From across the wastes, Satsuki Matoi walked. Her uniform was a white boy's uniform, stolen from some poor sap's school in the midst of the wasteland. Her long, black hair was messy, with one strange, out-of-place lock of blue hair hanging from her bangs. She stepped into Honnouji city, and took in the sights.


[AKA: The Kanto Drifter]

It was a gorgeous town, one decked out with black and red. It seemed to spiral upwards, as though the very city itself were a corkscrew. She just sighed once to herself, before she walked inside. "What a strange place." She said. "Still, I should be able to get some answers." She smirked. "Who knows." She walked through the slums, and took a bite out of an apple as she walked up. It was then that a young boy bumped into her.

"Sorry!" He said...but he didn't get very far before she grabbed him by the collar. "Eh!?" He shrieked a little, before she grabbed the apple in his hand and put it back in her mouth. She put him down without batting an eye. "The hell?!"

"It's rude to steal food, don't you know?" She said it flatly as she kept walking up through the city. Eventually, she just took a tram to the entrance of Honnouji, where she noticed someone.

It was a dead boy. One who was impaled through the stomach by a bamboo sword and made to hang there. Satsuki stood still. "Hm. Brutal." There was a sign hanging from his feet that read "THREATS TO HONNOUJI WILL BE ELIMINATED". "...Certainly pragmatic though, I'll give them that." She walked forwards, with guitar box hung over her shoulder and a heavy side-to-side sway.


"Satsuki Matoi?"

"Here." She leaned back in her chair, one foot on the ground and one on the desk. She was unseemly, and when the teacher started his lecture, she was even a bit bored...before her new mate opened her mouth.

"HI!" She shouted, and immediately, Satsuki turned her face and brought a flat hand to the girl's throat. When she realized that she was just introducing herself, she took a deep breath and sighed. "Oh. Good...that was startling."

The girl paused...until she put the hand down. "I'M MAKO MANKANSHOKU."


"This seat was conveniently empty." Satsuki said with a sigh. "I think it's related to the guy I saw hanging outside."

"Oh, yeah!" Mako nodded rapidly. "The student council killed him when they thought he stole a uniform." She paused, realizing that Satsuki would probably find that horrifying. "Don't worry, this stuff happens all the time!"

Satsuki, however, just shrugged. "I ran into a school that used Kobe beef as armor. A borderline militaristic school that kills students doesn't surprise me at this point."

"...Beef armor?" Mako stared. "Ooooooooooooooh that sounds delicious!"

Satsuki chuckled lightly. "It was. Believe me."


Several hours later, and Satsuki was taking the time to listen to Mako's fantastic song about being on campus, which was being sung into her fantastic bananomicrophone. ...No she wasn't. In fact, she was actively ignoring the girl. Just a few minutes ago, she was kind of endearing. Now, she was just growing annoying.

Even with all the patience that she had, it was starting to get a little she decided to interrupt it. "So, mind telling me who's running this show?" Satsuki finally asked.

"Oh, that would be-!" Mako suddenly froze, before she grabbed Satsuki by the neck. "Hold on, Satsuki! Bow! Bow!"

Satsuki did just that...and when she did, she saw a silhouette of a woman walking down some steps. Her gaze was cold, she wore a sneer, and when she walked, one could feel the air growing hotter with her rage. Her uniform was a black coat, with a series of red pins and buttons. It was all just black and red, without a hint of life fibers upon her.


"Is that it?" Satsuki asked.

"Yeah! That's the student council president!" She said. "That's the top of the top! Even with the three-stars, she still dishes out the most punishments!"

"...Punishment?" Satsuki muttered.

"Yeah!" Mako nodded. "If a student breaks a rule, then usually they're dealt with by the Student Disciplinary Officer: Gamagoori. But if someone breaks a rule in her presence, she does it instead!" Her teeth start chattering. "And she's much harsher!"

"Huh. Any more explanations? Such as what you meant by three-stars?"

"Yes. Tell us." Satsuki's eyes almost bugged out of her skull when she saw that the student council president standing right behind Mako, eyes fixed in a glare. "Also, mind explaining some more as to why you're out of line?"

Satsuki quickly regained her composure. "I was just askin' around for information." She said. "That's really it."

"Oh." Ryuko coughed into her hand. That's alright, then." Ryuko muttered. "Well, if you really want more, just ask one of us." She walked forwards again, and Mako turned.

"Thankfully, she's reasonable."

"I honestly thought she was going to punch somebody." Satsuki said, flatly.

"If I catch you again, then I will punch somebody!"

"Got it, little miss tough girl." Satsuki rolled her eyes. "Someone needs to calm down a bit."


Later, it was time to head home...when Ryuko Kiryuin felt a chill running down her back. She turned to see the same student from earlier right behind her, appearing much the same way she had in the courtyard. "Satsuki Matoi." She said.

