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Chapter 3

Harry found his exodus from England to be both exciting and tiring. His flight out of Gatwick brought him across the ocean to a place Harry had only ever dreamed about. As he flew over St Kitts, Harry hoped he would have one of those layovers that the man next to him kept complaining about. He wanted to see the blue ocean and actually walk on a beach and put his bare toes in the sand.

Unfortunately, Griphook's arrangements kept Harry's safety at the forefront and the tickets for the next leg of his trip were waiting for him at the desk of a company called American Airlines. When he left Gringotts yesterday, all he had on him was his trunk safely stashed in his pocket, an instruction letter, and his passport. The letter also told him that he was given a student visa so that he could attend school in the U.S. and would pick that up at the Salem Branch.

After landing and finding his way to the American Airlines desk, he was informed much to his disappointment that his flight was leaving in thirty minutes. His next stop was Miami but luckily for him, his ticket was waiting for him at the gate as he exited. A quick look told him that he had an hour before his next flight and he set out to find something to eat and maybe wash up a little. Four hours later found him in Boston and being whisked off to the Gringotts branch there.

After completing all his business, another representative came and escorted him to Salem Academy. Once there, he was introduced to the Headmistress who went over all the rules. As she was showing him to his dorm, she told him she knew his mother and if he would like to meet sometime, she could share some stories of their adventures together. Harry thanked her as she deposited him in his dorm room and introduced him to his new roommate…Tim.

She left so that the boys could get acquainted. "Harry Potter huh? You THAT Harry Potter?"

"Yeah, I suppose so but…I'm not like anything you might have read. I'm just Harry."

"Cool…you know… your name carries a lot of weight around here too. We'll never be hurting for dates in a few years."

Harry laughed. "Yeah if we're lucky but I don't know. There's someone back home. I'm kinda hoping things will work out with her one day."

"Wow…at eleven too. Must be the accent."

Harry laughed again. "She's got the same accent."

Tim chuckled. "Yeah. I spose she does."

They made small talk as Harry enlarged his trunk and then started putting his things away. Tim watched and noticed the clothes Harry was getting out. "Man that stuff is way too formal for around here."

"What am I supposed to wear?"

"Um…I don't mean to embarrass you but do you have any money?"

Harry chuckled. "A little."

"Why don't we go down to the common room and see if a couple of my friends are there? They would be good to help you pick out some stuff to help you blend in. We can pick up some other stuff too. We'll make a 'Merican' out of you before the end of the week."

Harry nodded. "Thanks, I don't really want to stand out. I got enough of that at Hogwarts."

"I bet."

Harry was introduced to two girls named Jennifer and Tasha. He thought they were cute but couldn't hold a candle to Pansy. Harry discovered that the students were given a lot of freedom as long as they didn't violate any rules or laws. One of their freedoms was a port key chamber that deposited them at a nearby mall. The mall turned out to be a non-magical one which had a magical section tied to it. The kids explained that in America, both communities lived side by side even though the normal side wasn't aware of the magical one. They also said that unlike England, you'd never be able to tell the magicals from the non-magicals.

They spent several hours there before Harry was too tired to continue. He bought each of them something which they picked out as a thank you for taking their time to help him.


The next day was Saturday so during lunch, they strolled into the Great Hall and approached the head table but not before stopping by the Slytherin table and whispering something to their daughter which led her to hurry out of the dining hall.

Once they were standing in front of the head table, Albus asked "Good afternoon Roger and Faith. What brings you to Hogwarts on this fine day?"

"We came to collect our daughter."

"May I ask what for?"

"Of course. You see we are moving her to another school"

"May I ask why?"

"The reports I've received have left me wondering at the competency of the staff. Some of the things I've heard about have made my skin crawl. You should be happy I am only removing my daughter and not going to the board about these incidences."

"May I ask what incidents you are referring to?"

"The ones concerning my daughter's close friend Harry Potter. Over the holidays, I've learned quite a bit about the workings of this school and I can honestly say I am proud of that young man for taking a stand and leaving these shores. We have decided to follow his example and start fresh somewhere else and can only hope that one day we will find him so that Pansy and Harry can repair the damage you have done."

