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"Don't waste anymore Time!"

[An Original Fanfiction by Knightscales]

Second Push - Yumiko Miura

- The Following Day -

Hachiman jogged down the street panting a bit. He woke up a little later than he should and he was now running late for his appointment. He glanced at his watch and cringed.

'9:59, I'm not gonna make it in time!' He can already see the coffee shop straight ahead but he knows he's not getting there till at least a minute or two after ten 'Yumiko is gonna chew me out for sure..'

Reaching the coffee shop, Hachiman gulped down a copious amount of air before making his way to the table where Yumiko was seating reading a book. He slipped right into his chair silently hoping Yumiko hadn't notice but unfortunately for him, the blonde was well aware of things.

"You're late." She said dryly not looking up from her book.

Hachiman glanced at his watch and confirmed that he was indeed late. 2 minutes late but still late nonetheless and that does not bode well with the blonde.

"I'm sorry?" He knows arguing with her will be pointless. Despite changing quite a lot, Yumiko was still a bitch in someways and an argument is something she won't let herself lose in.

Yumiko sighed and placed her book down.

"I already ordered for you," She placed her book inside her bag before setting her gaze on the young man in front of her "Cappuccino with foam and cinnamon, right?"

Hachiman nodded. Yup, this girl knows him that well.

"So, what do you plan to do?" Miura asked not wasting time to jump into the topic.

"Do about what?" Hachiman feinted ignorance but he knew it will be futile anyway.

Yumiko narrowed her eyes clearly unamused with Hachiman's innocent act "Don't play dumb."

Hachiman puts his hands up for defense "Alright, Alright," he sighed of defeat, there was just no getting around the matter "I'll be honest and say I don't know."

Yumiko raised an eyebrow "Explain."

Hachiman leaned on his seat and thought for a while "I don't really know how..."

"That's a first," Yumiko said as a waitress served them their ordered beverages and a slice of chocolate cake for the blonde.

Hachiman took his cup and slightly blew on the liquid inside trying to cool it off, if only a little.

"It's like, why?" He took a sip and watched the blonde cocked an eyebrow at him while taking a bite from her cake.

"Why should I do something? What good will it do? How will it change the situation? Will anything happen if I did do something?" He asked rhetorically before taking another sip from his cup.

"Why?" Miura narrowed her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh "Why is that even a question? You love her, don't you? Wouldn't it be natural for you to do something then?"

Hachiman didn't answer. He doesn't really know how to reply to that. For the first time ever, he can't back himself up.

"As for the other three, you'll never know the answer to any of them if you don't do anything!" Miura growled. It's not that she likes Yukinoshita, in fact her rivalry with her stayed. It's just that she doesn't like seeing Hachiman like this. He was a loner and she was well-aware of that but there's a limit to how much depression a person can take and Miura refused to see Hachiman receive more than he can handle.

Hachiman still didn't answer, he turned his gaze south finding the table interesting for some reason.

"What do you suggest I should do?" He muttered. He really doesn't know, or maybe he does but just refuse to acknowledge it.

"Confess." Yumiko blatantly said.

Hachiman's eyes widen at his friend's suggestion, an eyebrow climbed his forehead as he gave the blonde an 'Are-you-serious?!' look.

"How's that gonna help? Why? Would she change her mind if I tell her how I feel? I seriously don't think so!"

"It might or it might not," Yumiko tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear before crossing her arms beneath her chest "That isn't the point though."


"The point here is, you told her how you feel. You got something off your chest before it was too late."

Hachiman remained silent. Yumiko watched him carefully and know fully well that he was afraid.

"What's stopping you? What are you afraid of?" She asked the question that got Hachiman to question himself.

He's afraid? What was stopping him from telling Yukinoshita how he feels?

"Don't tell me you're scared of being rejected cause I honestly will not believe that!"

She's right. He's not afraid of being rejected at all. He has been rejected all his life that it became second nature to him, he treats rejection as a friend who makes sure he stays where he belongs.

"Or are you scared of learning the truth?"

Hachiman looked at her quizzically at first before finally realizing what she was implying.

He wasn't afraid of rejection, he was scared to find out for the first time, her reaction, that she doesn't feel the same. Rejection is one thing, anyone can reject you regardless of how they feel towards you if they need to do so, Hachiman isn't scared of such a trivial thing. He was terrified to learn that she doesn't love him, that she doesn't feel the same, that all these years he kept himself comforted by the mystery of her feelings for him.

