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This is a way off the charts AU (pre-Twilight) short smutty story. (About two or three chapters) How 'bout we just throw Stephanie Meyer's canon realm out the window, because I've altered practically everything in her universe, including the vampire parameters, characters, and back-stories.

So, just sit back and enjoy this OOC, AU, smutty story.

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Covet Thy Enemy Betray Thy Master

Chapter 1: Meeting Persephone


April 24, 1893

Since the day I first opened my eyes to my new life, with all its strange and wondrous differences, I have been plagued by the emotions of those around me. My curse was to feel, and as such, I was an unwilling captive to my curse. I was a pawn in Maria's army, a weapon unlike any before me, and my sire used that gift to her advantage, mandating the destruction of souls for acquisition or simply for nourishment. Their emotions permanently etched themselves in my psyche; their blood stained my soul, an ever-present reminder of the monster she'd created. My infallible memory was a fitting punishment for my crimes, weighing heavily on my psyche.

I had an eternity to drown in my sins.

To vampires, the passage of time was akin to sand falling through a sieve, measured but entirely irreverent to our existence. Eternity wasn't measured by human standards. We had no need to fruitlessly count the years, hours, or seconds that heralded our inevitable demise like the rise and fall of the sun. Our bodies wouldn't desiccate within our mortal vessels, nor would our shells vainly break under the stress of constant usage. Instead, we were forever frozen in our youth, never moving forward.

My brother, Peter, and I were just boys when we were forcibly enlisted into Maria's army. We met her on route to Galveston, Texas, where we'd been mandated to evacuate women and children. Three ethereally lovely women stood on the banks of Sweetwater Lake, alone and in a horrid state of undress. Like the decent men momma raised, Peter and I dismounted our horses and offered the women our aid, and our jackets. However, our assistance was not desired, for our warm bodies and military experience were far more valuable for their newest venture. Having lost their covens and territories in battle, the three women collaborated with one another and formed an alliance, aspiring to reclaim what had been taken from them.

Like the leech that she was, the cold-hearted bitch sucked the life out of our human bodies and created monsters in her image. She erased everything respectable about two young farm boys from Houston, Texas, and transformed us into ravenous beasts, veritable killing machines.

Peter and I were the first recruits in her army. Our sire broke us and molded us into the perfect soldiers, stealing our humanity and our innocence with each life we took. I refused to allow her to soil whatever was left, so I pressed Jasper Whitlock into the darkest recesses of my mind, and I emerged someone new. A new entity—a split personally—that shielded the monster from the man. My alter ego protected Peter and I from the horrors around us, and someday soon, I aimed to use him to liberate the two of us from our unfortunate fate.

After culling the twelve newborns in our regiment, I found myself mentally exhausted and thoroughly plagued by the lingering emotions of my victims. After disposing of the bodies, I trudged into the nearest tent and flopped down on an old cot. Then, I propped my head against the steel brace in the structure and closed my eyes. I yearned for a moment alone with my thoughts, eager to quell the crippling depression that loomed over me like a heavy miasma. Maria owed me that small courtesy, at least.

The bitch gave me all of ten minutes reprieve before she swept into the tent like a virulent disease, nearly bowling me over with the tenor of her emotions— the familiar uneasiness that accompanied the aching need to destroy and consume. They grated on my psyche as though she were rubbing salt in a wound. Essentially, she had done just that, repeatedly for the past three decades. I, for one, was weary of her games and her voracious need for blood. I might've actually admired her tenacity, if I hadn't daydreamed about her demise for the past seven months.

Soon, I told myself.

"Jasper," she purred in her usual sultry lilt, standing over me with her hands upon her hips. When I hadn't responded to her presence, she lowered herself on to my lap and rocked her hips against my groin. I gazed at her with a deadly, cold leer, aiming to provoke her to expose her true intentions, which she revealed the moment she ran her finger under the waistband of my britches.

