The Goblins' Son
by Healer Teddylonglong

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During the last months, Harry had occasionally worked on the salesroom; however, his lab had been his first priority from the beginning. Now, however, the salesroom was almost completely decorated - only the potions shelves were still empty. The huge table, the cupboards and a few chairs, everything was kept in oak wood, looking slightly antique. The walls that were not covered by cupboards were decorated with equally old fashioned paintings that were either funny or informative. Harry liked the room immediately.

"Birgit," he called the house-elf, who had told him that she was the oldest and as such responsible for the eight elves.

The elf popped up in front of him, bowing deeply.

"Please don't bow," Harry said gently.

The elf slowly raised her head, giving him an uncertain look.

"I just wanted to thank you for doing a fantastic job here. This room is just simply amazing," Harry informed the elf, noticing happily that a huge smile spread over the elf's face.

"Thank you so much Master Harry. I'm glad that you like the apothecary room," Birgit replied.

"Please just call me Harry," Harry instructed her, "and please also inform the others. Now is there anything you need or that you'd like to speak about?"

"No... Harry," the elf replied, smiling. "Everything is all right here. We have made the elves' rooms in the cellar and also a kitchen. We can cook for you here always."

"That's great, thank you very much," Harry replied, feeling very reassured to have such nice and thoughtful elves. "Feel free to do as you wish, just don't do anything in my lab. Please don't even go inside of my lab."

"Yes all right, we will stay out of Harry's lab," Birgit repeated, obediently.

"During the Christmas holidays, Hermione and Kengo will come home and they'll tell you how they want the library," Harry informed the elf. "There will be a lot of work to be done over the next months."

"Thank you Harry. We love to do some work after doing nothing for many years," Birgit assured him.

"I'm really lucky then," Harry replied, smiling, before he excused himself.


During the following months, the elves finished decorating the apothecary and furnished and completely organised the library according to Hermione's and Kengo's wishes. They even transferred Salazar Slytherin's complete library from Harry's vault into the reading room of the library.

At the same time, Gandren built a huge building at the far end of the estate, right next to the beach. In fact, the building consisted of five single houses. While the first floor was common for all houses and consisted of a huge kitchen with an adjacent room for the elves as well as a large living room and a still empty room, which could be used as a playroom for children, the upper floors were separated.

"Maybe once when we're all married, we want to live in our own house," Harry explained to Hermione and his siblings. "We're still in the same house, as the first floor is connected, but we can also have some privacy."

"Harry, I think it's great," Kengo was the first to agree, only to add in a small voice, "I only need the courage to ask Manda to marry me."

Harry chuckled. Manda was one of their friends from the goblin school, and he was really happy for his brother to have such a nice girlfriend. "I didn't think it was so difficult," he added, grinning as he remembered how he had asked Hermione.

"Just invite her to a Quidditch match," Jane added, chuckling.

They decided that the house next to the road should belong to Gwenlin and Buckbean, the one next to it to Hermione and Harry, the one in the middle to Jane, and the fourth house to Kengo and his future wife.

"Isn't there one too many?" Hermione asked, critically.

Harry smirked. "That's just a guest house. If our friends from the magical world visit us or someone who wants to study in the library for a few days, they can stay there," he explained. "Now you can all speak with Gandren and tell you how you want your houses. I've already agreed with him that we paint them all yellow from the outside, but each house in a slightly different tone. Other than that, it's up to you to choose colours, material for the floors and such. Just tell him what you want."


Too soon for Harry's liking, the summer arrived and he had to take his NEWTs. 'Maybe a not so good result is better than none' he thought and decided to take the exam in all core subjects instead of only Herbology and Healing like he had planned originally.

"I can't wait to get the results," Hermione said, eagerly, when the last exam was finished.

"I'm sure that you've done well in everything my dear," Harry reassured her, thinking, 'Since we already know what we're going to do and no one can prevent us from doing so, it doesn't really matter anyway.'

While Neville was going to remain at Hogwarts as Professor Sprout's apprentice, Draco and Terry were going to become Aurors, Susan wanted to become a teacher at the primary school in Hogsmeade, and the others were moving to other parts of the country. Therefore, Harry and Hermione invited their friends to take the Floo over to their home every Saturday evening, so that they could continue meeting each other at least once a week.