Albus looked at him for a long time without saying a word. Minerva finally said "If you see him, please tell him how sorry I am for all that happened. I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself."

Faith snapped out. "I hope you can't. Lily was like a daughter to you and you basically allowed your grandson to live in that hell all this time. If she were alive today, you would both be puddles of slime on the floor."

Albus answered in his usual spiel. "We did what we thought was best for the boy."

Faith snarled at the old man. "You did what you thought was best? Was that for his benefit or yours Albus? While we're on the subject of what is best for Harry, we've read the wills and know about Sirius Black and what you did to him. As we speak, there is a team from the ICW taking custody of him so that he can get a proper trial."

Albus paled but the hall was distracted when a smiling and happy Pansy Parkinson came running up to her parents. As soon as she got to them, Faith asked "Do you have everything?"

"Yes mum, can we go find Harry now? I've got some groveling to do."

Roger smiled at his daughter and then turned a hateful glare to Albus. "I also wanted to let you know that charges are being filed against you for dereliction of your self appointed duty as Harry's magical guardian. We personally handed Madam Bones the results of the medical scans we performed on Mr. Potter before we healed him of everything including the cursed scar you left unattended. We were just lucky that we managed to remove it before the damage became permanent."

Albus looked stunned and then Faith got in another shot. "Before you say anything about the Greater Good, where is in anyone's benefit to leave a child to suffer through the problems that cursed scar caused him? Where was it in the benefit of the Greater Good to leave a child to be abused for ten years?"

Not waiting for an answer, Roger and Faith each grabbed a hand of their daughter as they walked out of the castle and away from the place that had recently caused so much heartache for their family.


When the family of three arrived home, Roger led them into the family lounge so that they could talk.

"Pansy, did Harry ever tell you about the backup plan?"

"What back up plan?"

"Hmmm…okay, I was never given details but I do know that Harry and Griphook came up with a back up plan in case things didn't go well at Hogwarts. I do know that you were to be included in the plan and we would be informed so that we could make a decision when it was used."

"Harry never said anything. Do you think he did this while we were at school? I know a lot of people made the comment about how many letters Harry sent out. They were wondering who he could be writing since he didn't have any parents."

She thought for a minute before tears ran down her face. "I'd bet it was set up before Halloween if I was still included. That's when things went down hill and he refused to even look at me. The other kids, they were saying things to him. They were things that he only ever told me. I know he thinks I told them so that they could use it against him."

Faith frowned. "Its no wonder Harry left with the way he was treated. And don't worry baby. I know you would never tell the things he told you."

Tears were streaming even more. "You're not the one I need to make believe me."

"You'll get your chance dear. We can promise you that at least."

Roger sat back in thought. "You said they used things against him that only you would know? As in secrets between you?"

"Yes Daddy"

Faith looked at him. "What are you thinking?"

"Honey, how much were you exposed to Professor Snape?"

"He called me into his office twice. He sat there and looked at me for a while. It creeped me out and I actually had a headache when I left. Why?"

Faith snarled. "That ass was reading your mind baby. He then told his little godson all the juicy details."

Roger said "Guess we have something else to add to the pile."

"What are we going to do now Daddy?"

"I'm sorry to tell you this but at this point; we have no idea where Harry is. I need you to give me and your mother a month to take care of some things. Once that is done, we are moving away from England like I should have done the day you were born. I'm sorry baby but I never meant for you to grow up being shunned by everyone."

Pansy got up and hugged her father. "It's okay Daddy. I know you were trying to take care of us. Besides, if we left, I would have never met Harry."

They talked through dinner about what they would do and the next morning found Roger in Griphook's office once again. The meeting was a bit different this time as Roger contracted Gringotts to oversee the sale of the their business as well as engage the wards on the house that would seal it up once they left until the day they decided to return to England. The way the Parkinsons were taking action to leave England caused Griphook to break just a little in his silence about where Harry was located.

Roger asked "We have had a positive reaction to the feelers we put out concerning the new location of our practice. Would you have any suggestions?"

Griphook sat there for a minute before he said "I think you'd find Boston to be a more favorable location. There is also a really good school there that would allow Miss Parkinson to remain in your home while she attends."

