The Doctor decided that they needed to check out Mr Finch's office, where he'd originally been heading before he'd spotted Sarah Jane. Maybe it was because everything had started when the headmaster had been put in charge, but it also could have been because Sarah Jane and Rose were glaring daggers at each other. He turned on the spot and flounced off purposefully down the corridor, his coat billowing delectably behind him. Danni did think to tell him this just to see his reaction, but for once he wasn't the most interesting person there. Rose, however, didn't agree as she strode past the Doctor on one side, Sarah Jane passing him on the other.

"I don't mean to be rude or anything, but who exactly are you?" Rose asked, a huge fake grin plastered on her face.

"Sarah Jane Smith." Sarah replied with a much nicer smile of her own, "I used to travel with the Doctor."

"Oh! Well, he's never mentioned you." Rose replied harshly.

"Oh, I must've done!" The Doctor backtracked, rubbing his nose slightly in his guilt, "Sarah Jane! Mention her all the time."

"Hold on..." Rose paused, pretending to think, "sorry... never." With that, she walked off, a smug yet slightly annoyed look on her face. Sarah Jane frowned.

"What, not even once? He didn't mention me once?" She called after the blonde. Danni hopped past her and took her hand.

"I know all about you." Danni promised, "Travelled with the fourth Doctor..." Danni paused for a moment, "And the third, am I right?" Sarah Jane nodded as they too left the two men behind.

"I did." She confirmed, "How come you know about me and she doesn't?"

"Because he's trying to get into her pants and he hates my guts." Danni reasoned, "Plus, I've already met you. My timelines all messed up, it happens more often than not."

"He can't hate you." Sarah Jane replied gently, although his reaction to the ginger woman had been less than amicable before. Still, out of the two younger women she'd been the nicest to her so far.

"He does." Danni replied with a shrug, "But not for much longer. Don't tell him that, though. Spoilers and all."

"Spoilers?" Sarah Jane repeated as they met Rose outside Finch's office.

"Will you stop using that stupid word?" The Doctor snapped in a hushed tone, "All it means is that you won't help when you can."

"I've told you a thousand times, I can't change some things. The universe has to exist outside you, you know?" Danni growled in reply, "Now open the bloody door, idiot." The Doctor, who was halfway through taking his screwdriver out when she'd insulted him, pointed it at her threateningly.

"When we're done, I can just leave you here, you know? It won't be the first time." He snarled.

"And you always come back for me." She swore, leaning in closer and smirking, "Always." It was true, as well. Every time he'd chucked her out of the TARDIS, all she had to do was ring up Eleven and he'd be there in a heartbeat. Sometimes he turned up on his own, but he always turned up.

"Children." Rose scolded, "The headmaster, remember?" The pair continued to glare at each other, until the Doctor finally broke eye contact and unlocked the door. Danni rocked back onto her heels, the confrontation not making her feel as good as she'd hoped it would. Sarah Jane pulled the ginger closer, giving her a squeeze in comfort. The Doctor had always been blunt and impatient with people, but he'd never been hateful before. She knew that from experience, and each of his new personalities was different, but not like this. What could have happened that made him so angry?

"Rose..." The Doctor started, peering around the doorway and up at the ceiling, "you know you used to think all the teachers slept in the school... ?" The blonde nodded as he stepped silently in, letting the rest of the group in, "Well... they do." Up on the ceiling hung a group of bat-like creatures, sleeping peacefully upside down. Immediately reminded of the Silents at the orphanage Melody was kept at, Danni backed out of the room, walking into Mickey slightly.

"No, nope." She whispered, the deep-rooted fear from the creatures settling into her, "Let me out, let me out now." Mickey quickly stepped out of the way and she bolted out of the room, leaving the group to stare at her in surprise. She headed out of the building, hearing the creatures screech as she made it out of the double front doors, panting heavily. Stupid Silents, they ruined everything! She growled in frustration, kicking the wall and hurting her big toe more than she was willing to admit. Most of the time it was just little things she could hide away; people knocking three times instead of four, seeing shadows out of the corner of her eye the same way she used to see the monsters who'd follow her around in her head. But actually seeing a scene that replicated one of the more vivid memories in her vast collection, it was terrifying. She bent over, still panting slightly. Eleven would know what to do, Eleven would understand. Ten won't, he'll just tear into her.

"Well done for waking them up." He snapped as the other four ran out of the building. Yep, she was right.

"Piss off!" She snapped back, "They probably weren't even asleep."

"Well, they're not now." He exclaimed, pointing at the building, "There's no way we're going to be able to back now!"

"I am not going back in there. No way." Mickey declared adamantly. Rose nodded in agreement, the pair panting a lot more than the Time Lord was.

"Those were teachers!" Rose exclaimed and the Doctor rolled his eyes, annoyed generally with humans at the moment.