My eyebrows rose in anticipation of her demands—demands that always followed her sickening sweet displays of affection. Her feigned warmth and compassion were degrading. What she had hoped would elicit a favorable response, only served to repel me. Once upon a time, my body would've come alive under her touch, and I would've undoubtedly acquiesced to her womanly wiles with very little coaxing. However, my Mistress's siren coercion no longer compelled me to act upon her every whim, so I pushed her completely off my body and bound to my feet, taking a dominant stance before her.

Maria was far from amused by the clear rejection of her sexual advances. As of late, my defiant attitude had definitely become contentious issue among the two of us. I clearly felt a shift in the dynamics between us. For some time now, the turmoil had consumed her from the inside out. The woman had always worn a heavily guarded exterior in my presence, something that always seemed rather asinine to me after the cultivation of my gift. Due to the nature of my endowment, I had the ability to unearth the mask of hate and discontent and expose her deceit.

Over the course of thirty long, tortuous years, my sire was continually unsatisfied with our lot. Whether it was annihilation or territory, the bitch was never satisfied. The loss of her mate had caused discord in her heart, prompting the constant need for revenge.

Her cold, uncaring demeanor quickly returned, coiling back around her like a venomous snake. "Major I have a mission for you and the Captain."

Of course she did. What was the scheming bitch up to now?

I took a deep breath and let it out loudly, curbing my agitation into the pit of my stomach. "Of course, Mistress," I bit out. "What is it you would have us do?"

I have quite a few ideas roaming around in my head, which include ripping your treacherous tongue from your mouth and lighting your disgusting carcass of fire.


"It seems that a certain former Volturi Princess is mounting a heavy resistance against me and will soon march on Mexico in the coming weeks. I wish you and the Captain to scout out her forces, and if possible, end her reign before she ends mine. Her encampment is up North near Canada, my scouts say Washington State."

Ah, how very predictable! But Washington? What a strange place to stake her claim.

Then, she leaned in close and spoke in my ear, the words of her native tongue laced with venom. "Haga que se rogar por su vida, mayor. Y luego terminar con su tan dolorosamente posible." (Make her beg for her life, Major. And then end her as painfully as possible.)

The woman has lost her damned mind!

I had heard the legends of the half human, half vampire child of the Volturi. Up until her birth, the vampire world had little knowledge of hybrid children. Since our bodies were unchanging, procreation was believed inconceivable. Unfortunately, Caius and his human (at the time) mate, Athenodora, found out that male vampires and human females were indeed able to copulate, their reproductive systems completely compatible, resulting in the birth of his daughter, Isabella, and the death of his mate.

Tales of the child's birth brought about an era of experimentation among the vampire population, and the results were nearly as cataclysmic as the age of immoral children, nearly upending the delicate balance of our clandestine society. Since said offspring were able to develop, mature, and reason, while their bitten counterparts were unchanging, their existence posed little risk to our world. While their conception and grisly births weren't of great concern to our government, the carelessness of their creator's acts had drawn attention of many cultures, which cited legends of rapes the bore rapidly growing children who partook in human blood. In the face of inevitable discovery, the Volturi were forced to outlaw the practice, dishing out severe punishment to those vampires who chose to live outside the law.

Despite his mate's death, Caius adored his child with a passion and sent a veritable army to protect her wherever she roamed. The Volturi weren't known for their unskilled soldiers. Aro, Marcus, and Caius collected talented vampires, those with specialty powers that made mine merely a parlor trick. Lord knew whom we'd encounter.

There was a time when I wouldn't have questioned Maria's motives. I had been enamored with her, had gotten lost in her passionate embrace. To a silly, sentimental boy, it was love. To a hardened warlord like my sire, it was nothing more than a reward for a job well done. The dark-haired beauty was as deadly as a viper and rarely took advice from anyone. She always knew what she wanted and it was best to let her have her way. In this instance, however, she was acting completely irrational. Her newest target was a high-ranking member of the Vampire Government, an actual biological child of the most ruthless of the three leaders. Maria's mandate was an act of treason and would result in nothing sort of execution for all those involved, directly or indirectly.