When he got home that evening, he looked at Faith and just said 'Maybe you should contact Tess Roberts at Salem and see if she might have a place for Pansy."

She merely looked at him for a moment and then when she saw the small smile on his face, she knew that was where Harry was located. She breathed a sigh of relief as their current plans were to start canvassing the different magical schools of the world to try to find a clue to Harry's location. An extended search would deplete most of their savings and while they would gladly give up everything they had for Pansy's happiness, it was one less worry they would have to deal with.


With the way things progressed far more quickly than they expected, it caused Roger and Faith to move up the plans they made before Christmas. Pansy being pulled out of school added a level of difficulty to what they had planned but it was still achievable. Two mornings after they brought Pansy home, Roger kissed his wife and daughter goodbye as he left to attend to some business. Faith would have gone as well but she felt Pansy needed her support right now and decided it would be best if she stayed home.

They approached Madam Bones not long after the kids left for school and while she was sensitive to Sirius' case, she had to decline since her hands were tied by the Minister of Magic. When the subject of Harry was brought up, she agreed to go after the Headmaster once evidence was presented of Harry's medical records since he was the magical guardian of record.

With the power Dumbledore wielded in the Wizengamot and Amelia's reluctance, Roger and Faith decided to take both cases up to a higher level. It was why Roger stepped out of the house and with a wave of his wand; he was covered in a long hooded cloak. Once he made sure everything was in place, he activated an international portkey for the second time in two weeks. The purpose of his trip was to make sure the wheels were in motion to see that the right people paid for their transgressions against not only Harry but James, Lily, and Sirius as well.

It was not known by anyone except the family but Roger and Faith had another job as well that left them fairly highly placed in the international magical community. Their 'other' job wasn't spoken of but it left them with many connections worldwide. It was this job that got him into the office of the Director of ICW Law Enforcement and allowed him to remain there until he had assurances that the cases would be investigated.

Today's visit had a dual purpose. The first was to check up on the progress with the case and the second was to evaluate Sirius Black's condition after arriving in ICW custody. When he arrived, Sirius was in bad shape physically but still had a sharp mind. After conferring with the attending healers and deciding on a course of action, he made his way back out and into the Director's office. After insuring that everything was progressing along at an efficient pace, Roger handed the Director a letter and asked him to give it to Sirius upon his release.


It took a month but in that time, their practice was sold as they began to remove themselves from Great Britain. The feelers they put out to the magical community of the United States found that they would be welcomed heartily into the healing community as there as there was a severe lack of people qualified in the type of healing they did. By the time their manor was closed up and put into stasis under the old family wards, Pansy was beside herself in pestering her parents to get a move on.

In late February, Roger, Faith, and Pansy were sitting in the office of the Headmistress of Salem Academy of Magic. It was obvious that Pansy was nervous from the fidgeting that no amount of looks from her mother could bring under control. Headmistress Roberts was an old acquaintance of Faith's and knew exactly why Pansy chose to join Salem in mid term. Once they had her enrolled and the Headmistress went over the rules, she summoned her aide to escort Pansy to the dining hall.

The build up to arriving at Salem was both exciting and nerve racking for Pansy. As they went over the rules, it was quickly noticed that the dress code was casual and wouldn't require robes or uniforms. This led to a shopping spree unlike any Pansy had ever been on. Mother and daughter gave the family debit card a real workout as both of them came away with almost completely new wardrobes.

It was a very nervous Pansy who stepped into the dining hall. The set up was a lot different from Hogwarts as there were no houses and you were allowed to sit wherever you chose. Pansy felt a mixture of excitement and a good bit of fear as she didn't know how Harry would react to seeing her again. She looked at her reflection in the door and was confident that she looked nice enough to interrupt him if he was with friends. She had on a pair of snug jeans topped off by a green blouse and a black leather jacket. For the first time ever, her mother allowed her to buy trainers and much to her mother's chagrin, she bought three pair. She was currently wearing the black pair.


As soon as she was gone, Ms. Roberts turned to Faith "I couldn't believe it when I was contacted about Lily's son coming here. Was everything I heard about what Albus did to him true?"

