The Goblins' Son
by Healer Teddylonglong

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When Harry, Hermione and the twins returned home after a visit to the Potions classroom, Harry was surprised to see three human visitors sitting in the living room with his adoptive mother and Professor Flitwick.

"Hello," he said, shyly, looking up with interest when the visitors introduced himself as Minerva McGonagall, Rolanda Hooch and Poppy Pomfrey from Hogwarts.

All three ladies wished him a Happy Birthday and lightly hugged him, exchanging horrified looks upon noticing how he flinched back from the touch in spite of his efforts not to do so.

"Harry, I'm so glad to see you alive and well," McGonagall finally said. "Do you remember the tabby cat that was sitting on the garden wall at the Dursleys' from time to time?" Seeing Harry stare at her in confusion, she explained, "That was me. I was so worried about you all these years, and then you suddenly vanished. It was a great relief when Professor Flitwick told me about your whereabouts shortly later."

"Excuse me Professor," Harry asked in a small voice, feeling just a little bit hurt at the revelation, "but why did you never speak to me? I'd have been very happy if I had got to know you then."

"Professor Dumbledore forbade us to make any contact with you. He would be very upset if he knew that I went to check on you in my Animagus form let alone that we're meeting here today," McGonagall replied and her expression softened. "I'm sorry Harry, and I'm very glad that you found such a wonderful home."

"Yes, I'm very happy here," Harry admitted, returning the professor's smile.

"As for your health problem," Madam Pomfrey threw in, "I suggest that we let Professor Snape in on your secret. He's the Potions Master and might be able to develop some more efficient potions to help you fight the effects of the illness."

"Poppy, do you think it would be wise?" McGonagall contradicted. "Remember how Severus despised Harry's birth father and even Harry when he was a baby merely due to his resemblance to James."

"It's all right Ma'am," Harry threw in, quickly. "Please don't speak with Professor Snape then. Brightbird, our Potions teacher, might be able to help me and is searching for a cure now. Maybe things will improve before I attend Hogwarts."

With that the adults decided to dismiss the matter for now and go to the beach, where everything was already prepared for Harry's birthday party.

To Harry's and Hermione's surprise, the three witches transformed into a cat, a dove and a squirrel before leaving the house with Flitwick, Gwenlin and the four children.

"They think they attract too much attention walking through Goblin Island in their human forms," Flitwick whispered to Harry and Hermione, who were watching the three Animagi in awe.

As soon as the adults transformed back into their human forms upon arriving at the beach, Hermione spoke up, eagerly. "Professors, can you please teach us how to become an Animagus? I'd love to become one as soon as possible."

"Yes, that would be great," Harry agreed, smiling.

McGonagall let out a long sigh, before she explained how difficult and dangerous the Animagus transformation was. However, she promised to teach Hermione and Harry when they came to Hogwarts as first-years. "In the worst case, we have to tell everyone that you're having problems with wand magic, officially because you grew up in the Muggle world and secretly because you're used to wandless magic," she said, thoughtfully.

While everyone enjoyed their picnic on the beach, the four visitors from Hogwarts told the children a lot about Hogwarts and patiently replied to Hermione's never ending repertoire of questions, before they finally announced that it was time for them to return to Hogwarts.

"We'll come again for your next birthday," McGonagall promised, smiling, before she stepped into the fireplace.

"Congrats for being Seeker on the Quidditch team by the way," Hooch commended him, grinning. "I'll see to it that they abolish the rule about first years not being allowed to play on a House team." With that she excused herself.

"Harry, we'll speak about the matter with your illness again in three years' time," Pomfrey said in a soothing voice, before she as well returned to Hogwarts in the late afternoon.


"Ahh, that was interesting," Hermione blurted out. "I hope all teachers will be as nice as them. I just can't wait to attend Hogwarts."

"You know..."

"... that hurts..." the twins threw in, feigning pouts.

"Don't you like our school...?

"... and Goblin Island?"

Hermione rolled her eyes, while Harry chuckled, grinning at his siblings.

"Of course I like it here," Hermione replied, sighing. "I wished I could attend both, the goblin school and Hogwarts."

Harry couldn't help laughing, shaking his head in amusement.