"Are you certain about this, Mistress? Strategically speaking, I find this a very unwise move. On the off chance that the Captain and I are able to take out the Princess, our coven will undoubtedly be obliterated. I, for one, don't wish to have my throat cut on an altar like a sacrificial lamb."

Her ire was palpable, fueling my own like the flames of a forest fire. Then, she reeled back and slapped me hard across the cheekbone, cracking the marble exterior in her anger. I never wanted to hit a woman so hard in my life.

"You will do this for me, Major," she uttered angrily, her body shaking with fury. "Or I will pull your brother apart piece by piece while you watch."

I choked back a laugh at her threat. As much as I wanted to kill the fucker now and then, it was literally impossible for him to die by another's hand, outside of fire. And believe me when I say, it wasn't for a lack of trying. The kid had a gift. Quite a repelling, yet annoying endowment, but it was useful in insuring his safety. It had served him well in the past and it would serve in the future, as well.

But the bitch didn't need to know all of my secrets.

"Fine," I breathed. "I will do whatever is in my power to vanquish your enemy, past-haste."

She ran her fingers through my curls, smirking at her small victory. "I knew you would see it my way, Mi Amore."

After midnight, I found my brother, Peter, propped up against an alley wall just outside of Monterrey, at his feet laid the victim of his late night vigilantism. He wiped the corner of his mouth on his sleeve and slipped a cigar from his breast pocket, lighting it with a silver filigreed lighter that belonged to our father. I found it curious that he still clung to the item, considering most items from our human days had long since disappeared. Yet, I couldn't begrudge him that small token of his humanity. Lord knew that the only stitch of charity I had left nowadays was because of him.

I settled into the shadows and watched with rapt attention as he took several deep drags from the smoldering cylinder and exhaled, letting the charcoal smoke slither from his lips like ashen silk. Peter twirled the item around in his fingers and flicked off the ash, taking another long pull. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, basking in the rich aroma of the tobacco that permeated the space between us. I chuckled softly under my breath, remembering fondly the nights my father, brother, and I indulged in a good smoke after a decent meal. It looked as though my brother still enjoyed our family tradition.

I unnecessarily cleared my throat to catch his attention. "Don't you know those things will kill you, Captain?"

Peter sighed and rolled his eyes, holding the cigar out toward me. "Well, fuck, Major. I figure it's like this…I's already deader than a doornail, so why not enjoy all life has to offer?"

I sauntered out of the shadows and plucked the proffered item from his fingers, savoring in the quality of the aged tobacco as it swirled across my taste buds. "Mm. This is an expensive brand. Who'd you pilfer this from?"

My brother kicked the corpse at his feet. "Aw. This fucker, with his tailored suit and polished shoes, was pawin' at this poor raven-haired filly in the alley, tryin' to touch what wasn't offered. She looked so resigned to her fate, all alone in the world, and I couldn't help thinkin' 'bout his nasty hands all over Charlotte. Hell, I wasn't really even hungry, but after I shooed the girl outta the alley, I ripped his throat out just the same."

I shook my head at my brother. It had been a many years since we left home to join the army, mysteriously disappearing from the human world forever. Our baby sister, Charlotte, was a grown woman at this point, a mother, or possibly a grandmother, hardly in need of a brother's protection. However, the boy still worried about her just the same.

Our sister was the prettiest little angel God placed on the planet. Her bouncy blonde curls and sky blue eyes melted every heart within a thousand mile radius. For some reason, she thought that ornery bastard hung the moon. The two of them had a special bond, almost supernatural in its intensity, and it broke his heart to leave her behind. Even momma's soft cadence and daddy's strong arms couldn't compare to his calming influence.

Sentimental bastard, anyway.

It was no surprise that he saw a glimmer of our sister in that poor, unfortunate girl. Her memory had kept him constant company over the years, bringing him a small comfort in the dark times.

During his change, he murmured her name repeatedly between his audible bouts of agony. Peter's transformation took three days longer then mine and I watched in horror as he writhed on the tent floor. Coupled with my newborn hunger and the heaviness of my newly discovered gift, it was the most excruciating torture Maria had ever subjected me to watch. My love for him was my perceived weakness. That was why she always threatened me with his death and dismemberment.

