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Summary: He has been hiding in the shadow protecting her ever since, not having the courage to come out and say it. Years passed and now he's about to lose her for good. Will he finally come out before it's too late? Time is of the essence.

"Don't waste anymore Time!"

[An Original FanFiction by KnightScales]

First Push - My cute little sister

Hachiman sat at his desk in his room. It was saturday evening. He chose to spend his weekends in his parents' house rather than to stay at his apartment due to Komachi's constant begging. Of course as her brother he has to say yes. That and he would never hear the end of it if he tries to reject her.

He was staring at his phone where a message he received earlier that day was opened. How many times he read the same message over an over again, he didn't know. Everytime he reads it makes him feel worse but he can't look away.

- Earlier that day -

Hachiman was doing his weekend homework, college was a pain in the ass but he must deal with it no matter what. Suddenly, his phone rang in the middle of his work, he sighed and opted for ignoring it for awhile when a sudden shiver ran down his spine.

'If it's Yumi, I'd have to reply.' He grabbed his phone and opened it to see a message, it wasn't from the one he's expecting though.

From: Hiratsuka Shizuka-sensei

Subject: So, what do you plan to do?

Hikigaya, it's been a while hasn't it? Well, why don't we catch up sometime? Haha. But that aside for now...

According to Haruno... Yukinoshita's getting married next week... So, what do you plan to do?

Hachiman read the message over and over again just to make sure it was real.

'It's a prank, right? Hiratsuka-sensei must be real desperate now to...' He couldn't finish the thought as he felt himself shaking and he didn't even know why. He read the last line more times than he should, it was alerting him somehow.

'So, what do you plan to do?'

What does he plan to do?

- Present Time -

"What I plan to do, huh?" He muttered still eyeing the message with downcast eyes. He long since abandoned his work from earlier and just stayed at that seat and stare at his phone unable to think properly.

A knock on the door finally broke him out of his long stupor.

"Onii-chan, it's time for dinner!"

Dinner? He hadn't even noticed the sun has already set. He glanced at the window and confirmed the time by looking at the now darkened sky. He stood up and proceeded to exit his room.

Komachi studied his brother's form for a while. Seeing his face etched with intense depression than usual despite being hidden by him, she figured that he had already gotten the news. She had gotten the news from Shizuka that morning and she knows it won't be too long till her loner of a brother would get the same shocking revelation. Komachi wasn't blind to his brother's desires, especially in the that specific department. After all, she was the one pushing him to make a move on either girls in his club back in highschool and she also realized who he had chosen mentally.

"What?" Came her brother's voice that shook Komachi out of her trance. She hadn't noticed she had been staring at him for a while.

"Nothing!" She smiled wildly before turning her back on her brother, the smile disappearing instantly afterwards "In any case, let's go!"

Komachi started making her way downstairs, Hachiman just shrugged his sister's unusual behavior and followed suit after her.

Dinner was relatively silent. Both parents were out leaving the siblings alone as usual. Hachiman wasn't in any mood to start a conversation and Komachi was deep in her own thoughts to really care.

After finishing their meal, Hachiman decided to take care of the dishes telling Komachi to just go ahead. The teenager nodded and hopped off to her room. She needed time to think anyway and she knows her brother wants to be alone to sort out his feelings. It's a win-win situation.

While washing the dishes, Hachiman's thoughts keeps going back to that particular message. He had lost almost all contact with Yukinoshita after highschool. They would talk every now and then but would never meet, even so Hachiman still feels the same way he did 3 years ago. He still loves and cares deeply for her despite not showing it. Almost everyone knows his hidden affections for her. Sensei, Komachi, Haruno, heck even Yui knows! The only one who doesn't is the object of said affections herself. But he couldn't blame her, not once did he ever showed her that he was a bit interested in her in that way; how the others figured it out, he doesn't know.