"Mione, Hogwarts is a boarding school. We won't be easily able to get away from there to visit our parents let alone attend classes here," he replied, sounding slightly frustrated. In fact, Harry had already pondered the situation and wondered if he would be able to get away in order to assist Brightbird in finding a cure for himself and continue playing on the children's Quidditch team, only to have to admit to himself that it wouldn't be possible.

"When is the Apparition taught here?" Flitwick suddenly threw in, making the children turn their heads in confusion. No one had noticed the half human enter the room together with Gwenlin and Buckbean.

"When we're ten," the twins replied, simultaneously.

"Ah that's good," Flitwick said, sounding contented. "As Hermione probably knows, it's impossible to apparate within the boundaries of Hogwarts..."

"Yes sir," Hermione interrupted the professor, looking at him in expectation.

"No one at Hogwarts, except me, knows, however, that it's possible to apparate within the castle using the goblins' way of apparition. It's a bit similar to the elves' method, and the elves are also able to pop through Hogwarts." He grinned in apparent excitement, seeing that the children were hanging on his words, and added, "See to it that you properly learn the goblin apparition before going to Hogwarts. Then you'll be able to easily apparate here right from your dormitory." In a sterner voice, he continued, "You must be very careful that no one misses you though. If you get sorted into Ravenclaw it would be easier than if you will be in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, let alone Slytherin."

"We'll see to it, Professor," Hermione replied, eagerly, and Harry nodded in agreement.

'How can we see to it?' he wondered. 'I don't have a clue what to do about it or even how we're going to get sorted.'

As if he had understood his silent question, Flitwick advised the children, "Just study goblin knowledge as much as you can, and you'll do fine."


Classes resumed in the morning, and when Harry visited the Potions classroom in the afternoon, Brightbird informed him that he was going to continue his research in favour of a cure for the Blue Moon disease during the school year. "If you assist with the research and the normal potions that I have to brew for Inken, I'll have time enough during the afternoons," the teacher said, thoughtfully.

"Of course I'll assist," Harry promised, eagerly.

However, in spite of all their efforts, during the next two years, all their efforts remained unfruitful. Every month around the full moon, Harry struggled through his classes in spite of the fact that Gwenlin always tried to keep him at home during these days. Only twice did he allow his mother to inform the school that he was ill, once when his class had a Maths test on the day of the full moon and he realised that he was in no condition to concentrate enough to get a good grade, and once when there was an exam in Economics right after the full moon. Apart from his parents and siblings, Flitwick, Brightbird and Inken were the only goblins who knew about Harry's illness, and the boy definitely wanted to keep it that way.

The day before his tenth birthday, however, there was a Quidditch match of the children's team versus the adults' team on the day of the full moon, and Harry put up a huge fight with his parents about participating in the match. The Quidditch match against the adults' team took place twice a year, once in winter and once in summer, and so far, ever since Harry had joined the team, the children's team had always won due to his Seeker abilities.

'It's bad enough that I will only be able to participate one more year,' Harry thought, dully, knowing that the players of the children's team could automatically transfer into the adults' team, even if it was only the reserve team, when they turned fourteen. 'I really have to practise apparating, so that I'll be able to attend practice and matches even when I'm at Hogwarts. Maybe there's a way to somehow create a copy of myself so that no one will miss me at Hogwarts. I'll do some research,' he resolved and tried to explain to his parents how important it was for him to attend the match.

However, his parents remained firm and told him that it was too dangerous for him to fly in his condition on the day of the full moon.

"Don't worry Harry..."

"... even if we don't want you to get hurt either..."

"... we'll help you," the twins promised, when the three children were sitting in Kengo's and Harry's room in the evening before the match.

"Thanks," Harry replied and drifted off to sleep with a smile, knowing that he had the best siblings anyone could wish for.


In the morning, Harry obediently remained in bed in order to not make his parents suspicious and hoping that he'd feel just a little better during the match in the afternoon, and Gwenlin and Buckbean, who had decided to watch him like hawks, slowly relaxed. Right on time before the players had to gather an hour before the beginning of the match, the twins managed to distract their parents by setting up a cauldron in their small and rarely used kitchen, where they began to brew a prank potion.