Peter's melancholy emotions shifted quickly and returned to his usually sunny disposition. He smiled brightly and continued his story right where he'd left off. "This pecker's rich, fatty blood'll prob'ly give me a heart attack, but had one thing goin' for him," he paused, pulling a handful of the expensive cigars out of a leather satchel at his feet. "He had a half-dozen of these in this here fancy bag of his. Waste not wants not, eh? It's not like he's gonna smoke them in Hell."

After another drag, I snuffed the cigar out under my boot and straightened my shoulders, attempting to forget all the nonsense of our human lives—time that we'd never recover, regardless of how much we dwelled upon it. "Suppose not."

He scratched the back of his neck and shuffled nervously when he truly glanced at my person. "I'm surprised to see you out on a cullin' night, Major. It ain't like you to couple that agony of all those souls with the pain of feedin'."

I barked out a laugh. "I'm not out for blood. I come to find ya, because Maria has a mission for us. She wants us to take out a rival warlord."

He scowled at me, his emotions mirroring his facial expression. "And just who are we s'posed to kill?"

"Isabella Volturi."

Peter's eyes grew wide and he threw his hands up in the air, muttering various profanities under his breath before he acknowledged my response. "Damn that bitch to Hell. We might as well light our sorry carcasses on fire! If we thought Volturi were breathin' down our necks before, this…well, shit."

"I'm with ya," I mused. "But I have to say I'm intrigued by Maria's obsession with the Princess. Today when she ordered me to kill her, I saw a crack in her façade—an emotion that I've never felt emanating from our Mistress—fear. It stands to reason that this Isabella has the power to alter everything we've ever known. I wanna see this threat for myself."

Peter's eyes rose in response to my statement. "So, where we goin'?"

I clapped him on the shoulder and smiled wryly. "Washington"

"Fuck," he groaned, eliciting a chuckle from me.

Due to extraordinarily decent weather, it took Peter and me a fair amount of time to make the journey up the coast. We traveled mainly at night, remaining as inconspicuous as possible. As we neared the heavily forested states, we were able to travel during the daylight, which was both a benefit and a detriment to my overly burdened mind.

To my delight, my brother was mostly silent during our journey, only responding when directly engaged. I felt the gravity of his emotions as they weighed heavily on his heart, mirroring mine exactly. The only bonus to this convoluted mess was the freedom of the open air, unencumbered by the hardships of war. It made me yearn for the nomadic lifestyle that most of our kind was fortunate enough to be acquainted with.

After several more days of tracking, we followed the fresh scent of vampires into a small harbor against the coast and began scouting the area for evidence of our quarry. It took us all of ten minutes to realize that this tiny burg was merely a hub, as the interlacing scents seemed to originate from the west. We took off in the direction of those before us and followed them toward their destination—a small Indian village situated between the cliffs and the ocean.

It was nearing twilight when first stepped into the settlement. Surprisingly enough, it was quite simple to gain access to Isabella's territory, far too easy, in my opinion. Warning bells sounded in my head as we strode easily through the area without a sentry in sight. In Maria's encampment, an intruder would've found resistance miles before he stepped foot into her area. I couldn't believe that my sire's largest nemesis was so sparsely guarded. Somehow, I had the feeling that we wouldn't remain alone for long.

I took a deep breath and almost gagged as a sickening combination of perspiration, rotting earth, wet animals, and testosterone assaulted my nostrils. I stiffened at the memory that coincided with the aroma, crouching low in anticipation of an attack. During a raid last summer, the troops and I were in place to overtake a rival army. Unbeknownst to me, the encampment had already been infiltrated hours earlier by creatures that Maria had identified as 'children of the moon'. We lost half our forces to the pack of ferocious beasts. The Captain and I barely escaped alive—the four gouges in the space between my neck and my waist were a constant reminder that immortals weren't indestructible.

Was the Princess using werewolves to guard her territory?

Peter took a deep breath of his own and growled, mirroring my crouch. "Major, please tell me that ain't werewolf stank in the air."

