Hey everybody! This story is based off of Adam's line in Sink or Swim, "Sir, we're not stowaways, we're cruisers. I'm Bob Dunwoody from Tampa, Florida, this is my wife Joan, and our lovely daughter, Piper."

I hope everyone who reads this enjoys it, I got the idea to write this story from Criminal Minds Love. I was promised a plate of virtual cookies if I wrote this! Yay! And this whole story will be in Chase's POV

•Chase's POV•

"Now!" Douglas yells. A tall person in a white Phantom mask enters the room, and before my siblings or I can react, he shocks us and we fall to the ground.

"Piper! Come downstairs now! We have to get to the family dinner at your Grandpas's house," Adam's voice calls from downstairs. Piper? Grandpas's? Shouldn't there only be one? What is going on?

"Adam, it's not Piper! It's Chase," I yell, starting to walk downstairs. As I pass a mirror in the hallway, I don't see Chase. I see my hair color, on long brown hair that's tied up in a ponytail. I see feminine features in my once masculine face, although Adam would disagree and say I always looked like that. After I look at my chest, I let out a yelp. Two sets of footsteps come running up the stairs.

"Pipes, what wrong?" Adam asks. Pipes? Oh God. Bree stands next to Adam, looking very worried.

"This is what's wrong," I shriek, motioning to my body. Bree sighs.

"Sweetie, I know you want to be a boy, but you're a girl and you can't change that," She says softly.

"We'll talk more about this later," Adam says, "Right now Grandpa Donald and Grandpa Douglas need our help decorating." As he says this, I get a look of confusion on my face.

"It's Mr. Davenport and Uncle Douglas, even though he's our father. And they hate each other," I say. Bree and Adam exchange worried glances.

"Piper, they're married. Dad met Daddy when he was at college, and they fell in love," Adam says calmly. My eyes widen in shock and then I start laughing. Mr. Davenport and Douglas? Married?

"And then they adopted your Uncle Victor when he was sixteen at the same orphanage that your dad was at. Five years after they adopted Victor, they went back and adopted you dad when he was eight," Bree says, "Don't you remember all the times we told you this?" She asks. I shake my head.

"And Marcus? Who's he?" I question, looking at Adam and Bree, "Who are you? What about Leo? And Tasha?"

"When they adopted Victor, he wanted to keep his last name, Krane. I wanted to keep my last name, Dunwoody," Adam says calmly. I look at Bree to verify.

"Tasha adopted me from an orphanage in Maine. Then she had Leo a couple years after she adopted me. How could you not remember us telling you this?" Bree says, "I changed my last name, and I was Joan Dooley until I met Bob, your dad," She explains. Joan and Bob? What?

"Marcus is your mother's biological brother. Tasha adopted him too," Adam, or Bob, says. I blink several times in confusion. This is all too weird. At least everyone else has their real names, though. But I don't know who this Victor Krane guy is. Maybe he's the man in the mask in my world?

"And since you don't seem to remember anything, do not even cast a glance at your Uncle Victor's face. He got hurt while working with Dad, and now he's quite an angry person," Bree, or Joan, says. I nod and start walking to the car, trying to process this all.

"Which one is Dad and which one is Daddy?" I ask Adam, since him and Bree followed me.

"I call Douglas Daddy, but you call him Pop-Pop. Donald is Dad, but to you he's Grandpa," Adam says. Bree sends Adam a worried look, mouthing 'Our daughter hit her head too hard and lost her memory!' Or at least that's what I think she's saying, because my bionics don't seem to be working.

"Piper, I think you should skip your Math Debate Club team meeting tomorrow. We need to take you to see someone," Adam says. Math Debate Club? Maybe this world doesn't suck...

"No, Bob! She's the Captain, and they have a Debate next week! Take her on a weekend," Bree argues.

"Take me where?" I ask. They ignore me and get in the car. I frown and get in the backseat. At least there are no small jokes from Adam here.

No one talks for the whole ride. Adam keeps his eyes on the road, Bree stares out the window, and I contemplate how I got into this world.

"Bob, I need your help!" Douglas runs up to the car as soon as we pull in the driveway.

"What's wrong?" Adam asks, immediately turning the engine off and getting out of the car.

"Donald accidentally brought up the whole 'Scar' thing with Victor, and now Victor's trying to strangle him. Literally," Douglas says, in a panic.

"I'll go calm him down," Adam says, walking to the house. Bree looks at Douglas.

"May you please keep Piper in the car while I go help Bob?" Bree asks. Douglas nods, and she runs after Adam at a normal speed. I look over at Douglas.

"So Piper, how's Trent been lately?" Douglas asks cheerily. I frown in confusion. Why would I care what Trent is doing?

"He's been... good... still a bully, though..." I take my best guess at what he's like in this world.

"Has he been abusing you?" Douglas asks, very concerned, "Because someone abusing their girlfriend is a very serious thing."

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