Faith replied "That and more Tess. Our contacts informed us that the old man must have lost it years ago but he was so eccentric already that no one ever realized what was happening. He placed Harry in THAT home for ten years in order to toughen him up so that he could fulfill some prophecy told by Sybill. His whole plan was to leave Harry ignorant and either so desperate or so devoted to his friends that he would just walk to his death."

She nodded. "I've read all about the scandal going on there. I bet you're glad you got out when you did."

Roger snorted. Tess looked over at him questionably.

Faith smiled. "What my husband is finding so amusing is that we stirred the pot and then got out of there. Everything that is going on is due to evidence presented by us or Gringotts."

Tess' eyebrows rose. "Gringotts? They never get involved in our affairs."

Roger said "Harry's account manager has a soft spot for Harry. It doesn't pay to make them mad about the way an underage client has been treated."

With a smile, Tess said. "He seems like a nice kid. Smart too…reminds me a lot of Lily. When I saw the note from Griphook about the therapist, I saw a little of your influence peeking out. He's only had one session but the healer already has a good feeling about his recovery."

Faith said. "That's good to hear."

Roger said "I can only think there was a higher power involved that day when our Pansy saw a lost boy and offered to help him. That's not usually her way."

Faith added "It's a good thing she did or we wouldn't have been there to help him. The things that were done to him and the neglect were staggering."

Tess nodded. "Yes, I've read the file. It was criminal."

"We thought so too. It was then we started an anti-Dumbledore campaign. It seems to have worked."

"I heard it took down Minerva as well."

"She saw the error of her ways and resigned in disgrace. A lot of what was learned about Albus' plans was because she took his journal that outlined everything. She sent us a note saying it was the least she could do to make up for all that she did to the boy. Between Albus' trial, Snape's trial, Sirius' trial, the upheaval at Hogwarts, and the lawsuit brought against the Gryffindor Quidditch team as well as the Weasley boys, there are a lot of people who are unhappy with Harry in England right now. If Harry wins his case, Arthur's great grand children will still be paying off the debt owed to Harry."

"All over a broom?"

"No, the broom was just the tip of the iceberg. Minerva tried to pay him off by buying him another Nimbus. The one Griphook got him was top of the line and a special order. She bought him an off the rack model."

"What else?"

"Well, she gave him the broom at Christmas and when he left his dorm to take it back to her, the Weasley boys took knives to his presents. One was a dragon hide jacket we bought him, another was a special perch for Hedwig that Pansy picked out, and the last was James' invisibility cloak that Albus somehow had possession of."

Tess gasped. "Not THE cloak."

Faith nodded. "Yeah, Griphook and Harry's solicitor placed the value on the cloak at well over a million galleons. They used the irreplaceable family heirloom clause to push their case."

"So the cloak is gone forever?"

"We're not sure. Griphook says there are some craftsmen in Gringotts that may be able to restore it but that cannot happen until after this goes to court."

"Will Harry have to return for the hearing?"

"Not that we are aware of unless he just wants to. But I doubt he'd ever set foot back in that country again."

"I heard about the broom incident but not the rest. I was impressed when the new Headmaster expelled the whole Quidditch team as well as sent their parents a bill for the broom."

Faith chuckled "I'm sure you are impressed with him since he was your deputy. I doubt the rest of the staff will survive the end of the year. Most of them did not do their jobs very well."

"What about Filius?"

"Excellent teacher but he was a crap Head of House. There was more bullying going on in Ravenclaw than there was in Slytherin."

Tess wrote a note and then said "I'll be sure to pass that along."

Roger said "Good. The whole staff allowed Harry to be treated badly so they all deserve to be fired."

Tess smiled at them. "He's lucky to have you even if he doesn't know he does."

"It's the least I could do for Lily. She was a good friend."

"Yes she was. To a lot of people. When word of this gets out…they were part of the family. I imagine there will be repercussions when the rest of the family gets wind of what was done to one of their own."

Faith snorted. "Oh, they've heard and they deserve whatever they get. He's such a wonderful boy. He and Pansy make a nice couple."

"Making wedding plans already?"

"Not yet…they are still a little young and we still have to see if he forgives her."

