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"My Mirror Staring Back At Me"

"You'll get it. I promise."

7 Months Later

Today was the day. September 12, 2015 would be the day that would forever link his life with hers. Of course, if he really thought about it, their lives have been linked for quite sometime.

Yet his nerves were rattled as he tried to steel himself.

"Dada dada." Looking to his right, he heard his eight-month-old son babbling his name. Jack was holding onto the railing of his playpen, grinning innocently at him. Already, Jack and his sister Andreya were standing but haven't quite figured out how to walk.

Coulson smiled, finishing tying his tie. He turned his head to look in the mirror as he adjusted his three-piece suit. "Well, Jacky Boy, Daddy's finally getting married to Mommy. Afi finally let us get married. As soon as we return to Earth, Daddy and Mommy will get married there. I can't think of another couple that's had to deal with two weddings. If only they didn't have some kind of certificate that says married in all nine realms like the USA does." He shook his head, bending down to brush his son's dark brown hair. Chocolate eyes that resembled Skye's looked up at him with a lop-sided grin. Both babies had their mother's skin tone and nose, but they shared their father's eyes and lips.

"Dada dada." Jack stretched his arms out, indicating he wanted to be picked up. Coulson couldn't help but to oblige. Yep. Skye is definitely going to be the one disciplining them. He thought as he picked up his baby boy, who was in a similar suit.

Abruptly, his sister, Annie Anderson, entered the room. "What's this?"

"Uh…" Coulson was a little confused. Since when was he not allowed to hold his son? "I'm holding my son. Problem?"

Annie reached for him. "Yes, you're getting married today, which means your suit has to look pristine. She slipped her hands underneath each armpit and pulled Jack from Coulson. Coulson looked agape. "Teething, drool, stickiness are just going to ruin your suit, and I'm pretty sure your future father-in-law would not be to thrilled to see his only daughter marry someone who messes up his clothing."

Coulson looked down at his pristine suit. "Bug, I'm fine. Jack's not dirty."

"Still," she put him back in the playpen. Turning around, she faced her older brother, surveying the suit for any mishaps. "Now, where do I start?"

"You can do this."

Skye was very nervous. Standing before the mirror in her bedroom, she took a look at herself.

The dress was amazing! Asymmetrical one shoulder, soft net pleated bodice with streamer at the sleeve features was the beginning piece of the magnificent Asgardian wedding dress. Dressmaker Aryla had taken Skye's idea and brought it to life. Exquisite beaded embroidered appliqués were at the waist. Long and soft handkerchief hemline was applied afterward, and finally, the dress was completed with a sweep train. Skye couldn't have been more proud of what the top dressmaker had done.

The simple silver tiara showed off her title, along with the matching jewelry.

"Mama mama." Skye heard her daughter babble, causing her to half-turn around.

"Andreya." She half-chastised, half-chuckled. "What do you think you're doing?"

Andreya crawled over to her mother in the dress Skye had picked, babbling her name. She reached up the short stool and pulled herself up.

"Yay, Andreya!" Skye clapped excitedly, stepping closer to her baby. Her little girl giggled, smiling lopsidedly.

Andreya and Jack never lost their innocence, something their parents desperately needed for them. This life – their parents' past – hasn't tainted their short lives; they had no clue about the sacrifices their parents had to make in order to bring them all together. Coulson and Skye didn't want them to know the bad side of Asgard and Earth, hoped they would never. Sadly, it was inevitable that they would experience the bad times on Earth. Their only last hope was to keep Asgard as innocent appearing as long as possible.

As Skye tenderly ran her fingers through her daughter's thick dark hair, she felt the nervousness subside. It amazed her just how calm she could get in either twin's presence. "How do you and your brother do it, baby? Just by being near me or even touching me…you both can settle my emotions." She picked up her daughter. Turning back to the mirror, she pointed at Andreya's reflection. "Look at you, baby girl! All dressed up. What do you think Daddy would say?" Andreya giggled, reaching out to touch the mirror. Skye was quick to stop her.

Knock, knock.

Skye turned her head to the door. "Come in."

"Your Highness, are you ready?" Skye grinned excitedly as soon as she heard and then saw the owner of the voice.

"Sif!" She squealed, startling Andreya. "Oh, sorry, baby girl." She caressed the girl's hair, planting a quick kiss to her temple before turning back to Sif. "Yes, I believe we are."

"As if you could stop Skye from doing anything she set her mind to."

The theme was gold and white – elegant colors for an elegant couple – a masquerade. White wooden folding chairs were in rows, shaped in a half circle with a black rug rolled out in the middle of the set up, leading up to Skye's favorite place. Three large birdcages of white doves were locked up, waiting to be opened as a sign of a new beginning. Encased glasses candles were lined at each end of the rows, illuminating the beautiful ceremony that would progress just three hours before sunset. Sandy color stone flooring housed the wedding area. Overall, it was beautiful.

As the beautiful classical music started, Coulson walked down the aisle with a happy smile on his face. With hands folded in front of him, he waited with coiled nerves for his bride to walk down the aisle.

A different tune followed his song as the wedding party began their descent down the aisle. His baby sister (his best woman) and her brother, Thor (her man of honor) walked down the aisle in the opposite traditional procession; but then again, Skye didn't do things traditionally right, and no one could argue with her.

"No need to be nervous, Bub." Annie assured, leaning in behind him from the bottom step. "You're marrying the woman you love, the mother of your children. Just think of it as the last step of securing your relationship."

Coulson flashed a half-smile as a few of Asgardians that Skye had come to know walked down the aisle. None of their family from Earth was here. The wedding on Midgard would feature their human family. He was lucky to be allowed to bring his sister and her husband, Auggie, up here.

