"Ahh! I'm late!" Ash grunted as she ran out of the front door. She ran into her mother, who was gardening. "Bye mom! Love you!" She waved and raced out of the gate.

Delia stood there shaking her head at Ash's carelessness. "And she's my daughter..."

The black haired girl raced through the city. People were already gathered around Oak's lab in wait for the new trainers. There were only three new trainers that came from this town, but there's been gossip about another soon-to-be trainer visiting to get their pokemon. Which meant that whoever got there first had the first pick of the trio.

Gary just got out of his grandfather's lab. Rotating on his finger was a pokeball with Squirtle. The girls around him cheered. "Gary! Gary!" the chanted over and over. Ever since he got in contact with one of them, they were his cheerleaders. He inclined his head where Ash's house was. 'Looks like Ashy not here. That moron probably slept in,' he thought. He shook his head and rolled his eyes. Ash was always a dweeb.

But her head finally appeared. She was running in her purple pj's. 'Of course she slept in,' he thought. But he was more focused on her girlish shape; this wasn't the flat chest tomboy from years ago.

Her breath was uneven with each stroke of her footing. Everyone in the crowd finally noticed the incoming girl, and turned to stare at her. Even Ash's mother was standing among them; who used a shortcut that her daughter forgotten about. Even from there, they could hear her repeated the starters names over and over again.

She ran past his group of cheerleaders that repeated "Gary! Gary! He's our man!" over and over again. Their voices was in sync from how many times they practice it. The crowd of girls were cluttered in front of the gate; right in her path of getting to Oak's home.

"Oh, excuse me!" As she came through them, she headbutted the boy. She backed up and glanced up.

"Hey! Watch where you are going!" he smirked, "Well you must be Ash, better late than never, I guess! At least you get the chance to see me!"

"Gary?" she questioned as she stood up. She wiped her eyes off. Next time Pro Oak should do this in the afternoon.

"Mr. Gary to you," he stood up straightly. "Show some respect. I already gotten my pokemon, and you don't!"

"You got your first pokemon?" she questioned. Her mouth widen as she closed in closer. Unlike the other pokemon on Oak's farm behind his house, he kept the three starters hidden from the youngsters; waiting until the day that they could use them.

He took out his pokeball and spun it around his finger. "It's right inside of this." His cheerleaders began cheering once again.

Her eyes lit up. "Ooh, what did ya get?"

"None of your business! But, I got the best pokemon from Professor Oak!" he gave her a smug look as he held onto the pokeball.

She pouted and walked closer to him. "Aw, come on Gary don't be like that." She got up on her tippy toes since Gary was taller than her. She still had to look up to even met Gary's eyes.

His heartbeat started to fasten from the closeness with the girl, but he turned around quickly and looked at his cheerleaders that lined the crowd. This kept his heartbeat at a minimum level instead of pounding through his chest.

"Please!" she pouted.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" he questioned, "Instead of wasting my time, Ashy-girl?"

That's when she remembered. "Yeah! I need my pokemon!" She turned away and ran into the lab.

Once she was out of his sight, he entered his car and the cheerleaders followed him. If they weren't so many people watching, he would faceplam himself. Ash wasn't a girl; at least not in is mindset. She was just that annoying kid who wouldn't leave his side; yet now she was turning into a girl. When he was a child, he always thought she was a boy, but now the answer was clear; she was a girl no matter how much he wanted to deny it.

Even just thinking about it almost gave him a headache. He glanced back at his cheerleaders, he didn't need her, there were plenty of girls here. The one in the driver seat leaned forward and stared at the red pokeball. He smirked and pressed on the gas pedal of his car. He was leaving the small town that used to comfort him and entering the forest; away from that girl. Right off the back he seen a bug pokemon. One of them slide in front of his car. A caterpie.

The pokemon wasn't powerful, but it would be a great to test out his new pokemon's strength; not that he was underestimating it. He already knew his pokemon was the strongest out there. His foot slowly let off the gas and he jumped out of his car. His girls gulped and cheered. He was determined that this match was his. The bug pokemon halted and shook in fear. It's round body parts slowly turned. Sweat dripped down the pokemon's face.

Caterpie was defeated in seconds.


A Growlith jumped from the bushes. Gary grabbed his pokedex from his pocket. The girls leaned in closer to watch their Gary. With a couple of buttons being pushed, the pokemon's picture appeared. "Just as I thought. Growlith." He gave a smug look as he sent out his starter pokemon. "Go Squirtle!"

Squirtle was sent out. "Squirtle! Squirt!" the pokemon used it's signature cry.

"Use water gun!" the brown haired boy commanded.

The wild Growlith glanced at last second and quickly leaped out of the way. He kneel to the ground and growled at the auburn haired boy. His tail rose and fire began to spark.

Squirtle waited for his master to give a second command. "Use bubbles!" Small pockets of air formed from his mouth that shoot forward at the Growlith. "Water always defeat fire," Gary smirked as he grabbed his pokeball; ready for capture. The Growlith was weak compared to his starter pokemon, but that was because of type disadvantage. If it were the other way around, then he would have to think quickly to make things end in his favor. Just like the other pokemon he encountered on his journey.

He pressed the white button on the middle of the ball. Gary flung his arm back and in a graceful movement, the ball was shot out of his hands and at the pokemon before him. The cheerleaders stopped talking and held their breaths. The ball moved from one side to the other as Growlith entered the ball and it closed.

It tilted two times before coming to a halt.

The girls held their breath and finally released their breathes once the ball stayed in place.

"Another one," Gary grinned in pride.

"Gary! Gary! Gary! He's our man! If he can't do it, then no one can!" they cheered. It was their new chant they been using, and he has of yet to get tired of it. He just felt determined. It was his goal to capture and train the strongest team ever.

And he will.