By the time Harry, Hermione, Jane and Kengo returned to Goblin Island, all five houses, the library and the apothecary were completely finished, so that they could begin living and working there right away. The house-elves had already helped Buckbean and Gwenlin to move into their new house, and Harry noticed contentedly that his mother seemed to thoroughly enjoy working in the large garden that was covering the whole estate.

To Harry's surprise, his parents demanded that he lived in their house together with Jane and Kengo until his wedding, while Hermione already stayed in the soon to be Potter house. 'Thank Merlin that the ground floor is connected,' Harry thought, and the rule did not really bother him, since the whole family including Hermione spent most of the evening in the common living room anyway.

The little ones of Goblin Island had already discovered the playground that was huge and modern, and children's laughter sounded up to Harry's lab during the whole day. To his relief, the playground was surrounded by a couple of benches that allowed the children's mothers to sit there and talk to each other, so that Harry did not have to worry about minding what was happening on the playground.


Harry and Hermione had decided to hold their wedding on August 1, so that the guests of Harry's birthday party could just stay overnight for the ceremony.

Unbeknownst to Harry and Hermione, Buckbean had invited Albus Dumbledore to conduct the ceremony together with him. The garden of Harry's estate was full with people, friends from Hogwarts, friends from the goblin school, all the teachers of Hogwarts as well as many goblins had come to participate and observe the wedding ceremony. 'Mione's white dress will be grey after so many embraces from everyone,' Harry thought in amusement. 'I hope Dad will make it quick, I don't really like such ceremonies.'

However, Buckbean and Dumbledore made the ceremony so funny and entertaining that Harry wondered if they had practised together. To his surprise, Hermione could not decide if she should laugh or cry during the whole ceremony, and Harry observed her in amusement. 'Well, at least she managed to say 'yes',' he thought, feeling happier than he could remember having felt before.

After the ceremony, the elves had together with a group of Gwenlin's friends prepared a huge and self-refilling buffet right in front of their living houses, and while everyone queued for the buffet, Harry found himself being pulled in multiple conversations. His friends as well as the goblins who knew him wanted to congratulate him, the goblins who did not know him yet wanted to get to know him. Only hours later did he have the chance to exchange a few words with his new wife.

The highlight of the day was an enormous firework display conducted over the sea by the Weasley twins. The crowd of guests that was still incredibly large, gathered on the beach to observe the beautiful fireworks - a mixture of various flowers and animals - in amazement.

"Thank you so much," Harry said to the twins, when everyone came over to Hermione and him to say good-bye. "That was the most brilliant firework display that I've ever seen."

"You're welcome Harry..."

"... Now tell us where are you going to go for your honeymoon?" the twins queried, grinning.

"We're going to have our honeymoon here on Goblin Island," Harry replied, smirking.

"We want to open both the apothecary as well as the library on the first of September, so we're going to be really busy with the preparations," Hermione explained, glancing at Harry. "Harry, do you really think we have to endure another round of embraces? Can't we simply apparate away, pretending that we were going on our honeymoon?"

"Let's do that," Harry agreed immediately, and together they apparated away, right into their own house.

"It was a wonderful day," Hermione spoke up, while she observed through the open window how the people slowly began to leave their garden. "I'm so happy."

"Me too Mione," Harry replied, smiling.


Hermione had not exaggerated, and during the following month, Harry, Hermione, Jane and Kengo were very busy, not only with the preparations for their new business, but Harry also had to fulfil his duties as the sole Potions Master for the goblin infirmary and the Hogwarts hospital wing as well as a teacher to Jane, who would still be his apprentice for another year.

If Harry had thought that he was going to be less busy once the apothecary opened, he was completely mistaken. The goblins seemed to greatly enjoy that they could get their potions on their own island now instead of having to travel to Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade, so that they frequented Harry's shop. Since Jane still had to study for the Mastery exam, he decided to attend to the customers himself most of the day, so that he often had to brew his own potions until late in the evening.

"You know, as much as I love it here, I'm missing Hogwarts just a little bit," Hermione said one evening, when they had retired to bed after a very long day.

Harry looked at his wife in surprise. "Remember that we have our own quarters at Hogwarts. We can go there at any time," he replied, yawning. "The other day, Dad taught me how to make a Portkey. Shall we go on Saturday evening together with the others?"