"As Headmistress, there is one question I feel needs to be asked. The prophecy and Harry's part in it? Do I need to add extra protections to the school?"

Faith smiled. "I know you heard the garbage Albus was spouting about Voldemort would return but in our opinion, Harry's fulfilled his part of it and after we removed his curse scar, there is no connection between the two of them. As far as we are concerned, he is out of that mess and England will have to deal with their own problems and not rely on a boy this time."

Roger added. "We also contacted on old friend who is using the magical signature we got from the scar to track down other objects that are tied to Voldemort. Our guess is that he won't be much of a challenge if he does come back."

"So you think the school will be safe?"

Faith smirked. "Haven't you heard Tess? A lot of our family members have taken a special interest in one of their future candidates. Do you know that the U.S. now has the largest amount of family members working for them and most of them live in Salem now?"

"Well, I guess that one less thing to worry about."


Pansy stood in the door of the dining hall and scanned the room for Harry. There were about as many students here as there was at Hogwarts so she was looking for his signature mop of messy black hair. At first she thought it would be easy to spot him but she must have done her job well since he blended in with the others so well. After a few minutes she finally spotted him talking with a couple of boys.

She nervously walked over and stood behind him. The guy sitting across from Harry looked up and smiled at the new girl.

"Looks like we have another new student. She's pretty too."

Harry turned around and looked up into a pair of green eyes that he has been missing since September. "Hey Harry"

"Hello Pansy. Not to be rude but what are you doing here?"

The boy across from Harry said "You don't mean THE Pansy?"

Harry growled "Shut it Tim or I'll go tell Gloria what you really think of her."

Tim paled "You wouldn't."

"Try me."

"May I sit with you?"

His reply wasn't cold but it didn't hold the warmth they once shared either. "It's a free country or at least that's what they tell me."

She quickly sat next to him and Tim and the other boy made themselves scarce. "Harry, I'm so sorry. I…I was scared and wasn't strong like you. I couldn't stand up to them."

"You think I was strong? God Pansy, I fell apart when they separated us. I didn't know what to do. You were the only person I could trust and they didn't care."

Pansy looked down but softly said. "I cried for days…I watched and saw we were both alone again. I thought you chose another house when you were sorted into Gryffindor. It broke my heart. I went back to the way I acted before. I followed along like I was told and then that day…I just stood there while they said those things. I've never been so ashamed of myself. I'm so sorry Harry for not saying anything…for not doing anything to fix the problem."

Harry looked down. "I fought with the hat and he told me that I had no choice. I begged it to put me with you. The funny thing is I might as well have worn Slytherin robes with the way they treated me. I cried that first night, when I woke up…I thought about things and got pissed off. I defied everything they tried to make me do and they took it out on me. I was fighting against everyone and didn't have the strength to fight for the one thing that meant the most. I'm sorry for that."



"I swear I never told them anything that we talked about. I would never do that."

"I know. Griphook has kept me informed. He said something about Snape using Leg...Legi…crap…he read your mind and told Draco."

She giggled but then turned to face him. "Can we get back to where we were? Is it still possible?"

"I don't know Pansy. It'll be kind of hard to get close again with us being so far apart."

She looked at him for a second before grinning. "So if we were in the same school, you would give me another chance?"

"Well yeah as long as you could do the same for me. You're my best friend and I think we both messed up. Our biggest mistake was not finding a way to talk to each other."



"Um…you're the best friend I've ever had."

Harry snorted "Hmm…since I'm the only real friend you've ever had. It kind of doesn't leave you much to compare me too."



"I…I love you. I want you to be my boyfriend."

"Um…aren't we a little young for that?"

"Say yes Harry."

"Won't your dad kill me?"

"Say yes Harry."

"Maybe we should…"

He was cut off as she kissed him. It wasn't the world's greatest kiss but it was enough for both of them to know that there were more feelings there than a mere friendship.

When she pulled away, they were both smiling. "Um Harry?"


"You remember I'm a pureblood right?"


"Well, now that you've kissed me, you've got to marry me."

"All that from one kiss?"

"Not exactly…I just want you to know that you're never getting rid of me."

"I can live with that."

"Oh yeah…um…mum said you will be at dinner on Saturday night."