'That's it,' Harry realised. He scrambled out of bed, exchanged his pyjamas with his Quidditch outfit with a wave of his hand, cast the concealment charm, which he had practised multiple times, and hurriedly left his home. Only when he reached the Quidditch pitch, already feeling exhausted from the short walk, he let out a relieved sigh. 'The concealment charms seem to work,' he thought, contentedly, when none of the other players commented on his condition. 'I just have to catch the Snitch quickly.'

By the time the match began, Harry almost whished himself back into his bed; however, he tried to focus on the task ahead. Nevertheless, it took more than ninety minutes, before he finally spotted the Snitch. Not feeling well enough to do any spectacular dive or other antics in order to distract the other team's Seeker, he flew straight into the direction of the Snitch. As usually when he was affected by the Blue Moon disease, his ears felt like they were filled with cotton wool, and he did not hear a team member warn him of an approaching Bludger. Just when he closed his hand around his favourite, small ball, he felt something hit his head. Unable to handle the situation in his unfortunate condition, he lost the grip on his broom and in front of the horrified spectators tumbled down towards the ground.

Several kind hands cast slowing spells at him that softened his impact on the ground; nevertheless, Harry was in so much pain that he remained unmoving on the ground, only barely registering that his parents and siblings were among the dozen of goblins leaning over him. Only when he heard someone say, "We'll have to take him to St. Mungo's," he slowly opened his eyes.

"No, not St. Mungo's. Please take me to Inken," he whispered, remembering that he didn't want anyone in the magical world to know that he had the Blue Moon disease.

Hearing his words, Inken ushered everyone else out of the way and carefully moved him onto a stretcher to take him to her domain. His parents and siblings followed her in concern, noticing in horror, that unconsciousness engulfed him before they even reached the infirmary.


At the same time, an alarm went off in the headmaster's office at Hogwarts that alerted Albus Dumbledore to the fact that one Harry Potter was in mortal peril.

'The blood wards,' Dumbledore remembered, terrified. 'Maybe they really failed a few years ago. I need to go and check on Harry. Thank Merlin Minerva isn't here right now. She'd fret over the child again.'

He quickly stepped through the fireplace, glad that Arabella Figg was absent and he was able to leave her house without being seen. Changing his wizarding attire into muggle clothes as he went, he rang the door bell at the Dursleys' residence.

"What do you want?" Petunia Dursley hissed at him upon seeing the old wizard's face. "Leave us in peace."

"Excuse me," Dumbledore replied in a friendly yet firm voice. "I'd like to check on your nephew. Is he at home right now?"

"The freak has gone to see a friend," Petunia informed him, trying to shut the door into his face.

This did not go well with the powerful wizard, who demanded, "Tell me the name and address of his friend. I wish to see Harry now."

"I don't know."

"It's important," Dumbledore urged and informed her about the alarm in his office.

"And why exactly would I care?" Petunia scoffed. "Let the freak kill himself, then we're rid of the burden."

"It's only seven more years, before he'll be an adult, and from next year onwards he's going to spend ten months of the year at Hogwarts anyway," Dumbledore replied coldly, before he turned on his heels and apparated back to Hogsmeade, hoping that all the devices in his office were faulty.

To his relief, by the time he reached his office, the device in question had ceased to ring and did not indicate Harry Potter to be in mortal peril anymore.


"Will he be all right? Will he survive?" Gwenlin asked Inken, tears leaking from her eyes.

"He's stable now for the time being," Inken replied in a stern voice. "I'd feel better if a human healer could check on him though. Some things are just different between goblins and humans. I understand that he doesn't want to be taken to the wizarding hospital because of the Blue Moon disease though."

"Madam Pomfrey..."

"... she knows him..."

"... and she's a human healer," the twins blurted out, causing her mother to make a bee-line for the fireplace.

"Do you really have to speak in that way even in such a situation?" Buckbean lightly scolded the twins, who merely returned innocent looks.

"Ah don't scold them," Inken spoke up in a soft voice. "They're fine children, and they'd do anything for their brother."

"That I know," Buckbean replied, glaring at the twins.


Everyone sighed in relief, when Gwenlin returned with Pomfrey in tow. The two healers quickly introduced themselves to each other, before Pomfrey turned into healer's mode and began to wave her wand over Harry, muttering to herself as she cast spell over spell.

"He'll be all right," she finally said, as she let her wand sink. "Apart from the Blue Moon disease, which of course weakens his body immensely, he's merely suffering from a bad concussion now."

