Her bare feet hit hard against the cold, dew covered earth. Hoping to elude her pursuer, she ducked from the park into the woods, a place endless horror movies should have warned her not to go. Now, as the underbrush and twigs cut and scraped her skin, it didn't matter. Her time had come.

She reached a dip in the thick trees and slid down the embankment, searching frantically for a place to hide. Anywhere he can't reach me she thought to herself. Finding a dead tree, she dove into a slim space between the ground and the decaying wood. There she stayed, her hearing tuned to her surroundings for a sound, anything at all, but her ears where met with silence. It was too quiet.

For what seemed like eternity she played this waiting game. As the morning light began to break through the clouds and push the darkness away, she made her move. It's now or never. She carefully crawled from her hiding place, careful not to make much noise. As she was getting back on her feet, he finally got her. A rope went around her throat as his pistol dug into her back. He had known where she hid, had been waiting for an opportunity to strike. Her death was not going to be quick; they both knew that as she tried to choke in air.

Her assailant let the rope out just enough to tease her lungs with oxygen before tightening his hold again. Once she came close to caving to the blackness, he pushed her to the dirt. Gasping for air, she lie on her side, waiting for his next wave of abuse. He forcefully shoved his boot into her ribs, giving her no choice but to roll onto her back. He towered over her, shaking his head in disgust and pity.

"You should have just listened." He whispered. He kneeled beside her and kissed her forehead before standing once more. He lifts his weapon and trains it over her chest, aiming for the location of her heart. He fires, leaving a deafening ring in the cold, quiet morning.