Callen groaned and let his head fall to Nell's shoulder. He could feel as well as hear her laughter as she released her hold on him and bought her hands to his back and stroked, up and down, in a feather light caress.

"We should really get that." She told him, mirth very much present in her words. Callen pressed a kiss to under her jaw, nodded and rolled off of her. He laid on his back and watched as Nell climbed off the bed, put on a short towel dressing gown and made her way out of the room.

He put the heels of his hands into the sockets of his closed eyes and tried to concentrate on calming his rapidly beating heart and not how much he wanted to drag Nell back to bed and say fuck it and then fuck her. Of course work had to call right then. God knew it interfered in every other part of his life, Nell's too, why not when they were about to sleep together. He looked up when he heard Nell pad back into the bedroom. She smiled and threw the still ringing cell at him.

"You got Sam, I've got Hetty." Nell told him as she waved her own squawking phone at him. "I'm gonna take it in the front room. Don't want them overhearing our conversations." Callen smiled and nodded as she backed out of the room, her hand gliding over the wall as she exited the bedroom, closing the door behind her. He was about to answer the call when it stopped. Sighing, Callen counted down from ten; as soon as he hit one, Sam's ID lit up the screen again.

"What's up, Sam?" he asked, quieter than usual; even though the door was closed he didn't trust that Hetty didn't, in fact, have some sort of bat like hearing and wouldn't be able to pick his voice out through multiple walls and doors as she talked to Nell.

"What took you so long?" Callen resisted the urge to sigh, barely, but he did roll his eyes. Sam could be such a mother hen.

"The phone was in the other room." Which was true, he just didn't mention that a nearly naked Nell was the one to fetch it for him. The less lies he told Sam the better. They'd been partners and friends too long; he would tell if Callen wasn't being telling the truth. "What's going on Sam?" he asked again, hoping to get to the end of the call quickly and maybe able to salvage his time with Nell. He doubted it, if they were both getting called, but he could hope.

"Johnson got released by airport security. Kens and Deeks are sitting on his house now. You and me need to get to the meet sight just in case he decides to make the deal right away." This time Callen did sigh. "What?" Sam asked.

"Nothing, man. Just tired. Long stake out." Sam laughed.

"What? Nell tire you out?" Callen snorted and laughed. If only Sam knew how accurate that statement was even if she was most definitely not making him feel tired right then. The less he thought about that when speaking with Sam the better.

"Something like that." He returned, vaguely. "My ego took a bruising; she's bizarrely good at Roshambo."

Sam snorted. "That's because she's smarter than you and it's her job to spot patterns; what with you almost always throwing 'scissors' I doubt you were much of an opponent." Callen nodded even though Sam couldn't see him. "Anyway, Nell's been called into Ops to watch our backs. I'll swing by and pick you up." Callen panicked. If Sam went to his place he wouldn't be there and there wasn't enough time to get home from Nell's before Sam reached it.

"Yeah, no. I'll pick you up. Your car's been making that funny creaking noise. Not good for a stake out, big guy." Before Sam could respond to the slight on his car, Callen continued. "Besides you're on the way to the warehouse." Sam was silent for a minute and Callen silently chastised himself. He was a highly trained undercover operative and he'd just babbled like an idiot.

"Ok. Sure. You ok, G?" Callen could hear the concern mixed with suspicion and made an effort to calm himself down.

"Yeah, fine. I'll pick you up in thirty." Callen hung up the phone, not waiting for Sam's comment on that it shouldn't take that long from Callen's place to his, got out of bed and made his way to the closed bedroom door. Not hearing any voices, he figured Nell's call with Hetty had ended and it was safe to get his go bag.

He walked out the bedroom towards the bathroom intending to pick up his clothes from the bathroom floor, but they were gone. Dismissing it for the moment, Callen quickly brushed his teeth and applied some more deodorant hoping to cover the smell of Nell's body wash and the perfume from her sheets. He hastily got dressed and made his way to where he could hear Nell moving around.

Callen found her, still in her sinfully short dressing gown, as she was pouring steaming hot coffee into two travel mugs. He'd have to ask what kind of coffee maker she had, thing was fast. Nell turned her head over her shoulder and smiled when she heard his boots on her wood floors.

"I put our clothes in the wash." She said, nodding her head to a door where he could hear the soft sloshing of the washing machine. "Hope you don't mind." Callen shook his head and made his way to her. She turned around, leaning up on her tiptoes, looping her arms around his shoulders and tilted her head. "Hi." She said a small smile pursing her lips.

"Hey." He returned, wrapping his arms around her waist, holding her tightly too him. He ducked to kiss her; Just a press of lips, closed mouths. Neither went to deepen it, knowing it couldn't go any further and they were already pressed for time without mini-make outs.

Nell pulled back with a dreamy sigh and Callen smiled. "You didn't get to finish what you started." Nell playfully pouted. Callen huffed a laugh and bought a hand up to brush her hair from her eyes.

"No," he said softly. "But we've got time. Hopefully the case will be finished today and we can go on our date." Nell smiled brightly and his heart swelled. She was so happy at the prospect of spending time with him; he couldn't get his head around it.

"I had some thoughts about that." She told him, her fingers tracing shapes at the base of his neck. It wasn't meant to be erotic and it wasn't really, it was more of an absent touch; her subconscious need for contact. He hummed and she nodded. "Since we won't be able to have breakfast and sort the details of our relationship out; I was thinking dinner, here, tonight. Just the two of us, work permitting, of course. I'm a pretty great cook." Nell stopped talking when she felt him tense. "What?"

