The detective groaned a sound dragged him from his much needed sleep. He stretched and a sharp pain called attention to the kink in his neck. He always regretted falling asleep in his chair. As he stretched, his eyes wondered about the flat to see where the noise had originally come from. It was the extremely distinct sound of a spoon hitting the side of a china mug.

He blinked when he saw a sight that he had be dreaming of in his kitchen. There, right in front of him, was John Watson. The doctor stood stirring two mugs of coffee quietly. A small smile broke onto Sherlock's face as his brain registered that his partner was finally home. His eyes darted over the rest of the flat and a frown began to decorate his lips. Where was John's suitcase? He wouldn't of gone away without something with him. He was wearing the same clothes as he was when he disappeared. Sherlock frowned slightly.

"John?" Sherlock asked as he stood and walked towards the kitchen.

The doctor hummed in answer to the sociopath.

"Where have you been?" The detective tried to sound casual. He didn't succeed in sounding casual.

John glanced over his shoulder from where he was stirring the teas, "Just... at a conference. I did tell you." John let his voice trail off.

"Oh... While you were gone I got a cat." Sherlock said simply. The taller man leant his head to the side, monitoring John's reaction.

"Did you?" John glanced around the kitchen floor, " Where is it?" Smirking, he asked.

"Heisenberg had to go." The ebony haired man studied his nails. He took a calculated glance at his partner.

"Oh? Why did it have to go?" The soldier turned and handed the warm mug to his partner. He leant against the work surface, sipping from his favourite RAMC mug.

"He had fleas." The sociopath fabricated a lie.

"He did not!" The short man sputtered.

"How would you know, John?" The detective said as a smile ghosted across his lips.

"Well... I doubt it did." He tried to amend.

Sherlock shrugged and walked out towards their shared bedroom, "Oh well. It doesn't matter now. I just think it's puuurrrrfect that you're back." Sherlock chuckled as he walked out of view.

Sorry that this took so long! I know it's short but I just wanted to draw it to a close x