His question was answered by a pair of matching howls that blanketed the area in a crescendo of dread. Thunderous paws shook the ground underneath our boots and added to the deafening threat. The Major resolutely pushed my calmer demeanor into submission, taking control of the situation. This wasn't a situation I enjoyed finding myself.

The Captain and I slammed our backs together and crouched as four enormous, horse-like wolves stepped out from the tree line. White, black, red, and silver fur stood out noticeably under the full moon. Saliva seethed out of their open mouths like a bubbling brook. The clear liquid dripped between their teeth and saturated their coats. They looked as though they were salivating for a taste of our flesh. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't frightened.

Even though the two species shared a similar aroma, these four-legged creatures bore zero resemblance to the ferocious demons that nearly tore me in two. By the look of the massive canines encased in their muzzles, I surmised these giant dogs were equally as competent as their two-legged counterparts were in the destruction of our kind.

The great slobbering beasts encircled us like buzzards flying 'round a dead carcass, snarling at snapping at our feet. The white wolf lunged at me, something I was prepared for, and I quickly parried out of his reach, dipping into a somersault and successfully evading his massive jaw. I shared a knowing glance over my shoulder and immediately sprung to my feet, swiveling my hips. Both Peter and I lined ourselves up for a perfect vault. On the second lung, I grabbed the large beast by the shoulders and utilized the animal's body as a pivoting point. I centered my shoulders and used my body's own momentum to propel my body over the great, snarling beast. My brother mirrored my leap and we took off into the trees.

"Fuck, Major. Hit 'em with your mojo, quick!"

I took a deep breath and opened myself up to their emotions, releasing a cocktail powerful enough to bring an army to their knees. These animals, however, were immune to my gift. While they were unaffected my crippling attack, Peter stumbled, nearly face planting in the dirt. I quickly grabbed him by the crook of the arm and dragged him along beside me, not willing to leave him behind. With the wolves impervious to my attack, I feared his own would fail him, as well.

"Ya idiot! Don't 'cha think I already tried that? The fuckers are impervious to my gift."

We were nothing but a blur, streaking through the tightly packed trees all around us. The massive footfalls all around us overshadowed our rustling movements, blanketing the eerie silence with their deafening racket. I chanced a look over my shoulder and promptly regretted it, shuddering at the proximity of the snow-white wolf as he bore down upon me. A howl ripped through his slobbering mussel, causing a supernatural chill to blanket the air between us, and was promptly joined by many more of its kind— obviously recruiting backup.

Just how many of these fuckers are there?

As a last-ditch effort, I grabbed the nearest branch and swung my legs over it, pleased to escape their menacing jaws. My relief, however, was short-lived, as my actions weren't nearly swift enough. His massive jaw firmly clipped the hem of my pant leg and forcibly yanked my body to the ground, sinking his canines into my right calf. I roared in anger and grabbed the wolf around the throat, attempting to crush him within my arms. Peter slid to a stop and turned back, grasping the large creature by the back of the neck. Then, he proceeded to wrap his arms around the massive dog's torso and crush his ribs into kindling. Our combined agony nearly doubled me over. A loud howl caught in his throat as he succumbed to the darkness, and we watched in utter fascination as his broken body shimmered and shifted into a man. We had little time to ponder the amazing sight before we felt the familiar rumble of the beast's cohorts bearing down upon us.

The two of us took off like bullets, the Captain faster than I was, due to the gaping wound in my lower calf, which was leaking large amounts of venom. With my diminished speed, I quickly found myself cornered, face to face with the barer of my possible demise. I dipped into a low crouch and stared the beast down, growling low in my chest. He snapped at me and I mirrored my earlier movements, once again evading his razor-sharp teeth. However, once I was upright I found my escape bared by two others that had promptly corralled me, seething to tear into my flesh. I saw my death in their eyes.