"Tch." He was annoyed, he can't pinpoint why but he was really annoyed. He watched the wet dish slipped away from his grasped until it spread into pieces on the floor which finally broke him from his trance.

- Komachi's Room -

Once inside her room, Komachi plopped down on her bed and began racking her brain. All these years her brother had been there for her and now it's her turn to not only be there for him but also help him. She, like everyone else who knew, was shocked to find out about Yukinoshita's wedding. The girl was 19, surely marriage is too soon for that age but, they can't ignore the fact that Yukino was from a well-endowed family and as such, marriages is only a symbol for merging.

"We don't even know if it really is just for their company... Yukino-san might just really want this..." Komachi whispered.

She knows how her brother feels about the ice-cold beauty but what about how she feels for her brother? Does she even like him? Care for him? Is he even a real part of her life? Or just a memory of her highschool years? Komachi doesn't know and it's proving to be a problem.

"Jeez. If only Onii-chan isn't so scared to come out!" She buried her face into her pillow and let out a muffled scream of irritation before lifting her face again "What's he so afraid of anyway?"

She sighed then twisted on her bed to lay on her back. She seemingly watched her ceiling with interest as she tries to think of something, anything to help her brother. Talking to him probably won't help. She was his sister, he doesn't want her to worry for him and she can't force him to talk even if she tries. She can persuade him into doing almost all her bidding except to come out.

"Maybe someone else can do it..." She mumbled. If her brother would not talk to her about it then somebody else may able to force him to speak. But it has to be someone that can understand her brother well enough like her. Who can it be?

"Hiratsuka-sensei can try but..." Even if his highschool teacher tries she knows her brother wouldn't open up to her too easily, especially now that they had grown apart.

"Yui-san isn't such a good choice either..." Of course she isn't. Yui, despite everything, still holds strong feelings for Hachiman. She already knows that he doesn't feel the same, there's no need to slap it to her face again.

"Gah!" She threw her pillow to the wall in frustration. She huffed for air, a scowl present on her face "Why is this so hard?!"

Komachi racked her brain more desperately thinking of anyone who can fully understand her brother.

"Who am I kidding..." She mumbled. There was only one person that can understand him completely, even practically having the same thoughts "Yukino-san is the only one..."

But it's impossible. She can't be the one to talk to Hachiman about this. This is, after all, about her.

"Wait a minute..." She hurriedly grabbed her phone and flipped it open. She immediately started pressing down on the buttons with a grin on her face showing her fang "How can I forget about her."

She flipped her phone back after hitting send with a wild smile spread across her face when suddenly an ear-splitting sound emanated from downstairs.

Something broke.

Panicked, Komachi jumped out off bed and race out her door and down to the kitchen to find his brother picking up shards of what she presumed was one of their plates.

- Kitchen -

"Onii-chan?" She called to him but Hachiman did not respond. His eyes looks so lost as he picked up the pieces of broken glass.

"Onii-chan?!" Komachi gasped seeing her brother's hand. It was bleeding from a piece impaling his palm but it doesn't seem like he noticed at all. Komachi ran to his side and made him drop the shards he picked up, shaking Hachiman out of his stupor. She grabbed the piece of glass puncturing his palm and swiftly pulled it out of his hand.

"Huh? Komachi what's wrong?" Hachiman asked his sister after seeing her horrified expression, still not noticing his stained hand.

"What's wrong?! Look at your hand!" Hachiman glanced at his hand and flinched after finally feeling the effect of being punctured. He pulled his hand to his chest, it started feeling a little numb from the blood-loss.

"Geez. What are you doing?" Komachi pulled her brother up and led him into the living room pushing him down on the sofa "I'll get the first aid, you stay here."

Hachiman nodded and watched his sister leave the room. Minutes later she returned with the kit and sat right next to him.

"Give me your hand." She ordered and Hachiman obliged pushing his bleeding palm to his sister.

Komachi grabbed a wet cloth and wiped the perimeter of the wound removing the blood. Afterwards, she grabbed a cotton ball from the kit and poured a little antiseptic on it before gently pressing it on the open wound of his brother.

