"I won it fair and square, Callen. Gimme." Nell said make grabby hands at the cherry Tootsie Pop he held in his hand.

"Best three out of five." He countered, still not relinquishing his grip on the candy. He smirked rakishly to try and sway her with his charms, but Nell was having none of it and shook her head, 'no'.

"No." She reiterated, with a small smile at his subtle flirting "We went from best of one, to best two out of three and I've won every single game of Roshambo. That," she said, gesturing to the last remaining sucker they had in the car "is mine. Now stop being such a sore loser and hand it over." When he just narrowed his eyes at her, smirk still very much in place, she narrowed hers right back. "am I going to have to tell Sam you're being a problem partner? He did tell me to tell him if you started acting up." Nell asked tilting her head and pursing her mouth with a smile.

Callen's eyes flitted down to her lips at the movement, his smirk lessening to something a little more intimate. 'Interesting' Nell thought briefly, as her mind took her in an interesting direction. Plan forming, she decided to go for it. What was a little harmless flirting between co-workers? And seems as he had been engaging in said flirting periodically throughout the ridiculously long stake out; with little touches and suggestive comments, she thought he may be receptive; turnabout was fair play, after all.

Nell let her tongue dart out and wet her lips, before dragging the bottom one slowly between her teeth and letting it go with a seductive bounce. His eyes darkened for a moment, wetting his own lips seemingly unaware he was doing so and continued to stare at the swollen, shiny, soft - tissue of her lip for a few seconds longer than he probably intended. Callen looked like he came back to himself when he cleared his throat subtly and bought his gaze back to her eyes. Nell just smiled and felt her eye lids droop closed a little, in response.

Callen shifted in the driver's seat to turn and look at her head on, his blue eyes feeling like they were staring straight into her, whatever he saw made him smile softly. Not a smirk or a grin, but a smile.

Nell felt her heart pick up the pace and was very aware that her control on the situation was slipping; but she couldn't bring herself to care. Which was surprising considering that she had some pretty prolific OCD like symptoms when it came to not being in control of certain circumstances, especially of the romantic variety. Not wanting to have her heart crushed she tended towards the cautious. But she felt strangely calm and at ease with Callen. Safe. Breaking the charged silence, Callen spoke.

"And what, exactly, did Sam say would happen if I 'acted up'?" his voice was low and it made Nell's stomach flutter with butterflies. Smiling with a lot of mischief, she answered in a voice just as low.

"He may have mentioned something about a brand new jazz fusion album he just downloaded." Callen hummed and placed the Tootsie pop onto the dash without looking away from Nell; and she only noticed in her periphery, as she was quite incapable of breaking his gaze.

"And would this," he asked, voice rough; as he reached out a large hand, pushing her hair from her eyes and behind her ear, his palm resting against the side of her neck as his thumb rubbed her cheek softly "be 'Acting up'?" Nell's breathing started to pick up and she licked her lips in anticipation. She shook her head lightly as to not dislodge his hand from its gentle ministrations.

"Only if you don't plan on finishing what you started." her voice was breathy and uneven and she was sure he could feel her pulse hammering under his hand. He smiled in response and leaned in. Nell could feel his breath against her lips and she was sure he could feel hers.

"I always finish what I start, Nell." And with that, his lips were on hers and they were kissing.

Callen was sweet and gentle, his lips moving slowly against Nell's and she melted into him; a soft sigh escaping her as her hands found him. Her left clutching at the front of his blue button down shirt and her right going to the back of his neck, her nails lightly scratching the cropped blond hair at the base; which garnered her a groan from the back of Callen's throat and had him banding his left arm around her waist, pulling her tighter to him so they were chest to chest.

She smiled into the embrace and parted her lips, tongue lightly tracing the seam of Callen's who got the point and opened his mouth to her. As soon as their tongues touched, the kiss turned from sweet and soft to desperate and needy. Callen dragged Nell across the gear box and had her straddling his lap; her knees biting into the seat and driver's side door, never once breaking apart. Callen took control of their embrace, which Nell allowed, more than excited at the prospect of what those hands and that mouth could do when working together.

The hand at her waist found the slice of skin that was revealed at the small of her back from her sudden movement and started to trace the line of her spine. Nell shuddered against him and made a soft moan at the sensation, which made Callen bolder in his attentions. His fingertips gliding up the smooth expanse of skin, tripping of the clasp of her bra and back down; changing up the pattern and pressure he used to see what different reactions he could elicit.