"Enough!" a booming voice echoed in my ears. My head whipped around just in time to glimpse a massive vampire with a short-cropped halo of dark hair streaking through the trees, quickly followed by my idiot brother. He was a great hulking beast of a man, reminding me of an iron-spiked cudgel rather then a demon of the night. Under his pale pallor, his olive complexion was a shade or two darker than my own—obviously European in origin. The Volturi, I surmised.

I spared a glance at the wolves, surprised to find them cowering upon their bellies in the shadow of the formidable vampire. I was impressed their submissive poses. Obviously, they served the vampires. How fortuitous.

"I must apologize for their actions. They are the Princess' perimeter sentinels. They are always on high alert when she is out in the open and tend to kill any unknown threat in the area without bringing them to my attention." The man held his hand out to me and swiftly pulled me to my feet. "My name is Felix. I am the head of security and Isabella's personal guard. What business do you have in our village?"

Peter cleared his throat unnecessarily and responded like an idiot. "Maria has sent us with a personal message for her Majesty. We are to deliver it to her in person. We aim to see that she gets it."

Felix cocked an eyebrow at his embolden statement. "Mm. Maria, you say?" He nodded emphatically, smiling like a cat who caught the canary. Idiot! "Follow me. The Princess is currently enjoying the tide."

As we followed the giant vampire through the forest, I glared at Peter, wishing I had the ability to light his stupid bitch ass on fire before the guard set his giant puppies upon us again. It was obvious they knew we were coming, and he essentially just confirmed our motives. He might've been reborn impervious to death, but I sure the fuck wasn't resistant.

Momma must've dropped him on his head as a baby.

We crested a small embankment and quickly crossed the golden sand, stopping when we reached the shore. When I gazed out across the cerulean water, my breath caught in my throat. Standing in the midst of the tide was the object of Maria's hatred-my quarry.

My target was petite and slender, yet endowed with soft, feminine curves. She was thigh deep in the calming waves, allowing the frothy water to bubble around her shapely legs. The direct moonlight from the enormous orb in the heavens illuminated her small frame, which was as exposed as a newborn babe. Even without seeing her face, she made me mouth dry and my thoughts a veritable jumble.

When I envisioned the Princess in my mind, it had painted an entirely different picture. She certainly wasn't the masterpiece who stood before me. My undead heart was aflutter with sensations that I was unaccustomed to experiencing, and the unknown emotions frightened me to death—if I were able to perish once again, that was.

"Mistress, Maria has sent us several messengers. Shall I detain them? Or do you wish speak with them, now?" Felix stated formally.

The small woman-child hummed with approval, and a soft, lilting voice replied over the sounds of the sloshing waves. "Hmm. I shall see to them momentarily. Please call off the wolves. Now that our guests have arrived, I have no further need of them this evening."

I watched Isabella as she enjoyed the feel of the cool water, dipping slightly to run her long, nimble fingers across the surface. A curtain of snow-white hair softly cascaded over her feminine curves, which consequently ebbed and flowed with the surge of tide. Her skin was a faint mixture of alabaster and blush that lightly glimmered in the light of the moon. It was a subtle contrast to my own, a lovely mixture of our two species, and I ached to compare the two side-by-side—hopefully wrapped around one another.

She was Persephone personified—the flowery goddess of spring, who was abducted by the devil and transformed into the majestic Queen of the Underworld. And oh, what a deity she was! I wanted nothing more than to worship every inch of her body.

This woman's presence had a strange effect upon me. I was far more than aroused. The beautiful blonde angel before me had transfixed me in every way. A yearning so profound coiled in my abdomen and slithered its way through my body, wrenching me from the confines of my very soul. There was a war brewing within me. Years of loyalty and service ceased to matter in her presence. I was discombobulated in the most delicious of ways.

I watched with rapt attention as she dipped beneath the water and doubled back, propelling her body toward the beach with the grace and speed of an immortal. Her long hair fanned out behind her like a veil of soft lace, undulating around her flawless, alabaster skin, and could've been easily mistaken for the tail of a the mythical mermaid.

A goddess amongst demons.

