The Chosen Ones Ones And The Path To Truth

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Chapter 45: Revelations And Return Of The Jedi

"So first it was Yoda and then Qui-Gon." Sam asked and he nodded. "The Jedi Apprentice series explained the entire story of life as a student. But once chosen as candidates, we spend twelve years training as we learn to control our anger and hate. Once we reach our 13th birthdays, we either get chosen to be the student of a Jedi knight or master. Or we begin training agricorps to be farmers, I wanted to be a knight as did Bruck."

"But Master Qui-Gon saw me two maybe three times and by the time I hit 12 and nearly 13 years old, I was afraid I'd never get chosen. But that mission to Bandomeer was the entire story and as was the follow up chapter. He was trying to block out his memories of Xanatos. But those books are really my entire life leading up to now, aside from the second chapter focused on me and Anakin." he told her and she nodded to him at that.

"So the first part of Deception was the epilogue of the four piece part regarding Xanatos's revenge on the Jedi and you, Master?" Daniel asked and he nodded. "Yes, that was six weeks later after Obi-wan asked to be put on probation. While Xanatos was now dead and Tahl was trying to adjust to her lost eyesight by that point. After Toojay had her mind wiped to get rid of the programming he put in her at the time."

"It was after I discovered the chip in Bruck's lightsaber that I revealed to his family the added truth. But this was too much for his younger brother to take, that the fact that his brother was not who he thought of him to be all this time, he never knew him. That to him, he's his hero, but to us Jedi of the order and the Jedi council. It's his brother was a cold blooded killer at the time, he chose the quick and easy path at the time."

"And he was hovering between good and evil, he was like Zekk, and he was about to kill a girl who was the best friend of a boy I thought of as my son. To me he crossed the line and he never would make it as a Jedi because he took the quick and easy, and Obi-wan controlled his anger, fear and hate at the time. Though he thinks he was on the edge, he wasn't all this time." he said to him and Obi-wan finished that with a gentle sigh.

"Trying to balance out two sides of you is dangerous, and it gets lonely when you're around an adult all your life and you start missing being around others your own age. Which explains the quartet focused on my decision to stay on Melida/Daan, while the one focused on Rutan and Senali. That was focused on my reflection of what I nearly gave up at the time, trying to reflect on who I am and who I wanted to be."

"It's difficult, because I was always around adults now, and I was now around kids my own age, but to quote my double's words 'These people, feel like my people. This cause, feels like my cause, it calls to me like nothing I've ever felt before.'. That's the catch, I've spent all my life at the academy and I was now out in the real world. And I get swept up in new emotions now that I met some new friends." he said sighed sadly as he went on.

"Hate to have to tell you this little brother, but that's the side effect of growing up in the real world, Ben. But this is all part of growing up, we live sheltered lives, because we've been with our parents since we were babies. Until we've reach high school age and as we grow, we experience new feelings that scare us, first love, strong friendships. And other things, Anakin was born and raised in the outside world, as was I at the moment."

"But attachments don't make you weak, they make you strong, but you must control your emotions, bury them deep down when dealing with the enemy. When alone like we are now, you can show the feelings you truly have with us, and your friends. But when in the field as we're doing stage acting for this, your insight and feelings do and serve you well now. But listen to me carefully now, your insight and emotions serve you well."

"But bury them deep down, the pain of what you have to do when it comes down to the final show down, they do you credit, but they could be made to serve the empire now." Daniel said and he nodded to him. "Was that what I told Luke when he realized that he had a twin, and Leia was it?" he asked and he nodded. "Yes and you were speaking wisely as well, but that's what Bra'tac keeps trying to tell Jack at the moment."

"As I have had an easier time in training then he has, I've learned to adapt to both ways, but last night was a test of character. We cemented our brother bond, though I'm 13 years older, it doesn't matter now. But that's my first lesson here for you now, though our emotions and insight serve us well, we must keep them buried deep down. When in public or they could be made to serve the empire now." he said and the duo nodded.

"Was that what the ancient's keep trying to tell us right now, let alone Machello, that no life matters more than the greater good?" Jack asked and Jacob nodded to him. "Yes and they got a valid point and while we're on the subject. I may not have found out till four months later, but if I had I'd have told him, wait till Pyrus was on his last legs. And then get you out, but do not, I repeat do not stir up the hornests nest here."

"Though that lunatic, if he was eavesdropping on the conversation he had with the sextet, they knew he'd never do anything to risk your lives or the miners. And took advantage of that, which explains what we saw last night as a result and..., damn it. Alright baby, that wasn't you doing the talking it was something else and I think it was the Za'tarc technology that caused Jolinar to turn back into her old self again."

