Chapter two: Chasing Blondes

Traffic roared on my ears, but I had barely a second to register the noise before something slammed into me and knocked me to the ground.
"Woah, watch it!" a voice cried, shocked.
I was so dazed by what was happening, I barely registered the pain on my palms, or the boy now offering me his hand.
Only when I looked up and saw the face that was peering down at me, did words come to my mouth: "You're the guy! The one with the sword and the sawdust-"
"You must have hit your head" the boy interrupted me, concern on his face. But I hadn't missed the brief look of surprise that had flashed across his face at the word sword.
"Please" I said, gingerly getting to my feet. "You need to help me, I was just standing in my room and suddenly I shivered and then I vanished and appeared here and you walked into me and I was thinking of this corner and.." I trailed off, realising that I was rambling.
The boy was merely standing there, staring at me and I guess I must have looked pretty wild with my comfy (and now dirty) clothes on, my hair looking like a crow's nest on top of my head and what sounded like complete lunacy coming out of my mouth.
"Please." I repeated, looking at him desperately. What the hell was happening to me?!
The boy opened his mouth as if to say something, but seemed to think better of it.
"I – Sorry." his mouth set in a firm line. "I have no idea what you're talking about. I suggest you go find a doctor, get him to check if you've got a concussion."
"But-" my vision suddenly blurred and only the boy stayed in focus. What was that at his side? The sword!
I gasped and everything suddenly became clear again. There was no sword there however, just the same golden watch on his arm which he'd been looking at earlier today. As I squinted at it, I could see tiny runes engraved around the face, but they were too small for me to make out.
Suddenly the boy shifted his sleeve over his wrist, maybe accidentally, maybe on purpose, but it made me look up at him anyway. He looked pretty uncomfortable.
"I need to go now. Stay safe." and with that he turned around and hurried down the street, turning left as soon as possible.
"Wait!" I called, stumbling forward. I couldn't believe this guy! First he slammed into me, barely apologizing and then he just walked off after I asked for his help! Well, you're not getting away that easily buddy, I thought. Although I was still extremely disorientated, I was completely sure that this boy and my sudden ability to apperate and disapperate like a Harry Potter character were linked.
And so, I did the logical and sensible thing: I chased after the blonde.
He had a head start on me, which meant that when I'd rounded the corner, he was nowhere to be seen.
The street was more of a side alley, abandoned and lined with mostly empty buildings, which were slowly falling apart. At the other end was a brick wall, yet there was no sign of the boy.
I could hardly search every house, could I? Just as I was about to turn back, a strange feeling rushed through my body. It was like somebody pulling me gently forward, in a certain direction.
Acting on pure instinct, I followed the urge and suddenly found myself standing in front of the façade of the third house on the left.
Deciding that I could still freak out later over what was happening, I cautiously crept forward, opened the door and stepped over the threshold.
Inside, the room was dark and the air musty, but I could hear voices drifting down from the next floor. Also, there seemed to be fresh footprints in the dust on the stairs.
As quietly as I could, I started to climb the steps, wincing silently at every creak of the old wooden boards.
Finally, I reached the landing and immediately spotted a door to my right which stood ajar and had a shadow moving behind it.
Even though I'd originally planned to confront the boy directly, I found myself listening at the edge of the door frame instead.
"No, I don't think she was a half blood."the same guy from before was saying agitatedly.
"But why not?" an older, calmer voice replied. It sounded faintly like someone speaking on the telephone, but it was much too loud and clear for that.
"Because she didn't feel like one, okay? I mean, she just popped up in my way wearing these hideous pink pants and babbled on about disappearing from her house and thinking of me and my sword-"
"She saw your sword?"
"Well yeah, but there's plenty of mortals who can do that, right?"
"Maybe so. But there aren't very many that can simply appear in any place they wish. If you ask me, she sounds very much like someone belonging in our world."
By now, I was pretty sure they were talking about me, unless of course the boy made a habit out of running over fifteen year old girl wearing pink jogging trousers.
"I think you should find her again. Don't let your experiences blind you, my boy. Take her here and we will sort things out."
His experiences, huh? Apparently he did do this more often.
"No buts. You're on a quest and it seems to me that the two of you were obviously meant to meet."
There was a pause and I could tell the boy did not like being told what to do, but probably wasn't entitled to disagree either.
"Fine, Chiron." he grumbled finally.
"Good. Don't tell her anything yet though, not until we know more."
I had inched forward, so that I was now standing right behind the door, my nose almost touching the wood in front of it.
"Uh-huh. But Chiron, I can't promise I'll find her. She could be any-"
"You don't need to find me." I said loudly as I stepped into the room with a flourish. Yes, I know, tone down the drama Erin. But I mean, come on, the situation was calling for it!
And the look on the boy's face really was priceless.
He jumped, so much that he fell a little backwards, disturbing a cloud of – water?
"What the HADES are you doing here?!" he shouted at me, quickly righting himself.
"I followed you" I replied, reddening only slightly, keeping my voice calm, which wasn't exactly easy mind you.
Then I noticed his hands. "Why are you holding window cleaner?"
The boy put the window cleaner down. "I'm not."
There was light slanting in through half broken shutters behind him,and it made his hair glow softly, like a halo. His eyes were dark, maybe brown, and he had a tall, athletic build.
But all this didn't interest me a bit, all I wanted to find out was what the devil was going on here.
"Who were you talking to?" I demanded, looking around for either a second person or some evidence of a cellphone.
He didn't answer, nor did he make any sort of motion to introduce himself. Well, whatever, I thought, starting to get annoyed.
"Well, if you don't wanna talk I'll just -"
"Do you know both your parents?" he interrupted me suddenly.
"What?" I asked, confused.
"Your mother and father" he elaborated impatiently. "Do you know them both?"
"Yes" I told him, perplexed. "But why-"
"Are you ADHD? Or dyslexic?" he then shot at me, his eyebrows drawn together in a frown, while his hands fumbled with something in his pocket.
"No. But why do you want to know?!"
Again, he gave me no answer to any of my questions, but asked another one in return.
"What's your name?"
It was such a simple thing to ask, that he startled me into answering right away.
"Erin Carraway." Now I was seriously irritated. Who did this guy thing he was?
"Well, then I'm sorry Erin." he told me, his one hand still in his pocket, while his dark eyes stayed fixed intently on my face.
Remembering I'd seen him carrying a sword, I cautiously stepped back. "Sorry for what?"
"For this!" he replied and, with a sweeping motion of his hand that was so fast I had no time to duck, threw a handful of pale blue powder right into my face.
The effect was instantaneous. As the sweet scent of the powder filled my nose, I felt myself growing drowsy.
"Wha' did you do..." I mumbled, nearly unconscious.
I barely had time to think well schist, before everything went black.

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