"That's a good idea, I'm sure the others will like it too," Hermione replied, before she kissed him good night and snuggled deep into his embrace.


On Sunday evening, however, Harry was very busy brewing several potions that Inken unexpectedly and urgently needed in the infirmary. He quickly made his way home, informed his wife and made the Portkey for the group, before he returned to his lab, noticing gratefully that Jane followed him without being asked to do so.

Jane prepared the ingredients, while Harry brewed two potions at once, however, they were still very busy, when they heard a sharp knock at the entrance door.

"Please go and look," Harry instructed his sister. "Maybe it's an emergency." He tiredly rubbed his forehead, sighing. 'So much about a nice evening at Hogwarts with our friends,' he thought in annoyance. Forcing himself to turn back to the task at hand, he looked up in surprise upon hearing more than just Jane's footsteps on the stairs.

An instant later, his sister entered the room with two unexpected guests. "Fred, George," Harry blurted out in surprise. "What are the two of you doing here at this time of the night?"

"Harry, we need your help..."

"... we need asylum," the twins informed him, sounding anything else than cheerful.

"What happened?" Harry asked, shocked by the twins' subdued expressions.

The twins exchanged a glance, before they explained, "A few days ago, we gave the Minister a prank potion..."

"... You know we really don't like Fudge..."

"Nor do I," Harry threw in.

"Anyway, the potion transfigured him into a rabbit for three days..."

"... and that was just when he expected the ministers of magic of Ireland and France..."

"... Of course we didn't know that..."

"... but anyway, our mother just contacted us..."

"... and told us..."

"... that he came to the Burrow this evening..."

"... and threatened to put us into Azkaban for five years if he found us."

"Azkaban?" Harry queried in disbelief. "For playing a prank on him?"

"Our father assured us that he meant it," Fred confirmed, darkly.

"Of course you can stay here on Goblin Island," Jane threw in, thoughtfully. "We should speak with our father though, because you'll need his protection in case the Minister will look for you here."

Harry chuckled. "Don't worry, Fudge won't come here. He didn't even manage to come to Goblin Island to award Brightbird the Order of Merlin." He turned to his sister. "Can you please take the twins to the guest house? I really need to finish these potions for Inken."

"May we assist?" Fred and George asked, simultaneously.

Harry remained pensive for a moment, before he replied, "If you could prepare the ingredients, Jane could brew the next potion on the list. That would be great."


An hour later, the last of the requested potions was finished, and Harry quickly headed through the connecting door to the infirmary, which the elves had arranged for, and placed the batches on Inken's desk.

"If you need anything else, I'll be at home now," he told her and returned to the apothecary to head home together with Jane and the Weasley twins.

They joined Jane's and Harry's parents in the kitchen and introduced the Weasley twins.

"I think we have met before on various occasions," Gwenlin said, gently.

Harry quickly explained to his parents what had happened to the twins. "I hope it's all right with you that I promised them they could live here in the fifth house," he finished his explanation, slightly hesitating.

"Of course Harry, that's not a problem. No one from the Ministry of Magic ever comes here with the exception for the examiners who come to the school here for the OWLs and NEWTs." Turning to the twins, he queried, "Do you already have a plan what you're going to do here?"

"I have an idea," Harry replied, smirking.

Seeing that everyone looked at him in expectation, Harry said, "I believe that Goblin Island badly needs its own newspaper, be it a daily or a weekly one, whatever. Found the 'Goblin Mirror' and print it regularly. We still have space for an adequate building here on these grounds."

"That's a fantastic idea, son," Buckbean commended him, giving Fred and George an encouraging look. "So far, we don't have any newspaper here, and many goblins are fed up by the Daily Prophet. You can be certain that ninety percent of the goblins would buy your newspaper."

"Will we be able to get the necessary information though?..."

"... We don't know anyone here yet," the twins asked in concern.

"The building needs to be built first anyway," Harry replied, reassuringly. "Until then you could help out in the apothecary, as we really need an assistant. In the apothecary, you'll hear all kind of news. I'd be able to print a new issue on a daily basis."

"My wife will also be able to provide you with information and to introduce you to people," Buckbean added.

"All right then, we'd like to accept the offer..."

"... We have some money in our vault..."

"... provided that the Minister didn't confiscate it by now," the twins told Harry, who merely shook his head.