"Is that what this is? A relationship?" Callen asked, panic setting in. He wasn't good at relationships. It's not that he didn't want one with Nell; he just didn't want to screw it up. Nell smiled up at him, seemingly unperturbed by the mini freak out he was sure she read in his eyes and body language.

"Yes. The beginnings of one, anyway. I mean if that's what you want." She qualified, a little insecurity entering her voice. Worried she'd overstepped. Callen kissed her again, assuaging her fears.

"It's what I want. You're what I want." He reassured and was rewarded with a blush covering her face and neck.

"You're what I want too." Callen smiled wide and was about to kiss her again when he noticed the time.

"Fuck." He whispered against her lips. He pecked her quick and stepped back, with great reluctance. His body already missing her warmth. At Nell's raised brow he explained "I gotta go. Sam's already suspicious after I word vomited on him over the phone earlier." Nell snorted and nodded. Turning around she grabbed up a travel mug and handed it to him. He raised a brow and smirked.

"You making me a packed lunch, too?" Nell smiled and bit her lip, she turned to the cupboard behind her and on tiptoes; which made her dressing gown ride up so Callen got a view that mad his heart race and his hands clench around his coffee, she got out an orange plastic bag and threw it at him. He caught it easily and laughed.

"Might not be the most nutritional meal, but we ate all off your stash on our last stake out." Nell said motioning to the bag of Tootsie pops in his hand.

"Well, not all of them. I do still have a cherry one." Nell narrowed her eyes and let her mouth drop open in mock outrage, her smile evident in her eyes.

"And it had better still be there when you get back to OSP, Agent Callen. I won that and I expect to have my victory prize." She walked towards him and placed her hands on his chest, leaning up, she whispered. "If you're very lucky, I might just share it with you." Her lips ghosted his for a brief moment pulling back before he could respond; she stepped back and leaned against her kitchen counter. "Shouldn't you get going? Sam's waiting."

Callen shook the thoughts of him grabbing her by the waist, placing her on the counter top she was leaning against and fucking her with his fingers until she screamed his name in orgasm. He had more than the desire to do so, just not the time. Nell was right; he was going to be late picking up Sam as it was. Instead he walked to her and kissed her softly on the forehead. Callen made it to the kitchen door when he remembered something.

"I was supposed to give you a ride." He said head hung back, staring at her ceiling.

"Yes, you were. But I think we established we don't have enough time for that. We could aim for a quickie, but I don't think we'd manage it." Callen huffed a laugh and turned to face her.

"I meant to work, Nell. I was supposed to give you a ride to work." Callen shook his head and put the Tootsie pop bag under the arm that was holding his coffee and checked his watch. "Not even six hours into this relationship and I've already broken two promises. Doesn't bode well, does it?"

Nell smiled at him indulgently and walked to stand in front of him. "You've been doing perfectly. You have been sweet," She presses a kiss to his lips, "caring" another, "funny" another "and utterly satisfying and I won't have anyone say otherwise, especially not you." She gave him one more lingering kiss before dragging him towards her front door. "Besides, we already upgraded breakfast to dinner and I ordered a cab after getting off the phone with Hetty." Callen turned to her by her front door, a frown on his face, "What now?" she asked with a laugh.

"A cab, at two in the morning, on a Friday, in LA." He shook his head, frown turning into a scowl with each thing he listed. "No. I'll call Sam and have him meet me there. Go get dressed." Callen nodded his head towards her bedroom. Nell stayed put, looking up at him with a raised eyebrow.

"G. This isn't the first time I've been without my car and had to take a cab, on my own, late at night. Usually I've had a few drinks when I do, so this is a step up." Callen looked her in the eye and shook his head. His over protective streak and his possessiveness melding in his concern for her safety. He didn't just get her to lose her or have her hurt because wasn't forward thinking enough.

"Maybe, but this is the first time you've had to do it because I bailed on you. I just want you safe." He raised his hand and brushed her cheek with the backs of his fingers; Nell leaned into the touch and smiled.

"G, sweetie, I'm a trained Federal agent, I have a gun and pepper spray. I can take on a grabby cabby." She assured as she noticed the strange look Callen was giving her, a mixture of concern, reluctant acceptance and awe. That's when she realised she'd pet named him and he seemed to like it.

Callen blew a sigh through his nose and nodded. "Fine. But you text me as soon as he gets here and as soon as you make it into OSP." Nell opened her mouth to object but Callen shook his head. "It's either that or I do what I want and take you myself." Nell rolled her eyes and nodded, and then she smiled slowly. "What's that smile for?"

"We just had our first disagreement and then made a compromise without angry shouting." Nell bit her lip, "We're already amazing at this relationship thing." Callen smiled and kissed her, hard. He had to agree with that assessment. Nell broke the kiss and backed away. "You really need to go. I don't want you speeding to get to Sam's on time." Callen smiled and opened the door.

"Don't forget to text me, Nell." He called as she rounded the corner to her bathroom.

"I won't, sweetie. Text me when you get to Sam's so I know you didn't go all boy racer and died in some mangled inferno of masculinity." Callen laughed.

"Ok, babe." He called back before closing the door. Yeah he liked the pet names.

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