"Fixing things in your galaxy 32 years in advance is enough that the war was won, even before Palpatine realizes it and the reason why is because this is no longer a Jedi trap. During the clone wars, but a Sith trap now, once Dooku leaves the temple and the Jedi, the games begin, but as we decided, it's doing this out of ear shot." Jacob said and they nodded to him as Qui-Gon looked at Obi-wan then as he said it to him gently.

"Is this what it means to act like a normal person, to have jealousies and knowing that it's that you're having to share the most important thing in your life now. And that its coming close to letting go that that's the hard part now?" he asked and he nodded. "Yeah it is, that's normal when you grew up in an unsheltered life, you get jealous, you get angry and then it comes time to accept it." he said and Qui-Gon nodded in agreement.

"Jacob is right, when in private, like at the academy, act like we're acting together right now, but in range of open windows or eaves droppers. We have to make it sound like, to Palpatine, that you're having mixed thoughts regarding his training. You're jealous that I immediately chose him and you're ready to face the trials now, Padawan." Qui-Gon said and Obi-wan nodded as he looked between the two of them with a sigh.

"I fell in love with the girl who was in my trio and the firefight kills the girl I loved with all my heart, I buried my emotions. I grew up and I turned into what I've become since that day. I was reckless and I lost my way and I was doing what was necessary in attitude to get it all back. But that's what happened at the time, but that anger was channeled up into the fight with Bruck and after I realized that I realized I had to end it then."

"But I get provoked, I get angry enough to do something I could never take back, and it's being fueled by grief, because I lost the first woman I ever loved. And the pain, and anger gets channeled into a lightsaber battle before I refocus and I quickly learn the first lesson of the darkside and its grief, fear, anger and hate. They're quick to join you in the fight, and you let them control you and there's no going back as it destroys lives."

" But that's what living six months in the real world as you grew up in the temple does to you as you suffer the pain of lost loves, betrayal and everything else. But hate, fear and anger, they're quick to join you in the fight, if this is the last and final test, fine. But once you allow them control you, there's no going back you two." he said and Daniel nodded to him as Anakin gave him a hug and he tightened his arms around him gently at that.

"I made one fatal mistake in the that reality and it was by not getting to know you during that trip to and from Coruscant. Well it's not happening again, you're my brother, I'm not losing you, Anakin." he said and Anakin nodded as he tightened his arms around him. "With the fact we connected last night, this was meant to be now, but you and Padme are the people that matter most to me now." he said and the duo nodded as Sam said it.

"So that's what Master Yoda meant, fear of loss causes anger at your own failings, anger at that leads to hate at the thing that caused it. Hate leads to suffering as it causes you to do something that can not be undone, like killing in cold blood?" Sam asked and he nodded. "Yes and unknowing or not, you had no control over your actions, you were a host and now we have to repair the damage done at the moment Sam, but here it is."

"What happened five years ago was she was your alter ego, and not even realizing you've been turned into her, she caused you to do something you can't take back. But with time and patience, and training, we can lock her up like we did Ballard and you're yourself again after that. But fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering, to be a Jedi, you must keep control of your emotions now at the moment."

"I understand this, because what you told me last night, I know I can win, because I had 32 years to plan this out. And Vader wasn't me, he's my alter ego, so long as I never let the negative emotions control me, I stay myself. If I don't, I turn to the darkside, but I'm only human, I'm like everyone else. If anything her anger was because she's been taken away from her mate, whoever it was and she destroyed your happiness by doing this."

"An eye for an eye, that's what happened, though she died to save you, her resentment was she wanted to be reunited with whoever he was. And she took it out by destroying a relationship. Don't let this get between you, it was her fault, it always was, you had no control over your actions. She wanted revenge for destroying their happiness and it was by destroying yours, you two." Anakin said to her and she nodded to him softly.

As Daniel froze at that, he closed his eyes. 'Search your feelings you can't do this, I feel the conflict in you, let go of your hate.'. He heard his nephew's voice echo in his mind. 'I let the anger go I stay myself, I don't and I'm trapped on the edge of the abyss. She wanted revenge against us for destroying her happiness and she wrecked our bond. And before it could even start.' he thought to himself as it hit him as he made his choice.

'An eye for an eye, she wanted revenge for destroying her happiness with Martouf, because she died to save Sam, payback. By destroying ours: Sam and me, we were leaning in the direction of being a couple, and Jolinar destroys it, before it could begin. Sam was a host at the time, she, oh god, no, no not again, I'm not making the same mistake twice.' he thought as he looked at her and nodded as he made his decision.