Without batting an eye, Satsuki walked in with a confident stride. "Oh. You already knew my name?"

"I know every student." Ryuko said. "It's part of my job as, you know, the president of the student council."

Satsuki put on a smirk. "But I just joined today."

"Yes, but you were scheduled for enrollment for quite a while now." She crossed her arms, and Satsuki saw the flash of a sheath partially hidden by Ryuko's coat. "So, why are you here so late? I mean, there are plenty of clubs open now. Surely, you wouldn't mind joining one?" She said. "You even get a one-star uniform for it."

"I honestly don't care." Satsuki said. "I'm not here for some club. I'm here to figure something out." In one smooth motion, she pulled out a blue scissor blade. She twirled it above her head, and her confident tone and swagger evaporated as soon as she took the blade out and pointed at Ryuko's face. "Such as why did I find this impaled in my father?"

Ryuko's eyes widened as soon as she saw the blade. "...You're related to Isshin, aren't you?"

Satsuki pressed forwards. "Good. Looks like we're on the same page." Her grin returned as she pressed forwards. There was no way in hell that Ryuko was going to back down now. She brought the sword to the President's throat slowly and deliberately. "And're going to tell me everything you know about-!"

Suddenly, there was a loud clang. The room around them seemed to explode as the windows were blown out, the desks were tossed around and the door was blasted off of its hinges. Satsuki stared at the blade that hit her scissor for several seconds, before she turned, wide-eyed, at the wielder.

"Let me tell you something." Ryuko said it coldly. "One: Don't hold a sword to my face. Two: Don't you dare make a needless enemy out of me." She glared outside. "Did you see that corpse that we hung in front of the school? He's there because he made the mistake of directly threatening a student." Ryuko glared. "He brandished a knife and tried to kill our head of discipline. It's why I was walking through the campus today, looking for co-conspirators. It's why I'm thankful that my council members are competent enough to deal with these kinds of THREATS!"Ryuko shouted, before she slammed her forehead against Satsuki's. There was a loud thud, but even with the new pain in her forehead, Satsuki didn't bat an eye.

She put on that grin again. "You're a hard woman to crack, Ryuko."

Ryuko just scowled. "That's assuming that you'd even be able to." She pressed the sword and brought Satsuki's to the roof. Immediately, several panels were knocked off and a lightbulb was cracked into pieces. "If you threaten any of us again, then I will have somebody after you, and Iwill take that sword of yours!"

That riled Satsuki up. Without much warning, she broke the grip, and immediately came forwards with a fist ready. But even then, and without flinching, Ryuko turned, before she sheathed her sword and slapped Satsuki in the stomach with it. The girl gasped in pain, before she felt ahard elbow hit to the back of her neck. She hit the ground with a thud, gasping before Ryuko grabbed her by her collar. "I can understand that you want to find out more about who killed your dad. But you know what?!" Ryuko screamed. "You just blew your chances!" She threw the girl out of the open window, and with a shriek Satsuki was sent flying. She clenched her teeth before she hit the ground hard and rolled across, before she saw Ryuko slamming into the ground in front of her. The dirt cracked and dust was sent flying as she slowly stood up.

Satsuki gasped. "What...the...fuck."

"Perhaps I should be a bit clearer!" Ryuko shouted. "You directly threatened ME!" The girl was normally much shorter, but right now, Satsuki saw something enormous. "Right after I told you not to do that! Are you some kind of idiot? That doesn't tell me that you want some answers. That tells me you want a fight!"

Satsuki laughed a little. "Maybe! That or I'm just sick of you meander-!"

Before she finished, Ryuko pulled her red sword out, the blade seeming to glow with the full hate of its user. "You should know better, SATSUKI MATOI!" She plunged the blade into the ground, before she flicked it up, the blade barely missing Satsuki's face.

For several seconds, Satsuki stared at the sword above her face. Ryuko didn't even bother to try and hit her...but then the ground around her started to shift. Out of nowhere, there was a blast of wind. The ground exploded into shards as dust was sent into a billowing cloud. Satsuki was sent tumbling off of the campus through the exit, and Ryuko just stood aside, sword in hand and a harsh scowl on her face.

"...Pathetic." She muttered. "Undeserving of the name 'Matoi'."


Satsuki tumbled head-over-heels outside of the school, rolling across the dirt path before she eventually slammed face-first into a nearby trolley. It paused for a second...before the unpowered thing started sliding down the tracks to the slums of Honnouji. It hit the bottom, exploding into a clusterfuck of parts and debris as she tumbled again and again into a nearby house.

Right in the middle of a family's dinner.

