The 5th Konoha Boss




Heart attack fact! "We need a new boss!"

Through the window in the remote hidden base of the Konoha mafia family the sun was slowly setting and emanating a brilliant orange glow. This was the sight one Hiruzen Sarutobi the 3rd Konoha mafia boss was viewing as he sat behind his desk that early June evening.

Hiruzen was an elderly man with lines going down his face from his brown eyes and small liver spots here and there and a small wart near the left side of his nose on his face at his full high he stood at 5 ft 4 inches. His hair colour is a light grey with a large go-tee of matching colour on his chin. At this time he was wearing a white business suit and red dress shirt with a matching white tie and white work shoes he was normally one to wear Hawaiian shits and snorts with sandals but right now he was working currently doing battle with the nightmare enemy of every boss of any organization, business or person of high authority paperwork.

'I could just drop a lit match and say it slipped when I tried to light my pip no one would have to know'. Where his if not a bit eccentric thought at that moment he let out a tired sigh and knew that even if he did want to do nothing more than burn the infernal stack of paper that he could swear was steadily growing as if to mock him he knew that many important document would be lost in the fire even if the amount of pointless one outweighed the important one.

Just as he was about to continue righting pain griped his heart and agony shot thought his entire system. "Ack!" Hiruzen griped his chest in pain whiles his eyes frantically looked for his heart medication. 'My Piles, where are my piles!' he usually left his piles on his desk in plain sight for easy reach but so was not the case at this moment due to the many stacks of paper. Hands trembling from the pain he reached for one of his drawers and pulled back with much greater force than a man his age should have had the drawer barley held to its place almost becoming unhinged and letting out a large bang. Thankfully there were his piles among all the other clutter but at that very moment the pain shot back into his system twofold causing Hiruzen to nearly collapse out of his chair from agony but he held firm to the table.

Meanwhile just outside his office Asuma Sarutobi Hiruzen first son was just about to head in to report that his latest mission was a success Asuma is a large roguish looking man with brown eyes and somewhat wild looking black hair and matching full beard standing at a height towering over many people at 6 ft 3 inches you could usually find Asuma wearing a dark blue suit and ash grey dress shirt with a lighter dark blue tie and black work shoes. Asuma was about to knock on the door to his father's office when he heard a loud bang of something being force open Asuma knew by that sound alone to not bother waiting for his fathers to call him in and so opened the door and rushed in in one swift motion.

What he saw fill him with panic as he lay eyes on his father's pain stricken face "DAD!" in an instant Asuma was by his father's side and knowing what was most likely wrong with him grab the medication in the draw and cracked open the top and sprawled the piles onto his father's desk. He grabbed two and handed them to his father who put them in his mouth and swallowed Asuma quickly went to the cabinet bar that was in the office grabbed a glass and filled it with water so that his father would have something to drink to help calm his nerves.

Hiruzen gulped down the water greedily and let out a relieved sigh when he put the glass down "That you son I don't know what caused me to have such a violent episode like that just now" Hiruzen said in a voices that was clearly out of breath from the frightening event that just transpired. "don't mention it dad seriously Don't mention it I don't want to think what would have happened if I hadn't been on my way to give you my report but we can talk about that later are you ok" Asuma was still a bit shaken from the event that he had just seen he had seen his father when he had an episode but they had never been as bad as the one he had just saw. " I'm fine a bit shaky but nothing that won't pass but this just proves my thoughts as of late that my time as the head of the Konoha family is near it's end" "whoa hold on don't start talking like that it almost sounds like you're ready to kick the bucket you're only 69 years old dad" Asuma was quite worried about his father at this point as he had never know his father to give up on anything "and I should have been retired at 56" Hiruzen countered his son argument "but unforeseen circumstance's forced me back out of retirement and know it's been 13 year later and my health's not getting any better what with these attacks on the family and my building stress because of this paper work and trying to get the peace treaties written between Konoha and the other family's not to mention this new organization that's seemed to have appear out of no where if Jiraiya information is anything to go by and you know it is" 'I mean for kami sake his information network is large the most official governments'.

Hiruzen let out a tired sigh and for the first time in a long time Asuma saw his father look as old as he was his father had a spirited soul that always allowed him to look at least 10 years younger than he was but it seemed that spirit was tired and wanted to finally settle down. Asuma let out his own sigh "ok so what do you want to do there aren't many who hold the sky flame and the very few who do are either too young, argent or worse both where are you going to find someone who is old enough for the mantel of the family head, not spoiled by parents who are just being manipulative so they can cash in later, loyal enough that they don't sell the family out and brave enough to take on the challenges the position holds not just because it there job but because they want to protect the family".

"Hmm" even though Hiruzen didn't want to believe it his son was right there weren't many candidates who could fill the shoes he was leaving behind. "I mean really dad who going to be able to fill both your shoe and Minato sensei's" Asuma said the name with a clear sad tone even though he had been a replacement storm guardian for only two year because the previous one had decide to step down after she got married he still felt honed and privileged to have known his boss not to mention how he felt to have been handed pick by not only Minato Namikaze but by his new wife, former storm guardian and Asuma's senpai Kushina Uzumaki who had been the most supportive out of everyone.