Nell let out a small sigh when Callen pressed his fingers into the nip of her waist. And she whimpered into his mouth; making his hand move from the side of her neck and tangle in the hair at the back of her head and kiss her harder, tongues tangling; when his hand roamed across her back, up her side and let his fingers rest against the side of her breast, flexing his fingers against the lace covered flesh.

Nell's nails at the back of his neck and chest dug into his skin slightly and had her swivelling her hips down into Callen's when he lightly scraped his own nails at the base of her spine, just above the belt of her skirt. He groaned at the sensation and flattened his hand, pulling her down onto his lap as he thrust up slightly. Nell let out a loud, pleasured gasp that had her breaking the kiss and panting up at the roof of the car as she continued her hips movements.

Callen took the opportunity presented by her exposed neck and started kissing it. Starting from under her right ear and making his way down, leaving wet, opened mouthed kisses along the way. He rested his head in the crook of her neck as his hips moved up on their own accord at Nell's gyrations, before getting his control back and rasping his five o'clock shadow across the delicate skin of her neck, because he enjoyed the way she let out little huffs of breath. He resisted, barely, the urge to leave a high school era hickey on a delicate collar bone at the top of her flushed chest; but he did bite down lightly and had Nell jumping with a moan of appreciation and letting out a breathless laugh at the playful nip and slowed the motion of her hips to a stop.

Nell then reached her hands down to hold his cheeks between her palms and they stare at each other for a moment. Both with flushed faces; kiss swollen, wet lips and dark eyes. Breathing hard they regarded one another for a moment longer before they both smiled, neither regretting the surprising turn of events and leaned back in for another kiss. This one: slow, lazy and happy.

Just as the kiss threatened to turn heated once more, they heard the familiar click of their earpieces indicating someone was trying to contact them. Breaking apart from Nell slowly and with one, barely there kiss, he turned his comm. back on.

"Callen." He answered; proud he was only a little breathless. He smiled and shook his head at Nell who was impishly biting her lip, eyes shining with mischief; she just grinned and ducked her head into his shoulder, the opposite side of his earpiece and began kissing and biting at the at the muscles and tendons of his neck; feeling the rumble of his words through his throat onto her lips. Callen's hands found her hips and thighs and they contracted reflexively each time she hit a particularly arousing spot.

"Yeah, Sam, I got it." Callen carried on his conversation like everything was normal until Nell nipped with a stinging force that had Callen gasping and playfully slapping her ass, in response; causing Nell's own gasp, which Callen found most intriguing, and giggled while she used her tongue to soothe the ache her bite had caused.

"Yeah, man, fine. Hiccup." Nell pulled back from Callen's neck with one last delicate kiss and raised an eyebrow at his excuse. He just narrowed his eyes, shaking his head and tried to hold back a smile by biting the inside of his lip.

Nell smiled, leaned forward and kissed the corner of his mouth the fingertips of her left hand tracing his brow down to his cheek bone and jaw before cupping his neck; while her mouth peppered soft kisses to his cheek, forehead, temple, eyelids and chin before getting back to his mouth. She left her lips hovering of his, letting the tension and anticipation build; they're breathing growing shallow. When he spoke, his lips lightly brushed hers and it felt like an electric charge sparked between them and she gasped by both the feeling and his words.

"Nell? Yeah, don't worry; I'll get her to where she needs to go." He smirked, rubbing his nose against hers. "See you tomorrow, Sam." He turned his comm. off pulling it out before reaching out and doing the same for Nell and putting them into his glove box.

"Apparently the mark isn't going to show, stuck in airport security." Callen said, still recovering his breathing, as he smoothed hair from Nell's cheek, smiling when she closed her eyes and leaned into his touch and kissed his palm. "Hetty's said we can go home." Nell opened her eyes and smiled.

"My place is closer and I have a pretty killer bed. How do you feel about getting me where I need to go?" she asked wickedly, biting her lower lip. Callen chuckled and kissed her lightly before saying in a deep voice, right next to her ear, breath tickling her lobe; making heat pool low in Nell's belly as she squirmed for some relief in his lap.

"Like I said Nell, 'I always finish what I start.'" Callen bought her back down for a searing kiss that had Nell stupidly grateful to the lone Tootsie pop on the dash, left wrapped and forgotten.