"Yes, that's what my spell shows too," Inken agreed, seemingly relieved. "Earlier he was about to slip into a coma, which was life threatening in combination with the Blue Moon disease. Will you take him with you? He should be stable enough now to be moved."

"No," Pomfrey replied in a firm voice. "Our headmaster mustn't know that Harry is residing here and that I've been meeting him already a few times. I believe that he'll be in good hands with you here, and if it makes you feel better, I'll come and check on him once a day, whenever I'll be able to get away from Hogwarts."

"Yes, that would be good," Inken replied, smiling. "In fact, I like Harry very much. I know him well, because he uses to assist our Potions teacher brewing the potions for me and he often comes and brings me the new batches on his way home." She suddenly interrupted herself and leaned over Harry, prying the Snitch out of his right hand.

"Here Buckbean, please take the Snitch back to the Quidditch pitch and inform everyone that your son has caught the Snitch," she said in a firm voice, before she added, grinning, "It's about time that the adults' team feel ashamed for losing the matches against the children five times in a row."


Harry had to remain in the infirmary for a whole week. He slept a lot, but he also spent much time talking with Inken about anything and everything under the sun. His parents visited him whenever they could, and the twins and Hermione, who used to spend the whole afternoon with him, kept him updated about what they had learned in Professor Flitwick's summer class, even if they weren't allowed to bring any schoolwork. Madam Pomfrey came to check on him every morning, and Harry used the opportunity to ask her anything that came to his mind about Hogwarts. To his surprise, even Brightbird came to see him twice and informed him about his newest ideas concerning the cure.

When Inken released him on Sunday morning, informing not only Harry but also his parents and siblings that he was not allowed to do anything strenuous like Quidditch for at least two weeks, a nice surprise in form of a belated birthday party with his family, Hermione, Flitwick and the three professors from Hogwarts awaited him.

He thoroughly enjoyed his birthday party, which as usual took place on the beach, and he was delighted when he received books from each of the professors. McGonagall gave him a book that was entitled 'Discovering my Animagus Form', from Pomfrey he received 'Healing Potions for the Advanced User,' from Hooch a book with the title 'Magical Animals and their Use in Potions', and Professor Flitwick presented him a book called 'Advanced Charms for Everyday Use.' From his parents he received his own broom, a Nimbus 2000, which was not even officially released yet, but Buckbean had been able to lay his hands on the fast broom with the help of a long time customer. The twins gave him a broom polishing kit, and from Hermione he received a book about magical animals that were suitable pets in the wizarding world.


When school began again, the now fourth years learned Apparition and Sword Fighting using their own swords, which they had finally finished during their third year.

Neither Harry and Hermione nor the twins overly liked Sword Fighting to say the least; however, all four children were very eager to learn Apparition as soon and as well as possible.

"Just wait and see..."

"... we're going to visit you at Hogwarts," the twins promised, making Harry smile in anticipation.


A few weeks after the beginning of the new school year, it was Hermione's eleventh birthday, and she received her Hogwarts letter. When Harry and the twins stepped through the floo in the afternoon to have a small birthday party at her parents' house, she showed them the letter with excitement.

"Mum and Dad promised to take me to Diagon Alley tomorrow in order to buy my school supplies," she blurted out, excitedly. "I know it's early, but I can't wait to read our new school books."

Grinning at her enthusiasm, although he could only understand her all too well, Harry said, "I wished I could go with you."

"Why don't you come with us Harry?" Mrs. Granger invited him, kindly. "As you know, we're your guardians in the non magical world, so even if anyone from Hogwarts saw us, it wouldn't be strange that we took you with us."

"I'd like that," Harry replied, smiling. "May I call my Mum and ask?"

Two minutes later, he returned from the fireplace and said, "The twins and I are all allowed to go, but Buckbean wants to take us to Gringotts first to show me my vaults. Mum said my parents left me several vaults with gold and other things."

"I'd love to see the vaults too," Hermione replied in apparent excitement. "Mum, please let's meet with Harry's family at Gringotts."

Later in the evening, when the children were already asleep, the Grangers visited Gwenlin and Buckbean, and the two couples of parents decided to spend the day in Diagon Alley together.


While they rode a carriage deeper and deeper into the mountain, Buckbean explained that goblins could just apparate into the vaults; however, since the Grangers were not able to do so, they had to content themselves with the carriages.