"That's a long way to go for dinner."

"Not really, it's only a mile to their house. We can walk there."


"Daddy thought you had the right idea. They closed their practice and moved here. When they let it be known that they were considering moving their practice, they had a lot of response. It seems America has a high need for the type of work they do."

"Just what do they do?"

"We're not allowed to talk about it."

"Don't tell me, they are members of some ultra secret organization that no one knows what they do but when things get really bad, they put on their hooded robes and go out and kick everyone's tail."

"Wow, you do understand. They want to start teaching us early so that we can go into the family business."

"You and your mum have this all planned out?"

"Of course."

"Wait a minute, you told me that during the last war, they made a deal with Voldemort that kept them out of the ranks."

"Yes, they were undercover but no matter what, they are very good at spell damage and healing."

The only thing Harry could say was 'obviously' after all they did for him.


A lot had changed for Harry in the next year. Even though he still lived in the dorm, he had his own room at the Parkinson's and spent about as much time there as he did at school. Although they hung out with a close knit bunch of friends, they still found most of their comfort in one another. On one night that Harry was enjoying the peacefulness of the house; Roger came in and sat in a chair.

"What's up Roger?"

"I have some news for you from England."

When he saw Harry's scowl, he held up his hand. "I know how you feel about that place but there are some things we need to discuss. First off, the trials are finally complete. Dumbledore was found guilty of all charges in relation to you. Since he was already stripped of his titles and positions, they went after him in another way. For his part he played in yours and Sirius' lives, they worked with Gringotts and stripped him of every bit of gold and assets they could find and split it between the two of you."

"How much?"

"About two million galleons."

"That doesn't even begin to make up for what he did."

"I know son. They did the best they could. He also gets to spend the rest of his life in


"Tell them to make sure he stays alive for at least ten years so that he can atone for what he did to both of us."

"That would be fitting. I'll pass it along. Now, nothing was done to Minerva as she resigned and now works as a volunteer to help abused children deal with their past."

Harry nodded but didn't say anything for a minute. "I know she was the one who gave you the journals that allowed Albus to be exposed."

"How did you know?"

"Pansy overheard you and Faith talking about it. She also said that Mum took her down a few pegs in the Great Hall."

"Yes she did. Don't cross that woman. That reminds me, why do you call her Mum and me Roger?"

"I don't know. She acts like a Mum to me and you're more like an older brother or something. You give advice but never demand anything of me. She on the other hand scares me."

Roger laughed. "If it makes you feel any better, she scares me too. Now, for what Snape did to Pansy, he was stripped of everything, his potion's masters license was revoked, and he has a nice cell right beside Albus so that they can share the attention of Chip and Dale Dementor."



"Remind me to never piss you off. If I do something wrong with Pansy, please just tell me about it."

Roger laughed. "I won't have too. Pansy will take care of that just like her mother does."


"Sirius is free but will spend another year at least under the care of the healers. Mentally, he is fine but physically…well we have hope that he will recover."

Harry nodded. "It bothers me that he was treated that way so that Dumbledore could have control over me but…I can't really feel anything about it. He left me with them and well…I don't know him."

Roger placed a hand on Harry's shoulder. "I've talked with him several times. He regrets everything about that night and is afraid of facing you knowing what happened to you. If for no other reason than he is your godfather and was very close with your dad, maybe you should reach out to him. Send him a letter. You don't have to get into the deep subjects. Hell, you could just say that the Prongslet orders him to get off his lazy ass and get better."

Harry smiled at that. "So just write him and be an ass? I can do that."

Roger chuckled "Yeah, more like a smart ass. Sirius would love it."

"Okay, I'll do it."

"Now, I told you I had some friends working on the Voldemort issue. Well, that scar did some good after all and I can now proudly say that with a lot of help, Voldemort will not bother anyone ever again. My friend told me that they found his spirit in Albania and banished it to the other side. He won't come back for you."

Harry looked up at that and then did something he had never done to Roger before. He got up and hugged him. "Thank you…it means a lot…I've always thought that I would always be looking over my shoulder and was afraid to drag Pansy into that."