A woman shrieked as soon as she did so, before she knocked over a table and threw several pillows into the air. She kicked a man in the face with an unconscious foot, and hit the back wall hard before falling to the ground flat on her face...and then a pot shattered upon contact with her head.

When the dust finally settled, the family that saw her crash in just stared...before one of them noticed exactly who this character was. "Satsuki!" Mako shouted, before she pulled her up. "Oh...Oh man you look horrible!"

"Horrible? She looks...!" The little boy glared at her, before he slowly realized that this was the same girl that ruined his theft. "Hey! She's the one who stole back the apple!"


"You tried stealing from her?" His mother kept a pleasant expression. "Didn't we already talk about this, Matarou?"


"I'll keep watch!" Mako's dad stood up. "She doesn't seem to be doin' too good!"


"Looks like it's time for...MANKANSHOKU BACK-ALLEY CLINIC to get to work!"


"Are you sure she can be trusted, Mikisugi?" A woman asked over a video conference call. "I'm having a hard time believing it, considering she tried stabbing me in the neck."

"I can't blame you, and to be completely honest, not really." Aikuro adjusted his uniform. "I've seen her briefly before. She wasn't one to pick a fight, just one to retaliate." He frowned. "That said, would you mind if I adjusted my attire? It doesn't work with me."

"I know how you work. Go ahead."

"Good." And so, Aikuro adjusted...dramatically. His shirt flowed in the wind with a ridiculous flair as suddenly a pair of purple lights started glowing on his chest. His calling partner groaned. "What? Don't you appreciate how we run things?"

"I don't appreciate the strip show, if that's what you're asking. Just talk."

"Well, we could try guiding her to the house. There's still something left there that Satsuki has yet to discover."

"The Kamui?"

"Exactly." Aikuro smiled. "You really haven't been pressing her as much as you probably should have."

"I just tossed her off-campus without a uniform. She should probably see some urge to get back to her old home and mourn some more."

"Hm. Perhaps run some kind of course?"

"Exactly. Rough her up. Tell her to face my clubs like some kind of demented tournament saga. That sort of thing." Ryuko Kiryuin sat back. "She could use the practice."

"Is Ragyo still buying the 'good girl act'?"

"Naturally." Ryuko clenched her teeth.

"...Is something wrong?"

"No. Nothing." Ryuko turned away. "I just want her gone." She cut off the call, leaving Aikuro far below Honnouji in a bunker.

"Well, I guess that's that. Looks like we have to do some guidework for Satsuki." He grinned. "NUDIST BEACH! ORGANIZE!"



Satsuki woke up tired and scruffy. She let out a bit of a yawn, her hair was scraggly, and instead of her uniform, she was covered head-to-toe in bandages. She stared at herself, before she noticed a man standing close by, panting. Her eyes widened at his size...before she noticed him with the bandages in his hand. "You're the one who helped me out, aren't you?"

The man stopped his panting. "That's right, actually." He stepped forwards, and let himself be seen fully. He was dressed in a dirty, clearly-stolen-from-a-nearby-dumpster coat. It had a few bloodstains on it, and the gloves he wore were, thankfully, actually sterile.

Satsuki quirked an eyebrow up. "And you are...?"

"Barazou Mankanshoku!"


"Back Alley Doctor!"


"Uh...huh." Satsuki pushed away the subtitles. "...Wait, you're related to that Mako character, aren't you?"

"That's my daughter!" He shouted. "Mako Mankanshoku!"

"Hm." She looked around. "How did I get here?"

"See that hole?" The man said.

Satsuki turned and, indeed, there was a gigantic hole in the side of the house.. "...Oh."

"A trolley crashed! You were pretty banged up, but not a problem! Just pay a few thousand and you'll be-!"

"Did you say several thousand?"

"Uh..." Barazou pointed to the wall. "It'll cost a hell of a lot to fix that thing."

"I wasn't exactly planning on destroying the wall! You aren't going to have me pay for that!" Satsuki shouted. "I have a hard time paying for my lunch, let alone the wall of some family that I barely fucking know!"

"Dad what're you-!" Mako gasped. "Oh! Satsuki you're awake! You should be glad today's a Sunday or you'd be late!"

"...Late? I'm wrapped in bandages. Honestly, school could wai-"

"Being late is bad! Because if you're too late then Gamagoori gets angry!"

"Gamagoori?" Satsuki blinked. "...Toad name. That's weird."

"Yeah! He's a real stickler for the rules!" Mako raised her hand. "He's like...really tall, and his hair's long and stuff!"

Satsuki raised an eyebrow. "...Really?"

"Yeah! Ryuko's harsh, but he's strict!"

" a fun place." Satsuki stood up and cracked her back. "...Anyone got a shirt or pants I can borrow?"

"I do!" Mako shouted, before she pulled out a school uniform.

