry. First night she sneaked into his room, she found his shirt he left behind. It smelled of him and that perfume she loved. Every night she sneaked in his room, she would hug his shirt and cry for him. She missed him so much. She was still in love with him. She loved everything about him and she missed that time when they were together. As the adoption was getting closer, she was every day less and less sure she could do it. She was tempted to look for him and tell him she wants him back. In his room, she would spend nights remembering him and all the time they had together. She loved him too much, and she couldn't have him. She knew that he was the one, she was sure she could love him forever, but she also knew she couldn't have him. If she wants Jude to be happy, than she had to go through with it.

The following day she went to the Girls United house and asked them if she could join the group. She wanted to talk to somebody.

''Callie, it's nice for you to join us. So, adoption is happening in a few days, how do you feel?''



''Because I'm not sure if that is the right decision…''


''Because I…''

''You love Brandon?''

She broke down. She started crying. To everybody's surprise, Carmen came and held her.

''It's not easy choice , but you have to decide if it is worth it….''

''I missed all of them, but without Brandon I feel so empty, like I'm dead inside…''

''Than, I think you already know what is your choice.''

''My brother would never forgive me..''

''And will you forgive yourself letting him became your brother?''

''I don't know…''

''Can you see him as a brother?''

''No.. I can't imagine the day I wouldn't love him.''

''Callie, you are in a very dangerous territory there…''

''I know, but… He is living with his dad now… We are not in the same house…''

''But he is still your foster brother….''

''I know…''

That day she was home alone. B came to get some of the things he forgot and found her sleeping in his room with his shirt pressed against her chest and nose. He sat on the bed beside her and stroked her hair. She opened her eyes and jumped when she saw him.

''What are you doing here?''

''I could ask the same?''

''I was…''

''I know…''

''Are you sure you want to go through with this?''

''I… I don't know…''


''Because I'm not well since we broke up… I miss you so much… I love you Brandon…''

''I love you too.''

As on cue, they jumped into each other's arms and started kissing and tearing each other's clothes. They never did it before and it was maybe their last chance to have something special. B had never been with anyone and Callie's first time was actually a rape, so it seemed like they had their first time with each other. He made love to her all the afternoon. She felt alive, complete and like she could do anything. She finally felt how it feels to let go completely and give all to the person you love. Brandon had taken all that she could give that afternoon and gave her the same. She felt him being hers and only hers. They belonged to each other more than ever. He was not her foster brother, Steff's son, Lena's soon. She was not Jude's sister, someone who had to take care of him. They were just Brandon and Callie, two teenagers madly in love with each other. They were so wrapped up at each other that they didn't notice anyone coming home. Steff and Lena went upstairs and on the way to their room they heard noise coming from B's room. They opened the door and found teens kissing and talking.

''I love you so much Callie. We can do it… I can file for emancipation. I've been saving money so we can rent a place and live together. Don't leave me again… I would die without you. I can't do it anymore…''

''I know B. I feel the same. I feel so bad, empty , sad and desperate to be with you… But if I don't do it, Jude would be hurt, your moms would be hurt… We can't be selfish…''

''Why? After Friday, we can never do something like this… We will never be able to share these moments. I love you, you will never be my sister…''

''Brandon… Be reasonable. We can't keep doing this. We have to be siblings. I can't hurt Jude. I'm sorry.''

''Just keep hurting us and all would be O.K.''


''Callie, you are in my arms, naked, after making love to me for hours, how do you thing we can be siblings after this?''

Steff was the first to speak..

''What on earth it this?''


Teens jumped apart from each other and covered themselves. As on cue, the rest of the kids came upstairs and found them in bed together. Callie noticed how different their looks were. Jesus was surprised, Mariana seamed angry and Jude was furious.

''You ruin everything! Why did you come back? I hate you….''

Jude run to his room and slammed the door.

''We'll talk downstairs.''

They closed the door to the room and left two of them to get dressed. Callie was crying. He moved closer to her and held her.

''It will be fine. All would be fine.''

'' It will not. Jude hates me again.''

''He will get over it…''

''I have to stop hurting and disappointing people…''


''No, Brandon! This has to end, for all of us. I can't stand the way they looked at us.''

''They will get over it.''

''No, they will not… They will never get over the fact that I betrayed their trust again. We were not supposed to do this, feel this. We told them it was just a kiss and we did more than that. We wanted to live together, that is something they don't know about. I can't lie anymore.''

She got out of bed and put on her cloths. Brandon did the same and few minutes later they were down in the dining room where entire family waited for them.