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He sneered at her while buttoning his shirt. She shrank her body on the bed, feeling her hands shaking. No, actually her whole body was shaking. She was scared, humiliated. Her body was aching, but she didn't care for it. The fear she felt was much worse than anything else.

"We should do this again someday, shouldn't we?" He smirked, grabbing her chin. "I had fun." With that, he let her face go and walked out of the room, leaving the young girl alone. She covered her naked body with the sheets, rubbing her skin. Hot tears were running on her cheeks, but this time, she didn't stop them from falling. Dark brands covered her back, stomach and legs, and she now had a black eye. Anna slowly pressed a finger on her parted lips, noticing it had a shallow cut on it. With a lapse of courage, she stood up and dressed herself with her clothes on the floor. She wasn't going to spend the night on that place. Anna took a look around and noticed a fire exit, deciding to get out for there. She wasn't sure how her legs were able to stand her weight, since they were also shaking, but she had to trust herself and slowly get out of the building.

She wasn't sure where she should go. She couldn't go home, of course. What would her mom say? 'I told you so' and all that shit she always told Anna when something went wrong. She could go to Kristoff's house, but he'd make too many questions about her black eye, and probably about him. Anna shook her head, walking even faster. Perhaps if she called Belle she could –

"Ouch!" Anna cried, as she felt her body colliding to another person's. She fell on the snow, hitting her back.

"Fuck, are you okay?" A woman asked, leaning to help her. Anna felt dizzy; but she wasn't sure if it was because she hit her head or because her now ex-boyfriend hit her. "Okay, I certainly didn't do this." She pointed to Anna's eye. "What were you into? Bar fight?" Anna slowly opened her eyes, noticing a blonde punk girl close to her face. Her eyes were icy-blue, and her skin was pale. She had a piercing on her nose, and another in her mouth, and other… well, she had lots of piercings. And probably tattoos as well. Her hair was tied up in a sloppy braid, and there was nothing but concern on her eyes. But perhaps a bit of a playful look. "Oh, you're alive. I was starting to get worried." She smiled and helped Anna to get on her feet. "Are you okay? I can drive you to a hospital or something."

"I-I'm good, thanks." Anna mumbled, looking down.

"What happened?" The punk girl asked, gently holding Anna's chin to get a better view of her bruises. "These are bad. You were attacked by someone, weren't you?"

"I-I have to go now." Anna said, pushing the girl away from her. The blonde rolled her eyes and started to follow Anna. The ginger girl tried to walk faster, but the other girl had longer legs, so that wasn't really hard to follow her. "Why are you following me?" Anna snapped, stopping suddenly and almost making the punk collide to her again.

"Because you're hurt, and not answering me, which probably means that I'm right." She explained, approaching the smaller girl. "Sorry I'm being a pain in the ass, but you have to go to the hospital. That thing on your forehead is going to kill you if you don't clean it."

"I'm fine, thanks." Anna mumbled. "Please, stop following me."

"You have no place to go, right?" The blonde asked, taking another step closer. "Let me help you."

"I have to go home, stop following me." Anna snapped.

"Home? We're running around the same block for something like fifteen minutes. Seriously, if you want me to believe you have a place to stay the night, you could at least made me follow you to the next block." Anna shut her eyes and sighed heavily. "Okay, listen. You don't have to tell me what the fuck happened to your face, but if you don't let me take you to a hospital by your own will, I'm calling the cops."

"And what are you telling them? That a girl who accidentally fell doesn't want to go with a completely stranger to the hospital?" The blonde smirked, making Anna feel even more anger. "Get that fucking smirk out of your face."

"Whoa, easy girl." The punk laughed. "But I was willing to tell them a minor is running away from home, and that she got into a bar fight. That sounds pretty convincing to me."

"You wouldn't – why would you do this? And you seem to be a minor as well."

"Because at least then you would be safe. And just for the record, I'm emancipated." She said, shrugging. "Look, I really don't want to make any call. So why don't you come with me? At least let me clean that cut on your face." She held Anna's wrist, stopping her moves.

"Why do you care?" She asked shyly, crossing her arms on her chest.

"You're not homeless." The blonde started. "You're hurt. And you're lost."

"I'm not lost!" Anna said angrily. "I'm just… well, it's dark, and I'm not locating myself very well."

"Yeah, right." The blonde laughed. "And it's dark. Come on, I'll take care of this."


"So, do you always bring strangers to your house?" Anna asked the girl, who smiled at her question.

"Never." She said, stopping by the door. "I'm Elsa Dalen. And you are…?"

"I'm Anna Thompson." She answered, shaking Elsa's hand.

"Now we're not strangers anymore." She winked at her. "Come in, Ms. Thompson." Elsa opened the door and waited for Anna to get in.

It wasn't a big apartment, but indeed wasn't much bigger than Anna's. It had to dorms, a bathroom, a small kitchen and a living room with a table covered with crayons and draws. Elsa held Anna's hand and guided her to the couch, mumbling something about how messy Omar or perhaps Oliver was. She ran into the kitchen and returned with a first aid kit.

"This is going to hurt a little." Elsa said gently, pressing a bandage on Anna's forehead. She left out a painful moan and tried to get away, but the punk girl held her firmly. "Don't move, Anna. Otherwise, this is going to hurt even more." The smaller girl nodded, closing her eyes and letting the other girl finish what she needed to do. "Done. I'll get some ice for your eye, okay?" Anna muttered an 'okay', slowly sliding her body in the couch, feeling her eyes slowly shutting. "You need something else?" Elsa asked, handing the girl a bag full of ice. "Painkillers maybe?"

"I'm okay, thank you." Anna mumbled, moaning as she felt the ice on her skin. "My boyfriend raped me." She said, making Elsa gasp. "I-I tried to break up with him, and he got really mad."

"You have to go to the police station." Elsa said, kneeling by Anna's side. "Did he hurt you even more?"

"He hit me a lot." Anna said. "He had a knife, and he made this on my head." She pointed to the cut Elsa had cleaned. "I have some bruises on my stomach too." Elsa slowly pulled Anna's shirt, taking a look at the harm her boyfriend had done. "Can you get me some painkillers? My body really hurts right now."

"We have to go to a police – "

"I know, I promise I'll go tomorrow. I-I can't do this now." Elsa nodded slowly, walking to the kitchen. When she returned, Anna was asleep on the couch. She kneeled, placing her hand on the girl's face, gently stroking it.

"Why would anyone do any harm to someone like you?" She mumbled. With a sigh, she went back to her room and took a blanket, dropping it over Anna's body. She carefully placed a pillow under her head, trying not to wake her up. With one last look, she went back to her room, turning the lights out.