Satsuki stared at it for a good few seconds, before she sighed and looked outside. "...Actually, give me a second." She walked out, covered head-to-toe in bandages, before there was the sound of someone screaming, a series of hard punches, and a final shriek. Satsuki then walked back with a perfectly good, well-fitted uniform. "There. Better."

"Ooooooooh!" Mako looked up and down her body. "Wait, you're wearing a boy's uniform!"

"Yeah." Satsuki said. "It's comfier this way."

"...Eh!? But...but you'll be punished-!"

Satsuki stared at the girl blankly. "I didn't even have the right uniform yesterday."

"But Gamagoori has rules about the uniform!"

"I honestly don't care." Satsuki grinned. "If he's so tough, he'll just have to pry this thing off of my rotting corpse."


Ryuko sent a jab to her sparring partner's abdomen, before he parried it and went for a killing blow. Immediately, she reflected that, before she tapped him once on his helmet. "She had a hard time listening to any kind of reason or thought. Seemed much more inclined to attack as soon as I even mentioned taking away her sword." She jabbed him once in the chest. "You lose again, Sanegayama."

"I think you're cheating, Kiryuin!" The man stood at his full height, and his green hair seemed to poof out as soon as his helmet was gone.


"What exactly do you mean?" Ryuko sent him a glare.

"I mean that you're shorter! Makes you a harder target!"

"Keep mocking my stature and I'll spar you again. And you won't be wearing armor."

"Someone's a hell of a kidder, Kiryuin!" He laughed...before he saw the dead serious expression on her face. " were joking, right?"

"I WOULDN'T TAKE THE WORDS OF LADY KIRYUIN AS A JOKE." A much larger man, this one towering above Ryuko, stood with his arms crossed. His long blonde hair stretched down to his shoulders, and his spiked uniform only added to his frame.


"The pervert is right." Ryuko took her helmet off, before she removed some more of the armor. "I wasn't joking."

Ira nearly fell over. "I respect you immensely, Kiryuin, but there wasn't a need to call me that."

Ryuko just sighed. "I call things as they are, Gamagoori."

He frowned deeply as another girl sat across from her. She was tiny, with pink hair and a large hat on her head. "Well, you're right, but you kind of need to cool down a bit." Nonon said. "You're acting pissy."


Ryuko glared once, before she took a deep breath to sigh. "Perhaps I am. As of right now, I'm annoyed by that new character." She turned to them. "Sorry for my behavior."

"No! It's fine!" Sanegayama said. "I mean, you aren't exactly causing things to go horribly wrong with a bit of ribbing!"

"I still do not appreciate being called a pervert."

A fourth member, one with a pair of blue glasses and a head of blue hair, typed on a computer as he spoke. His hands were a blur as he multitasked between talking and typing.


"Correct." Ryuko said. "She's nothing like Isshin."

"She wasn't exactly raised by Isshin." Houka said. "Sent to a boarding school, forced to live basically on her own for a large chunk of her life."

"Maybe I was just tempering my expectations based on some old man that I just happened to respect." Ryuko sighed. "Did you sweep the place for bugs again?"

"Did so twice yesterday." Houka said. "There was a pair. One was from a rival in Osaka, another was from Kobe."

"So they were worthless. Understood." Ryuko nodded, before she turned to the others. "Alright. So as of right now, we are handling someone of importance. The daughter of Isshin Matoi."

"We know." Nonon said, flatly. "The name gave it away."

"THAT ASIDE-!" Ryuko glared at Nonon, immediately causing the smaller girl to take a step back. "Satsuki Matoi is crucial. Her Kamui can't be used by anyone else." Ryuko glared. "Any suggestions on how to guide her there?"

"I could throw one of my two-star students her way." Sanageyama said. "She did pose a direct threat to you yesterday."

"Actually, that is a particularly easy way to goad her into fighting. If she loses against one of your two-stars, then that means that she needs the extra power." Ryuko said. "And the two-star would just need to have his uniform replaced."

"Unless Satsuki kills him." Nonon added.

Ryuko blinked twice. "...That's a potential problem. Is she willing to kill?"

"Only when pressured." Inumuta said. "She almost did once, but that was an accident."

"Good." Ryuko said. "I don't see any problem with this."

Satsuki yawned loudly as she walked around the house...before there was the sound of a loud pot hitting a nearby table. "Time for breakfast!"

"OOOOOOOOOOH!" Mako shouted. "Satsuki! Satsuki! Today's Mystery Croquette day!"

"...Mystery...Croquette...Day?" Satsuki was having a bit of a difficult time comprehending the concept. "Mystery Croquette. That sounds gross."

Mako ignored her. "Technically, that's everyday, but still!" She grabbed the taller girl's hand and dragged her along. "Come on!"

