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The night air was cold, still, and silent. If it were not for the light of the moon, she would be walking in complete darkness. Molly grew more and more annoyed with herself for even attempting this short cut through the forest. She was positive that she was already turned around and if she wasn't careful, she might just freeze to death in the bitter cold. She pulled her hooded cape tighter around her.

She stopped and gasped when she heard the howl in the distance. It made her shiver to hear it. It sounded so utterly alone and sad as it pierced the quiet night air. She walked on, but quickened her pace. She stopped again when she heard the howl again, but this time it sounded much closer.

"Oh…" she whispered as her fear swelled within her chest. She began to walk more determinedly when she heard the rustle behind her. She whirled around, putting her hand over her mouth to keep from crying out.

She strained her ears waiting to see if she would hear anything else and when she heard the twig snap, she turned and ran as fast as she could, deeper into the forest. She heard whatever it was jump from the cover of the brush and charge after her. Its footsteps were heavy and powerful.

Another howl pierced the night air and she screamed realizing in horror what was chasing her. She knew that where there was one, there was a pack close by. She heard a sound in front of her and she stopped looking frantically around to see if she were already surrounded. From the shadows of the brush in front of her stepped a lone wolf. Somehow it had gotten in front of her and cut her off. It was massive in body with broad shoulders and an enormous head. It was solid black and had longer shaggy hair. But what was so striking about the wolf was its piercing green eyes.

Molly took a step back and the wolf mimicked her step while staring at her. She suddenly felt a rush of déjà vu as she noticed how the wolf stared at her with such expression in its eyes. She felt as if she had been stared at many times before with those same exact eyes.

She knew she was done for. There was no way that she could out run a wolf, but she couldn't seem to make herself accept being mauled to death. Her mind quickly played out the scenarios. Perhaps she could get to a tree and climb it to safety before he caught her.

She quickly scanned the area and noticed that the wolf followed her eyes as if it were contemplating the very thing that she had been. If she didn't know better, she would have sworn it was smirking at her, as if daring her to run and try to get away.

When the wolf looked the other way, she took her chance. She turned and bolted back in the direction that she had come. The wolf was on her in an instant and he bent his head, gently grasped the back of her heal within his mouth, tripping her, and making her fall to the ground. She rolled over onto her back and tried to scoot away from the wolf, but he growled deep in his throat. She stilled at the warning.

He began to pace in front of her staring at her with those bottomless green eyes. He stopped suddenly and looked up at the night sky, howling a piercing cry.

Molly tried to stifle her sob, but she couldn't and the wolf turned its head sharply back in her direction. He took a step towards her and she scrambled away, scooting blindly backward along the ground until her back hit a tree. The wolf kept his approach until he was standing almost above her. She trembled violently staring up at him.

Slowly, he lowered his head, his nose stopping at the top of her head. He inhaled deeply before gently nuzzling her with his snout.

He stepped back watching her intently as he began to change. The wolf began to twist in ghastly contortions. It howled loudly as its shape took on new form. The paws elongated into human feet and hands. Within moments a man was kneeling on all fours where a wolf had been only moments ago. The man looked up, his brown curls covering his eyes.

Molly quickly pulled herself to her feet and took a step backward as the man stood. He was completely naked and his pale skin seemed to glow under the moonlight.

"Well what do we have here," he asked smiling wolfishly. "Why would little Molly Hooper be in the woods all alone in the middle of the night?"

Molly gasped when she heard him speak her name. She peered closer at him and her eyes widened in recognition. She swallowed hard, "Sherlock…you're Sherlock Holmes…"

"Very good little Molly. You do look scrumptious in red," he purred stepping closer to her and she instinctively backed up. He smiled again, though it did not reach his eyes, "And I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"Do what," she asked nervously trying to distract him and distract herself from the fact he was naked.

"Back away…it only makes you an even more desirable prey. I do love to chase Molly," he whispered lowly.

She could not stop the involuntary shudder that moved through her body at the sound of his voice. He smiled knowingly and took a step closer to her.

"You…how…you're a werewolf," she said softly. "How did it happen?"

He shrugged, "A risk of my trade I'm afraid. I get called into the most interesting of cases sometimes Molly. It would seem fate decided to play a trick on me. My last case took me deep into the hills of Bulgaria…" he laughed. "I've never been bitten by a client before and the bite had the most unfortunate side effects. Although, I must admit, being a wolf is not that bad," he smiled lecherously at her. "In fact, I quite like it."

"Does John know," she asked barely above a whisper.