"When Finch arrived, he brought with him seven new teachers, four dinner ladies and a nurse. Thirteen. Thirteen big bat people." He explained in an impatient voice, "Come on." He turned and began to head back inside.

"Oh, not a chance Spaceman!" Danni cried, "Not with them... them things still there, hanging from the ceiling..." She shivered.

"I'm not going either." Mickey agreed.

"You did just say that we couldn't go back." Rose pointed out and Danni smiled gratefully at her. Rose didn't really agree with either of them, but she wanted Danni back on her side.

"I need the TARDIS." The Doctor said slowly, as if they were all idiots, "I've got to analyse that oil from the kitchen." Sarah Jane jolted as something occurred to her and she grabbed his arm excitedly.

"I might be able to help you, there. I've got something to show you!" She dragged him towards the car park, and chucked the boot of her car open. There was a large lump covered in a green tartan blanket. She nodded encouragingly and the Doctor reached in, pulling the blanket off.

"K9!" He exclaimed in pleasant surprise at the sight of the robot dog, "Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith - allow me to introduce K9- well, K9 Mark III to be precise." Even though he didn't mention her, and even though Rose and Mickey exchanged a glance that showed that neither of them were impressed, Danni pushed forward and reached forward, stroking the metal case as if it was made of fur.

"Oh, aren't you the cutest robot I've ever seen?" She cooed, "Yes you are, yes you are."

"He's amazing!" The Doctor agreed, without being sarcastic, "I never thought I'd see him again."

"Of course you would." Danni replied with a nudge, "A dog will always need his master, robot or otherwise."

"Why does he look so... disco?" Rose asked, slightly in distain over the way the two were almost bonding over the robot dog. She was all for them getting along better, but not too much.

"Oi! Listen, in the year five thousand, this was cutting edge!" The Doctor defended before looking up at Sarah Jane, "What's happened to him?"

"Oh, one day, he just... nothing!" She explained, trying not to sound to sad over it. K9 had been her last link to her life with the Doctor, the moment he'd broken down had broken her heart all over again.

"Well, didn't you try and get him repaired?" He asked, almost outraged.

"Where could she do that?" Danni asked, "You've just said he was cutting edge in the year five thousand, what was she going to do?"

"I couldn't show him to anyone!" Sarah Jane agreed.

"Ooh, what's the nasty lady done to you? Eh?" The Doctor cooed and as Sarah Jane shot Rose an almost triumphant look, Danni nudged the Doctor playfully.

"Well, it's a good thing you're here to save the day, isn't it?" She teased.

"Yet again." He muttered, running his hand over the robot's head.


They'd headed to a café so the Doctor could have a go at fixing his robo-canine friend. Rose and Mickey were having their little chat at the counter whilst getting something to eat, but Danni was still too excited to consider eating anything. She sat across from Sarah Jane, which meant sitting next to the Doctor, staring with rapt attention as the woman finished another story about her travels with the Time Lord.

"Wait, so you've actually seen the Ice Warriors?" Danni exclaimed, impressed and Sarah Jane laughed as the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver on some wires inside K9's shell, "That was with his third self?"

"Yes, not long before he regenerated." She faltered slightly, "I'm guessing you know what regeneration is?"

"Oh, yeah." Danni dismissed, "I jump from Nine to Eleven."

"It's strange you don't go back further." Sarah Jane commented, which Danni agreed with completely, "Then again, jumping around someone's time line is strange to begin with."

"I think it has something to do with the Time War." Danni explained, "But I can't be sure, I don't think we ever will be."

"What happens when you reach the end of places to go, though?" Danni looked down at her hands, which were resting on the table in front of her.

"I don't know." She whispered, troubled by the thought. Gwyneth's words echoed in her head, and she hated it, "I was told by a maid in Cardiff I'd see my parents soon." She continued in a whisper, not noticing the Doctor pause his movements, "I thought I'd be happy, but I can't leave. Not now."

"Not now you've found love." Sarah Jane finished and both the Doctor's and Danni's head snapped up.

"What?" They asked in the same time. Sarah Jane picked up Danni's hand, looking at the ring on her finger.

"He must love you a lot, to marry you when you can be torn away in a heartbeat." Danni smiled wistfully, taking her hand back and twisting her ring.

"I like the think so." She whispered, thinking about her weddings. Back to her husband who was waiting for her to return, and the family he would be surrounded by. Thinking of Jack, and River and the two Ponds, suddenly bats on the ceiling didn't seem so scary. After all, they were waiting at the end, weren't they?

Sarah Jane smiled knowingly as the Doctor glowered, irate at the oblivious red-head before dejectedly jabbing K9 with his screwdriver. Rose might have felt threatened by the appearance of the old companion, but it seemed that she had a much bigger obstacle closer to home.