Satsuki let out a "OOF!" as soon as she got to the table, before an enormous plate of fried stuff was slammed in front of her. She stared at it steam rolled off of it, before she opened her mouth to speak.

She was rewarded for her troubles by having a series of croquettes then jammed into her mouth by Mako's mother. "Eat up!"


Satsuki gulped them down immediately. "Hm. Not too-MMMMMF-!" This time, she started to choke as several croquettes lodged themselves in her throat.

"Eat it up!" Mako shouted. "If you don't then they'll go bad! At different rates!"

Satsuki turned a strange shade of purple. She struggled to say much of anything as she bashed her head on the table, made a gurgling sound, and then finally choked it down. She let out several coughs, before yet another serving of croquettes were thrown at her.

"That's the bad part about mystery croquettes." Sukuyo sighed deeply. "We don't know what's in them."

Satsuki coughed most of the last plate out. "Weren't you the one that cooked them?"

"Yes!" Sukuyo said. "Mostly with meat from different things that I find! Rats, stray cats, stray dogs..."

Satsuki stared at her, then at the croquettes in front of her. "...OKAY, I think I'm good for now." She muttered and sputtered. "You are a strange bunch, but I think it's time that I, you know, find somewhere else to..." Satsuki paused when she looked outside. There was a series of signs, many of which read "NO VAGRANTS", "NO DRIFTERS", "NO VAGABONDS" or "STAY THE FUCK OUT". "...How crowded is Honnouji?"

"Extremely!" Mako said.

Satsuki groaned lowly, before it grew louder and louder. Eventually, she reached a loud point where she turned around and sighed. "Fine. I'll stay here."



Satsuki lay in bed, next to a snoring Mako, with the rest of the Mankanshoku clan in the other room. She stared at the ceiling, dressed in a pair of pajamas that Mako gave to her. They were awfully small, so much so that she had a difficult time putting them on. "...Could be worse." She said, quietly.

"What could be worse?"

Satsuki turned quickly to see Mako with her eyes wide-open. Her heart rate spiked, before she took a breath. "Well, everything."


"Well, before I came here, I was nicknamed the 'Kanto Drifter'." Satsuki said. "I just drifted across Japan, trying to find out where the rest of this scissor blade belonged. Eventually, the trail just led here."

"Oooooooh?" Mako nodded. "Scissor blade?"

"This one." Satsuki pulled over the guitar case.

"...That's a guitar, isn't it? It's why I was singing earlier!"

Satsuki simply opened it up, and pulled out the blade.

"Eh!? That's not a guitar!"

"No. It isn't." Satsuki frowned. "And I want to find out who owns the other half."

"Why, really?"

"...Well, I didn't know my dad that well." Satsuki frowned. "I want to know more about him...and why he had to die."

"You're dad's dead?" Mako frowned. "That's so sad!"

Satsuki smiled at Mako's sentimentality. "Well, as I've said before, it could be worse." Satsuki shrugged. "He could have been abusive."


Ryuko woke up in a cold sweat. She was dressed in a nightgown, beads running down as she let out a hard gulp. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth as she stared at the ground in front of her bed, her butler standing beside her. "...Another nightmare?"

"It''s nothing." Ryuko said as she turned away. It was four in the morning, precisely the time she set for herself. She moved off of the bed, feet slamming against the ground as she wiped her eyes. "...It was just a nightmare."

The butler wanted to say something, but instead he just turned away as Ryuko got herself dressed and prepared. She walked past her student council members, all of whom were ready just as soon as she was. "Good morning, Lady Kiryuin." Gamagoori bowed, before Sanegayama sent her a smirk.

"Kiryuin!" Ryuko nodded at him, before she kept walking at her brisk pace.

Nonon was next, and she was already dressed up with her hat and suit ready to go. "Ryuko!"

Ryuko nodded to her, before she walked past Houka without even giving him the time of day. "...Am I really that forgettable?"

Ryuko took her sword, sheath and all, and slammed it in front of her as she stood above the school's campus. Today was going to be a nice, big, important day. "Organize the students. When they get'll be time for a speech."

"Understood." They all said, before they left, leaving Ryuko to stand above the campus. She stood for a long, long time, as students slowly trickled in. Among the last of them was that of Satsuki Matoi and Mako Mankanshoku, with Mako bounding around her with an infinite amount of energy, and Satsuki just nodding and smiling, being polite and generally kind to her. Ryuko noted that with a fair amount of amusement, before she brought her sword up, and slammed it against the ground again.

The sound echoed throughout Honnouji, and immediately, the students lined up before Ryuko. She smiled at never got old to do that. "STUDENTS!" She shouted as they all stared at her from below. The wind blew at her back dramatically, as a bright light shined from behind her head. A shimmering sound grew as Ryuko started to speak. "TWO DAYS AGO, WE ENCOUNTERED A NEW STUDENT!" She stared down at Satsuki. "AND TWO DAYS AGO, SAID STUDENT ATTEMPTED TO ATTACK ME, BASED ON AN IMPULSE!"

