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"Aren't You Somethin' To Admire"

"Yes Ma'am."

Although she wanted to spend time being near him, she felt the need to shower and change into clothes that suited her personality rather than these robes like outfit. Skye still couldn't fathom why the Asgardian women were so insistent on staying true to tradition. This was the 21st Century. If she became queen, there'd be a lot of changes, starting with the marriage deal and whoever an Asgardian chose to be their mate. There'd also be divorce. She needed to do one thing at a time though.

"Don't touch Lola."

Jumping up the ramp, she saw the ever buffed and waxed Lola, resting in her usual spot, waiting to be taken out on a joy ride. Averting her head to her right, she saw her 'me time' place waiting for its next adventure. Placing her hand on the black SUV, she smiled. "I'll hang out with you, Brigade, here in a bit." Of course, it failed to respond.

Regardless, Skye climbed the steps to the second floor and went directly to her bunk first. I really need to get outta these clothes. She stressed as she threw open her top drawer only to realize her clothes were missing. "Dammit all to hell." She growled, turning on her heels to find everything of hers gone. What the…

Suddenly, she heard FitzSimmons laughing about something as they came upstairs. Stepping out of her bunk, she grabbed their attention. "Hey guys, where's my stuff?"

FitzSimmons looked at one another for a moment, a brief decisive expression passed between them before Fitz answered. "Coulson had it moved up to his office." He pointed to the spiral staircase leading up to Coulson's office/room.

"He said it made him feel closer to you." Simmons told her.

Skye didn't know why, but her eyes went teary. Looking back into the room, her eyes spotted the now smooth windowsill. Her little Hawaiian Hula doll was missing. The room looked like it had the day she put her stuff in there. Taking a deep breath, she let it out as she turned to her two best friends. "Thanks, guys." She headed to the stairs. "I'm just gonna go…" she trailed off, pointing to the third level.

FitzSimmons smiled at one another. On a day they were at the Hub, the whole team had pitched in moving her stuff into his room while he was in a meeting with Agent Hand. They'd left her clothes in her bags, but the rest of her items had been strategically placed in spots that his stuff wasn't in and that made him feel like she was close.

That was one of the rare days they'd actually seen stoic Agent Phillip Coulson cry. He actually did say what Simmons told Skye.

"Everything's so old."

Skye took the last step onto the third level, respectively sliding his office door open. Everything looked the same, except for her stuff. She saw her doll on his windowsill, making her smile. He'd now be able to see it whenever he fell asleep and woke up. She walked over to his collection of Captain America memorabilia, reaching out to touch each item as she walked over to his short dresser. At the last second, she withdrew her hand, deciding she'd be safer not to touch them.

Wait a minute…isn't there a saying that what's his is mine, and what's mine is mine? She remembered, although what's hers would be his as well – unless it came to electronics. That was off limits as she was sure his Captain America memorabilia and Lola were, although she wasn't completely sure that would be off limits. If we're gonna be in a relationship, we're gonna have to get comfortable with sharing stuff.

Skye was certain they'd have no problem with that, aside from Lola. Oh God, I gotta compete with a car. She groaned outwardly. Lola, you're just gonna have to deal with the fact that you have to share AC with me because I can't be without him.

Making her way to the small bedroom, she noted her bags were by the tall dresser. Jemma was right. They hadn't messed with putting my clothes away. Good. Bending down, she reached for the bigger one, unzipping it and standing up. Looking at his bed, she noted that it'd been made. Crisp, military-style made up, she figured it either had to be May or Ward. Probably May. Ward wouldn't do it. Then again, maybe Jemma made the bed with May's style instructions. She mused. Ah, hell. Who cares?

Sitting the bag on the bed, she pulled all items out, which were mostly shirts, jeans, lounge clothes, and shorts. So the smaller one will be underwear, bras, socks, and sleeping clothes. She deduced, finally deciding to flip the bag upside down to make the bundle of clothing fall out quicker. Grabbing a simple T-shirt and jeans, she left the stuff on the bed and walked back to the other bag doing the same thing. After picking out a more outfit that she liked, she headed to his ensuite to take a much-needed shower. Because her stuff was in his room, Skye assumed her toiletries were in his bathroom – and she was correct.

