Author's Note: So...a new story, hehe. I know, I know, I need to be concentrating on my others that I already have going. That fact that I have myself spread so thin over so many stories is ridiculous, I know. But I just couldn't help it! One of my favorite readers begged and pleaded with me to give Twilight a go with an OC added to the mix and, while I couldn't even imagine how that would work, I couldn't pass up the challenge either. Hence, Living Illusion was born! This will obviously be AU since I'm adding in a character, or characters...evil laugh here, but I'm still going to try and follow the general canon events and scenes. We shall see!

Rating: Fiction M- for language, possible adult themes/situations, violence (hello, vampires and werewolves), etc.

Pairing: Uh...I don't even know. It's a big, messy lovefest!
Main: Jasper/OFC, though there will probably be a triangle at some point!
Sides: Typical Canon pairings, aside from Alice/OMC and maybe some OC/OC!

*Warning!: This IS an OC story! That means that she might disrupt some canon pairings! If that's not something you're interested in, the wolves will kindly escort you out. If you ARE interested in the appearance of a new character(s) then give this one a shot! We'll see where it goes together! This also means that some OOC moments will be present in canon characters as well! So, if that's your thing, use the wolves as big comfy reading lounges instead! (;

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"This movie is so horrifically god awful, I don't even know what to do with myself!"

My cry was dramatic as I threw my arm over my eyes and collapsed backward onto the mattress, hiding my grin as my bestfriend giggled shamelessly beside me. She crashed down next in her fit of laughter and I could no longer hide the smile that played on my lips or my own laughter that bubbled up in my chest. It took about five minutes to calm down and the end result were mascara stained tear tracks running down our cheeks.

Not a pretty sight.

"I'm sorry we couldn't go to Callum's party." Rayne sighed, tilting her head back to gaze at me.

"No you aren't!" I rolled my eyes, my annoyance at staying in long forgotten. "Besides, it worked out for the best. Campfire in a downpour? Don't think so."

The blonde lifted herself on her elbow, frowning as she stared out through the second story window at the raging storm that sent tree limbs to whipping through the air violently.

"Yeah…probably not."

"Just think," I snorted, arching a mischievous eyebrow. "Kate will be positively drenched."

We stared at each other, unblinking.

And erupted into a fit of giggles once more.

Music from the movie playing on the flatscreen in my room finally drug me back to reality and I frowned at the annoyingly pale and monotone representation of Bella Swan as Twilight played on. It was the first movie of the saga, the worst of them by far, in my opinion at least. I never understood how the author let them portray her work like they did, but it wasn't mine to judge.

Even though I did so anyway.

"Seriously," I groaned, lifting my arm and pointing to it. "What were they thinking?!"

"They butchered it." Rayne sighed, easing back in the mound of pillows.

"I know, I don't even-"

We both let out a high-pitched shriek when a particularly forceful clap of thunder bared down on the house, literally making the walls vibrate and the movie flicker on the screen as it played. My eyes widened hugely and I stared at Rayne from behind my hands that had flown to my face, the reverberating sounds of the storm still echoing through the house as it faded.

Apparently the Twilight Gods were pissed.

"Maybe we shouldn't insult the-" Rayne started, only to be cut off once more.

This time the thunder seemed to have magnified in its decibel and size, leaving the house to literally shake on its concrete foundation. Picture frames vibrated to the edges of my shelves before toppling down from them onto the carpet as I jumped back in surprise, falling back into the bed that I had crawled from. The movie on screen flickered and danced angrily, the volume screeching up and down randomly as Rayne and I covered our ears, each letting out equal screams.

"Auri look out!" Rayne shrieked, her eyes wide.

I turned to look at what she found so frightening but never got the chance.

Something solid cracked against my skull and I let out a shocked groan as pain burst behind my eyelids, blooming out within my head. It radiated from the back of my head forward and then coursed throughout my body in sharp waves that left me writhing on the bed, my agonized cries caught in my throat, remaining silent and suppressed.

My eyes connected with Rayne's fear-filled blue ones one last time as I reached out toward her, panic flooding my system.

And then there was only darkness.

Thick and black.