As Daniel turned around then regarding his reflection and then looked at Sam, and pulled her into hug and she immediately hugged him back at that. "I'm sorry, Daniel, I don't know what caused me to do that, but if it takes me the next twenty years. With us here, I'm doing what I can to fix this between us." she said as the tears start pouring down her face, looking into her eyes he kissed her and she immediately responded to that gently.

Pulling back, he pressed his forehead to hers as he answered her. "I know and I just remembered something else now, to stay angry is being angry at yourself now. But his words in another voice here are 'search your feeling you can't do this, I feel the conflict in you, let go of your hate.'. Well I just did it now, I made my choice here, Sam I know you had no control over yourself at the time here now and I forgive you."

"I forgive you, we just have to force her personality out of yours now, but last night was what growing up in a non force sensitive life. And the amount of strength that comes from the power of love and friendship now, that's the strength of the ages. For a Jedi that grew up in a non force sensitive life, but the last test to that. Is by letting go of your anger and I just did it now, I'm free " he said, before he looked at the seven at that.

"Guys never mind, in this galaxy, as well as in the Star Trek universe, to remain angry at someone is to be angry at yourself and with that in mind right now. That's the biggest lesson that comes with being a Jedi that spent several years trying to deal with anger. With knowing you have someone that loves you, it causes conflict in you and it's choosing which direction to go and he conflict is over, I'm free of the darkside."

"But it's not one side or the other, time to put our team back in one piece, she's with you dad, but either way..., wait check that. She's with me, Padme and Dack when we storm the palace, but guys, just keep an eye out. And in case Jolinar tries to pull anymore stunts here, I'm not letting this do anymore damage. The way is clear now, I let my anger at this continue I stay my old self, I'm a Jedi, I will not give in to anger or hate."

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering, but I'm only human, and with that, I will not give into anger or hate, or my fears. I will not allow the darkside to win in this situation and with that in mind now. Yes I have every right to be angry, but I'm only human, and it's time as the first piece to a new age. I let that go, because I don't and I will turn to the darkside, I will not be a slave to the darkside."

"Now I know that was a test now, but he was trying to get me to lose it, either Exar or Sidious was waiting for me to turn. And not till my cousin actually reveals that added information does it become clear now, this was another attempt at turning me to the darkside. And by divide and conquer, but my reflection just hit, I stay angry and I stay the me you know, I don't and I'm the me that they do, not one side or the other."

"Nice try Sidious, Exar, it didn't work then and it won't work now, you failed your highness, I'm a Jedi, like my father before me, I was born a Jedi and I will die one. You may do anything to destroy my cousin, but it will never work. But we will never join you, if you thought you could take me that fast, you better think again. So yes I was born outside the temple, but that just made me stronger and with that in mind right now."

"If you're wondering who I am, my name is Daniel Starglider, and I'm the adult version to my cousin, believe me when I say. That you're never taking him alive, you want him, or me, you're getting us over my dead body, so give it your best shot your highness." he said as he heard a growl in his head at that as the trio heard the answering response as Anakin froze as he felt like someone dropped a bucket of ice water on him.

"If you only knew the power of the darkside." the voice said and he answered with a firm tone. "I know the power of the darkside, I've studied it since I was twelve, since I was twelve I've studied every aspect of the force. But the darkside is faster, easier and more seductive, and once you start down the dark path. And it will destroy you, you think I don't know what the the keys to that are at the moment right now."

"Let alone impatience, but impatience, and a anger, hate and a lust for power, but impatience is the easiest root to failure. For me, my cousin, even my nephew, but you, like every Jedi turned Sithlord, was seduced by what you found in the other side of that door. And we will hold firm, I promise you, we will never turn to the darkside, but we know what cause of this are, and it's fear, anger, hate and aggression, as to that."

"Fighting aggression with aggression to protective someone you love is safe, but fighting aggression to ultimately take a life in cold blood will, but again impatience is the key to failure now. For me, for my niece and nephew, for my cousin, but Vader was seduced by what he found on the other side of that door. We will hold firm, so try all you want, you're never taking us, any of us, alive now your highness, this war is just beginning."

"So give it your best shot, the sith's days are numbered." he said it as the trio felt several power blasts shoot through them at that and Qui-Gon smiled, as he answered the younger man. "Well I'd say you just unlocked your powers completely now, the way is clear, now. But that's the first lesson I had to teach you and you passed the test Daniel, nicely done." he said and rested his hand on his shoulder at that and he nodded.

"Yes and with it, I'm being who I was meant to become now, but starting now, it's the act of dealing with a few things here. But Anakin with you dealing with the added act of trying to balance out both sides of you. It's we have to keep that truth hidden that to us you're still yourself as we know you. But to Palpatine, it's making it look like you're beginning to resent the Jedi for delaying in this." Daniel said and he nodded to him.

