Naruto: After the Fall

Plot: Naruto lost the war, his way, and possibly his mind. Unfortunately the people who try to help him pick the pieces find their own faults laid bare in the face of increasingly ruthless enemies in a world that fears and hates them all.

Disclaimer: I own neither the X-Men or Naruto

Prologue: Psych Ward

From the Audio Logs of Charles Xavier

"Naruto Uzumaki appears to be a sixteen year old male of above average physical fitness. He may simultaneously be one the strangest and most tragic people I have ever met. Young Naruto seems to have through means unknown to me managed to manifest in our world from one profoundly different than our own. For the sake of brevity I will only focus on aspects of that world are directly relevant to the patient's current mental state.

The patient's life has been marked by a series of hardships and traumatic events that have left their mark on the boy. Unfortunately due to Naruto's withdrawn nature and the many fantastical details that color what little he has told me make an objective analysis difficult. The boy's childhood was marked by periods of social isolation due to his pariah status as what literally translates as "human sacrifice", the vessel of a demonic entity.

Naruto's youth was very similar to Kurt's, though Naruto doesn't appear to have been the victim of physical violence in his childhood. Mr. Wagner at least had the benefit of emotional support from his adopted parents. Naruto was forced to cope with his ordeals alone for most of his formative years. His adolescence were marked by military service that appears to be compulsory or at last strongly encouraged for those with extra-human abilities...including that world's long present mutant population to my horror.

Yet the mutants of that world seem to be an accepted part of their culture. Naruto himself has never displayed any fear or animosity regarding mutants. The patient though appears to have been scarred from the many ordeals he endured as a soldier

(Heavy Sigh) Note to self: I shall have to impress upon the anime fans among my students not to harass him over his ninja status.

Prior to outbreak of war he became associated with a prophecy and found himself hailed as a messianic figure by the people who had once ostracized him. Naruto himself seemed to have believed it and while generally such beliefs would normally be associated with schizophrenia but that isn't the case here. Nevertheless Naruto entered into a war under the belief he would be able to protect all dear to him from harm. Sadly reality did not match his hopes in the least leaving Naruto profoundly damaged.

When Logan and myself found the boy we rushed him to Moria's facility for treatment, considering the state he was in it's a miracle he was even alive. Healing rates truly are remarkable things but the lingering mental scars have, until now, made me reluctant to bring the boy to the Institute. The lad displays many of the classic symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder including lack of sleep, bursts of anger, and occasionally severe dissociation compounded by survivor's guilt.

Naruto has managed over the past several months to learn an impressive amount of English. Moria claims he throws himself into his studies at times becoming obsessive, clearly eager to occupy himself. The young man has however proven unresponsive to therapy and apparently he's deteriorating according the latest report.

My former fiancé is now insistent I bring him to the Institute believing he may respond better to those his own age. I will brief the senior staff here in the morning about Naruto in the morning before having the boy brought here. I do hope the lad is able to find peace among the other children, if not I may have to consider other options."