Aren't I doing too many SYOC fics? Maybe…

Story informations

Title: Can you find the one whose heart has been dyed to black?

Genre: Mystery/Friendship/Adventure

Rating: T, don't find any reason to make it higher

Author(s): Ichiru-chan & Takako

Summary: The Super High-School Level Despair has been taken down 20 years ago, and hope has been brought back to the world. However, there was someone who wasn't happy about that, so that person recreated the school life of mutual killing at an elite school located in China who happened to be affiliated to Hope's Peak before the Despair Incident…

Ichiru's note: This is a fanfic I will be writing with a friend of mine, who does not have an account here on . She doesn't like to write complete stories, she prefer to create the broad outlines, as she told me, and that's why we're working together. She goes by the name "Takako". For this story, she'll be the one who created the basic plot, I'll be the one elaborating her ideas while writing, and the one publishing the story here. I hope our co-op story will work well!

Takako's note: ...What? Why am I here? Nah, just kidding. I hope this will work too! I have plenty of ideas in my head.

SYOC Rules & Details

The deadline for the apps submissions: February 26th, send them by PM

We'll select the best OCs among all of those we received.

If your OC is not selected, you have the right to ask why if you want to know, we don't promise the answer will actually have sense.

You can send up to 2 OCs.

Among all the slots, there is some that are labelled as "victim", some as "culprit", some as "survivor", and one is "mastermind". You can't choose which one you want your OC to be, you can only pick a number and hope you get lucky.

The story take place in China, but that does not mean that your OC has to be Chinese, he or she can be from any country. However, we still need some local students.

We need a Super High-School Level Good Luck.

What are we searching in a character?

Originality, we don't want an OC who is carbon copy or a canon character, or of a character from another fandom. An "expy" is allowed (character that has some personality or physical traits similar to another character), as long as it's not complete plagiarism.

Details, be specific with your OC's characteristics. Don't simply list personality & physical traits, make complete sentences describing them.

Effort, if you didn't take at least an hour to create your character, then you didn't put enough effort in it according to Ichiru.

SYOC Form (can also be found on Ichiru-chan's profile)

Name: (first, last order)


Age: (15 – 18)

Birth Date: (day and month)

SHSL Title:


Number: (check out the slots list)

Physical characteristics

Physical appearance: (be descriptive)

Clothes & accessories:

Special feature(s):

Psychological Profiling

Personality: (be descriptive)

Speech pattern/honorifics used to refer to the others:




Strengths: (at least 2)

Weaknesses: (at least 3)

Fear(s): (at least 2)







Questions & answers part

Q: What will be their role during investigations?


Q: And their roles during trials?


Q: Why are they the best in their discipline? Why was the title given to them and not to another person who is good in the same domains?


Character List

Slot(s) left: 0/20 NO MORE PLACE LEFT

1. Ritsu Kurogami – SHSL Secretary. (property of MizunashiFuyuko)

2. Ayaka Harazuki – SHSL Yamato Nadeshiko. (property of HachimitsuOukan)

3. Ryuji Kudo – SHSL Forensic Scientist. (property of Starnightking)

4. Dave Shadows – SHSL Video Gamer. (property of davaba21)

5. Anya Hazuki – SHSL Archeologist. (property of VortexOblivion)

6. Yuni Suukoi – SHSL YouTuber. (property of LadyGlitchy)

7. Jiàn Xuĕ-fēng – SHSL Archer. (property of The Utter Happenstance)

8. Mina Jiang – SHSL Linguist. (property of pochapal)

9. Mao Hyun-jung – SHSL Taekwondo Practitioner. (property of Ichiru-chan, created with the help of Takako so it is kinda her OC too)

10. Haruna Takahasi – SHSL Soccer Player. (property of Shiranai Atsune)

11. Shinosuke Izaki – SHSL Doctor. (property of Hell Devil 13)

12. Sayaka Kudo – SHSL Animal Trainer. (property of Goddess of Macabre)

13. Henry Rayne – SHSL Pirate. (property of xXxDarkkxXx)

14. Nobito Nagaru – SHSL Puppeteer. (property of Shadowplayer360)

15. Aquila Arnwald – SHSL Naturalist (property of HachimitsuOukan)

16. Rena Kousuke – SHSL Medium. (property of Ichiru-chan)

17. Kimi Leydon – SHSL Actress. (property of MidningtMoonKid)

18. Irene Knox – SHSL Good Luck. (property of Takako, because she wanted to have her own OC here, she took my iPod in hostage so I didn't had a choice but to accept xD)

19. Josephine Fitzherren – SHSL Entomologist. (property of UberDuper)

20. Ethel Faraday – SHSL Chemist. (property of Veltrops)

Ichiru's note: The characters who aren't at the spots you putted in the app is because there was already someone there, but we wanted to have them in the story.

Ichiru & Takako's note: That's all! Thanks to all of those wo submitted an OC! And we're sorry if your character didn't get in.