"Good. It doesn't look deep," She cleaned more of the wound before grabbing a roll of gauze from the kit "Wrapping it in this should work fine."

She unrolled a decent amount of gauze before cutting it and wrapping it around his brother's palm.

"Honestly, you should be more careful..." She taped the end using medical tape to close the gauze before tidying up the kit "Are you okay?"

"... Huh? Uh.. Yeah.. I guess.."

Komachi sighed before standing up.

"You should try and and get some rest, I'll tidy things up here."

Hachiman nodded without a word before making his way up the stairs to his room with Komachi watching his retreating form with a worried expression. Just then, her phone rang signaling a message had come. She took her phone out and flipped it open reading the message.

What's wrong Koma-chan?! Did something happened?! Is Hachi-kun okay?!

Komachi smiled gratefully at the message. Someone really cares for her brother like her.

She hit reply and typed out her message before pressing send.

'I hope she can help him..'

- Hachiman's Room -

Hachiman twisted and turned on his bed having a hard time in finding a comfortable enough position to sleep in. He was tired but yet he can't sleep. It's not only his position that's hindering him from getting a well-deserved rest but also his jumbled up mind. He had spent almost the entire day thinking about it but it still seems surreal.

"Marriage... Yukinoshita... Someone else..." Those words left a bitter taste in his mouth as he furrowed his brows in frustration "Forget about it. Forget about her!" He screamed.

"Impossible." He muttered afterwards. He can't do it, he can't forget about it and he definitely can't forget about her. Even if he tries, it's too hard to do something like that.

"No point thinking more about it... I'm tired.." He closed his eyes and was ready to give himself to his exhaustion when his phone rang. Groaning, Hachiman picked his phone up and clicked answer.


"Hachi-kun, meet me tomorrow at the coffee shop by 10 sharp."

"Wha? Yumiko?"

"Yes. We need to talk."

"What about?"

"Let's leave that for tomorrow. Although I'm sure you have a general idea on what."

" I don't. Just tell me already."

"Nope. I'll see you tomorrow. You better be on time or I'll hunt your sorry ass down! Now, Good night Hachi-kun~"


Beep Beep

Hachiman sighed after hearing her hanged up.

"Geez..." He softly smiled. He does have an idea on what they're gonna talk about. Although not wanting to bother her, he was still grateful that he can count on her about anything.

He chuckled remembering how it all turned out to this. Yumiko, Miura Yumiko, probably the one he considered as the bitchiest bitch back in highschool was undeniably the only girl, aside from her sister, that had gotten close to him like this. To the point of understanding him completely it almost rivaled how Yukinoshita thinks the same way he does.

3 years ago he would never ever in his wildest dreams ever thought that he would be friends with Yumiko of all people. She was, to put it bluntly, disgusted of him and thinks so lowly of him compared to Hayato. But, entering college 2 years ago changed all that.

Hayato and Yumiko coincidently entered the same university he did and as such, Hayato took the chance to befriend him. At first of course Hachiman didn't want to. In fact, he resented how Hayato would try and be friends with him. But in time he learned to accept Hayato and his friendship therefore creating a clique of their own comprising of him, Hayato and Miura. Hachiman and Miura didn't get along at first and just hung out together because of the blonde pretty boy. A couple of months passed and Hayato had become painfully busy with clubs leaving Miura and Hachiman to hang out alone together. It was really awkward at first until little by little they started to talk to each other, tell each other stories about themselves, make jokes, give advices and just flat out chill together. They became so close they're almost inseparable. And just last year they started living in one apartment with Hayato, just the three of them. So it was understandable why she would help him in his darkest hour.

Hachiman opted to close his eyes and sleep. He has to meet up with Yumiko tomorrow and he has to be in time. Knowing her, she wasn't kidding about hunting his sorry ass down if he was late.

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