"That's probably why Palpatine thought he could get away with this, because we, us Jedi, spent years in a sheltered life, never letting ourselves feel our emotions in that way. And that's the biggest catch, because though I'm pretending to be a farmer. Luke never saw me when I was a Jedi and not till he sees us protecting him. And from whoever attacked him at the cantina, does he get the message, but taking him though those years."

"In training leading into when he finds out that Dex was my alter ego and not his uncle as he thought. It's getting him to let go of his old beliefs and opening up to everything, you, Ben, Master Yoda and I have to teach him about his powers and the Jedi. He may thinks he's ready, but it's the act of patience, undergoing a couple of tests to prove it now. Like I said though, though I'm a little afraid as I know what I'm in for right now."

"I won't fail you or the council, I'm not afraid of failure, but the one constant in my life, is you two, my family and my friends. And though somethings change, what doesn't is your bonds of family. That's the other strength of the ages, change is evolution, we can't stop the change anymore than we can stop anything else. Things dies, things get resurrected and things change, that's just the way it is and with that in mind right now."

"What are the chances of telling our parents that we've been accepted into training this early, I mean Masters Yoda and Sifo Dyas had the chance to meet me before hand. I must have done something right to help our bond snap into place now. How do you suppose the rest of the council are going to take it when they meet me as well, big brother." Anakin asked and Obi-wan smiled and he smile at the title as he said it.

"Having the chance to talk and get to know you works better then having Master drop this bomb on us that you're the chosen one, Annie. But I'm not jealous here in regarding meeting you but that's what went wrong in our double's lives, in fact. I know it was Master's destiny to find you, my destiny to train you and yours to shut down the old ways of the Jedi and we begin anew, but as a Jedi it's the old anecdote now."

"That I'm guessing they created on their planet, but 'you can be a warrior, or you be a friend and if you choose to be both. And you're the strongest warrior in history.', to put that in our language, it's being a Jedi, but you can be a Jedi or you can be normal, but if you choose to be both you're the strongest Jedi in history now. You lived your entire life as a normal non force sensitive at the moment and you're trying to live it up to us."

"Our expectations, but you don't have to, we just have to balance out both sides of you now. And to answer your second question, I'm sending Nejaa back to Tatooine, so he can let your mother know, before we go see her as you're now my padawan, Annie. Though she, Leia and Dave learn that truth that the very same master found their children and with them his star pupils and this is going to be a severe shock later on."

"That in place of Nejaa this time when it came to you, it's me, but last time it was Nejaa when he came to Tatooine and found Daniel. He makes a return trip 34 years later and in Nejaa's place is me now, but either way. It's that the same Jedi master discovered two of the strongest padawans the temple and Jedi order ever discovered at the moment. So with that, Master Yoda is training Daniel, and I'm training you now, little brother."

"But I'm just making it clear, that Chancellor Palpatine is not getting involved in our decisions regarding you. I know you have to face your past, but that doesn't mean I have to like it, but that mission leading into it, it's the catch of dealing with whoever the other Jedi Master was in the series. But what I will say is so long as you never give we have a better shot now at victory." he said and with it finished it with the next remark.

"Especially when you're getting passed being in training mode because the first kill in training mode is hard enough to stomach. As it is, he obviously reminded you of this memory and the illusions in the cave caused you to remember your fear when your mother barely missed getting taken by Krayne. To me this meant the possibility of another trauma and I wasn't having it or risking you being turned back into a slave."

"If that's his plan now, let alone Vergere's, if she's finally gone to the darkside when she went renegade at the time. Then it's by some sort of way to utilize all sides of the force, leaving you at risk of the darkside, and I'm not risking it. But if we already decided you had to take out the people that caused you to repeatedly brush the darkside. Then it's for the greater good and the will of the force now, that we do as the force demands."

"But every trauma aftermath, you're in counseling with Master Windu and Master Yoda, with so many traumas in this. Tell me though what happened that day at the time?" he said and Anakin nodded as he sighed. "Amee and I were both given the day off and I took her to an oasis on the planet, we were talking things over regarding a better life. When we got back, I heard several shouts of raiders coming through the town."

"To me that meant we were attacked by a group of mercenaries that kidnapped slaves, by taking control of the transmitter in our bodies away from our previous owners. Going to Amee's father my thoughts were confirmed when I heard Halla was taken. And it hit me that if the person who did it took her he took my mother with her and I went to check and found my mother, after asking who did it at the time I heard it was Krayne."

