The idea of this fic came to me when the news confirmed that Kendrick and Snow will be back for Pitch Perfect 2, kind of my take on how Chloe will be back in the picture. AND YES, THIS IS A BECHLOE FIC. Rating may change as the fic progresses.

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"All right everyone, for next week, all of you must choose a song that hits home in your heart." Beca said to the Bellas.

"Awww, our Oompa Loompa's being a softy now." Fat Amy teased the smaller girl.

"Shut up." Beca smilingly replied. "You all agreed singing was way better than actually talking so we can get to know more about each other."

"I'm just teasing, short stuff." Fat Amy laughed and stood up, gathering her things, the other Bellas followed suit.

"Bye guys, have a happy weekend."

The girls got out of the rehearsal place, leaving Beca behind. She piled the musical sheets left on a chair and placed it in her bag. She was pushing the white board to the side making room for their next rehearsal when she heard the door open. "Stacie I swear to God if you're sneaking with one of your boys to have sex in here I'll…" Beca never got to finish what she was about to say for a familiar red head was walking towards her.

"Sorry I missed rehearsals." Chloe joked and wrapped her arms around the smaller girl, bringing her into a hug.

Beca hugged back with a smile plastered in her face.

"Chloe!" Beca breathed.

"Yep, the one and only!"

"How, what…" Beca stammered, never quite giving a coherent question.

"Can't I visit Barden and my best friend?" Chloe asked Beca with her brow raised.

"I mean, argh."

"One of my professors invited me to be part of the workshop he's handling, it's a five-day workshop so here I am." Chloe explained and chuckled as Beca wrapped her arms on Chloe's neck.

"You've gotten touchy now." Chloe hugged the girl back. She missed Beca, so much.

"No, just you, I'm just this with you." Beca untangled herself from the red head.

"Want to go grab something to eat and catch up?" Chloe asked, offering her hand to the smaller girl.

"Sure. Lead the way, Madame." Taking Chloe's hand, they left.

The pair went to a diner not far from campus, they loved this diner, they have the best pulled pork sandwiches and it was just heaven with every bite, they spotted an empty booth and sat there. A waitress wearing a smile approached their booth and kindly asked for their orders. Chloe beat Beca into ordering, two pulled pork sandwiches, fries, a strawberry banana milkshake for Beca and a tall glass of iced tea for herself.

"Before I ask how you've been, tell me how exactly did you know Stacie was bringing her sexual partners at the rehearsal space?" Chloe asked Beca and the smaller girl groaned, it took her two weeks to totally forget that scene, now it all came crashing back to her.

Beca stood outside her dorm room, fumbling for her keys. "Shit." Beca muttered. She must have left it at the rehearsal space. With a heavy sigh, Beca went back. She just need to get her keys so she can get started with a new set of mix she'll be playing at the radio station for the next week. Hand on the knob, she twisted it and slowly opened the door. Halfway through she saw her keys on the table and that's when she heard a high-pitched moan. A few strides away from the table, Beca saw a pair of feet poking at the side of the table. She had a feeling of what's going on at the back of that table, and her thoughts were confirmed when a guy lifted a girl slamming her on the table, the guy was oblivious about Beca's existence as he was wrapped up with going down on the girl, the girl's head fell back meeting the startling face of Beca, "Beca?! Shi!t" Stacie stood up and pushed the guy she was with away from her. "I just need my keys." Beca muttered and quickly grabbed her keys that fell, thanking the Gods it fell for there is no way she'd touch that table Stacie christened with some random guy, and ran out of the rehearsal space.

"Stop laughing, that was a scarring experience!" Beca said as Chloe's laughter subside into chuckles.

"Sorry, your reaction must've priceless." Chloe said.

"Hardy-har-har." Beca sarcastically replied.

"So what's up with our resident DJ?" Chloe asked as their food was being served. "I know we've been messaging and all, but you know, it's different with asking you in person."

Beca took a sip of her milkshake and replied, "Same old, same old. How's actually living without Bree?"

"Weird, I was used to waking up with a pot of freshly brewed coffee every morning." Chloe then took a bite of her pulled pork sandwich and moaned a little. "God, I missed you pulled pork sandwiches."

"Should I leave and give you two some private time?" Beca joked and took a bite of her sandwich.

"How are your weekly assignments going on for the Bellas?" Chloe asked

"Good, great even." Beca said, playing with the straw of her milkshake. "The girls are much more comfortable working with each other, not that we weren't when you and Bree were here, the girls kind of like, click more now."

"That's aca-awesome. Being a captain suits you." " Chloe beamed at the girl in front of her and gave Beca a wink.

Conversation flowed easily between the two, Chloe telling stories here and there, Beca filling her up with what's happening around Barden and the Bellas. After one satisfying meal, the pair paid the bill, got out and strolled around the campus.

"So how are you and Jesse?"

Beca dreaded that question. She knew she'd have to tell someone sooner or later.

So what do you guys think? I'll update this fic as soon as I can. And I'm warning you guys, I'm going to be a bit harsh on Jesse in this fic.