This part is the guide to TIMELINE #1. For the summary of other timelines, see Chapter 1 of this file.

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Thorin, together with Kili and Fili, survives the Battle of the Five Armies, obviously, and he takes the throne of Durin's Folk.

Two years after, Wren comes to Dale looking for a position of a healer.

They meet when she gets lost in the halls of Erebor while on a trip with Dale merchants.

Their first accidental meeting is described in "Thorin's Return to Shire" Chapter 8.


Their second in "Thorin's Word a Day" (series of drabbles based on a prompt from "A Word A Day" site) Chapter 12 "Acuity".


Several more meetings follow, until she saves his life in a large battle between a rogue army of Orcs, Dale and Erebor (completely the figment of my mad imagination, may Tolkien forgive me :D) The beginning of the battle is described as her memories in "Thorin's Return to Shire" Chapter 6.


Before the Battle they share their first kiss, it can be found in "Thorin's Word a Day" Chapter 24 "Narwal".


I have never gotten to writing the battle itself, but perhaps it will happen some day.

She attends to his wounded warriors and they get to spend more time together.

Five months later she, clearly accidentally, takes his purity. Honestly, she had no idea! :P

Their first night is in "Thorin's First Night," which was written much later upon readers' requests.


The events of "Thorin's Morning After" take place. "Tension Release" is a companion piece to it, a humorous account of their struggles with the three months hiatus. Chapter 3 of "Tension Release" is angsty and sad, and I'm very fond of it for no particular reason.



If you want to have a peek into Thorin's POV on the events of "Morning After" have a look at "Word of the Day" Chpater 30 "Ambage".


She travels to Erebor with him and stays there for two and a half years serving as a healer and a midwife in the city. The stories about this time are the following (in chronological order):

Chapter "Nori" in "Thorin's Company" (chapter 6)


"Waiting for Thorin"


"Thorin's Spring" chapters 1 and 2



"Thorin's Spring" chapter 3


"Wren" Chapter 1 (The King gets injured in a fight with Orcs and the reader gets an answer on the nature of Wren's magic)


"Thorin's Apology"


Chapter "Gloin" in "Thorin's Company" (chapter 3)


"The Hunt" (I was writing it on a plane, and as it was my first smut ever, I was paranoid and felt like everyone around me knew what I was doing. Meaning, describing the penis of a fictional character created by J.R.R. Tolkien)


"Thorin's Outing" (I'm unreasonably fond of this little drabble, probably because the sinful velvet voice of Richard Armitage was in my earphones when I was writing it, rumbling and tormenting me with his consonants. Oh, the orgasmic power of "Misty Mountains"...)


Pushed away by Thorin's neglect, Wren leaves Erebor and stays away for fours months, until settling in Bree where he finds her. On her way to Bree she meets Amrod, son of Mablung, a charming rascal and a former Ranger of Ithilien. Thus happen the events in "Thorin's Defeat" Part 1. (Part 2 takes place seven years later after the birth of her first sin, Thror, son of Thorin)


If you are seeking emotional closure after this story, "Word of the Day" #40 "Incorrigible", it is sort of an epilogue to it.


Thorin coming for her in Bree would be "Thorin's Spring" chapter 4 and 5, and the companion smutty piece "Those Very Bushes Under the Bridge".



She comes back with him and their three years of betrothal start. They are giddily happy and horny all this time, thus little Thror is already "present" at the wedding. A small hitch with Wren's past jumping out and biting her bum happens, but thankfully their bond survives. The turmoil is described in "Thorin's Courage".


Her friend Thea whom we met in "Morning After" comes to visit her in Erebor. Chapters 7 and 8 of "Thorin's Company" titled "Bombur" describe this jolly event.


Just before the wedding they travel to the Shire to meet Master Baggins and take him back with them to Erebor to be present at the wedding. They find out about Wren's pregnancy on the way and Thorin has to deal with his first paternal feelings.


They get married and live happily ever after. Kidding! Not really, I've put them through wringer repeatedly, laughing maniacally! The stories go on like this:

"Thorin's Bath" (I went back and fixed its format.)


"Glimpse Towards Thorin" (my first ever drabble that started all this madness. I distinctly remember trying to avoid specifying the narrator's gender, since at that time I was not sure if the King's "ogling youngling" is female)


"Silver in Ebony"


"Thorin's Armour"

Wait, I didn't post this one, did I? Hm… Oh wait, I did, in "Thorin's Word a Day".

Chapter 4 "Fili" in "Thorin's Company"


By then, more little Oakeshields come by.

Unna makes her first appearance in "Bifur", chapter 1 from "Thorin's Company"


She is still expected in "Kili", chapter 5 of "Thorin's Company"


And the next one is on his way in "Dwalin" (chapter 2 of "Thorin's Company"). I have a soft spot for the third prince of Erebor, Dain, son of Thorin, he is going to drive him adad crazy! (There will be plenty of stories about him. I wish you could see how I'm rubbing my hands, giggling wickedly)


One of stories in "Thorin's Word A Day" tells of Wren's kidnapping and the Elvenking Thranduil saving her while she is expecting her third child.

A misunderstanding regarding what is the nature of relationships between Wren and Thranduil pushes Thorin to leave her in Mirkwood and return to Erebor without her. This is "Thorin's Trust" (so far my most favourite of my multi-chapters, but it did a serious number on my nerves when I was writing it...:S)


After they make peace and Dain is born, they return to Mirkwood for another visit. Chapter 15 "Edacity" in "Thorin's Word A Day" describes the first day of their admittedly awkward visit.


The alternative Kili-centered piece (written for Just4Me) takes place during the same visit.


Sixteen months later, Othin, the youngest prince of Erebor is born.

At some point I signed up for "A Word A Day" site so that every day I received a prompt and had to challenge myself to write at least one piece. There was whole bunch of other stuff there as well :) Use the timeline for reference, and I started indicating time and place on them after a while, should be easy :)

The stories about Thror, Unna, Dain, and Othin will appear in "Good Things, Small Packages" (not only from this timeline).

"5 Times Your name Was Not Yours..." is Wren's timeline but more like glimpses than an actual biography.