"He's a notorious slave raider who traded slaves for goods, mostly weapons, but if there were any of a dozen planets he'd be on, it would take years to find him at the time. You mean to tell me you guys are trying to shut him down and that's why Siri is acting on going under cover?" he asked and they both nodded. "Yes padawan, he's one mercenary and scum we're trying to free the galaxy from right now at the moment, Annie."

"Knowing Siri is acting undercover and still herself is a severe relief right now to both of us. Though now that Master Yoda told me that she's under cover I don't have worry that she'd turn on us, our friendship was what mattered. But I still worry about her, like we said, as masters we cover all areas in training. I know you're going to get slightly frustrated in training, but it's taking time, right now, as for our teams."

"It's working as one right now, and we need to work together, because when off world it's a point of survival. As for Master Adi, she loves her like a daughter, in truth to our mentors it's the fact that though we're focused, we're still worried sick when you have do solo missions. Because we're not there to protect you and we're scared that any one of a hundred things could happen that could take you from us, with you being my brother."

"And my padawan, I'm scared I'll lose you next, when I just lost master at the time and included in that, is that one of my best friends was killed in a shootout. Another was barely killed when my rival turned to the darkside, yes I'm a Jedi, but I still carry all the fears and feelings a normal person does now." Obi-wan said and Anakin nodded as he pressed his forehead to his and he closed his eyes at that, before he finished that.

"Alright listen to me, the reason the Jedi were destroyed here in the alternate timeline was because you never changed the rules. And secondly was because you allowed Palpatine to allow unlimited access to himself. Anakin was your student, not Palpatine's, and finally you never allowed his to use his more especially useful skills. You and the council were too hard on him and you never trusted him enough in this case at the time."

"At that stage he had ten different people in his head, people talking behind his back, but he needed to make his own decisions here. But he lost himself in the middle of getting what he wants, he wanted to quit, because he was having his title thrown at him every time he turns around. And he made one mistake by not making it back in time regarding Shmi, he wasn't making the same mistake twice, but that's what destroyed him."

"You never spent this time getting to know him, you and the council never changed the rules, and were too hard on him. And Palpatine was giving unlimited access to himself and pulling special treatment in this case. So once we hit the second movie, 1) he's off limits, until year 3 of the clone wars, 2) we have the cloners create double's of every Jedi in the temple, and that's 13 years of cloning and by the time everyone is done."

"We have a chance to pull this off, regarding our plans, while the bounty hunter is is getting his done. And 3) we tell their parents immediately that she and Anakin are engaged, married and are preparing to start their family. And with it, now is that after this blockade is finished we go to the delegation, the loyalist committee. And that's the Rebellion Alliance, but to pull this off we have to tell them before hand."

"Because if my guess is right, if Bail adopted Leia, you, he and Master Yoda, decided on this decision together. So to fix that completely now, at say, 8 to 9 years old, once we left, you split the twins up. And tell them that Darth Vader is your twin brother, while to the quintet, is your cloned twin brother, so they know that you're not responsible for the amount of damage done, though he is." Daniel said and they nodded to him gently.

"The destruction of the republic wasn't because of you and Padme, it was because Palpatine had manipulated the chess game here. What happened to you and the Jedi was because of Palpatine, Ben, it wasn't Anakin or Padme. You were deceived by a lie, you all were and with that, with us here. We can ensure the Jedi are never destroyed and it's by changing the rule book, the code, but listen to me carefully now, you two."

"Change is nature, is evolution, you can't stop the change anymore than you can stop the seasons from switching from one into the next. When you found Anakin that was supposed to be the beginning of new start for the Jedi and instead, and this is the critical thing. Because you and the council never allowed that change in the movies it brought his fall, her death and the death and destruction of the old republic."

"And Jedi order and with that, by allowing the change now and doing it our way and the way the force wants you to. That's the salvation of the new Jedi order and the new republic, but the republic as it is, Now, is not what it once was, without even realizing it you're dealing with a dictatorship. To save the republic and the Jedi order, you have to let Palpatine think he's won, once he thinks he's destroyed you, we bide our time."

"For 18 years, and let him have it by you and Luke take him down" Sam added and he nodded. "Chess game?" Padme asked and she nodded. "It's our version of Dejarik, Padme, once you see him and Charlie playing you'll understand. But that's a strategical game we use in the military, Daniel's been playing since he was five. But the boys have played it so much they know each other's strategies here at the moment."

"As it is, we're only staying for twenty years guys, so until your 41st birthday Annie, it's spending the following 12 years studying all three sides of the force. And you, Ben and Siri are doing that studying on Tatooine, but as you came back as quickly as you fell. And it's because of love and friendship, which is the strength of the ages, it's fine now." Sam said and he finished that remark as he looked at her as he pulled her against him.

