Recently, since I started writing Me Without You, I am being asked about timelines of my stories and I realised how confusing they must be. So here is a small guide through the maze of Wrens, Thorins and Johns, and Theas, Amrods who are Auggies, and Dain is somewhere there too... :D


1. There is Timeline #1 (as marked in the descriptions of the stories). The second chapter of this file is its short guide.

These are original stories. They take place in Middle Earth. Thorin survived BoFa (no idea how by the way, I was planning to come up with something elegant when I was writing them and never did :D) Wren is a healer in Dale, they meet and bazinga! See the second part of this file for the guide through their long and convoluted story.

2. Me Without You is basically Timeline #1 except he did die in BoFa and now she sees him in her dreams. How it ends, I can't tell you since I'm still writing it, but I assure you the plot is all neat and ready in my noggin :D

3. In Timeline #1 in her fourth Spring Wren leaves Erebor since Thorin neglects her and she assumes he loves her no more. On the way she meets Amrod, a former Ranger of Ithilien. As stated in Thorin's Spring Thorin later finds her in Bree and they return to Erebor together. How she rejects Amrod and what it leads to ten years later can be read in Thorin's Defeat.

4. Timeline #3 is the alternative course of events that takes place if she doesn't reject Amrod and chooses him over Thorin who, she thinks, doesn't care for her anymore. This would be Life That Never Was. It has a sequel Life That Always Will Be, currently on hiatus, but probably will be continued right after Me Without You is done.

5. Timeline #2 (also called Universe 2 or U2 :P) is created in collaboration with another FF writer, RagdollPrincess. It was inspired by her story and her darker, more lecherous Thorin, and the perfect Wren for him was born. She is a healer in Bree and not Dale, but many of her circumstances are the same. Their story begins in Thorin's Queen, and there is a collection of smutty one-shots for them, Another night, Another Path.

There is also whole bunch of other, unrelated stories but again, nothing but Wren and Thorin/John :D

Recurring characters:

- Thea (in modern AUs her surname is Martin): Wren's BFF, gorgeous as f***, voluptuous, and liberated. My favourite OC to be honest. So delicious :D

- Amrod (modern AU Auggie Anderson): the third point in the eternal love triangle of Wren and Thorin and him. Inspired by Chris Gorham's character in "Covert Affairs" TV series.

- Aldacar (Middle Earth only): Wren's first lover, a healer in Gondor she served under. In Timeline #1 cold and incapabe of love, in Timeline #2 abusive and psychopathic.

Wren's and Thorin's (or John's for that matter) children:

- Thror (modern AU Thomas): basically mini-Thorin :)

- Unna (always Unna): a complicated young lady, daddy's girl.

- Dain (modern AU Dane): the best character I've ever created, EVER! In the name of Rassilon I have no words to describe how much I love Dain. And I think many readers agree with me :D He is magic, he is light, he is a rock star! Recently in my head he looks like Sam Heughan a.k.a. Jaime Fraser in "Outlander" TV series :D

Do you want a Dain-centered fic now? ;)

- Othin (modern AU Oliver): always smiling, most daring, getting in trouble, loved by everyone. The heartthrob of Erebor and the most Dwarven of them all! God, I love him :D

And then...

- There is Mira. She is the daughter of Wren and Amrod/Auggie in several universes. She is best shown in Life That Never Was. Eventually she always ends up being Thorin's daughter by his heart and one of his closest friends. She is intuitive, beautiful, detached, uninterested in social contact, in Middle Earth she possesses magic, in modern AUs extremely high intellect, possible condition on the autism spectrum.

The stories about Thror, Unna, Dain, and Othin will appear in "Good Things, Small Packages" including modern AUs and all Timelines.

My darlings, NEVER hesitate to write to me asking for clarification! :D

Love you all ardently,