Thirty minutes later, she stepped out of the shower refreshed. Just as she finished dressing, her stomach decided to speak up.

Great. She thought as she finished toweling her hair before dropping it in the small basket on her way out. The kitchen, however small, had a ton of space in the cabinets and a pretty decent set of cookware. She wasn't the greatest cook in the world; they'd designated that job to Coulson since he seemed to have a knack for it. Well, him and Simmons. Who knew?

Opening the fridge door, she scanned the contents, trying to find anything that she could make. Spotting the milk, she decided to make some cereal. It'd hold her over until Coulson got back.

She'd just sat down with her bowl of Cocoa Puffs, folding her legs against her chest, bowl in hand and about to bring the spoon – full of the puffballs – to her mouth when FitzSimmons came to the kitchen.

"Hey, Skye!" Simmons said with a bright smile.

Fitz was looking over her shoulder to see which cereal she'd grabbed. He wasn't particularly fond of sharing unless it was with Simmons. "What do you got there?"

Skye smirked behind a bite full of cereal. "Relax, Fitz. It's Cocoa Puffs."

He backed down; satisfied that she hadn't touched his beloved Fruit Loops. Like she ever would. "Okay. Just checking if you remembered."

Simmons smacked him on the chest. "Fitz!" She exclaimed, shocked.

"What?" The engineer asked like he had no clue what was going on.

"She just got back, and you're already being stingy." Simmons chided,

Skye just chuckled, enjoying their banter. It'd been a while since she heard any banter. God, it feels like I've been in prison. "It's alright, Jemma."

Yet Simmons still glared at Fitz. "You alright, Skye?" The biochemist asked when she saw Skye yawn.

"Oh yeah." Skye answered at the tail end of the yawn. "Just sleepy. I didn't exactly get the greatest of sleep last night. Those hospital chairs…I swear they purposely make them uncomfortable." She ate some more of the cereal.

"Why don't you go upstairs and get some sleep? May and Ward are with Coulson right now." Simmons pointed upstairs. "Fitz and I will–"

"Be in the lab if you need us." The engineer finished.

Skye rose from the chair, set the bowl on the table and pushed the chair in before turning and heading to wash the dishes. After everything was cleaned up, she headed upstairs for a much-needed sleep.

Sliding the office door closed, she quickly changed into nightclothes and slipped under the covers. "Good night, AC." As soon as her head hit her pillow, she was out like a light.

"Agent Coulson?"

Good night, AC. Coulson could faintly hear Skye's voice. Itching his ear, he turned to the other side, facing away from the two agents who'd made themselves his bodyguards for the time being, settling back to sleep.

May looked over at Ward, sharing a mutual conversation. She jerked her head toward the door, and he glanced over there and nodded. Both got up and stepped outside, leaving the door cracked.

Ward crossed his arms and stood in his normal stance, not bothering to look at May. "You and I both know Skye's not going to be able to stay. Her father will come for her; Loki will come for her. Hell, her uncle wants to kill her!" He shook his head in disbelief. "How can we protect her?"

"They're a team."

May let out a heavy breath. So much had happened since that first moment Skye had been thrust into their weird world. She'd proven herself over and over again, and then Ian Quinn got the drop on her. There hadn't been time to train her properly. They take care of their own, and they failed. She'd been whisked up to Asgard to be saved, unintentionally taken to her other home world and kept up there like a slave. Then, she had a man who'd been after her since the day she'd been born.

"It's not fair. They don't deserve this." The Chinese woman finally said. Ward looked at her, confused. "They've been through so much hell. He's dealing with not only coming to terms with how he was resurrected, but Skye being killed then resurrected and basically taken him, from all of us. Who the hell knows what the gods did to her on Asgard."

Ward was shocked. That's the most May had spoken. "I reiterate, how can we protect her?"

May averted her eyes to the younger agent. "We can't." She turned her head back to the window, causing Ward to do the same. "He can."

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