" But once done, that's when things change Palpatine thinks we're extinct and he has control of the senate as the new empire now." he said and Anakin looked at him. "How old was Luke when the first movie came out exactly?" he asked and she answered that. "Eighteen, the following four years were his training, but he tried to convert him in the same way he did you and when he refused that was it, the game was over."

"Going by what I read in the 5 stories and what Yoda said at the end of this one, and this was the mental thought in Sidious's case. But after what was left of the Sith survived the initial bloodbath, they decided on a rule of two and have been doing that ever since. Your team Ben, your master/padawan team was the first to encounter and fight them in millennium, since they went extinct at the time, but as a result this was on purpose."

"But your team was the ones that kept destroying his apprentices, until he converted you, what was left of your master/padawan team. Which was now you and Luke, you returned from the darkside and killed him. While Luke destroyed Vader with your help, in the end you completed the prophecy, though now it's not you. Now being the one in the uniform and mask, it's your clone, as to that now, that's the story, but here's the catch."

"So you destroy Sidious, he destroys Vader and the prophecy is fullfilled as the family of the chosen one has completed the prophecy until the trouble starts up again. But the thing is that with the fact you destroyed them a millennium ago, they decided to exact revenge on you. By exterminating the Jedi till it was two of each of you till you trained Luke." she said and he and Obi-wan nodded as Obi-wan answered her then at that.

"Well that explains the name of this movie, 'The Phantom Menace', I was sensing the return of the darkside. Because the trade federation is in league with a Sithlord, my master/padawan team is in its last month, as I'm about to become a Jedi master myself. And as one life ends, another one begins in our pairing, so if I have this right, I'm unifying force, he's life force, on their own each one is strong now."

"But put them together and you're unstoppable, that's why my pairing had beaten the Sith this much, because on our own, each are powerful. Put them together and we're unstoppable, and Luke is like his mother, while Leia is like Anakin. But I was meant to train Leia, in the next generation, while Anakin had Luke. Yes alright I understand now, but we have to get this under control, Annie." he said, looking at his younger brother.

Before he could answer though, Qui-Gon's communicator went off and he quickly activated it. "Yes, master I'm here." he said and he heard the voice of his surrogate daughter. "Master, it's me Siri." they heard and he smiled in relief. "Yes honey, I read you, what is it exactly?" he asked and he heard her gently say it then. "Daniel do you and your friends read me?" she asked and he quickly answered her at that remark.

"Yeah we do Siri, what's up exactly because if you felt the power blast a bit ago, I just realized what the Sith were trying to do by driving a wedge between us here. But he's never taking me alive I swear it, don't worry, I'm still me." he said and he heard a relieved tone come into her voice at that. "That's good Daniel, alright all of you, listen to me, if you have the opening chapter to our book: Ben, Anakin and me."

"And when he and I were got back together in four years and the reason why exactly as well here. And if you guys just figured it out, I'm confirming that belief right now at the moment, because we tend to do this all the time. So Annie, if you're also listening to this, I need you to understand now. I never turned against the Jedi, I'm working undercover right now little brother."

"Us Jedi never go anywhere without our lightsabers, so with that, you see me in four years. I'm working undercover, but my lightsaber, and yours, are hidden in my room. Those two books you saw me and Obi-wan together, we were able to work past our differences and by the time we hit 21 we'd fallen in love. I belong to him now, so though the three of us are stationed out on your home planet."

"The three of us need to continue with lightsaber training by the time your parents, brother and sister and your uncle and aunt are ready to be transferred. Because to protect the added fact that us Jedi are hiding our force signature we have to keep ourselves cloaked till after its safe to come out of hiding after that." she said and he nodded as he answered her at that as he said it.

"Siri?" he asked and he heard a gentle smile in her tone. "Yes Annie, my name is Siri Tachi, and I'm a member of Ben's clan group of friends. But those two books you have focused on us, was us when we were still younglings. Such as it is, if you're reading them and you see me, in a few years. So though I'm under cover and we get the chance to talk finally, then just add the 15 years to me."

"And my face and you'll know me when you see me when I'm my Jedi self again. I promise, with you being my little brother, you mean just as much to me as you mean to Ben, and we're not giving you up without a fight here." she said and he nodded as he hid a smile as Obi-wan smiled as he answered her at that. "Thanks for confirming that thought Siri, I'm glad you're alright, at the moment here."

"But what the force happened this time, if you had to go to Bant exactly after reporting to the council. When you reported in last night, just as Daniel arrived and his friends arrived here?" he asked and she sighed. "Krayne got a little too physical and gouged me in the arm with a vibro-blade, and I was reporting in. And arrived in time to hear that we had two possible new applicants as your friend arrived."