"Did you not bring any of your belongings?" Harry suddenly remembered to ask, eyeing Fred and George in surprise.


"... We immediately came here..."

"... after our parents informed us," the twins replied, looking at him in expectation.

"Is anyone at your place now, or would it be safe if I apparated there?" Harry queried.

"Our brother Ron promised to continue the shop for us..."

"... provided that we somehow manage to provide him with potions, and he's probably going to live in our apartment."

"I thought he was going to become an Auror?" Jane threw in, surprised.

"He quit Auror training after a month," Fred explained.

"Birgit," Harry called the house-elf and informed her that Fred and George were now going to live in the fifth house and that they needed the elves to fetch their belongings from their apartment.


Harry, Jane, their parents and the Weasley twins were still sitting in the kitchen talking, when Hermione and Kengo returned home.

"I was wondering what might have happened," she spoke up, slightly reproachfully. However, she listened patiently to the twins' explanation, before she said, "The idea with the newspaper is a good one. Kengo and I will probably also be able to provide you with information. Until the building is finished, you could also use the time to study as much as you can about Goblin Island."

"We'll do," the twins agreed, grinning.


Three months later, the new building was finished and within two days, the elves had equipped it with everything that was needed for the twins to commence their work. Until then, the twins had helped out in the apothecary, the library and even in the infirmary and had got to know many goblins. Most of the goblins liked the twins' funny yet helpful way of dealing with people and appreciated the announcement of the foundation of their own goblin newspaper.

On Harry's suggestion, the twins added one room in the newspaper building, where everyone could just come, have some coffee or tea and talk with others or even with one of the twins. Soon it was known among the goblins that there was a place where they could go if they wanted something to be known all over goblin island. Sometimes, it happened that Harry had to freshly brew a potion for someone, and if he knew that it would not take much time, he sent his customers to the newspaper building to have some tea or coffee while they were waiting.

At first, the twins published their newspaper once a week, however, mere four weeks later, it was updated twice a week, and after three months the demand was so high that The Goblin Mirror became a daily newspaper. One day, Buckbean began to take one copy to Gringotts every morning, where the non goblin people could read it while they were waiting, and soon afterwards several of the shops at Diagon Alley asked to have their advertisement in the goblin newspaper. From that time onwards, the newspaper began to make profit - just like Harry's apothecary that was a goldmine.


One day, Harry almost blew up his cauldron in surprise, when Jane suddenly told him, "Fred asked me to marry him."

He quickly cast the evanesco spell at his cauldron and looked around to view his sister. "Fred Weasley?" he asked, unintelligently.

"Do we know any other Fred?" Jane replied, rolling her eyes.

"Well, and what did you reply?" Harry queried, impatiently.

"I said yes," Jane said, grinning. "How would I not? I've been having a crush on him since I first met him," she added in a small voice. Seeing Harry stare at her in surprise, she mumbled to herself but loud enough for Harry to understand, "Hermione was right. Men."


Exactly one year after Harry's and Hermione's wedding, the two couples of twins held a triple wedding. While Jane married Fred, Kengo and George were both wed to former classmates of Harry from the goblin school.

Another year later, Gwenlin became a grandmother to six grandchildren - among them two couples of twins. While until then she had helped with all of the three buildings, wherever she was needed, from that time onwards, she fully concentrated on raising her grandchildren. After a few years, the new huge family's children reached the number of two Quidditch teams.

Hermione and Harry had three girls in a two-year succession, whom they named Lily, Rowena and Helga after Harry's ancestors.

"As soon as they're big enough, we should take them to Hogwarts, so that they get to know the people after whom they're named," Harry said to Hermione one day.

"Yes, let's do that. We could make it a habit to spend the Sundays there. Sometimes, it's really too loud here with all those kids," Hermione replied, grinning.

"I know, our kids are very well behaved, but all the others are like whirlwinds," Harry teased her, glancing at Helga, who was wilder than any of her cousins.

"You need to bring your youngessst to Hogwartsss anyway," Iro suddenly joined the conversation. "You musst teach her the spell that you cassst on Amaterasssu every summer."

Harry stared at his familiar in surprise. "Does she understand Parseltongue?" he queried, staring from Iro to Helga.

"Yessss," Iro replied, seemingly happy.