"You're right. I am scared to find out the truth." He said bitterly. He loved himself, that much was obvious. He loves how he can handle things on his own but he hates his own weaknesses but was never hesitant to acknowledge them.

"You're gonna have to overcome that fear sooner or later, you know?"

"I choose later."

"No. Soon is better. You don't have much time left."

Hachiman took another sip from his cup while contemplating the words of his companion. She, again, was right. He doesn't have much time left, the more he procrastinates this the more evident it will be that it will be useless. Once she's hitched there's no more chances, no more escape, no more hope and he is very aware of that. Is his fear that strong for him to ignore the painfully obvious fact?

He sighed. This entire thing is tiring him out. Everyone seems like they want him to do something and honestly, he think he actually really does need to do something but he just wouldn't completely accept it all. He stared at his hand which was wrapped with gauze, fresh blood seeping through the thin layer from the wound he got the night before.

Yumiko stared at him as he watched his hand bled with interest.

"That's another reason why you should do something."


"It isn't healthy, look at yourself," Hachiman looked at her confused. What did she mean? "You've never look so lost before."

"Why do you care so much?" He asked. "I know we're friends and all but that can't possibly be the reason you're so bent into helping me."

He still can't fully accept the whole friendship gig. For him, friends are just people who comes close to him, people who wouldn't take others' burden for no reason, people that has their limits. Yumiko wasn't an exception to that description, even if they're close.

"Hachi-kun," Yumiko narrowed her eyes at him. "I just don't want you to regret anything in the future, to regret not doing anything when you can." She stood up and grabbed her bag.

"You got a couple of days left. Sort out your mind and think about what I said," She gave him a smile. "And please, don't hesitate to contact me when you need someone to talk to, okay?"

Hachiman gave a faint nod and that was her cue to leave. She gave a smile and pat to his shoulder before making her way out of the shop, the bell chiming as she passed the door.

Hachiman stayed. He took another sip at his beverage while thinking over everything that had been said in their conversation. On the bright side, he won't get his arse chewed up by Miura. On the other hand, he has a new thing to think about.

"Con...fess, huh?" He muttered. That word itself was a striking blow to him. The feeling of it had become rather foreign to him; in fact, he doesn't know anything about it. The only time he was ever acquainted with the word is when he tried it out once and ended up being painfully rejected. So that word had left nothing but painful memories and hesitation. He wouldn't want to go through that again, he won't.

Taking one final sip at his coffee, Hachiman stood up and made his way out of the shop. He had hoped that his meeting with Miura would slightly lift off the weight from his shoulders. Unfortunately for him, he got the opposite of what he had wanted; now he has more questions than before and a lot more stress to deal with. Why does life loves screwing with him so much?

He opted to take more time for himself and wander around the town some more rather than going home. He didn't feel like enduring his little sister dote on him for a while. He appreciates how much his cute little sister cares about him but right now he needs time to think for himself. He knows he hasn't been himself since the day before, he couldn't understand why was the impact of what he found out yesterday was so great that it rendered him in a stage of deep confusion. Sure he loved her but he already knew that there was no way they'd end up together, society didn't want them together either so why bother? He shouldn't have cared. If she was going to get married then so be it; it wasn't any of his business if she gets married or not, neither is to who she wishes to be married to. He has no power over these things so why was he wasting so much of his time worrying about something he can't do anything about?

"Tch." With a shrug, Hachiman made his way to find some place to entertain himself, maybe a trip to the arcade will do or maybe a movie? He grinned. He needed this, to unwind and just forget about all this.

Before he could decide though, his phone vibrated signaling a new message. Groaning, Hachiman took out his phone and read the contents of the message.

From: Hiratsuka Shizuka-sensei

Subject: Let's meet.

Hikigaya, remember what I said yesterday about catching up? Well, good news! Meet me at the shopping district in say 30 minutes? I'll treat you to some Ramen!

Hachiman sighed. He knows that there's more to this catching up thing than what Sensei lets on.

'They're never gonna let me live it down, will they?' Irritated, Hachiman proceeded to go to the shopping district with a scowl very much present on his features.

'And there was this movie I wanted to watch too..'

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