"Of course he knows," Sherlock said. "He's been trying to find a cure ever since. He is such a good friend, that John."

She nodded, "Oh, well I guess I had better head back and…"

"I'm afraid that is impossible Molly. You know my secret, I can never let you leave now," he said taking a step closer to her.

Her bottom lip trembled as she tried to hold her fear at bay, "I won't tell anyone, I promise. Please, let me go home."

He inhaled deeply and released the breath slowly, "If it makes you feel any better, I never had any intention of letting you go. And as for you going home, you are home Molly."

Molly began to frantically look for a means of escape. He sighed deeply, "Please don't be foolish Molly. Don't run, even though I would enjoy chasing you, there is no hope of escape."

"What are you going to do…" she asked barely above a whisper.

The smile he gave her was devilishly feral, "What do you think I mean to do with you?"

If he was not going to let her go, she could only assume one thing. She had discovered his secret so he meant to kill her. She knew that she had no chance against him, but that didn't mean she had to make it easy for him.

She let him step closer to her despite her fear of him and forced herself to stand still. When he was directly in front of her and staring down at her with a hunger that she had never seen before in his eyes, she struck. She dragged the splintered stick that she held behind her back across his face, slicing his cheek.

He yelped and jumped back. She ran at him, shoving him with all of her might knocking him to the ground. She turned and ran disappearing into the forest. As she ran she listened to the sounds of the forest trying to see if there was anything familiar to her. In the distance, she could hear the sound of running water. Molly ran towards the sounds of the ripping brook, hoping to confuse the scent of her with the water. She could hear him giving chase behind her, his heavy breathing and the heavy, powerful footsteps as his paws hit the ground.

As she ran, her mind taunted her with the irony of her situation. Being a medical student at the University and the assistant of Dr. John Watson provided her with many opportunities. Being with John Watson meant that she would get to be with the famed Sherlock Holmes, who was the doctor's very good friend. She had been attracted to Sherlock almost from the moment that she had laid eyes on him, but he gave her very little attention. In fact, the few words that she had ever had with him was nothing more than him giving her directions or asking her to fetch him something.

She had pined away for him secretly wondering just exactly what would it take to get the attention of a man like him, and now, it would seem fate was mocking her. For here she was in the middle of the night, in the middle of the woods being chased by the man of her dreams who also happened to be a werewolf trying to escape him before he caught her and had her for dinner.

She cried out when she heard him howl behind her. She quickened her pace, stumbling several times over uprooted branches and roots, but the sound of the running water was coming closer.

She pushed her way through a thicket and sighed in relief when she saw the water. She had made it to the stream, only a few more steps and she would be able to hide her scent with the water, but unfortunately fate seemed to be against her in more ways than one this night.

As she stepped into the water, the giant wolf tore through the thicket. His eyes immediately landed on her and she could almost swear he was smirking again. She screamed when she saw him coming for her and she struggled to cross the stream without falling into the water. She had just made it to the other side when she was knocked to the ground from behind. She cried out and tried to crawl away, clawing at the ground when the wolf took hold of her cape and pulled her back. He walked over her body and stood above her. She could feel the hot tears filling her eyes and streaming down her cheeks. She was going to die alone in the woods. She could only hope now that he would be merciful and kill her quickly.

She felt him push at her shoulder with his cold wet nose wanting her to roll over onto her back. She didn't want too. She didn't want to see her death come, but she was too afraid to disobey. Slowly, she rolled over onto her back. She stared up at the large black wolf that stared down at her, his green eyes seeming to penetrate her.

She could not stop the fresh wave of tears that spilled out the sides of her eyes. She closed her eyes to wait for death to come and because she had closed her eyes, she did not see the change within him. Soon the large, heavy body of fur was replaced with the smooth skin of a man.

"Open your eyes Molly," he said surprisingly gently.

She squeezed them tighter and shook her head no. He laughed softly, bringing his face closer to hers to nuzzle her nose. When she felt his warm breath on her cheek followed by his lips, she opened her eyes.

"Are you afraid Molly," he asked seductively in her ear.

She swallowed hard, not sure that she could find her voice, "Y-yes…please don't hurt me, please let me go. I-I won't tell anyone that I saw you, I swear."

His laughter rumbled deep in his chest and his warm breath against her neck caused goose bumps to break out over her already trembling body, "Hurting you in the last thing on my mind Molly Hooper. But I'm afraid that I won't be letting you go either. It is a good thing that you came into the woods tonight. It saves me the trouble of coming into the city and taking you."

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