Sequel to Mistletoe and Valentines – Read M & V first to understand what's going on.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Voltron characters. This is a "for fun only" story.

Author Notes: A BIG thank you to my Beta – Dawn!

Setting & Rating: Setting is the Go Lion/DotU original series and is the sequel to Mistletoe and Valentines. Rating of Teen but hardly even that as it's very mild.

Chapter One: End of the Date

This chapter begins where the last chapter in Mistletoe and Valentines concluded…

As Keith and Allura's lips pulled apart, they rested their foreheads against each other. They both had their eyes closed and were breathing rather rapidly. The moonlight and candles bathed them in a soft glow as they stood in each other's embrace, not willing to break apart when they had finally taken this leap of faith together.

Allura spoke softly to her handsome commander, "What do we do now?"

Keith opened his eyes, raised his head, and brushed a lock of golden hair back from her eyes. Her hair was a mess from where he had run his fingers through it while kissing her. "I think it's obvious, Allura," he said as he smiled down at her, and he gazed over her left shoulder.

She smiled as she remembered being in almost this same position with the mistletoe, but this outcome was much better. A quick glance over her shoulder and she saw the meal on the table. She started laughing. When she turned back to Keith, she was surprised as his lips met hers once again. Keith was turning the tables on her and reliving the mistletoe incident according to his own rules. As his kiss deepened, she had no problem letting him have his way.

This time, when the kiss ended, they broke apart to have their meal. Even while they were eating, they couldn't help but reach out and touch each other: brushing back a piece of hair, caressing a cheek, or holding hands.

Even though he was almost overcome by the emotions that Allura had released in him this evening, Keith's training took over and he noted their obvious affection as he gazed like some love-struck teenager at the princess. They had finished their meal when Keith had to say the words that broke the romantic mood of the evening. "Allura, we need to plan who we are going to tell and how we are going to tell them. I know that's not a very romantic proposition for me to make right now, but we have to be prepared for tomorrow and all the eyes that will be on us."

Allura dropped her gaze from his eyes to where his hand gently held hers. "I know Keith. I wish we were just like any other couple and there wasn't a need to plan how we were going to share our relationship. I would like to launch into a tirade about how unfair it all is… but we both know that life isn't always fair. We'll just have to do what we have to, to protect each other."

They hadn't spoken the words that would take the relationship to an even higher level. But after all the misunderstanding before, he had to make sure that she knew his intentions. "Allura." He waited until she brought her eyes back to his. He stood up, still holding her hand, and pulled her to her feet and back into his warm embrace. He took one last look out across the balcony to his Black Lion and he knew this was right. He wanted every single word he said to emblazon itself on her heart. "This is more than a big deal to me." He put a finger to her lips as she went to protest the use of those words again. "Hear me out Princess. This isn't infatuation. This isn't a crush." He moved both hands to cup her gentle and vulnerable face. "I am yours forever. I will be devoted to keeping you safe and bringing you whatever happiness I can. There's nothing I wouldn't do for the woman I love more than life itself." He moved in slowly and the kiss they shared contained more than passion, it contained commitment.

In that moment, Allura knew there was no way Nanny, Coran, or anyone else would make her give him up. She was as much his as he was hers. As the kiss finished, she looked up in his eyes and she could see that he already knew, but he deserved the words. "I will do what I can to bring you happiness as well. It is the least I can do for my knight, my protector, and my love. You are the love I thought I would never find." She saw the joy in his eyes as she wound her fingers in his hair and pulled his head down to hers again.

They were once again breathless and standing in an embrace, when Keith brought them back to reality again. "Let's talk about tomorrow. Who are we going to tell and what we will tell them?" He moved them over to the small rattan settee that was on the balcony. It wasn't the most comfortable piece of furniture and didn't even have a cushion. Before Allura sat down, he quickly picked her up and sat down with her on his lap. She let out a slight cry of alarm as he picked her up, but it changed to a sigh of contentment as her arms snaked around his neck and her head settled to his shoulder.