"Guys." She said to them and Charlie answered her. "If you mean me, I'm right here Siri." He said and he heard a chuckle. "I arrived in time to hear the added news that your cousin and his friends just arrived in our galaxy, Annie. Before Masters Yoda and Sifo Dyas dropped the added bomb on us that Daniel was really from our galaxy at the time and he's just as powerful as Anakin is."

"Whatever Daniel and his friends call this new ability they gained from the force, we also had a conference with Master Tahl. And she said she was returning, once Daniel reached the level needed to make full mastery now. I'm not entirely sure what was coming in the second half of this year in your galaxy, but whatever it was supposed to be, I think the force just headed it off."

"But whatever this results in, with us in our 50's when we head for their Galaxy, looks like the ending results are just making sure. That they don't over do it now, in regarding training, but as Annie is just like me. My student was you when we were younglings and working as a master/padawan team quartet, Ben." she said and he nodded with a sigh as he answered her at that remark gently.

"That's just lovely, it means that whoever your padawan is, it's he's trying to show off in being the perfect student and Anakin is me. And when I allowed myself to act like a normal person, if that's the good news then what's the bad news exactly?" he asked her and they heard a growl in her tone. "The bad news is that Xanatos's son is our latest problem when Anakin's a teenager and as that's not enough right now."

"Zan Arbor is at it again, and she's still trying to bridge the gap in learning about the force, Ben. She was released from prison when he, Tru and Darra were 13 and has created some sort of study on the force that's called the zone of self containment. And when doing that, she kidnapped Anakin, and we have to get him out." she said and he nodded with a furious look at that as he answered her.

"How did she get out of jail exactly, it's been 11 years since our encounter with her and she barely kills two Jedi while Ona Nobis just barely kills us in the last encounter with her?" he said with a low growl and he heard a sigh. "Evidently she got released on good behavior saying she changed, but going by the way this is being read. She's started up again in the studies, Ben." he said and he nodded with a sigh.

"Great you already arrested her once for that on Sorn's home planet, and now she's at it again. She's as obsessed with learning about the force as Nirrti was in trying to create a Hok'Taur." Daniel said with a low growl and they nodded. "I take it that's what you are, and if that means anything it's advanced human if I'm reading it right." Obi-wan said and he nodded to him and the quartet exchanged looks as Obi-wan answered her.

"Are you still at the temple Siri, because if you have the stories focused on this, I need to know which ones have us working as quartet?" he asked and she explained that. "There's five of ten missions and Masters Yoda and Windu are going over them right now. But we're trying to figure out how to prevent Master Yaddle from being killed when he, Tru and Darra are 16, Ben, as to that right now."

"Just having Daniel watching over our students when the four of us are dealing with something should help. But what did you choose regarding this, in regarding to be in public when the entire council, the seven of us and the quartet are the ones in the know. And which members of their team are staying exactly until they return to their Galaxy?" she asked and he explained that to her.

"Aside from SG-1, it's Charlie Kawalsky and David Brown, and to answer your other question, when in public it's the act of stage acting. And when at the temple with us, with his family or Padme and her family, he's himself. But we have to make this believable enough that Sidious thinks he's going to win this. And by having our youngest, finally break in 13 years, but my guess is this turning happened when he was 22."

"So with that, and we figured out what it actually as well, but it's 6 things at once, but 1) he's just killed in cold blood for the first time, for real. 2) is he learns Padme is pregnant with the twins, 3) is he starts having premonitions of her dying in childbirth. 4) it's he's just been named to the council, 5) is he's been asked to spy on Sidious and 6) Sidious asked him to spy on the council and it's a choice of doing the right thing."

"And turning him over to the council, or turning against everything he believes in and becoming everything he despises and swore to take down. But if you already discussed this, the force has ordered the obliteration of the old republic and Jedi order. And we start from scratch and we begin again, but we live like normal people, but our clones are taking our places in the field now, when as fully grown Jedi." he said to her then at that.

"To keep our family together, the duo named us their godparents with the fact they have cousins, aunts and uncles now. But we have to put their family into hiding from the empire later, and they're being trained by us from 18 to their young adult lives. But our storyline continues later, going by the way this is being read out. Luke had Anakin and Leia had me as their mentors in Jedi training and by the looks of it now."

