The locker rooms of the fight arena were cold and dark. Not a single soul around, only a small light lit the entire room.

"Where will I go after this?" asked Rick as he thought to himself, waiting for the call to the ring. Rick was a loner who suffered amnesia. He was a prisoner in his own mind.

He didn't know where he came from or who he was, other than his name. He fought in arenas to earn money to continue his travels across the galaxy.

Rick was a formidable fighter, he knew some day he would find the truth; it was just a matter of time.

He believed to be close to 26 years old, not like knowing how old he was mattered to him.

The only attire he had was light gray pants, a dark gray shirt and a jacket that was gray with white metal padding around shoulders and a blue stripe on his left side from his neck to the leg.

He had black boots, and a gun, that he never used. That's all he had of his past.

He had been roaming the galaxy for months now. His blue eyes were always full of sadness. Not knowing if he would die before finding the truth.

As he continued to wonder, a door opened in the locker room. An orange fox, a blue vixen, a blue falcon, and a small green frog passed by without glancing at him, not even knowing he was there.

"Ignored as always" he thought. As they went through the door towards the ring, Rick stood up and walked towards the end of the walls lined with old rusted and broken lockers.

He looked away from the light and felt as if he was being watched. He turned towards the door and there he saw her. The small blue vixen that had just passed returned his gaze. He could see her face now, short blue hair that shimmered.

She looked at him and smiled. Rick felt strange and uncomfortable; he looked at her face and saw her blue eyes. Rick froze in his spot, he tried to greet her, but couldn't.

"Krystal! Come on the match is about to begin!" someone called. She looked towards the source of the voice and nodded. When she looked back at the place where Rick once stood, he was gone.

"Am I seeing things?" she said to herself in a low, confused voice. Rick heard her, and felt bad about not saying anything. The blue vixen he knew now as Krystal then left.

Rick was leaning up against the cold metal lockers in the darkness. He sighed then brushed his silver fur with his hands then readied himself for the fight.

A few moments later, a bulldog dressed in a fancy maroon suit that had the essence of thick cigar smoke entered, "Alright kid your next, go out there and try not to bleed all over the place" then left.

Rick took off his undershirt and threw it on his pile of items within a locker. He ran his hands along his fur and stretched. His short silver fur seemed to gleam in the poorly lit room. "Once again, here we go" he said and headed out the door.