"A girl could get used to this," Allura said as she turned her face up towards his.

Keith gave her a quick kiss on the forehead, afraid that another round of amorous kissing with Allura on his lap might cause him some physical difficulties. A slight pout was on the princess' lips with that chaste kiss. Keith laughed, "Allura, we have to talk about this and if we keep kissing, the night will be over with no plan in place."

The pout was replaced by a smile and a rueful sigh as she said, "Well, let's start with the toughest one: Nanny."

Keith nodded. He could quote Nanny's spiel about Allura being a princess. Nothing but a prince would do for her baby, and it was Allura's obligation to Arus to find a royal consort and produce an heir. An heir… hmmm, not something he should be thinking about with Allura on his lap. He quickly brought his thoughts back to Nanny and any hint of sensuality fled from him. "I would say that we can't tell her just yet, but she's your Nanny, and I will abide by what you say."

Allura could see the look of apprehension cross Keith's face at the thought of telling Nanny that they were in love. She started laughing and said, "It's okay, Keith. I know you guys don't call her Hurricane Nanny for nothing. She can be quite the dragon!" She could feel the held breath leave his body. "I know it doesn't solve the problem; at some point she will have to be told. When it comes time for that, I should be the one to do it." Keith started to voice an objection but Allura shook her head. "I know you want to bear the brunt of Nanny's wrath for me, but I think it will be best for her to hear it from me. You can be with me, but I will tell her when the time comes. And earlier, when you said you'd protect me, well, I will be YOUR protector when we tell Nanny. I will not allow her to belittle you or what you mean to me." She felt his arms tighten around her waist and his head tilted down towards hers. She deftly moved at the last minute so that his lips found her cheek, not her lips. "Remember Keith, the night will be over with no plan."

He mumbled something about not having thought that through before answering, "I know. So we don't tell Nanny. This will mean that publicly, we will not be able to be affectionate anywhere in the castle. We can't run the risk of being seen and it being reported to Nanny."

As hard as it was to think about not touching him, not kissing him, or not expressing affection, Allura knew this was the path they would have to travel for now. "Agreed."

"Coran," Keith said as he looked down to her.

"I think Coran may have some ideas about my feelings, but I'm not sure yet whether he approves or not. Until we know how he will respond, I say we don't tell him yet. I know that Coran will try to figure out what my father would say and do. If he does that, I think that he will ultimately give his approval."

"Agreed. Although I'm a little nervous if Coran has suspicions."

"What about Lance, Hunk, and Pidge?" Allura asked. She was going to let Keith decide this. He was their commander as well as their friend. He had to look at it from a command perspective as well as from a friendship perspective.

Without hesitation, he said, "We tell them. When we're out there fighting, I need them to get me straight if I lose my focus…"

Allura understood. He may lose focus if she were hurt. "Keith, we've done it before and you've always done fine."

"Allura, it's always been hard; I just didn't show it. I'm afraid that now that I've let my feelings out to you, and soon to the others, I may end up with my heart on my sleeve." He felt her nod. She understood.

"That's it then. We tell the team and no one else. We can be ourselves around the guys, but nowhere else." Allura's voice held a touch of sadness at the thought of the act they would have to put on.

Her train of thought was broken as Keith said, "I have just a couple of other things. One, let's have a little fun with the guys when we tell them. They've teased me a lot over the last few months. It will be good to get one over on them. Also, there is one other person we need to tell." Allura looked up him with a perplexed look. "Your father. I'd like to go to his crypt and tell him my intentions." As she looked adoringly at him he continued, "His spirit is still here and he speaks to you. We have all heard him at times. It may seem silly to some, but I'd feel uncomfortable without voicing my love for you to him."

She didn't say anything for a few moments. Then when she went to speak, she found she couldn't. Instead, she expressed her thoughts with her lips in a different way as she pulled him to her. The plan was in place, the rest of the night was theirs.