The grass glistens with droplets of water from the morning dew. A purple rat crawled through the grass and the water fell onto his head. He shook it off and continued his way through the grass. Its tiny nose nudged the grass of its path. He followed a trail to a certain house on top of the hill. A fence was surrounding the land around the house, and inside of it was dozens of different types of pokemon.

A young boy opened the back door. He stepped out of the house, and slowly closed the door. Afterwards, he listened for any movement inside of the house. "Gramps still asleep," he uttered.

Pokemon surrounded him, as did the Rattata that entered the yard. Gary bent down and started petting the tiny animals. Eevee licked his hand as he rubbed her back. "You like that, don't you," Gary grinned. He picked the pokemon up, and she leaned against his small chest. "I bet Ash you. She's gonna squeal."

He laughed at his thoughts. Eevee struggled against his arms, trying to get comfortable in his grasp. Gary opened the door, and quickly locked it before a pokemon could escape.

The two walked to the lake; their meeting place. The water rippled from unseen pokemon underneath. Gary sat patiently by the river and dripped his fingers in the cold water. Eevee walked over to the edge and ducked her wet nose in it; drinking the fresh water. He chuckled once she came back up with her nose dripping wet.

"She's coming, just wait! You're going to like her," Gary smiled as he rubbed back her ears. "She's always making mistakes, and being a totally kluntz."

Eevee looked at him and tilted her head. She couldn't wait to see this girl that he has been mentioning. She meowed and grinned.

A small girl traveled from her house out to the hill. Green grass grew underneath the bright shiny sun; some even growing taller than the young girl. The slightly taller boy called her over, "Come here! I got something to show ya!"

She hopped from one foot to the other as she traveled over to him. She ended up tripping over her foot, and almost hitting the ground if it weren't for the pokemon. Eevee stopped her fall by jumping in front of her. Ash's hand quickly went to the ground and scratched her head, "Sorry!" She pushed herself up from the pokemon, and sat next to the animal.

"Good Eevee," Gary rubbed the small pokemon. He looked back at the girl, "Gramps just get her today, isn't she awesome? Thought that you would want to see her."

"Yeah~!" the girl nodded her head. She ended up petting the small pokemon as well, right behind her ears. "I can't wait to get my own! Get out of this town and see new places!"

"Challenge Pokemon Gyms and become a Pokemon Master," added Gary. A thought entered his head, and he glazed at Ash. "I'm going to get there before you, Ashy-girl!"

"You bet on it?" she questioned. "What about this, if I get there first, you got my butler."

He chuckled, "Fine, but if I get there first, you have to marry me."



Neither of the two had any clue what marriage was, nor did they care for the moment.

They ended up laughing and rolling over on their sides. Eevee stood between the two of them. Her head tilted to the side. The small pokemon had no clue what they were doing, but they were laughing so she jumped on top of Ash and started licking her face.

"Hah! Stop it!" she laughed so loudly. She twisted and turned her head, trying to stop the animal from licking her face.

Gary sat up and chuckled over at the display of the two playing. "Such a dork," he muttered.

Finally the laughing calmed down, and Ash sat back up on her butt. Eevee laid between the two as the sun set against the lake. The little pokemon snored as their hands gently brushed back her fur.

"Gary!" The Professor called from the lad. The old man glanced out of his front door. He yawned before rubbing the sleeping dust around his eyes.

"Oh shoots, he's awake." Gary quickly stood up, causing Eevee to open her eyes. "See ya tomorrow!" He grabbed the pokemon and ran up the hill.

"See ya!" Ash waved. She watched the boy as he left her. It wasn't long before she heard her own mother calling her. "Coming!"