Two Asgardian children – who were the offspring of Skye's friends – were the ring bearer and flower girl. The boy – Ari – was six years old with short blonde hair and blue eyes while the girl was five with orange, long and flowing hair and green eyes.

When Skye appeared, his breath hitched. She was breathtaking in her dress with the tiara perched on her hair and masquerade see-through mask decked out in silver and golden with a see- through veil covering it. She had a beautiful silver necklace perfectly placed around her neck that spilled onto her chest and matching earrings that snaked around her ear, ending to hang from her earlobe. On her wrists were matching cuffs to her mask. Pointed vanilla creamed open-toed high heels rounded out her outfit.

Her proud father stood next to her, holding out his arm in a gentleman-like gesture, to which Skye had entwined her arm with his. He was dressed in the typical elegant King attire with his crown atop his head.

The music had stopped. Pausing for a moment, Skye looked nervously at the crowd of people. People she barely knew, who her father was well acquainted with. Her eyes locked onto her future husband, who was giving her a loving smile that calmed her nerves. The crowd rose from their seats, turning to watch her walk down the aisle to her Prince Charming. Then, her song to him began. As her father began to lead her down the aisle, she sang into the over the head microphone a song she'd designated as his – "Every Day In Between" by Chinese-American singer, Chloe Wang, or rather Chloe Bennet as she is now known.

A warm smile gently rested on her face in between stanzas. Once she finally arrived at the steps, the Minister before Coulson and her place asked who was giving this woman and Odin said that he was. Skye removed the mask and veil in a symbol to give herself completely over to him.

From then on out, the ceremony was fairly similar to a Midgardian wedding with a tail ending. One red thread was tied to each pinky, and the Minister began to explanation for the thread.

"There is a saying from an old Midgardian saying and it seems fitting in this particular ceremony. 'An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.' This represents Phillip Coulson and Skye Odindottir's relationship. They have been through troubled times, yet this thread has kept them connected during this time. I hope that it continues to remain connected for their entire lives." The Minister stated. "With that said, you may exchange your rings."

They did and kept eye contact the entire time.

"Phillip and Skye, in so much as the two of you have agreed to live together in Matrimony, have promised your love for each other by these vows, the giving of these rings and the joining of your hands, I now declare you to be husband and wife." The Minister smiled, continuing. "Congratulations, you may now kiss your bride, Phillip."

The couple smiled as they stepped closer to each other, leaning in to kiss for the first time as husband and wife. A roar of clapping and congratulations were voiced.

They turned to face the crowd. "I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Coulson." The Minister said, proudly. Coulson and Skye were then allowed to walk down the aisle, hand in hand. The couple exited the area. "I will thank everyone for coming on the Bride and Groom' behalf and you may now make you way to the reception hall."

"Didn't think it would be that easy, eh, Coulson?"

The reception hall was a grand ballroom. There was plenty of music and dancing, food and drinks. Coulson got to pull Skye's garter belt off with his teeth and toss it to all of the single men, which ended up landing in Loki's hands (without Loki using trickery); Skye tossed her bouquet of flowers in the general direction of the group of single ladies.

That couple then had to dance to a song after Coulson and Skye's first dance.

As the newly married couple danced to "I Swear" by All-4-One, they quietly talked, swaying around the dance floor.

"Can you believe it, AC?" Skye started, smiling warmly up at her husband. "We're married!"

"I know, honey." Coulson responded with a warm smile on his face. "Doesn't it feel like we accomplished something?"

"There's a lot we accomplished." Skye stated, looking pointedly passed him at their children. Coulson half-turned them so he could see. The twins were busy in their aunt and uncle's laps. "And there'll be more we'll accomplish in the future." She said as their eyes gravitated toward one another.

Coulson sighed, knowing where she was headed. "I know." He briefly swallowed. "I have to go back." He firmly stated, feeling his heart crack just a little. "I have to read about my destiny."

"I know." Skye lowered her head, unwilling to let him see just how affected she was. "It doesn't seem fair, though, AC." Finally, she raised her head to look up at him again. "Life keeps that immobile mirror between us. When will it shatter?" Tears started trailing down her face.

"Only time will tell." He let go of her hand to wipe away the tears. To the audience, it seemed like they were tears of joy; but it was far from it. "Hey, no need to cry, I will come back to you and our family alive in one piece." He vowed.

"I don't see why we both can't go back home. Dad and my brothers can watch the twins while we battle Hydra. We're both powerful enough." Skye pouted.

"Because the twins need one of us here with them." Coulson reiterated. "This fight between Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. is my fight. It's the reason why I was born. Everything else was a bonus. You and I both know that."

"Still," she trailed off. "Annie doesn't have the firepower like I do."

"And she wasn't born for that fight. Mom had her after Dad was murdered." Coulson pointed out. "She's not even a Hydra creator's daughter; she's a CIA child." He smirked. "Mom sure had a thing for secret agents. We should have been James Bond's children, instead." He joked, which made her smile. "We all have destinies, honey. Just like you have the destiny of merging two worlds; I have the destiny to merge two powerful organizations."

"And what do the twins have?" she wondered.

"Their destinies haven't presented themselves yet. One day, we all will know." He said, returning his hand to hers. "Until then, we have every day in between to live."

Annie and Auggie offered to stay two extra weeks to watch the twins while they were on their honeymoon. He and Skye would get two weeks of vacation, of the little freedom that pesky invisible mirror separating them allowed, of drama-free, to sort out a plan. He savored that time before he was forced to change paths.

And do the unthinkable: sacrifice his happiness for the unhappy road he was meant to face.

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