"This seems very far," Mr. Granger replied in apparent surprise.

"Yes, it is so far, because among the multiple vaults that Harry owns is one of the founders of Hogwarts," Buckbean explained. "They're the oldest vaults that Gringotts accommodates and thus are the most far ones."

"The founders?" Harry queried, giving his father a surprised look.

"Yes, you're the heir of Godric Gryffindor and Rowena Ravenclaw," Buckbean replied, smirking. "Through your birth father."

By now they had reached the vault, and Buckbean motioned Harry to lay his finger against the door. Harry felt a quick sensation, as a small pin shot out from the thick, old door and took one drop of his blood. An instant later, the door opened, apparently after recognising his identity. Together with his siblings and the Grangers, Harry looked around the vault with interest. The vault consisted all kinds of antique looking items; however, what caught Harry's interest was a couple of books on a small shelf that Hermione was staring at.

"Buckbean," she spoke up, absentmindedly skimming a small booklet, "would it be possible to borrow one of these?"

Buckbean smirked. "Since it's Harry's vault, he can take with him or allow you to take with you whatever he wishes."

"Let's take all the books with us then," Harry decided and resolved to come back in order to closer examine the other items at a different time.

When they finally left the founders' vault, Buckbean informed Harry that he possessed several vaults, which his parents had left, however, that with the exception of one vault, he was only able to access the vaults when he was of age or together with his guardian.

"But you are my guardian Dad," Harry replied in confusion.

"Yes son, together with me you may enter the vaults. Would you like to take a quick look, or shall we postpone it to the next time?"

Harry gave the Grangers a questioning look.

"Let's take a glance to see if they look different from that of the Founders' time," Hermione said, eagerly, causing Harry to grin. 'She really has the best ideas,' he thought, happily.

To Harry's surprise, the vault did not look very different, apart from the fact that the many artefacts and even furniture were much newer than those of the old vault. 'And here are more books,' he thought, resolving to come back and borrow them after finishing those of the Founders.

Finally, Buckbean showed them the vault that was meant for Harry to use until he was of age. "You don't really need anything though, as we're naturally going to pay for your school supplies," Buckbean informed him.

However, Harry decided to take some of the gold with him, and when Buckbean handed him a small bag to put in the coins, he asked his father for three more bags and handed one bag full with gold each to Hermione, Jane and Kengo.

It was almost lunchtime, when the two families finally returned to the entrance hall of the bank, and Buckbean invited everyone to the goblins' canteen.

After lunch, they headed to Flourish & Blotts to buy the first year's books for Hermione and Harry and to the apothecary to retrieve everything that they needed for their Potions class at Hogwarts, deciding to visit Madam Malkins and Ollivander during the following summer.

"Can we go to the Magical Menagerie?" Hermione asked, pleadingly. "I'd like to have a cat or something like that."

The adults agreed, and soon, they found themselves looking at all possible kinds of animals that they could imagine.

"Oh no, so many children at onccce, and cccertainly no one who understandssss me," Harry suddenly heard a voice.

Turning around in confusion, he saw a colourful snake, her iridescent scales incredibly beautiful. "Hey there," he hissed, "wass it you that wass just talking to me?"

"Oh a sssspeaker," the snake replied in apparent delight, making Harry cast her a questioning look.

"You're the firsssst to understand me in many yearsssss," the snake informed him. "I'm an Aesssculapian Ssserpent."

"You're able to speak Parseltongue," the shop owner suddenly realised, coming over to where Harry was talking to the snake, while his family and the Grangers were watching him in awe. "I'd like to ask you to take her with you then," he continued and explained, "She's very unhappy here, because she can't communicate with anyone, and she's a very valuable snake. She's an Aesculapian Serpent, which means that she possesses a healing venom comparable to phoenix tears. She would be an absolute treasure for any Potions Master. Unfortunately, none of the Potions Masters around are able to speak Parseltongue. Usually, she's worth at least one hundred Galleons, but I'll leave her to you for twenty. I know that she'll be in good hands with you, and maybe you'll be able to make use of her venom."

"I'd like to take her," Harry replied with excitement, giving his parents an anxious look. "Would it be possible..."

