The first thing she noticed was the warmth, the soft encompassing warmth. Her mind was still far too fuzzy with sleep to question what was causing it, or why it felt like she was being snuggled. In fact, it seemed completely rational to her to get closer, or at least as close as she could, to this soft source of warmth. She started to twist her body so that she could press her muzzle into said source of warmth, but halfway through turning around, it seemed her wiggling had shaken the sleep from her mind.

Wait a minute, Twilight froze mid-turn, her brain having finally caught up with her. Why would there be a soft, warm, and...breathing thing in her bed? She bolted upright, her wings flaring instinctually, effectively whapping something next to her in the face. She slowly turned her head, and nearly fell off the bed from the sight that greeted her.


With her gasp of surprise and that rather rude awakening Discord cracked open his mismatched red and yellow eyes to squint at the surprise alicorn next to him.

"Well Hello princess, isn't is a little to be early to be lecturing others about friendship? Alongside breaking and entering into someone's private dimension might I add…tsk. What would Celestia say?"

Twilight groaned and rolled her eyes, flapping her wings enough to hover over the bed so she could glare at the annoying creature below her. She crossed her forelegs for added effect. But her attention shifted to the bed instead…on the account is seem to be jiggling? She dragged her thought away from that quickly and refocused back on Discord. But before she had the chance to say anything her beat her to it.

"It's filled with pudding by the way"

"…I, what?"

He just shrugged in response. She huffed, rolling her eyes again before talking.

"Discord, Why. Am. I. Here?"

He met her question with confusion.

"I don't know."

Her eyes narrowed in suspicion, he had to be playing some sort of prank on her...

"Cut it Discord! What in the hay are you up too?"

He sighed and locked his eyes with hers.

"Honest my dear, I'm just as clueless as you are."

Her angry mask broke, being replaced with a concerned and thoroughly confused expression. Her arms dropped to her sides and she slowed her wings to land gently on the wooden floor.

*Huh…he actually seems sincere…this just makes no sense…*

"B-but…I? UGH! Okay, I believe you…I just...lets never speak of this again, alright?"

"Ooooh, keeping secrets from your dear Princesses are we?"

She felt heat rise to her cheeks…of course he'd find a way to tease her about that…well it wasn't her fault anyways, obviously his magic was acting up or something!

"Okay Discord, let's just go tell Celestia that your magic is out of control! Hmm…maybe she'll turn you into stone again, seems appropriate doesn't it?"

He dramatically mocked being offended, before jabbing back at her.

"MY magic, Twilight?! I'm certain if anyponies magic is malfunctioning…it's the alicorn who hasn't gotten a handle on all that extra power…"

She sputtered, almost at a loss for words. Of all the creatures in Equestria, she certainly didn't have the ability to teleport herself to different dimensions in her sleep! In fact, Discord was the only one she could think of capable of that kind of power!

"You're the spirit of Chaos for Celestia's sake! I-ugh, just forget it Discord. I have stuff to do back at the castle. Let's just agree to disagree, okay?"

For a second he said nothing, just looked at her judgingly, one furry eyebrow lifted in suspicion.


She breathed an annoyed sigh of relief…what a way to start the day. She looked around the room, not really sure how to get back home.

"…uh…Discord? How am I supposed to get ba-"


In a flash she was back in her castle, the sudden jump left her surprised and somewhat disoriented. She shook her head, annoyance suddenly creeping up on her again. As if that didn't just prove her point! Instead of heading off to start on some of the endless stacks of paperwork waiting for her, Twilight headed for the library instead. She was certain it wasn't because of her, but…well she just had to be sure.