All of the children attended the goblin school and transferred to Hogwarts when they were eleven. However, after finishing the magical boarding school, all fourteen of them returned to Goblin Island. Two of them took over the infirmary from Inken, who had become too old, another of the children replaced Brightbird as teacher at the goblin school, and the others stepped into Harry's footsteps. Harry managed to buy some more of the adjacent land along the beach, where he built houses for all of the children and also several shops that were most needed on Goblin Island like a bookshop or a modern supermarket.


It was shortly before his fiftieth birthday that the news reached him that Professor Dumbledore had passed away at the old age of two hundred years.

"It's very sad, but he was even very old when I was a first-year student at Hogwarts," he told his children. They all loved the old headmaster, and the whole family attended the large funeral at Hogwarts.

A few days later, Fawkes suddenly appeared on Harry's shoulder, when his extended family was just taking dinner in their huge kitchen on the ground floor.

#Hello Harry,# the phoenix trilled. #I hope you don't mind that I bonded to you like I promised you forty years ago.#

"Hello Fawkes," Harry replied in surprise. "Of course I don't mind. I feel very honoured that you chose to become my familiar."

"Fawkes is your familiar now?" Helga blurted out in clear amazement. "Congratulations Dad. You really deserve it. You're the most amazing wizard I know."

"Then it's time that you get to know other wizards," Harry replied, dryly, gently patting his twenty-two-year-old daughter's arm.

Turning back to Fawkes, he said, "Please tell me what you need apart from a perch. I'll tell the house-elves to provide it for you."

#As long as you tell your youngest nestlings to not pull my feathers, I'll be happy,# Fawkes replied, causing Harry to stare at the phoenix in disbelief.

"Does anyone have the intention of making me a much too young grandfather anytime soon?" he queried, looking from one of the children to the next. 'It can only be Helga and Jane's and Fred's son Arthur,' he thought. 'They're the only ones who're married yet.'

"Men!" Hermione and Jane groaned, simultaneously.

Seeing her father give her mother and aunt a dumbfolded look, Helga rescued her father and announced, "Yes, Arthur and I are expecting twins. They're supposed to be born in six months' time."


Two days later was Harry's fiftieth birthday.

"I'm just going to stay in bed today," he told Hermione in the morning.

"Are you ill?" she asked in concern.

"No, I'm as fine as I can be," Harry reassured her. "However, knowing that it's my fiftieth birthday and a Sunday at that when everyone has time..." He trailed off, knowing that Hermione would comprehend him without many words.

"Ah, oh well, I believe someone organised something like a party," she replied in understanding. "So you better get up right away."

Harry realised soon that his wife had not woken him up too early. He had barely finished his breakfast together with his parents and some of his siblings, children, nieces and nephews, when Professor McGonagall was the first to step out of the fireplace in the living room.

"I'm sorry to disturb you so early," she apologized. "It's not only because I wanted to be among the first to congratulate you, but also because I'd like to speak a few words with you in private, before you're sure going to be occupied the whole day."

Harry smiled. "Thank you Minerva," he replied, "and you're not disturbing me in any way. Let's go to the apothecary then. That's about the only place where we can be undisturbed today." He led the old witch to his favourite building on his estate, of which he was really proud, wondering what she could want to talk about. 'I only saw her at the funeral, and I'm going to attend the yearly staff meeting before the beginning of the new school year anyway,' he mused.

"Harry," McGonagall began to speak, coming straight to the point. "As you know Albus is gone, and we need a new headmaster. I'd love to have you on this position."

Harry stared at the Gryffindor head in shock. "I was sure that you were going to become the headmistress," he replied in complete surprise at her suggestion.

"I wouldn't want to give up my current positions," she said, sighing. "I know that, for example, your daughter Lily would be a competent successor for both positions - provided that she'd be interested..."

"I can imagine that she'd like it," Harry threw in, interrupting the professor in order to bring her away from her earlier idea.

"Nevertheless, I'd prefer to have you as the headmaster," McGonagall said in a firm voice, giving him a pleading look.

Harry let out a deep sigh. "I'm really sorry to disappoint you, Minerva," he refused in a soft voice. "I will of course continue to work as the Potions Master for Hogwarts, however, I cannot imagine living at Hogwarts. I'm very happy living here together with my huge family and many friends. My parents are goblins, I grew up on Goblin Island, and it'll always be my home. People here call me 'The Goblins' Son', and that's what I am."

The End

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