Before either man could react, they felt two more sets of arms around them. Pansy kissed his temple and said "It wouldn't have mattered. I would have been beside you anyway." With the emotion flowing through the family of four, Faith whispered "Roger and I would have been there too. You are already a part of our family."

After Harry wiped his face, he looked up at Roger and with a grin he said "I already had a plan if he came for me. I was gonna point Mum at him and sit back and watch as she took him apart."

She smiled and hugged him. Once she let up a little, Harry asked "So, you've avoided my lawsuit. I'm guessing that it didn't go so well."

Roger replied "No it didn't go quite as expected. The issue with the broom was resolved with each member of the team being fined 1500 galleons which will be paid to you through Griphook. Their lack of sportsmanship has also caused them to be banned from Quidditch in any ICW signatory."

"Damn, that's pretty harsh. I just wanted them to pay for my broom."

"Oh, that wasn't court ordered. The Head of the International Quidditch league stepped forward and placed the ban on them. I watched as Oliver Wood walked out of the room in tears. Now, the Weasley boys were fined for the perch and the coat. By now, the fines incurred by the Weasley family was somewhere around 3600 galleons."

"Okay, everything seems about right so far. What did they do about the cloak?"

"Well, that's where things got really interesting. You see, Mr. Screwem really sunk his teeth into that part."

Harry snorted "You do know that Mr. Screwem is really Longsnout under glamour?"

Roger laughed "Of course that's what makes this fun. Have you ever tried arguing with a Goblin? They can be more stubborn that your Mum."

Faith growled "You'd better be talking about Lily."

Roger grinned. "Oh yeah, her too. Well anyway, before he was done, he had the whole courtroom convinced that the cloak was really the Hallow that had been passed down from Ignotus Peverell and had been in the Potter family for close to a thousand years. No one could dispute it as everyone knows that the Potter family is the last line descended from the Peverells. So, by the time he was done, he had stirred the Wizengamot into a frenzy who then demanded two million galleons in compensation."


"Oh it gets better. The whole thing shocked Mega Mouth Molly so bad that she was speechless. She was about to use her powers for evil and shriek everyone into submission but sat there speechless. Just as Arthur was about to take the coward's way out and cast the boys out of the family, the Chief Warlock banged his gavel and declared the whole thing to be a matter of family honor and as such, the assets of any families related to the Weasleys would be used in repayment of the fine."

Pansy snorted. Harry thought it was so cute when she did it but even with the distraction, he didn't get it. When his eyebrows rose, she looked at him and huffed as she turned to her mother and glared.

"It's not fair Mum. I had to sit there and learn all about the pureblood family lines and Harry never had to deal with it."

Harry hugged her and asked "So what did you find so funny?"

"Well Heir Potter, with the exception of my family and yours, most of the British purebloods are related." She turned to her father. "By any chance was Tiberius Ogden the Chief Warlock for that lawsuit?"

Roger smiled. "How did you guess?"

"It would be good for his business when all those purebloods tried to drown their sorrows. He wouldn't be affected because his family always married first bloods."

Harry pulled her closer to him and whispered in her ear. "I love it when you get all brainy but would you explain it to the ignorant person here?"

She smiled "Uncle Tiberius knows that to declare it a family honor matter, every family with ties to the Weasley family will have to contribute to the fine. Did you know that the Greengrasses, Malfoys, Crabbes, Goyles, Davis, Bulstrodes, Fudge, and a lot of other families are related to the Weasleys?"

"No, I thought they hated each other."

"Well the Weasleys are resentful of the other families because they feel like they are used and then none of the wealth was shared. You see, they may be pureblood but the Weasleys have something that every pureblood family wants and needs. They were blessed with fertility and the Weasleys are used as breeding stock to keep the other family lines going."

Faith said "Very good Pansy."

Harry asked "I understand how they are related but what does that have to do with the lawsuit?"

Faith chuckled "Come on now Harry, Tiberius just stripped the darker families of their wealth. The Crabbes, Goyles, Bulstrodes, and Weasleys barely have a pot to piss in. They will be fined and when they can't pay, the amount will be added to the amount that the other families are required to pay. The Davis family is moderately comfortable, much like us and will pay their share but the Fudge, Greengrass, and Malfoy family will bear most of the burden. They will lose a lot of their wealth and power which may allow Britain to finally move forward and join the rest of the world."

