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I sigh and roll onto my side letting my head sink slowly to the stone floor. The dry rustle of scales as my form shifts is comfortingly repetitive as well as vaguely unnerving.

How long has it been?

I am losing my sense of time slowly but surly. Just yesterday when I went to visit my youngling for the second time I was taken aback at how he had grown. When had he shed his swaddling clothes for the sturdy pants and tunic of an active child?

My Evran. You will never know how lucky you are not to know your true father. Deep down I know a clinging jealousy for the man who will care for the family I refused.

Riki, at one time I did love you. I think I still do, but my emotions from that part of my life now seem small and smothered. If I could speak with you once more I would let you know how I miss you and how proud I am of our son.

Ragh is still here with me. My eyes open to search him out. Some days I take him flying to at least let him feel the wind that was his birth right; at least it was before Nura. He never says anything just climbs up and wraps his claws around a spine. I see it causes him great pain to have to rely on me to take him to where he was always meant to be. Yes it hurts him inside but he will not give up those times.

He is my friend.

He is my friend like Maldred was. 'Partners in crime' that brings a smile of remembrance to me. Why did you feel you had to lie to me? My motives were admittedly petty, but then so were yours. Dear ogre prince you can keep your backstabbing people and their squalid towns.

I curl up in a tight circle like a scared child. To my kind I am but a child.

The snake woman known as Nura Bint-Drax. You deserved the death you got. A pity Ragh couldn't remember all the reasons he should hate you. For taking his wings you deserved that and oh so much more. Little Nura, Yes I see you as just that. A child wrapped around the claws of your master.

My creator, you gave me this shadowy mirror like body taking away my own, but your plan came back and hit you square between the eyes. You stole my humanity and like a true thief I stole your life. Now there are no more shadow dragons on Krynn.

So what then am I?

One could say I am the only truly neutral dragon to exist under the three moons or the one sickly one that has taken to the skies. I am silver, I am black, my horns belong to a red, these claws a white, that tail a copper, and my wings ah my wings taken from a blue. How many of my brethren did you absorb to create me?

These thoughts will stay with me for centuries and eventually fade like old paintings. You are never truly gone as long as someone remembers you so I will remember my companions and give them the highest tribute still left to me. Dhamon you as well are not forgotten just changed. I do not use your name anymore because it is one that belonged to a human, but I remember for I am still Wulf. Ragh forgets often and it was your name that started me thinking.

It is still daylight I can see it faintly from here, but the small fire the draconian left tells me a different story. A day if not several has already gone by. Soon I will have to go hunt. My breath wuffs out with such force that it blows the ashes about.

So many ashes, not unlike the shards of my life.