Disclaimer – I don't own Bleach. I completely trashed the fourteenth chapter for Shinanai Paranoia twice. These are the trashed drafts. I want young writer and/or people who are new to writing that it is all right to completely trash the drafts you write and this is the first time I've had a couple of drafts that were very different then each other to share. Be forewarned that the drafts do contain spoilers for the actual fic.

Shinanai Paranoia
Lock Down

Ichigo stood at a high point looking out for Hollows, the wind blowing past his clothing. Rukia sat on the edge of the roof of the building messing with the phone. "It seems that all of the Hollows are gone, so we both can head back to class." The small Shinigami's phone rang and she pulled the hand up to her ear. "Hold on. Hello. This is Kuchiki Fukutaicho speaking. The female listened for a few minutes, her eyes finally going wide."

The orange haired teen watched as she turned and stared at hm. "What ever is the matter this time?"

Rukia clicked her phone shut and stuck it in her robes. "Hitsugaya Taicho's gone missing."

The substitute shinigami's eyes narrowed. "This isn't another one of those incidents where he's trying to do things on his own again?"

"No... he..." The small female frowned.

"Oh... well, maybe Toshiro needed some time off. While it is true that he's really smart and really good at what he does even he needs a mental break. Actually, since he is a child even more so."

The corner of Rukia's mouth twitched. "How can you be so callous! Hitsugaya Taicho was kidnapped!"

"Oi..." Ichigo's jaw opened up and his next words stammered out. "But... that... you're joking, right?"

"No. My taicho called me to let me know that they are in lock down so I will not be able to go back to Soul Society in the next few days. Things are..."

"So wait! They're not letting us come and help! I mean, this is Toshiro!"

"Ichigo..." After the teen paused and finally calmed down she spoke again. "They haven't told many people about what is going on. Things are closed down so that Soifon Taicho and her men can try to capture the person." She watched the teen as he crossed his arms, a scowl on his face. "Ichigo... I know that you want to help, but we can't. Let's... Yuzu-chan's probably almost done with dinner preparations, so we should be getting back."

"Ran-san must be upset."

Rukia stopped her movement to head back to the house, turning towards the boy. "Ichigo... we really shouldn't worry about that now. I can't get in contact with her about this. I'm actually to only call my taicho or my brother, that's how serious this is. It took them time to even get the information to us."

"But seriously Rukia... someone kidnapped Toshiro? I mean... Toshiro?"

"Is this about how he is supposed to be able to take care of himself? I think everyone would be in this situation."

"No... I mean, who would want to kidnap him? Toshiro is a nice person and he's done nothing wrong to anyone. It makes it feel..."

Rukia let out a sigh. "Feels like what Ichigo."

"A real kidnapping. I mean, the only motives I can think of are the same motives that kidnappers in the living world kidnap kids for." Ichigo watched as Rukia burst into laughter. "Come on. It isn't funny."

"Hitsugaya Taicho isn't a little kid."

"Yes... he is." The orange haired teen glared at the female Shinigami. "So he has adult responsibilities and acts like an adult... most of the time. He's still around the age of my sisters. He... oh never mind. Let's head back to the house." The two headed back to the house. "Hey... you think the reason they contacted us is because the person who kidnapped Toshiro might head to the Living World."

"Ichigo... I don't think they're that smart, I mean..." Rukia's words stopped short.

"You're thinking what I'm thinking. The person who kidnapped Toshiro had to be smart. Otherwise Toshiro wouldn't be kidnapped in the first place. That, or they have some kind of Pied Piper power and then Soul Society needs to worry about all of the kids."

"Pied Piper?"

"It's... oh never mind." The two arrived at the Kurosaki household, but Ichigo found himself unable to eat the food Yuzu put in front of him, causing his two sisters to give him a worried look.


"Stop being so..." Rukia paused as they chased after another hollow that had appeared the next few days.

"... so what?"


"Paranoid?" Ichigo's eyebrows went up. "Yeah... I'm acting all paranoid and all."

"All right, so that wasn't the word I was looking for. You're acting so... so... you're not concentrating. I'm suddenly wishing that I hadn't told you that Hitsugaya Taicho had been kidnapped And why didn't you tell me that your sisters know him!"

"You bring that up as if it is a problem."

Note – I trashed this first draft because I decided it was best to have Ichigo in Soul Society instead of the living world. This draft also cuts off at an odd spot because I made the decision as I was still writing it.