Roger snorted. "That makes what Sirius told me even better. He said that as soon as he is able to take over his titles, he's annulling his cousins' marriages and taking back their dowries because their husbands were Death Eaters. Pretty soon, the Malfoys will be trying to steal the piss pot from the Weasleys."

Harry sat there for a minute before saying. "I really don't care about the money. Griphook said our investments were doing well and should increase the Potter vaults significantly. I may just take that money from Dumbledore and dump it in something risky just to see what happens."

"You need to be careful there son."

"Oh I will. I don't think there's any risk and you might want to get in on it too. We've been looking at something he calls the high tech markets along with something called dot com. He thinks we can make a lot of money in the next few years."

"Griphook also sent me a note and said the craftsman he spoke of has looked at the cloak and seems to think he can repair it."

Faith said "That's good. I'll make sure to put up that ward Lily and I developed over Pansy's bedroom so you can't sneak into her bedroom in the middle of the night."

Both kids blushed as Roger and Faith walked back out of his room. As soon as they were gone, Harry whispered "She didn't say anything about my room. You can still sneak in here and sleep with me."

Her smile turned to horror and they heard "I heard that." In the unmistakable voice of Faith.


For the next seven years, Harry and Pansy remained faithfully by each others' side despite the many offers of dates by the other students. The healing her parents did for Harry when he was eleven allowed him to develop into a ruggedly handsome man who turned many a girls' head. To Harry, the cute girl he met in that alley in London grew into a strikingly beautiful girl. He felt so lucky to have her by his side.

Unfortunately for both of them, the insecurities they faced when they were younger never completely disappeared and the attention by the opposite sex just enhanced their fears of losing the other. Any time they started showing the signs, Roger or Faith would pull them aside and remind them that they were much stronger together than they would ever be apart. Those words always seemed to bring them back into focus.


At sixteen, the pressure from their fears and the opposite sex led them into taking things much further than they ever had. They were caught by Faith as they lay in Pansy's bed in the afterglow of their first time and things went a lot different than they expected. Her response was to laugh at their scrambling for clothes and tell them she was surprised it hadn't happened earlier.

As she left the room, she told them that since they had taken the final step and shared the ultimate in magic, she would finally begin to plan the wedding. They shared a look between them and with how well they knew each other; all it took was a raised eyebrow from Harry and a nod in reply from Pansy before they were kissing once again. Before Faith could make it completely out the door, Harry called out "Mum, um…would you close the door?"

"Certainly, just do me one favor…make sure you are using the charm. I don't mind you're together but I do not want to be a grandmother at thirty six."

Pansy giggled and then with a smirk, asked "Mum? What was the charm again?"

Faith palmed her face as both of the teenagers began laughing.

As she closed the door, she called out "By the way, your Uncle Sirius will be here for dinner. I'm sure he will find this whole thing quite amusing."

Both of the kids lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling since the mood was broken.



"Do you know where they keep the port key to the beach house?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Well, I'd much rather watch you running around in your bikini than listening to the old pervert taking the mickey out of us."

"Taking the mickey? Geez Harry…how long have we lived in America now?"

"Well, it thought it was more polite than giving us shit."

"It is. You know I love you right?"

"Well I certainly hope so since I love you too and you've seen me naked."

She giggled. "You know what that means don't you?"

"Yeah, you have to marry me now. I am a half-blood you know and we have a code to live by."

"Oh? And what is that code?"

"Just the usual. The only people who can see you naked are your healer, your room mate, and your wife."

"What about your mum?"

"Not after you turn ten or eleven in my case."

"Sounds reasonable I suppose. So is that a proposal?"

"Not a formal one. That one will require me on my knees begging."

"Ah I see. Um Harry?"


"The answer is yes. You don't have to beg until you do something that involves one of our kids and a really stupid act."

"You know what Miss Parkinson?"


"I may beg just so we can do what we did earlier again."

"You will never have to beg for that."

"I love you baby."

"Me too. Now be quiet and take a nap with me. We're going to need our strength for when Sirius gets here or we have a repeat."

He reached over and pulled her close.