Krillitane Oil. It had been Krillitane oil, which meant the school had been taken over by Krillitanes, which meant that they had to stop them. They were doing something to the children, something involving the chips, but Danni left it alone. The Doctor would get there soon enough, and she only knew because he'd worked it out in the first place. Knowing nothing bad was going to happen to any of the kids meant she could sit back and watch his mind race. Or, as it was at that particular moment, leaning on the back of Sarah Jane's car as she and Mickey loaded the metal dog into the boot.

"So, what's the deal with the tin dog?" Mickey asked, actually interested in the story behind the retro robot.

"The Doctor likes travelling with an entourage." Sarah Jane explained with a smile, "Sometimes they're humans, sometimes they're aliens, and sometimes... they're tin dogs." She patted K9 on the head happily, thrilled the Doctor had fixed her friend, "What about you? Where do you fit in the picture?"

"Me?" Mickey asked, "I'm their Man in Havana. I'm the technical support, I'm..." His face fell from the cocky look to one of realisation, "Oh, my God. I'm the tin dog." He sat down on the boot floor in shock and Sarah Jane patted his shoulder. Danni, on the other hand, frowned and pushed off the back, reaching in and grabbing the car jack she saw lying in the corner for when Sarah Jane might break down.

"I'd love to help reassure you, Mickey." She told him slowly, her eyes trained on a building in front of them, "Because you're fantastic, and I've seen what you can do. But I just need to run over there," She pointed to the Doctor and Rose, "for just a moment." She dashed off as another loud screech echoed throughout the street. One of the large bat creatures, the Krillitanes, swooped down towards the Doctor, but Danni pushed him out of the way, swinging at the bat with the car jack and hitting him on the side of the head.

"Stay away from him!" She screamed as it flew off into the distance.

"Was that a Krillitane?" Sarah Jane asked as she and Mickey joined the trio. Danni's eyes narrowed as she watched the speck in the sky.

"But it didn't even touch ya, it just flew off! What did it do that for?" Rose asked, alarmed that none of them had noticed it. The Doctor didn't say anything, just watched the Krillitane fly away.

"It just wanted to see who it was up against." Danni spat before reaching over and pulling Mickey closer, "Right, time to re-evaluate your self esteem."

"Wait, what?" Rose exclaimed as the pair walked off, Danni explaining to Mickey just how awesome he was.


Silents. They were everywhere. Saying nothing, but projecting everything. River stood in the darkness, smirking in a wedding dress. The drumming echoed, and it all faded as his face, Kochei's face appeared in the darkness, blonde hair blowing in the motionless wind as he laughed, triumphant.

Danni shot up, her eyes opening as she tried to get away from her fading dream. Sarah Jane had dropped Mickey off at his flat, and Rose, Danni and the Doctor at Rose's. The blonde was currently sharing a bed with Lisa, and Danni had taken the sofa. The front room was dark, the television off but the Doctor was sat across from her, twiddling his screwdriver in his hands, a pensive look on his face.

"Shouldn't you be asleep?" Danni asked quietly and he jumped, startled by the suddenly awake woman. He hadn't been expecting her to wake up while he was still there. He didn't know why he was still there.

"Rose will die." He muttered and her eyebrows shot up in surprise, "Everyone does. Humans do, they wither and they die and I can't stop it." She stood up, walking over to him and sitting on the arm of the chair.

"Is she not worth the pain?" Danni pressed gently, "Just to have her for a time?" The Doctor nodded slowly, but he seemed unconvinced.

"It would still be best if I left while she was still alive." He admitted guiltily, "It may hurt her for a while, but not as much as it would to watch her disappear in front of me."

"So, you're just going to leave her here?" Danni challenged, "Leave her to be a dinner lady and live with her mum, settle down and have children?" The Doctor shook his head slowly, but she knew he wouldn't be able to leave Rose behind.

"I just..." He placed his screwdriver down on his knee, "I would never marry a human." He declared so suddenly Danni went speechless. She didn't think he'd picked up on that, in fact in the future he'd venomously deny it. He looked up, looking lost, "I couldn't do that, could I?" She sighed and took his hand, lacing her fingers with his. He may have been a younger version, but she was still his husband and she couldn't leave him looking so sad.

"No, you're right, you can't." She replied gently, "But my husband realised that having me for a time was worth losing me for." She shot him a pointed look, but he understood what she was saying perfectly, "You haven't realised that yet, and it will be while before you do. For now, just go with your gut feeling. You've never been wrong before."

"I was wrong about you." He told her spitefully and she shrugged, letting go of his hand.

"Were you?" She whispered, "Didn't regenerating help you and Rose get closer together? Aren't you sat here, sad and feeling guilty because for the first time you want to go against your gut? You say I want to get Rose out of the way, but haven't I actually brought her closer to you?" She stood up, placing a kiss on top of his head, "Worry about the here and now, Spaceman. Leave your future to me." And with that, she laid back down and closed her eyes.

He wasn't in the chair when she woke up, but a ten pound note was on the coffee table next to her head.


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