Satsuki stared up at her, and just adjusted the guitar case on her back.

"SHE IS NOT SOME COMMON THIEF OR CRIMINAL. SHE IS A SPECIAL CASE." Suddenly, there was a loud bang, before somebody leaped up from the roof of the school, and slammed into the ground in front of her. When the dust settled, there was a large woman, one who was built less like a human being and more like a tank. Her muscles were bulging, her body was enormous, and she towered over Satsuki, complete with a pair of stars on her belt.

Satsuki just grinned. "What, is this it?" She said.


"How about I just take her now?" Satsuki grinned as she pulled out the blade, just in time for the person in front of her to bring one foot up. A second, later, and when Satsuki realized that said person towered over her, she slammed it into the ground. One and no-star students alike were sent flying across campus as she let out a bellowing laugh.



Satsuki readjusted her jaw as she picked herself off of the ground. "Wasn't quite expecting that."


"Arena? This is a crater!"

Kyouko ignored her as she spread her arms. A shadow loomed over Satsuki as she stared long and hard at the opponent. "TIME TO DIE, SATSUKI!" She pulled a fist back, and sent it flying.

The first punch was easy enough to dodge for Satsuki, before she dragged her blade across the arm. To her surprise, it simply slid across it helplessly, and her eyes widened as she quickly discovered that she didn't have the strength to push it in. The behemoth of a sumo wrestler turned slowly to her, clouds of dust blowing by as Kyouko tried to grab Satsuki.

She dodged under the hand again, only to realize quickly that there was also a kick coming her way. Satsuki screamed as soon as it connected, sending her plunging into the side of the crater face-first, before she let out a groan. She was then pulled quickly from the hole, before she was crushed once by the enormous sumo wrestler's grip.

"PATHETIC!" Kyouko shouted. "I EXPECTED MORE FROM THE KANTO DRIFTER!" Satsuki weakly tried to fight the grip, before she finally stabbed the wrestler's hand. She screamed...but instead of letting go, Kyouko just crushed her even tighter. "MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT BETTER THAN TO TRY AND FIGHT US!" Kyouko did a flying leap out from the crater, before she let go of Satsuki in midair. The sword was too far for her to reach now...and all she could see was the enormous stomach of the sumo wrestler. Even if she survived this blow...she probably wouldn't last long...she was just in too bad a shape to fight.

Idly, Satsuki stared upwards, before she saw the face of the wrestler. Her face was in a wide, toothy, horrifying grin as they both fell down from the sky. "You're out."

Satsuki quickly bounded her way across the belly of the wrestler, before she grabbed her sword and clutched it close. Kyouko gasped and tried to grab her again, only to notice that she really wasn't trying to finish the job. They both hit the ground hard, and while Kyouko landed on her feet, Satsuki smacked into the dirt and rolled across it, battered, dazed and borderline broken. She stared up at the sky...whimpering pathetically as the wrestler slowly walked over.

"...You're out of the crater." She raised a foot. "But no matter. I can at least take care of one little blight."

"SATSUKI!" They both looked to see Mako on a scooter, driving by madly. She weaved by the giant's foot, before she quickly picked up Satsuki and drove off with a raspberry.

The wrestler stared at the spot on the ground, then at the entrance to the school, then at Ryuko. She just shrugged. "WELL, THAT WAS ANTICLIMACTIC."

Ryuko scowled at her. "...You had an ample opportunity to finish her, and you blew it. Come to my office."


Ryuko turned away...and smirked. Perhaps this plan was going to work after all!


The scooter stopped several miles outside of Honnouji City, where there lay an abandoned mansion. The place had been ransacked, torn to pieces and partially burnt out. And among the wreckage was one thing. A photograph, featuring a girl blue-streaked, black hair and a man with an eyepatch and a beard.

Satsuki slumped off of the bike, and Mako immediately stared at the mansion. "Ooooooh...what's this place?"

Satsuki picked herself up using her scissor blade. "It's my old home." She coughed. "...My dad lived here." She stumbled forwards. "...Thank...thank you for driving me here." Her face was hidden by shadow as she stumbled towards it.

"...So that's why you wanted to come here!" Mako said. "...Instead of home to where I could probably properly get you patched up!"

"...I almost died today." Satsuki said. "...Honestly, I don't think there's much I can do." She sighed deeply. "...I failed. I reached a point in my journey where I was roughed up to the point where I would have died." She stumbled towards it, and she saw the photograph. She trembled a little when she saw it, before she collapsed to her knees.


