The Goblins' Son
by Healer Pomfrey

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"Will I be in the same class as you?" Harry anxiously asked the twins, when Gwenlin and the three children walked to the school that morning.

"Probably yes..."

"... as we've only been eight for four months," the twins replied, grinning enthusiastically.

"You'll see..."

"... school is great fun," they told him.

"I think you'll like it sweetheart," Gwenlin threw in, smiling. "They teach lots of interesting things at our school."

When they arrived at the school, which was a white stone building situated right next to the sea, the twins begged their mother to let them accompany Harry to the Headmistress' office; however, Gwenlin refused.

"You can't miss your first class without talking to your teacher beforehand. Just go to class, and maybe reserve a seat for Harry next to you," their mother instructed them firmly.

"Between us you mean," the twins replied, simultaneously, grinning at their mother before they hurried away.

To Harry's relief, the headmistress was a very friendly goblin. 'Oh well, so far all the goblins that I met were friendly,' he thought, as he absentmindedly listened to the conversation between the two goblins.

"It's no problem that he's human provided that he's magical," the headmistress informed Gwenlin in a gentle voice.

"Yes, he seems to be a very powerful wizard, and he managed to get into the Children's team," Gwenlin replied proudly. "He's already got used to his new siblings, and they get along very well, so I don't think he'll have problems adapting to our world. He grew up in the Muggle world, where he has been treated badly."

"Do you like Goblin Island?" the headmistress turned to Harry, giving him an encouraging smile.

"Yes Ma'am," he replied, shyly. "I love it. It's warm and sunny, and everyone here is very friendly. Also from what the twins told me about the classes here at school, it seems to be much more interesting than the classes in my old non-magical school."

"Very well then, let me take to your class," the older goblin said, holding out her hand to Harry, smiling when the boy hesitantly slid his own, small hand into hers. "Don't worry, he'll be fine," she whispered to Gwenlin, who nodded, smiling at the child.

"Enjoy yourself Harry," she said, before she turned towards the entrance doors.


In contrast to primary school, the goblin children had a different teacher for each subject. Everyone was extremely friendly to Harry; not just the teachers but the other children too, and he enjoyed himself a lot, even if he noticed that he had to catch up for the six months he had missed since the beginning of the school year. However, the twins consoled him, promising to study with him in the afternoons.

However, in the last class of the day, they had Potions, and the Potions professor completely ignored Harry. He was very disappointed, especially since he found that the class was the most interesting of all classes and he really wanted to learn as much as possible about ingredients and brewing methods.

"Don't worry Harry," the twins told him on their way home.

"Brightbird is not as mean as it seems..."

"... we think that he's very shy..."

"... and he probably just doesn't know how to handle a human."

"I hope so," Harry replied, feeling slightly consoled by the twins' words.

"If you want, we can go back to the Potions classroom in the afternoon..."

"... He's always there, and we sometimes go..."

"... and brew fruit drops or a prank potion..."

"But we could speak with him instead," the twins suggested, causing Harry's face to brighten immediately.

"Yes please, that would be great. And I'd like to brew something together with you," he added, chuckling in anticipation, before he remembered that Hermione was going to visit him in the afternoon.


Harry, Hermione and the twins spent the whole afternoon walking through Goblin Island, playing on the beach and talking.

Suddenly, Hermione let out a long sigh. "You've no idea how much I envy you," she said, sadly. "Your school seems so much more interesting than our stupid Muggle primary school. I wished I could attend school here too."

The twins exchanged a quick look. "Why not?" they then blurted out. "Let's go and ask Flowerbrick."

"That's the headmistress," Harry explained to Hermione, before he grabbed her hand and ran to catch up with the twins.

"You can't just go into the school and ask if I can attend," Hermione said in confusion, when they stopped in front of the school building.

"Maybe you can't..."

"... but we can," the twins contradicted, grinning, and strode ahead.

Shaking their heads in confusion, Harry and Hermione hesitantly followed the twins, who were heading straight to the headmistress' office.

Flowerbrick listened to the twins' explanation with apparent amusement, before she replied, "If Hermione is magical and her parents' don't mind her attending our school, I don't have any objections, provided that you don't bring any other humans to our school for the time being. I won't accept more than two humans for one class."

"We won't," the twins promised, simultaneously, making everyone smile at their antics.

"I'm sorry for being so impolite," Hermione apologized, before she explained about her Muggle school and having heard from Harry about how interesting the goblin school was. "I'm sure that my parents will allow me to attend school here. It's only for a little more than three years though, because then I'm going to attend Hogwarts together with Harry," she added.

"Ah I know Hogwarts," the headmistress replied, "our Flitwick is a professor there. He only teaches a few classes here on Saturday mornings and gives extra classes during the summer holidays." She glanced at the clock on her wall, before she asked, "Is your home connected to the Floo network? I should speak with your parents in order to properly enrol you for the first class."

"Yes Madam Flowerbrick," Hermione confirmed, "and I need to go home now anyway." Turning to Harry and the twins, she said, "Thanks so much for everything. I hope I'll see you tomorrow morning."


While Hermione stepped into the fireplace with the headmistress, Harry and the twins returned home. 'This is even getting better,' he thought on the way. 'I can attend classes with everyone; Jane, Kengo and Hermione. That's cool. I hope her parents will agree.'