The Princess broke the surface of the water a few seconds later and stood in the forefront of the moon, the cerulean light highlighting her frame like a halo. While human eyes would've seen only shadows, I was able to imprint every inch of her body into my mind for further reference. And such a vision would need reviewed often. She ran her hands seductively over her small breasts and subtle curves, sloughing the excess water off her succulent body with a flick of her wrists. I felt her amusement flow across the expanse between us, and I surmised that she enjoyed the effect she had on men, us in particular.

Peter and I moaned simultaneously as the petite temptress explored her body, teasing us with every movement. Watching her was exquisite torture. I spared a glance at my brother and realized he was just as besotted by the blonde beauty. We were both toast.

I had only been an immortal for thirty years, yet even now, so many years after my death, I still remembered the reserved rules of society. The pageantry and modest dress of women in my era was indeed alluring. It was a mystery, a sinful daydream to imagine what lay beneath the layers upon layers of fabric beneath their skirts. Yet, this woman showed little modesty, and even though the gentleman within me screamed at me to look away from her nakedness, the beast within rather enjoyed the show, aching to be one with her. I couldn't glance away from her bare skin, even had I wanted to.

Isabella quickly shook out her corn-silk hair and opened her eyes, a sly smile spreading across her blood-red lips. It was as I thought. She knew we were coming. The woman sauntered out of the water and slowly, tortuously, made her toward Peter and me as though we were her quarry, instead of the other way around. My Persephone eyed the two of us like a hungry lioness on the prowl, and I waited with immense eagerness for her to pounce upon her kill. Her venomous teeth embedded in my throat sounded particularly heavenly, now—the scorching evidence of her ferocity arousing.

Once before me, Isabella continued to scrutinize me with heavy lidded eyes, examining my brother and I like prized stallions at an auction. I winked at her and she blushed at the gesture, unconsciously licking her lips. The blood flushed everything from her rounded cheeks to her gorgeous breasts. Gah! Her body's reaction to mine set me afire and deliciously spread throughout my hardened veins, her emotions awakening something foreign in my heart…as well as other parts of my body.

She moaned slightly when she caught sight of my evident desire, and I was immediately enveloped in the perfume of her arousal, the projection of her lust nearly dropping me to my knees. Her emotions were equally distracting. Hell, I wanted to be on my knees, a veritable slave to her womanly wiles.

I was immediately roosted from my reverie by her musical voice, saddened to find the object of my desire clothed in a silken dressing gown courtesy of her hulking guard, Felix. Bastard! "I must admit, the two of you are the most handsome assassins Maria has ever sent to thwart me. However, I warn you, I have several centuries more prowess between my thighs than either of you have in battle." She leaned in inches from my face and swiftly cupped my manhood, biting her bottom lip, her onyx eyes twinkling with excitement. "I can offer you so much more that she can. Will you my guest or my enemy?"

"Your guest, Mistress." And anything else you so desire, Isabella.

"Well, then. You boys are in luck. I treat my guests like royalty and personally attend to their every need," she purred in my ear, stroking my length softly. Her forwardness was bordering on dangerous. My painfully swollen member went hand-in-hand with my inner demon, my alter ego—both were yearning for me mark her as my own. I wanted her beautiful body bathed in my venom. I shuddered as she stroked me again, moments from exploding in her hand. Right at the brink of my release, she released my cock, leaving me hard and wanton.

Evil little minx.

Isabella smiled brightly and softly motioned the overly muscled guard back to her side. He stepped forward and bowed deeply, matching her grin with his own. His emotions were heavily laden by lust and possessiveness, and I had to tamp down the beast who wanted to rip this sexual rival limb from limb. "Felix, gather some clothing and take my guests to the hot springs to freshen up. Then, if you'd be so kind, keep them company until the morn. I wish to retire."

"Of course, Mistress. Since I am otherwise engaged, shall I send someone to your bedchamber in my stead?"

She pinched his cheek and softly laughed at his statement. Even though her amusement was not directed at me, the pealing sound lit a charge in my body, further fanning my desire. "No. I need no bed partner tonight. If I am to thoroughly entertain my new guests tomorrow, I require much rest."

Oh, Lord. We were dead men.

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