"I'm fine, Mako." Satsuki muttered. "...I'm perfectly...perfectly-" Suddenly, a door opened beneath her legs. "FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-!" She fell down the trapdoor, as Mako just ran forwards.

"Satsuki!" She looked around nervously for help, before she just gulped and furrowed her brow. "Guess there's no choice!" She jumped up. "I'm co-" Suddenly, the door closed just as soon as Mako started the dive. "MING-!" It slapped her in the face, leaving her upside-down and concussed in the middle of a burnt-out mansion.



"Is she in?"

"She's in the bunker." Aikuro said. "Trapdoor apparently survived the bombing, the ransacking...Nui."

"I'm still surprised that Nui didn't get Junketsu."

"Same here." Aikuro leaned back. "...Though right now, it's up to Matoi."

Ryuko slowly nodded. "...Should we steal Mako?"

"Mako?" He stared at the girl who was desperately trying to pry open the trapdoor. "Oh, that girl?"

"If we steal her and potentially threaten her, then we make her hate us, and she'll come to save her."

"Hostage plan?"

"Exactly." Ryuko crossed her arms. "Of course, we'd have to make something that looks threatening but really isn't."

"I can easily do that."

"Really?" Ryuko asked.

"Trust in Nudist Beach." Aikuro closed off the call, before Ryuko sighed.

"...That name. That name is still the dumbest thing I've ever heard of.."


Satsuki picked her head out of the trash, and immediately noticed that she had been banged up and scratched by the fall. She groaned in pain, before she stumbled off of the pile of clothes. "Shit!" She hit the ground face-first, before there was an avalanche of clothes. "...The universe hates me." She sputtered as she clawed her way to the surface. She gasped for air, as though she was just finishing a diving mission, before she discovered that, as of right now, she was in an enormous basement.

It stretched for what looked like eternity in the blackness, with dunes and hills. She stood up on top of the clothing...before she noticed that one of the piles seemed to shift a little. She turned her blade forwards. "Who's there?!" She shouted, before she started walking towards the shifting pile.

Whatever it was, it was an active, angry little thing. She stalked towards it, scissor blade still high before she saw it violently shaking. She clutched it with both hands, blade unwavering before she pulled a piece of clothing off. "SHOW YOURSE-!" It was then that a piece of clothing, white as snow and decked out with blue lining, latched itself onto her. "What the fuck-!"

"Blood!" It shouted. "GIVE ME YOUR BLOOD!"


Aikuro heard a loud scream from the ruins behind him, followed quickly by a flash of light and a burst of power. Dust burst out from beneath the cracks, before the trapdoor exploded into pieces. He smirked. "She found it." He said.

"Excellent. Get Mako back to Honnouji."

"Already on it." He turned around and threw Mako into his car, and she was already tied up and ready to go.

"Eh?!" She shouted. "I'm...being...KIDNAPPED!"


"In a sense!"


The wheels of the car squealed as Aikuro jammed his bare foot into the pedal. The car bounded over the roads as it screamed its way back to Honnouji.


Satsuki gasped as the thing on her body trembled. She looked to see that it was...skimpy. Quite skimpy. She shook her head. "The hell are you?" She clutched at it several times, before she tried ripping it off. Instead, she just wound up bouncing around the place while looking like a moron. She hit a nearby pillar, immediately causing it to explode and crash into the ground.

...That caused her to pause. "...Wait a second..."

"I smelled your blood as soon as you got here." It glared upwards at her with one eye, the other being just a big blue "X" on its face. "...It made me...quite thirsty." The voice was unnerving, to say the least.

"...What...are you?"

"I do not know." The thing said. "All I do know is that as of now, I like your blood."

Satsuki nodded slowly. "...Creepy."

"Perhaps I am...but at the same time, you are also being powered." She flexes her hands. "You were heavily injured before I was here, so I fixed that up for you."

"Smug little thing." She crossed her arms. "Then perhaps you can help me, then!" She grabbed the scissor blade, before immediately, Junketsu rumbled. The blade shook a little in her hand, as even more power coursed through it. Satsuki stared at it for several good seconds. " work well with it."

"I don't remember why, nor do I really care." Junketsu said. "...Are you quite done meandering here, or are you actually going to do something?"

Satsuki clenched her hands again. "...Could you transform into something normal-looking?"

With a flash of blue light and a destitching of fabric, Junkets transformed back into a standard uniform. Satsuki grimaced. "...Dammit, I hate that."

"What's the matter?"

"...I prefer pants." She muttered.

"Well, get over it." It said.

Satsuki made her way back up by way of a staircase. When she got there, she discovered that, lo and behold, there was a note left just for her, scrawled in messy, terrible handwriting.

The Note said:

Mako's back at Honnouji.

Against her will.

Because she was kidnapped.


