Not a Demigod

Chapter one: Swords and Sawdust

It all started maybe a week after my 15th birthday. I was walking back from school, enjoying the first sunshine of summer which had finally found its way to Kerritville, the town where I live.
My best friend, Kara O'Leary, was chatting away next to me about some guy she liked, how unfair the new history teacher was, what she had seen on discount in the shops we'd just been to and so on.

Our friendship was easy like that: Kara talked most of the time and I listened, which suited both of us just fine. I'm a good listener, you see.
Apparently, I'd always been extremely observant, even as a child. My mum used to call me little kitty, because she thought I seemed like one most of the time: paying attention, blending a little into the background, just enough to make people comfortable but still not in danger of being overlooked.

Yeah, my Mum's poetic that way.
So I guess that's why I listen. And that's also why I always notice everything. Strange things sometimes. But I don't really like to talk about that.
Anyway, Kara and I were almost at our bus stop, when something I noticed out of the corner of my eye caught my attention, making me turn my head.
What I saw was something I could hardly believe: A boy around my age was standing on a street corner, holding a golden sword and brushing what looked like golden sawdust of his arms.
"Erin what are you staring at?" Kara's loud voice made the boy look up, and for a moment we held eye contact. Then I blinked and both the sword and golden dust were gone, leaving only a blonde haired guy, who was gazing lazily at his watch.
Where was the weapon gone, I wondered, completely perplexed. Or had I just imagined it, the way I do sometimes?
"Hellooo, Earth to Erin? You there Miss Carraway?" Kara was waving her hand energetically in front of my face now, making a few strands of my dark blonde hair get into my face.
"Sorry." I replied quickly, tearing my eyes from the boy and giving her a reassuring smile. "Got distracted."
"Uh-huh" Kara muttered, but a few minutes later she was back to talking animatedly, not noticing the fact that I was not paying any attention whatsoever but was instead replaying the scene with the boy in my head. I'd looked back before we'd rounded a corner, but he'd gone.
"Don't you just wish you had a special power like that sometimes?" Kara asked me wistfully, obviously concluding a story which I hadn't listened to.
"Er, yeah totally." I told her, trying to look like I knew what she was asking.
"But like, what would you do if it just randomly happened in public?" Kara went on, and I knew from her tone that it was the type of question she expected an answer to. Problem was, I still had no idea what she meant, which left me with two options:
Ask what she was talking about and having to listen to it all, or pretend to know what she's talking about and take a wild and possibly embarrassing guess.
I decided to go for the latter.
"Just try to run for it I suppose?" I tentatively suggested and Kara nodded in agreement.
"Yeah, totally. Just imagine the mess it would make!"
And with that she was off again about the mess in her room and how her mother had threatened her with Oreo cold-turkey if she didn't tidy up (Kara is completely addicted to Oreos).
Soon we'd arrived at the bus stop, and not long after that our yellow town shuttle bus appeared.
As Kara lived only two stations out of town and I had to get off one stop before the final one, it meant I was on my own for the majority of the ride.
I didn't mind though, I had my music player with me and soon I was half asleep on the bench.
Thankfully Mr Waters, the old tramp who had made this bus his home, woke me up in time for me to get off.
"Thanks Mr Waters" I grinned as I quickly jumped off.
"It was the cucumber!" he called after me, drawing a circle into the air with his hands. I nodded and waved.
Ten minutes later, I was in my room and changing into comfortable clothes: My favourite pink baggy sweatpants and an old The Colour Run shirt were the perfect thing for lounging about in my opinion. I simply didn't get what people dressed nicely at home for. To please the wallpaper?
I don't think so.
"Honey, are you hungry?" My mum called up at some point, her voice loud enough to brake through the sound barrier that was my door.
"Yes!" I shouted back, looking up from my doodle of a cucumber dancing the cha cha cha. "Be down in a second."
But before I could get up, the memory of what had happened today came back into my mind. Of course seeing weird things wasn't really weird for me at all, but there had been something about this time that made me feel...excited?
Stop being stupid, I tried to tell myself, swatting against my forehead in a desperate attempt to get the guy's face out of my brain. So maybe I'd imagined him holding a sword. Perhaps it had been a trick of the light.
Yet it had seemed to real, somehow. The straight metal ending in a sharp point, the golden flakes of dust on his arms, a pleased expression on his face.
I could almost hear the rushing of the cars in the background, smell the scent of freshly baked cookies from a store which sold them on that very street...
Before I knew what was happening, my whole body gave a violent shiver and then -
I was gone.

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