"Of course sweetheart," Gwenlin reassured him, while Buckbean confirmed with the shop owner that the snake was not poisonous.

"All right, I'll take her," Harry decided and paid for the snake.

"Her name is Iro, which means 'colour' in Japanese," the shop owner informed him, as he carefully placed the snake around Harry's neck.

'The name fits well,' Harry mused, 'considering that her skin is rainbow coloured.' He was brought back to reality, when the snake suddenly thought into his mind.

'Thank you ssso much for taking me with you. I took the liberty of bonding to you, sso that we'll be able to think to each other. Just ssso you know, I can make myself invisible if the need arisesss.'

'That'sss great,' Harry thought back. 'Thanksss for becoming my familiar.'

"Harry," Buckbean spoke up, while they were waiting for Hermione to buy her cat along with everything that she needed for the feline.

Harry looked at his father, noticing in surprise that the goblin seemed exceptionally excited.

"I didn't know that you were able to understand Parseltongue..." Buckbean continued, before he explained, "Snake language. Anyway, there's a whole vault of Salazar Slytherin with books in Parselscript. It belongs to no one, as he doesn't have an heir anymore, and no one is able to read his books anyway. If you're interested, I'll have the vault transferred to your possessions, and you can take a look whenever you have time. Salazar Slytherin was the magical world's most famous Potions Master of all times, and maybe you'll find some valuable potions recipes among his books."

"I'd like that," Harry replied, staring at his father in amazement. "Thank you so much for everything."

"You're so welcome sweetheart," Gwenlin threw in. "We're so glad that you're happy."

'I wonder what Brightbird will say about Iro and about Slytherin's vault,' Harry mused, while he followed the others back to Gringotts, where the two families stepped through the Portal that lead them back to Goblin Island, from where the Grangers took the floo home.


To his chagrin, his parents did not allow him to take Iro to school with him.

"It's a snake Harry, and not only your classmates but also the teachers might be afraid at her sight," Buckbean said in a firm voice, of which Harry knew that it did not allow any contradiction.

"She can turn herself invisible though..."

"... and imagine what fun we could have with her," the twins tried to help their brother - in vain.

However, when Harry returned to the Potions classroom in the afternoon, he took Iro with her and introduced her to Brightbird, who was extremely excited to learn about his pupil's valuable familiar.

"She might help us to find a cure," he said, thoughtfully.

However, by the time Harry received his own Hogwarts letter, which he answered immediately, using the school owl who had brought it for his reply, they were none the wiser how to make a cure.


When McGonagall, Hooch and Pomfrey came for the birthday party, accompanied by Flitwick as usual, Hermione and Harry bombarded them with questions about Hogwarts, causing the twins to let out uncharacteristic sighs.

"Hogwarts must be a wonderful place..."

"... It's just too bad..."

"... that we're not able to study there as well."

Professor Flitwick shot the twins a surprised look. "Would you want to attend Hogwarts?" he asked, curiously. "Maybe it is possible. Let me speak with the headmaster. Deputy headmistress, may I ask for your opinion please?"

A small smile flashed over McGonagall's face, before she replied, "It would be unusual; however, if we have a half goblin as professor and Head of House, I don't see a reason why we couldn't have two goblin students attend Hogwarts. Filius, let's speak with Albus tonight and see how he reacts." Turning to Gwenlin, she queried, "Would you and Buckbean allow the twins to attend our school?"

"Of course," Gwenlin replied, gently. "They and Harry and also Hermione are so close that it would be very sad for Jane and Kengo to remain here without them." She remained thoughtful for an instant, before she asked, "Would they be able to come home sometimes during the weekend?"

"Usually, our students may only go home during the holidays," McGonagall replied, sternly. "However, as I have already told Harry, as long as Professor Flitwick, Madam Pomfrey or I know where he is and no one else misses him, it will be all right. As far as I heard, he wants to continue playing on the children's team here. The same goes for the twins of course, although no one except for the four of us," she pointed to her colleagues, " should know about it."

"Excuse us Professor..."

"... but how is it possible..."

"... to vanish from the school..."

"... without anyone noticing?" the twins queried, simultaneously quirking eyebrows.

"I believe that this won't be a problem," Pomfrey, who had quietly followed the conversation so far, suddenly spoke up, causing everyone but her colleagues to stare at her in surprise.