The Note (con) said:

If you don't come back, she'll be stuck here.

For the last time.


Because she'll be dead.


Satsuki sighed. "...Well, at least I'll get that rematch." She leaped onto the scooter, revved the motor, and started her way back to Honnouji City.


"We have her set up, Satsuki Matoi!" Sanegayama shouted into a megaphone. "If you want her, come and get her,or else we're going to dump her head-first into this bed of pins, needles, more pins, and spikes!"

"NOOOOO!"Mako was currently terrified, and attached to a pole that was slowly being lowered by the captain of the Sumo Wrestling team. "I can't! It's too much! I can't have that many things entering me at once!"

Ryuko almost vomited at that line, and Jakazure just groaned. "Does she even know what the hell she just said?"

Gamagoori just shrugged. "I don't follow."

Their own squabbling was interrupted when the sound of a motor echoed through the campus. Ryuko smirked, before she crossed her arms. The scooter slammedinto a group of one-stars, before the rider did a flying leap off of another one's face, flipped several times, and promptlydestroyedthe bed of needles with a stomp.She was wearing a dark cloak, made of scrambled pieces of cloth and debris. "Yo, Mako."

"Satsuki!" Mako smiled broadly, before Satsuki rippedthe pole out of the wrestler's hand, tore apart the rope, and then landed right in front. The wrestler stomped forwards, before she cracked her knuckles.


"I came back to save my friend, here!" Satsuki crossed her arms. "I'm not about to be bested by some fatasswith a penchant for stomping others into the dust!"



Satsuki stood in front of the wrestler...before she took one piece of her cloak, and ripped it away.The thing went fluttering in the wind as the wrestler stared, gawking, at Satsuki's uniform.

Kyouko blinked twice. "...You...You're near-naked."

Satsuki crossed her arms. "So what if I am? I don't think that matters. If it means I can beat you!"

"BEAT ME?!"Kyouko cackled. "YOU HAVE NO ARMOR! YOU HAVE NO STRENGTH! YOU'RE BASICALLY FIGHTING ME IN A BIKINI."She pulled both of her hands back...before Satsuki simply whipped her hands out.

Suddenly, the arena that was so intricately set up exploded into shards of debris, as any student dumb enough to still be around was thrown into the air. Kyouko herself was sent stumbling backwards, before she quickly regained her footing. "A FAR CRY FROM THE ONE THAT I SO EASILY DEFEATED!"She grinned, before she slammed her hands together. Satsuki was sent flying by the shockwave, before Kyouko did a leap into the air. "BUT EVEN NOW, YOU WILL PERISH!"

Satsuki took a deep breath in preparation as the wrestler curled herself into a ball, flipped backwards, and prepared to do a full-body slam. She took a deep breath...before she quietly pulled out her sword.

A second later, there was an impact. The entire academy shook as the ground cracked, weaker buildings too close to the school collapsed and people screamed. Ryuko and the Elite four watched on as the dust cloud expanded, covering the walls of Honnouji with a dark cloud. They looked, and then they saw Kyouko lying down...feet still contacting the ground with nothing elsetouching it.

"It's over." Kyouko said.

"...No." Ryuko smirked. "It's not."

Then, slowly, Kyouko was moved upwards. She gasped, as suddenly, Satsuki, arms raised, and steam billowing from her Kamui, pushed upwards. Kyouko could feel two hands on her abdomen as she was brought up, full-size, above. Satsuki let out a scream, before she threwKyouko up into the air, tumbling head-over heels before she pulled back her scissor blade. "I WON'T DIE!" Satsuki shouted. "As long as I can fight!" She pulled her sword back, before she slammedthe handle into Kyouko's face. "As long as I have this suit!"She slapped her the face with the flat of her sword. "As long as I have this scissor!"She let out an animalistic scream. "YOU CAN'T KILL ME!"

"...H-how..." Kyouko sputtered, before Satsuki pulled her sword back.

"YOU'RE GONE!"She slashed down,her feet crashing into the ground before Kyouko's uniform disintegrated into shreds of clothing.


Kyouko herself let out a spray of spit and blood as suddenly, the four-meter tall girl was reduced to just two. She wasn't large...just muscular. Kyouko spiraled down into the crater, defeated and pathetic, before her impact sent out another cloud of dust. Satsuki stood up, panting as she glared at Ryuko.

Ryuko just smiled...before she started clapping her hands. "...Wow. You actually managed to finish her off while dressed like some kind of demented prostitute."

Satsuki just laughed. "I honestly don't careabout that!" She shouted, before she pointed her blade at Ryuko. " willtell me about this blade! You willgive me the answers I seek! And you willtell me everything, RYUKO KIRYUIN!"


A/N: Of course she won't. That shit would just mean "OH LOL STORY OVER."