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"…and what if she says no?" Elsa groaned, burying her face on her hands. "I-I don't know what I'll do if she dump me."

"Keep your mouth shut, for heaven's sake." Rapunzel muttered. "I'm almost done with your makeup."

"But what – "

"Elsa, she said yes, didn't she?" Belle said, sitting next to her friend. "She won't change her mind. Just calm yourself; I'm sure everything will be just fine."

"Thank you." Elsa whispered, and then smiled weakly. "For sitting with me that time. I wouldn't be here without you."

"Yes, you would. You would have worked things out with Anna sooner or later." Belle answered, placing a hand on Elsa's cheek. "And you would be here sooner or later. You two fit together right, Els. Now, stand still; Rapunzel needs to finish this."


"Okay, I'm ready." Anna said, puffing out her chest. "Are you ready, Kris? Because I am ready. I'm totally not nervous. I'm totally cool. That's going to be easy. A piece of cake. Right Kris? Are you ready for that, huh?" She punched him lightly. "I'm totally nailing it. We can do this. Yeah. Are you ready?"

"I'm not the one who is getting married." He answered. "And you really should stop shaking. That's driving me crazy."

"That's because I'm getting fucking married!" She slapped him. "What was I thinking? That I could marry her? I'm the clumsiest girl on Earth, I'm probably embarrassing her as soon as I get into that church! I can't get married, Kris, I'm going to ruin everything like I always do, and then Elsa is going to hate me for life!" She buried her face into her hands. "Kris, you have to get me out of here. I-I love her, so we can't get married. Oh my god, I think I'm having a heart attack."

"No, you are not." Kristoff rolled his eyes but smiled. "You love her, and that's why you are going to get into that church and say yes as soon as the priest asks if you want to marry her. Now, compose yourself; we're about to enter on that church, and I am the only person who's afraid you will embarrass me." He joked, making the girl smile weakly. "She would never hate you, Anna. She never did."

"I know." She sighed. "I guess I'm just afraid I'll screw everything up."

"You won't, I promise." He stretched his arm, reaching for hers. "Come on. It's your turn to shine. Let's go get your girl, feisty pants."


All of Elsa's worries seemed to disappear as soon as she saw Anna entering at the church, with Kristoff accompanying her. The redhead smiled at Elsa, reaching out for her hand as soon as she stood in front of the blonde. Elsa and Kristoff exchanged a quick hug before the blonde leaned to place a kiss on Anna's forehead.

"You look beautiful." She muttered, smiling at her.

"You don't look bad." Anna grinned, resting her head on Elsa's shoulder. "I'm kidding. You look awesome, baby."

"If you say so." Elsa smiled shyly, holding Anna's hand.

They barely paid any attention to what the priest was saying. Anna smiled goofily at Elsa, controlling herself not to jump on her fiancée and kiss the cool lips grinning at her.

"Yes." Anna was brought back to life as she heard Elsa's voice echoing at the church.

"Anna Thompson, will you take this woman to thy wedded wife?" The old man asked, making Anna's grin grew bigger.

"Of course I do." She answered happily, making a few people laugh.

"You may kiss the bride, then." He announced, and Anna wrapped her arms around Elsa's waist, pulling her closer and crashing their lips together. Elsa smiled, pulling the younger girl closer to her lips, as she heard people applauding them. But she didn't even care. She had what she always wanted now.


Three years later

"Are you guys ready?" Elsa asked, as Joanna ran to the living room. "Don't run, kiddo!" She yelled, but the redhead just giggled.

"You look really pretty, momma." The little girl said, stretching her arms to Elsa pick her up. "Where's mommy?"

"That's a very good question, sweetie." Elsa answered, smiling at the baby girl. "Anna, baby, are you ready?"

"Mhm!" She grinned, entering at the living room along with Olaf. "We can go now."

"Where are we going?" Olaf asked, holding his little sister's hand. "And why do I have to wear a tie?"

"Because it's Belle's marriage." Elsa answered, wrapping an arm around Anna.

"Well, it's not my fault!" He groaned, trying to set the tie. "I really don't like this thing."

"But you look handsome!" Joanna said, making the boy giggle.

"Doesn't he, little one?" Elsa smiled, pulling Anna closer to her. "Your mommy also looks really beautiful, doesn't she?" Anna blushed, wrapping an arm around Elsa's waist.

"I-I do not." She mumbled, but Elsa just laughed and placed a kiss on Anna's cheek.

"Yes, you do. You are looking even more beautiful. Oh, sorry. Beautifuller." She smirked, as Anna rolled her eyes playfully at her wife. "Hey babe?"

"Yeah?" Anna looked back, facing Elsa.

"I love you." Anna smiled, leaning to place a kiss on the cool lips.

"I love you more."