"If it hadn't been for that Sith legend Anakin would have stayed good, but Vader, was seduced by the darkside, because he was having nightmares. Ones about Padme dying in childbirth, but we just cracked it." he said and Padme said it firmly. "The only way I could lose my will to live is if he had fallen to the darkside, he's my soulmate." she told him and he nodded firmly to that as Anakin said it as he looked between them

"Then that's the catch, but Dex's anger and lust for power took you away from him and the darkside is so absolute. That you can see the anger and darkness radiating off him in waves, but our argument, in both your cases. And the lightsaber duel, that's not me to the talking, or battling you to the death Ben, Padme, it's Dex, remember that. You know me, this me better, then anyone ever could, but ten years of traumas, as a Jedi."

"The pain of all these traumas it boils it down to a single thing now, that I wasn't strong enough to save mom's clone, that I had to go to self defense without my lightsaber. That I killed in cold blood on two occasions and and that I killed a man out of anger. So that's fueling my pain and anger and it comes pouring out as I'm fighting you, Ben." he said and they both nodded as he sighed as he said it to his own mate.

"You hear that Siri?" he asked and he heard a gentle tone. "Yes, and I understand Annie, but we're not losing you without a fight. I'll see you guys when you arrive, I don't have to report back in until next week." she said and he nodded. "See you then honey." he said and they ended it at that remark as sighed at his explanation as he looked at Anakin as he said it to gently at that remark as he did it.

"Knowing you have to face that memory is enough to tick me off at the moment, though in training it's fighting in self defense and the first time it's hard. And I lost count to how many times I've had to do that since I became Master's padawan these last twelve years. But your path to truth is facing your past, and letting go of your anger and fear. But my double's fatal mistake was not spending this next week in getting to know you."

"Although now that things just shifted directions here, it's I'm being the big brother you need me to be now. Though it's meaning complete honesty, we know what's coming and though we lose him briefly, we have each other, Daniel and Nejaa, till Siri returns to us and our family is created after that. Normal life and life as a Jedi, things are going to be fine." he said and Anakin nodded as he gave him a hug and he tightened his arms.

"I'm glad we get to spend the next week to and from Coruscant just getting to know each other now here at the moment. Our bond is going to become what it should be now, 16 year difference and you're the closest to a father I have now." Anakin said to him and he smiled at him. "I know Annie, with the fact that we get this time to get to know each other, I'm not losing you with a fight." he said and Anakin nodded smiling.

"At the moment the way is clear, as Daniel just demonstrated to me, but I stay angry and I'm on the edge of the abyss forever. I let my anger, my hate, go, and I'm free of the darkside, but to help with recovery from this trauma. Is by the love and friendship, of you guys, my friends and my children, that's the strength of the ages. So we have to use this now for every Jedi that got burned by the darkside, who are just like me now."

"Growing up on the outside of the temple, too old for Jedi training, we change the code, we have the Jedi making contact with their families in the new Jedi order. We study all three aspects of the force, and the Shaliman of the Whills. I think that's code for Ascension and the ancients, so we spend 35 years training in all of these things and we become more powerful then the Sith, because we found the power."

"That can save lives and heal others, so that's it, and that our legacy now, the way of the force now. But our legacy is by training in all aspects of the force, it's not one side or the other, we train to join with the force, we train to heal others and most of all now. It's the act of being there for each other now, and the love and trust, of friendship. That's the strength of the ages now." he said and Obi-wan nodded in agreement to that.

"Yes and we start now, but my mistake was I never took this week to truly get to know you and thinking I could instruct you just as well. And be just as good as Master Yoda in being a teacher, I was wrong, and that's another piece we got to get rid of. But pride, anger, lust and envy, even greed are and were our undoing in the movie verse. So best to go over the lessons we need to change, we build up our brotherly bond now."

"And we can save ourselves from total destruction as we spen 13 years preparing for the purge now." he said and Anakin nodded to him gently. "We are one Ben, I'm not that me, not anymore, I'm this me, the you know would never turn to the darkside. Kill in cold blood or anything else now, but we make these changes and we survive now." he said and Obi-wan noded as they exchanged looks as they and Padme knew it then.

As the same thought shot through all of them that to survive and change their future, that they had to change what was done by their doubles and knowing, now. That they had a chance to do it, they were going to make sure that, for the sake of the order. It was time to become their adult selves and make sure that nothing got between them...

To Be Continued...

This is chapter one to a 14 piece story as this gets the storyline started as the next one opens up with the ship arriving at Coruscant. Before we're introduced to the characters of the Jedi Quest and Apprentice novels. As they first discuss a different to work the storyline to their advantage now. And they get to work, before they return to Naboo, but from here the story follows the movie.

And the first half of Anakin's life as a newly activated padawan as he he meets his new friends and Daniel's first apprentice. As they both settle into their lives as Jedi now and things pick up from there as chapter two covers the rest of the movie, the return to Tatooine and their plans to circumvent Palpatine's plans for the Jedi order and the empire that's he's planning now.