Bella's POV

I felt like an idiot; I had fallen down the stairs, again. I was so exhausted from last night that I wasn't paying attention and tripped while walking down the staircase and landed on my left shoulder.

"Well it doesn't appear to be broken or dislocated," Carlisle announced, examining my injuries. "I would suggest keeping it in a sling for a while but besides a nasty bruise and some joint pain it doesn't seem too bad."

"Thank you," I mumbled, embarrassed for my clumsiness,

His cold fingers had been moving around my shoulder as he checked how bad it was but when they passed over my neck the vampire paused. He gently pulled back the collar of my shirt and I froze as I remembered what he would find there. "Well that explains were my wife has been running off to late at night." He exclaimed calmly.

I cringed. "I am so sorry Carlisle," I assured the ancient vampire. "I'm not even sure how it started, it just happened and..." I stopped speaking when I saw humour in his eyes. "You're not mad?" I asked him in disbelief.

Carlisle just chuckled. "As I'm sure you have discovered Esme is an... Interesting woman. She is not the kind to be contained." I bit my lip, blushing deeply. "However I suggest you keep this from the others, especially Edward," Carlisle cautioned. "They are not even aware of Esme's... Unusual anatomy." A smile pulled at the corner of his lips as he said that.

"I'll keep my mouth shut," I promised as Carlisle placed my arm in a sling.

"A wise choice," the doctor praised with a smile.

Authors Note: And there you have it, I hope it met your expectations.

Challenge: Esme sneaks into Bella's room while Charlie is sleeping. She proceeds to tie Bella up and gag her. She then very thoroughly fucks Bella's brains out. Preferably Esme is a futa with a really huge member.

Do you think I succeeded or not and why?