Harry and the twins arrived home with just a few minutes to spare before they had to leave for dinner. Buckbean motioned Harry to take a seat on the sofa in the living room and informed him, "Today I've been talking to my colleagues, and they changed several things in your personal records." Seeing that the boy eyed him curiously, he continued, "Gwenlin and I are your guardians now. For the magical world, we have listed Professor Flitwick as your guardian. I don't know if you've met him, but he is half goblin and half wizard and teaches here and at Hogwarts. I believe that he'll be a good guardian for you if you need any human in the magical world."

"Thank you so much sir," Harry replied, contentedly, thinking, 'I can't wait to meet Flitwick on Saturday.'

"For the Muggle world," Buckbean continued, "the Grangers are listed as your guardians now."

"Oh cool," Harry commented, pleased with the banker goblin's choices. "Thank you."

"As for the Dursleys," Buckbean spoke again, "if anyone asks about you, they'll tell them that you've just gone to visit a friend and will be back later on, and your teachers and classmates of your Muggle school have been dealt with as well, so that they won't miss you and possibly alert Professor Dumbledore to your absence."

"Thank you so much for everything," Harry said, gratefully.


The next morning, Hermione attended school together with Harry and the twins. Every morning, she took the Floo to Gwenlin's and Buckbean's house, and the children walked to school together.

Classes were very interesting, and Harry thoroughly enjoyed himself. The other children easily accepted that Harry and Hermione belonged to the twins' family and were all very friendly to the two humans. At first, Hermione and Harry had problems in a few subjects like Sword Making and Finance, as they had missed the first half of the school year, however, the twins helped them catch up in the afternoons.

"Don't worry about the Sword Making..."

"... We won't be able to finish our sword until the end of our third year..."

"... and Sword Fighting will only be a subject starting in fourth year, anyway," Jane and Kengo reassured them and proceeded to concentrate on Finance and Goblin Culture.


Professor Flitwick's class was very interesting, and Harry and Hermione were disappointed that the first-years only had one class with the half human teacher. They learned easy charms that could be useful in everyday life like Lumos, the Summoning charm, Accio or the unlocking spell Alohomora. After their first class together, the teacher kept the two human children back, causing Harry to look at Hermione nervously, feeling slightly reassured at her encouraging smile.

"Hermione and Harry," Flitwick addressed them, sounding very excited. "I'm happy to see two human children here in order to study the goblins' culture. I really appreciate the effort you are taking to learn about it. It ought to be compulsory at Hogwarts."

"Thank you sir," Hermione replied, eagerly. "We're only going to remain here until we're of age to attend Hogwarts. I can't wait to be finally able to go to Hogwarts. I've read Hogwarts: A History eight times by now. I can't recall having read your name though. Could you please tell us what you're teaching at Hogwarts?"

While Harry inwardly groaned at Hermione's endless questions, Fliwick chuckled in apparent amusement, before he replied, "I teach Charms, and I'm the Head of Ravenclaw House, into which you're surely going to be sorted if you've read Hogwarts: A History eight times at the age of seven or eight."

"Eight sir," Hermione informed him, "and Harry's seven."

"Harry," Flitwick turned to the boy, "I received notice from Buckbean, who is listed as your guardian in the goblin world, that I'm now your guardian in the magical world."

"Yessir," Harry replied quickly, slurring in his rapid response. "I hope that's all right with you sir."

"Of course it is," Flitwick reassured him, grinning happily. "I was just wondering... Does Professor Dumbledore know that you're not residing with your relatives anymore?"

"No sir, he mustn't know that," Hermione threw in, moving towards Harry protectively. "He was the one who placed Harry into an abusive home and forbade everyone to even tell him about the magical world. Professor, will you please keep his secret?" Her brown eyes implored, as her oversized front teeth had caught her lip.

"Of course dear," Flitwick replied gently. "I will only tell one of my colleagues, Professor McGonagall, about the matter, because I know for a fact that she's very worried about Harry and doesn't approve his placement with his relatives at all. Till now, although more than six years have passed already, she has been fighting with the Headmaster about it at least once a week."

"I know Professor McGonagall," Hermione spoke up, thoughtfully. "She's the Transfiguration teacher and Head of Gryffindor, right?"

"Yes," Flitwick confirmed, grinning enthusiastically. "She was Harry's parents' Head of House and has often babysat him when he was a baby. I know that because we were all very fond of him as a little tyke."

"If you're sure that she won't give me out to the Headmaster," Harry threw in, uncertainly, feeling very awkward upon hearing the teacher speak about him as a baby.

"I'm one hundred percent certain about that," Flitwick reassured him. "Very well, I have to hurry to my next class. Just know that you can ask me whenever you have any questions or problems with either the goblin or the magical world. During the week, you can send me an owl any time."

Harry and Hermione profusely thanked the teacher and left the classroom, where the twins were waiting for them, curious.


One afternoon in April, when the two humans were caught up in all their subjects and Hermione had returned home right after school, the twins suggested to go back to the school and speak with the potions teacher, who was still very reserved towards Harry and Hermione although both children were very good in all subjects.

Hesitantly, Harry followed the twins into the Potions classroom, which was very bright, held several more workspaces than they needed for their class, and was very well organised, at least in Harry's opinion.

"Good day Brightbird," the twins greeted the teacher who was just busying himself brewing two potions simultaneously.

"Good day," Brightbird replied, frowning as he put his potions under a stasis charm. "What brings three siblings back to the Potions classroom in the afternoon?"

Harry couldn't help feeling himself blush at the teacher's sharp look and was extremely grateful towards the twins, when they replied immediately.

"We'd like to brew something interesting..."

"... maybe some fun potion..."

"... if possible..."

"And we'd like you to get to know Harry..."

"... because he's very interesting in Potions," they explained with their usual antics.


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