Asuma in all honesty miss Kushina more between the two thought don't get him wrong he respected Minato with every fibber of his being and would have gladly taken a bullet to the heart for him but Kushina had help Asuma in so many ways she had helped him get better control of his flame, helped him find his specialized weapon and most of all helped him gather the courage to ask his girlfriend of 9 year Kurenai yuhi out it took him sometime to build back up the courage to ask her out after what happened to Kushina and Minato it would have been 11 year but a 7 year old Anko Mitarashi was very protective of her surrogate sister at the time.

Unknown to Asuma his statement had just made Hiruzen realize the answer to his problem as to who was to be given the mantel of 5th 'hmm it just like the age old saying goes like father like son' taking a glance at a small portrait of Minato that lined the upper part of his wall alongside the portraits of the other three pass Konoha bosses Hiruzen had to blink and take a closer look at the portrait of Minato for Hiruzen could have sworn that in it Minato had been smiling as if giving him approval of the idea in his mind now normally Hiruzen would have played it off as a trick of the lighting but something in his gut told him otherwise and with that thought in mind a smile of his own fond it's way to his lips Hiruzen stood up bring his son out of his own musing over memory's and thoughts "Asuma get me Kakashi, Gai, Kurenai, Rin and Anko I have what could be the most important mission yet for all 6 of you" Hiruzen said with his smile still plastered over his face and determination in his eyes. Asuma was shocked just a few seconds ago it seemed like his father had lost his spark but now it seemed to be back and brighter than ever if anything it made him look like he was back in his prime if the glint in his eye was anything to go by and his most important mission yet? Just what had come over his father? "Uh ok I'll go and get them now um but mind telling me what the mission is?" Asuma didn't know why but that question had him on the edge of his proverbial seat 'why am I so excited about this it almost feels like I've been waiting all my life for this but why?' somehow Hiruzen smile got bigger as he gave his son the mission details short and sweet as they where they would do the job fantastically if his son's widening eyes where anything to go by "To train the future 5th Konoha boss one Naruto Uzumaki only son of both Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki and help him find his own guardians of the sky flames.


well here it is my first ever fanfic to be honest I'm a bit nerves about this I mean I don't know how well it will do if it does well at all but you know live and learn and all that anyway I've already got guardians pick out sorry if you don't agree with the choices but hopefully you will come to love them soon so here are the bosses and guardians of the 3rd, 4th and 5th Konoha family with the ages the bosses and guardians would be when they start working in the family(s),leave(l),turn traitor(t),their current age(c) and have their lives end(e) that and what the guardians expertise would be.


Hiruzen age s 24-c 69 sky flame (boss)

Jiraiya age s 19-c 51 storm flame (handler of spy network)

Koharu age s 24-c 69 rain flame (adviser/treasurer)

Tsunade age s 19-l 33-c 51 sun flame (currently on leave due to grief/head doctor)

Homura age s 24-c 69 Lightning flame (adviser/weapon's dealer)

Orochimaru age s 19-t 35-c 51 (former mist flame/former head scientist/turned traitor)

Yugao age s 12-c 22 mist flame (head of stealth and reconnaissance/long blade expert/head assassination)

Danzo age s 24-c 69 cloud flame (right hand/adviser/handler of black opts squads)


Minato age s 19-e 29 sky flame (boss/deceased)

Kushina age s 19-e 29 (former right hand/close combat weapon's expert/wife/former storm flame/deceased)

Asuma age s 13-c 28 storm flame (close combat weapon expert/short blade expert)

Obito age s 10-e 13 (former rain flame/expert marksman/deceased)

Rin age s 11-c 27 rain flame (rising skilled doctor who could take over as head doctor after Tsunade)

Gai age s 10-c 27 sun flame (hand to hand combat expert/bodyguard)

Kakashi age s 9-c 27 lightning flame (expert marksmen proficient in all forms of firearms/second hand to hand combat expert/right hand)

Kurenai age s 11-c 28 mist flame (head of information/infiltration expert)

Hizashi age s 19-e 32 (former cloud flame/second close combat weapon expert /third hand to hand combat expert/deceased)

Anko age s 5-c 18 physically s 11-c 24 mentally cloud flame (second head of interrogation and torturer/poisons expert/expert in the art of seduction)


Naruto age s 13 sky flame (boss)

Kiba age s 13 storm flame (right hand)

Hinata age s 13 rain flame (aspiring future nurse future doctor)

Lee age s 14 sun flame (hand to hand combat user/bodyguard)

Shikamaru age s 13 lightning flame (adviser/strategists)

Ino age s 13 mist flame (information gatherer/money handler)

Neji age s 14 cloud flame (close combat weapon user/hand to hand combat user)

The whole thing with Anko will be explained latter on for now I hope you liked my first attempt at a fanfic and hope you all give me your honest opinion but I ask you not to flame me.

funny how this story actually has something to do with flames but I digress and please remember this is my fanfic even if it is my first I will stick to my ideas and won't change them just to keep reader if you don't like it don't read it.

And one more thing this will be a harem not all the Naruto girls will be after Naruto but some will and who knows I just might tell you next chapter.